Robert Scoble
PR people, this is the best place to pitch me. See why here:
1. It's in public, so you'll get a little buzz. - Robert Scoble
2. It's a room just for pitching me: - Robert Scoble
3. I can interact with you in a way I never can on Twitter. - Robert Scoble
check out the trailer for my film - Jason Pollock
4. If you pitch me here, I'll follow you so you can send me direct messages here, which are a TON better than DM's on Twitter. - Robert Scoble
5. Other people can join in, which will help you make your pitch better. - Robert Scoble
6. You can use more than 140 characters. - Robert Scoble
I think you will really respond to the content of my film and so will your followers... its all about teens who run for public office in America and youth empowerment!:) - Jason Pollock
7. You can use videos or photos. - Robert Scoble
8. Your pitch here is permalinkable, along with all interactions. - Robert Scoble
u rock scoble! thanks for all your great advice:) - Jason Pollock
9. If you are really spammy I can delete you and I can block you so I can keep this room clean for real companies and real PR people. - Robert Scoble
I like it a lot that one can post comments on the frienfeed embed at the crunchcam page. No need to go through to comment on a thread anymore - Charbax
10. I can reshare anything here to both my friendfeed followers (36,000+) and my Twitter audience (88,000) with one action. - Robert Scoble
Also, Check out It's a new dating service that is built on top of twitter. It's a pretty genius idea and I think single tweeters will love it! Here's a hashtag for it... #140love - Jason Pollock
11. We can talk in real time here back and forth, like what Jason is doing. - Robert Scoble
Jason, it's best if you started your own node in this room, though: - Robert Scoble
nice! thanks for the info and then mention scoble.. u rock! friendfeed is fun. - Jason Pollock
I'd like to pitch you on a new product I'm developing that reduces the green in avatars. - Rex Hammock
Great idea. I've bookmarked this page for the future. Quick question...does this mean you want to be removed from relevant press release emails? (emphasis on relevant) - AllisonWagda
Allie: nah, email is fine too. - Robert Scoble
friendfeed is even better, though, for all these reasons. - Robert Scoble
hmm.. now if I only had something to pedal. Anyone want to look as some pics of my niece and nephew? There, pitch complete. - Kevin Murray
Right, will keep that in mind :-) - AllisonWagda
Brilliant idea!! Hope to read a post on how this works out for you ; ) - Katie Fox
12. I'll actually answer you here, at a rate 100x more frequently than Twitter and 1000x more frequently than email. - Robert Scoble
13. The editorial staffs of TechCrunch, Wired, and VentureBeat tell me they hang out on friendfeed very often. Wired even does all its editorial workflow in a private room here. - Robert Scoble
14. Every time this room changes it pops to the top of my "Groups" list, which prompts me to come here and check it. Far more attention getting than DM's on Twitter. - Robert Scoble
15. Any comment added onto a pitch makes that pitch more searchable. I just added the word "enterprise" onto one of the pitches, for instance, which will make that easier to search for me. - Robert Scoble
Kudos. Love this list...From Saint-Saturnin-de-Lucian, France Pop. 229 - La Peira
Sorry you can't join us for the Intuit Town Hall Thursday, but if you could spread the word via Twitter or wherever I know they'd be really jazzed. They're streaming live at and tweeting @intuittownhall. Let me know when is good for you to talk about Intuit this week. I'm a huge fan, so thanks for your time! - Meri
Meri: start a new post in the room, that way I can retweet it. - Robert Scoble
99. As @wellcomemat's Chief Stand Out Officer (CSOO), I feel compelled to say hello. Hello Robert! Now check out the most powerful local video player on the internet: - Mat Man
Ok, here goes! Get yourself educated about how the US Federal Government is deporting families: Spread the word - xxx xxxxx
Nice approach, Robert. - Louis Gray
This is a great idea! Thanks, Robert. - Gretchen Doores
So not to be too much of a naysayer robert, but what happens when this medium becomes overwhelming for you as well (since you started on email, moved to facebook, moved back to email - though a new address, and now here)? - Jeremy Toeman
Hi Robert, I’ve got a Silicon Valley startup has an engaging new way to manage the information you track on the Internet. Check out the personalized list they’ve created for you. And if you think that’s cool, you should check it out on your iPhone or G1. Go to, click the log-in button, for user name paste in: For password enter: robert01. Let me know what you think. I can take you deeper into the app and their business model upon request. Chao for now. - Rick Popko