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Review: Lauren Bacall – “By Myself and Then Some”
"Jag sa faktiskt att ditt hår såg ut som att din mamma har kammat det för skolfotot i kyrkan." - Mia...
The second song off @TheNewPornos new album is "Champions of Red Wine" and it says all about my life. Stream album:
jag: ärligt talat, hur många dör i Norrköping varje år? Hälften av befolkningen? min fru: ja.
RT @theQuietus: Aphex Twin announces new LP via weird web page
I thought the blimp that carried the Aphex Twin logo was the coolest thing, but no. Read the eBay description!
TV-series review time: "Ripper Street" = bad. "The Shadow Line" = good, two episodes in.
The Magnetic Fields – another playlist!
New favourite: The Magnetic Fields / It's Only Time @Deezer
Jag vet vilken vallåt som är bra och vilken som är patetisk. (Spoiler: M = 1994-euro) Fi: - M:
RT @Wit_of_Wilde: Who, being loved, is poor?
I've always been into hip-hop, so to re-evaluate "thugging" is hardship. Damn you, @MJCarter10 and @PenguinUKBooks
RT @brainpicker: David Foster Wallace on writing, self-improvement, and how we become who we are
RT @threadless: Don't let them fool you - cats have a dark side, too...
Yep, "The Strangler Vine" is very Indiana Jones in India, but much more sophisticated. @PenguinUKBooks #blakeandavery
I'm 1/10 into the @PenguinUKBooks book "The Strangler Vine" and it's got a sweet adventurous vibe, a little Indiana Jones. #blakeandavery
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Vitalic (33), Cliff Martinez (27) & Spoon (19)
Robin Williams on using special effects.
Gus van Sant on fame.
I always forget this about "Good Will Hunting" until I see it during the end credits.
A lyric from JJ's new album, "V".
Another great quote from Lauren Bacall.
Our dear @Johnny_Marr has released the first single from his coming album!
Recension: Henrik Bromander - "Riv alla tempel"
New favourite: Philippe Rombi / Chambre 6095 @Deezer
Vissa män om sina döttrar = hederskultur. Katarina Wennstam skriver bra om mäns åsikter om kvinnors oskuld i SvD:
Oxford Dictionaries have finally added "mansplain" to their dictionaries. The examples are brilliant (and sad).
"[...] starting today, I’m none of the shit you thought you knew. From now on, I am a forklift." Fun with Kanye West.
Some legal heroin and cocaine, perhaps? Sold by E. Merck in 1908. From Alfred W. McCoy's "The Politics of Heroin".
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