Matt Wolpin
Are you going to be around for the Open Source Convention (OSCON) in San Jose? If so, please let me know. will be hosting their 4th Annual Community Choice Awards at the Agenda Lounge on July 23. We have a special invitation for you and building 43.
Jonathan Bacon
Scoble - All of Utah would love to have you come check out the amazing technology companies out here, including OrangeSoda (, which just launched a new Maps Optimization product--only of its kind--for small businesses. Other companies can be arranged. Happy to discuss more options--or bring company to you... if you're sitting...
Matt Wolpin
Hey Robert...Wanted to drop you a note that YouSendIt reached the 10 million subscriber milestone. Who would have thought that a tool once used for music piracy would turn into such a useful service for professionals and enterprises.
Robert, have you seen this? Would love your thoughts. Spread Your Message Like A Virus - No Brains Needed!
Robert - Since you now have your new iPad in hand, thought I might suggest the new SugarSync for iPad app to access and share all your files/folders etc. Plus, you can stream music. Have a great day - Allison
Matt Wolpin
Knowing your love for all things startup, I wanted to invite you to get an early look at an LA startup's first product - think augmented browsing. The soon to be ex-stealth startup will most likely be in the Bay Area next week and we wanted to give you a sneak peak of the product. Let me know if you are interested and we can coordinate schedules.
Mike Schmidt
Robert - Sent you a second e-mail with a follow-up our previous e-mail exchanges about the innovative web-development company in Colorado Springs, CO that is going to revolutionize the creative video post production marketplace. This has good potential for both Build 43 and Rackspace.
Check out the Twidroid application running in beautiful 800x480 resolution on the new Archos 5 Internet Tablet (which is totally an ipod touch killer): - You should totally ask Archos to send you a device so you can test the real future of mobile devices as a European tech company like Archos is making it.
Check out the Twidroid application running in beautiful 800x480 resolution on the new Archos 5 Internet Tablet (which is totally an ipod touch killer): - You should totally ask Archos to send you a device so you can test the real future of mobile devices as a European tech company like Archos is making it.
David Bailey
Robert, did you see Mindjet launched its new collaboration platform, Catalyst? Still considering adding to your 2010 web map?
Darren Barefoot
And I'm back. Julie and I have written Yet Another Social Media Marketing Book. It's called "Friends With Benefits: A Social Media Marketing Handbook", and is due out later this fall (Amazon: As it happens, your co-author Shel is going to write the foreward, which is awesome. We're currently trying to talk to, uh,...
We've just launched Dingbee ( It's the easiest way to share your events with your friends and allow them to keep up with your life. Using email, Facebook or Twitter keeps us connected, however there's no easy way to see people's upcoming plans. Dingbee lets you share your activities, such as a hiking trip or a BBQ party.
There are many event services such as Evite, Upcoming, Eventful and even Facebook, but they mostly focus on event organizing and management. They fail to provide an easy way to follow people's events and activities. We're in beta release now and we look forward to hearing everyone's feedback. - Ercan
Nice pitch, am off to check it out. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I can't signup on my iPhone. Sorry, that is a fail. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Thanks for checking it out. A lot of new features are on the way including signing up on the iPhone. Be sure to check it out on your computer. - Ercan
Hi Scoble. We're happy to announce our new features on Dingbee. New iPhone interface and Twitter sharing are just couple of them. And of course Dingbee runs on Rackspace Cloud. Please let us know what do you think..Cheers.. - Ercan
Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
SpatialKey Location Intelligence for Decision Makers -
SpatialKey Location Intelligence for Decision Makers
Cool new web app from a client. Lets you map data and do on-the-fly analysis. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla) from Bookmarklet
Create and share visualizations in minutes. Super intuitive; no real training required. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Darren Barefoot
On Monday, September 21, there's going to be over 2000 flash mobs around the world for the Global Wake Up Call for climate change. In preparation for the vitally important negotiations this December in Copenhagen, we need to wake up world leaders to the crisis of climate change by making noise and ringing bells and showing them that the world is...
Chris Charabaruk
Hey Scoble, I'd love to hear your opinion on Taskerrific. It's still real early, but the sooner I know what I need to work on and where I'm already doing well, the easier I can make needed changes. DM me with an e-mail address and I'll send you an invite.
Taskerrific 2009-09-19.png
Show all but I'm not a big task list user. - Robert Scoble
It'd still be good to get your opinion on things. Anyway, the code should be on its way now, thanks! - Chris Charabaruk
Flickchart - A social network centered around a unique method of determining each user’s own prioritized list of favorite movies.
Flickchart - The Better Way To Rank The Best Movies Of All Time_1242171111091.png
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1. Users also feel empowered by having their lists contribute to the site's collective list of the “Greatest Movies of All Time”, and receive targeted recommendations based on the acquired data from all users. - Flickchart
2. Website, newspaper, and magazine critics offer excellent insight into the qualities of movies. The problem is that they are all rating movies individually with some sort of point value – using stars, a 1-to-10 scale, or percentages. When these ratings are combined to create the “Greatest Movies of All Time” lists, they always seem to come up short of where we think they could be, and are inherently limited in their ability to furnish a final, authoritative, and holistic list of a user’s favorite movies. - Flickchart
3. Flickchart provides a superior strategy for rating movies by taking any two films, presenting them to the user visually, and asking them "Which is better?". By always using this direct comparison, we are able to efficiently calculate the best-liked movies by our user base and combine their choices into a site-wide list that accurately judges what the “Greatest Movies of All Time” really are. This process, aside from being more accurate, is inherently a lot more fun. - Flickchart
4. While ranking, the users will be presented with far more movies than they would ever take the time to look up on other movie sites, and in so doing we help them effortlessly become explorers of new films and genres. As they encounter movies they haven’t seen, we note those for them and compare them to our site-wide aggregated rankings (calculated via an algorithm we’ve developed), to provide crowdsourced recommendations that are specifically tailored to find the best movies our users have never seen. - Flickchart
5. Flickchart is currently self-funded, designed, and developed by Jeremy Thompson ( and Nathan Chase (, who are both web developers in Orlando, Florida. Nathan designs and implements the layout and complete user experience of Flickchart, while Jeremy develops the programming logic and data algorithms that power the site. - Flickchart
I am eager to find a good movie recommendation engine. Are you the one that will work? - Charbax
6. Robert, you have a private beta invitation in your inbox. - Flickchart
Can I import my IMDB ratings and other such movie ratings sites into flickchart, easily rate a whole bunch of other movies and have you output a perfect list of recommendations personlized for my taste in films? - Charbax
@Charbax - Importing of external ratings (IMDB, Netflix,Yahoo, etc.) is certainly something we plan to implement. In addition, we also plan to offer ways for you to parse and retrieve your data, via an API. - Flickchart
7. There's a Flickchart group here on FriendFeed: - Flickchart
8. You can also become a fan of Flickchart on Facebook - - Flickchart
9. User support, ideas, and questions for Flickchart are at: - Flickchart
10. News & updates on Flickchart, straight from the dev team, are available on Twitter: - Flickchart
11. Blog posts from the co-founders - including movie reviews, film-related stories, and articles about Flickchart and its creation - are at: - Flickchart
I just received my invite. I could not remember the details so I came here to a preview before accepting my invite. - Russellreno
Just got my invite too. And I'm loving it! Already shot off 3 invites to other friends. It's such a simple & great idea. Though I've yet to see their "replay value" so to speak. Why would I want to keep going back after I've rated a few hundred/thousand movies? I'll know what counts to me, and I'll probably get tired of clicking the same stuff over and over anyway. Should be interesting to see what Flickchart does to retain members. - Tyler Hayes
12. Louis Gray has been kind enough to do a write up on us at his blog: - Flickchart
13. We just pushed a new build that includes FriendFeed integration - Flickchart users can post their favorite matchups directly to Friendfeed from within our site. They can share the posters of the matchup, and a link directly to that matchup on Flickchart for others to rank right away. - Flickchart
sweet guys - let me know when you want that intro we discussed - mike "glemak" dunn
14. After interviewing on the most recent FFundercats podcast, we launched a full discussions and commenting system on every Flickchart matchup - along with details and statistics of every movie - all accessible without leaving the homepage. See for more details. - Nathan Chase
15. We've been recently featured on Cinematical (, Lifehacker (, Ain't It Cool News (, and Film School Rejects ( - Flickchart
16. More recent press includes: our mention at #5 of Mashable's "Top 10 Great Social Sites for Movie Lovers" ( , Variety's Anne Thompson, film industry blogger, talks about box office inflation & the addictiveness of Flickchart... more... - Flickchart
17. On 09/09/09, we launched out of beta, with over 25,000 users. We were also featured in two local news outlets in Central Florida, the Orlando Sentinel ( and the Orlando Weekly ( covering our launch. - Flickchart
Jonathan Bacon
Hi Robert, just a heads up that I sent you a follow up email today about the possibility of luring you out to Utah to visit our hot bed of technology startups! Granted, if you can't come here, we're (OrangeSoda management that is ;-) is happy to come to you!
Rick Bucich
Robert, just wanted to keep you updated on our latest endeavors: We just launched photo books partnered with MyCanvas: and added a new toy to our office, an in-house HP Indigo printer:
Monica O'Brien
Hi Robert. I'm pretty sure you're attention is fairly occupied today (crazy news!), but I wanted to let you know that I've sent you an email with information about a new Android security company/app launching next week. The small, bootstrapped team is based in Israel, and the beta had over 100k downloads. Thank you for your consideration...
Matt Wolpin
Got another lead for you… Wanted to let you know about a new company launching today called Border Stylo (pronounced STEE-low). Their audacious mission is to humanize the Internet, wresting control away from the browser builders and social networks of the world, putting it back into the hands of the people. The company founders basically believe...
Hey Robert, I sent you the details about the PayPal event on Thursday. Message me back if you didn't get them at your scobleizer address. See you Thursday.
Robert, hope you had a good time visiting Europe!! I'd like to get you in touch with OrangeSoda's CEO, Jay Bean, Are you gonna be in San Fran for the next little bit? When would be a good time for us to have Jay fly out to meet you? -- unless you're coming toward Salt Lake City any time soon, then we can hook up there.
Hey Robert, I spoke with you the other week about going to Intuit mid-August. I'll be following up with details on that later today. Wanted to see if you'd be interested in going to going to an event for PayPal next week 7/23. They're opening their platform to developers -- press, developers and their president, Scott Thompson will be there. Let...
Matt Wolpin
Over 9 million sending files with YouSendIt – site growing up, from underground music pirate fame to legit FTP-courier-email replacement.
YouSendIt is cool. Definitely need to come and visit again. - Robert Scoble
Are you available this week? If not, let me know when you are and we can arrange another visit. YouSendIt would be more than happy to host you again and show you what they are working on. - Matt Wolpin
Matt: I'm in NY this week. My calendar is here: -- lets find a time that works for both of us. It probably would be best to wait until after june 11, though, since I'm booked up trying to launch Building43. - Robert Scoble
Sounds good. Enjoy your time in NY and as a military history fan, I am quite jealous of your trip to the Nimitz. - Matt Wolpin
Again, congrats on the Building 43 launch. As I am sure you are busy, let me know when you would like to stop by YouSendIt's office again. - Matt Wolpin
Afternoon Robert! I hope you aren't too jet lagged from your EU trip. Wanted to follow up on a conversation we had in May about YouSendIt. Looking at your calendar, it looks like you are free after 11am on July 27 and all day July 28. Would you like to visit YouSendIt's office in Campbell either of those days? - Matt Wolpin
Max Nelson
Hey Robert, wanted to give you an FYI about Viralheat, a new social media measurement site that is launching today. Viralheat monitors over 200 video sites, provides Twitter search and analysis, and has real-time search capabilites, all for just 10 dollars a month. This could potentially open up the social media analytics space to people who could...
Matt Wolpin
Afternoon Scoble! has reached its 4 billionth download, during which time approximately 35,500 terabytes of data was transferred among community members. To provide some perspective on that number, it is equivalent to consuming the entire data collection of the Library of Congress each and every day for nearly a year.
Eric Florenzano
Hey Scobleizer, we just launched a fun Facebook app called Pictionnected combining Pictionary and Telephone, and we used all Rackspace Cloud servers to do it! We're sure you'll have a blast with it over at
Couple ideas for you: 1. has been on fire since I wrote it a couple weeks ago. 2. MindTouch has an annc and product release on June 23rd. I'll send private press room via private channel.
Hi Robert! Hey, still trying to figure out times that work for OrangeSoda's CEO to meet with you in San Fran. What are some dates that would work for you and we could fly Jay out to see you?
Carissa Caramanis O'Brien
CollectiveX Becomes, Changing the Game in Social Collaboration:
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