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Interesting ... Passover in the Confederacy, via @nytimes
Why Boston’s Hospitals Were Ready. Really good read....
YC founding partner Jessica Livingston (@foundersatwork) lists the biggest startup killers:- Co-foun...
Verifying myself: I am pitosalas on hw65PpeG71VaAO3_PQzzi_yMkDP2jFkzkFei /
Incredibly rare “back-to-back” maximum eclipses are coming! via @thetechblock
My #bitcoin empire continues to crash! Now worth $143.65 (invested $240)
This could be my (#liberal) manifesto!
I just donated to @emilyslist. Together, we’re igniting change by electing pro-choice Democratic women. Join me!
Good review of tech's sexism, via @nytimes
Pretty cool bit of esoterica: A tale of touching tubes
Update on Coinbase Data Security - coinbase: Despite speculation on a few forums, there has been no data...
#Hydrangeas should be clipped back in early spring, to promote better blooming. So be it! @ Windward…
I love how #rc #helicopters are back, now: much easier to fly, much more expensive, and with a #techno hip new #brand!
#maps: Massive cartographic archive publicly available online
My @bitcoin empire is crashing.... #bitcoin
If you're a spacebuff you'll eat this up! "The audacious rescue plan that might have saved space shuttle Columbia"
This got a lot of attention last week: 'Silicon's Valley's Brutal Ageism'
Trying to like #beats now that I know #mog is going away. @beats is pretty and seems far inferior to all the others!
I continue to be involved with and fascinated by how to augment learning and teaching with tech or non tech…
1/ what's going on with all these 1/2/3/ twitterers? Comon 140 characters should be enough to express yourself! Get a blog!
Chickpea pizza with polish sausage, onions, peppers and cheese. redsoxpinkhat @ Interlaken
I’ve been using @mog which for some reason no one talks about! For me it has the best #classical and #jazz catalogs!
RT @GuideStarUSA: So your nonprofit has a social media what in the world do you post on it? via @HubSpot
So tired of seeing one host of #morningjoe disrespect the other, @morningmika ;) is not the site I have been looking for: I've been using min... (from my blog)
RT @rainnwilson: I'm just stumped by this whole Pistorius trial.
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