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Japanese maple in fall sunlight @ Mount Auburn Cemetery
5/@bofa_help @bankofamerica I wonder if all credit card issuers are as customer unfriendly as @bankofameria. Investigating.
4/@bofa_help @bankofamerica now if you ask about a charge, step numero uno is to cancel your card. What a pain. I wonder if all the same...
2/@bofa_help @bankofamerica current "protocol": dispute a charge on your card because you don't recognize the vendor -> card is cancelled ..
1/@bofa_help @bankofamerica is no help at all. Twitter / Social media support people are very nice, but no more able to provide service ...
Tracy Grammer – Gypsy Rose -
Wish me #luck. Starting to download and install #ios8 for my #ipad
Steps Ahead – Sidewalk Maneuvers -
Brian Bromberg – Hero (For Zachary Breaux) -
Worth reading: How to Be Polite — The Message — Medium
Worth reading: Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names
Used to need a network cable, now: wifi. Used to need a power cable. Soon: wireless charging. Ok: when will I get a wireless garden hose?
Inside the making of the new Dungeons & Dragons by @ctrlzee via @FastCoDesign #longreads
What's the exact difference between a mnemonic and a heuristic (as I tried to explain to my pal and got stuck...)???
Gr8 visualization of hard to grasp simple concept “@dcancel: "Myth: acquisition means you’re a multi-millionaire" -”
Finally an explanation of this basic question: Who are the Yazidi?
Worth reading: Motivating Students: Should Effort Count?
Worth reading: Grocery Store Economics: Why Are Rotisserie Chickens So Cheap?
Worth reading: Hillary Clinton: 'Failure' to Help Syrian Rebels Led to the Rise of ISIS
RT @mslopatto: As always, a reminder about how to talk about suicide—intended primarily for journos, but good for anyone.
One problem with @amazon anti hatchet te tirade is that they should've TLDR'd it:
.@CVSCaremarkFYI As I was saying, those robotic non-human automated checkouts are super annoying. Next door is a @wallgreen: Humans FTW
.@CVSCaremarkFYI you guys know that customers really hate hate the computerized checkout, right? And that your staff also hate hate it, yes?
The Experiment Board could be useful: ttp:// via @Lean #LeanStartup
Hm, what to make of this?
Interesting read: Snowden Copycat Is No Surprise via @BV
Amazing bit of video processing! Interesting read:
I just backed Lift Off! - Get me off this Planet on @Kickstarter
Chicken Barbeque - Grilled mini eggplant Why not add some beer? #portapoet
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