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Beautiful visualizations of altorithms
RT @levie: "Convenience economy" formula: take a service that was previously cost prohibitive for most (due to friction) and bring to the masses.
“@SLSingh: On pi day (22/7), look at my @numberphile video about pi in The Simpson” Please! Pi day is March 14th!
RT @practicingruby: . @batizhevsky Ruby Best Practices was useful when I wrote it, but is very outdated now. I'd recommend instead.
RT @practicingruby: . @batizhevsky Also, if you're looking for a book on Ruby idioms / practices, I've heard Eloquent Ruby is very good.
RT @conradhackett: There are about 12 new science & engineering PhDs for each new faculty position
... An odd little quote... + wonder wht tweeting frm kindle does. Probably something embarrassing :) They slap...
Corporate doublespeak or inspiration?
Amazon, I love you, But I want to break up
First insightful article supporting FB human subjects experiments!
The next thing Silicon Valley needs to disrupt big time: its own culture via @qz
"Group of Death" - what is that?
Australian woman's apparent electrocution death blamed on a cheap USB charger. #donttellmom
[GEEKY] Agent: Go-Like Concurrency in Ruby
#Tessel by @technicalhumans is out! Congratulations :)
Long, excellent article: Privacy under attack: the NSA files revealed new threats to democracy
Update on my bitcoin empire. BTC mysteriously up to $560 and my bitcoin empire is now at break-even again.
A Platform and Blogging Tool, Medium Charms Writers, via @nytimes
RT @salsop: Kindle's review sharing is THE worst social media ever! But I loved the book "You Should Have Known"
RT @salsop: Kindle's review sharing is THE worst social media ever! But I loved the book "You Should Have Known"
Just back from CA. This was a constant. Don't know if it's worse there. Faking Cultural Literacy, via @nytimes
Worthwhile if you are giving advice or needing advice about what to do next!
My first ever payment with Bitcoin... Just for fun, I just paid reddit in bitcoin using @Coinbase!
Interesting...Young Minds in Critical Condition, via @nytimes
Interesting! Bankers, MBAs fed up w/ 90-hr work wks, moving to startups & tech, @bloomberg reports
“@spyromus: You wont see in your news. 217+ killed. Head shots, chopped up, burned: #odessa” @morningmika
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