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writer, blogger, social media maven.Politically liberal, artistically inept, lover of nature, people and travel and totally addicted to the internet
Oh where is Dubya when you need him ? LOL
AAEC - Political Cartoon by David Horsey, Los Angeles Times - 07/25/2014
See what tax increases, well done, can do for a state? The California comeback refutes tea party rhetoric
Somehow seems a particularly apt quote given the events of the past week or so.
Great party. Homestead Farm Market in Lambertville celebrates 25 years with community picnic, July 27 via @njdotcom
took the words right out of my mouth....
Actually serving in the military tends to change your point of view.
This is just sooooo wrong on so many levels.... but where do you draw the line between protection and oppression?
The World Just Had Its Hottest June On Record via @HuffPostGreen
Mathematicians Explain Why Social Epidemics Spread Faster in Some Countries Than Others >@TechReview
what goes around comes around. Treatiing workers humanely pays off in the end.
Mike Thompson: How's that privatization working out for ya?
YES-- sunshine is the best disinfectant
read all about it.....
some of us knew at the time that it was all a lie.... we protested, signed petitions and demonstrated, but nobody...
This guy definitely deserves the Asshole of the week award..... he may even be asshole of the YEAR or even the...
a terrific FB community-- check it out
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