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"Jag sa faktiskt att ditt hår såg ut som att din mamma har kammat det för skolfotot i kyrkan." - Mia...
The second song off @TheNewPornos new album is "Champions of Red Wine" and it says all about my life. Stream album:
jag: ärligt talat, hur många dör i Norrköping varje år? Hälften av befolkningen? min fru: ja.
RT @theQuietus: Aphex Twin announces new LP via weird web page
I thought the blimp that carried the Aphex Twin logo was the coolest thing, but no. Read the eBay description!
TV-series review time: "Ripper Street" = bad. "The Shadow Line" = good, two episodes in.
The Magnetic Fields – another playlist!
New favourite: The Magnetic Fields / It's Only Time @Deezer
Jag vet vilken vallåt som är bra och vilken som är patetisk. (Spoiler: M = 1994-euro) Fi: - M:
RT @Wit_of_Wilde: Who, being loved, is poor?
I've always been into hip-hop, so to re-evaluate "thugging" is hardship. Damn you, @MJCarter10 and @PenguinUKBooks
RT @brainpicker: David Foster Wallace on writing, self-improvement, and how we become who we are
RT @threadless: Don't let them fool you - cats have a dark side, too...
Yep, "The Strangler Vine" is very Indiana Jones in India, but much more sophisticated. @PenguinUKBooks #blakeandavery
I'm 1/10 into the @PenguinUKBooks book "The Strangler Vine" and it's got a sweet adventurous vibe, a little Indiana Jones. #blakeandavery
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Vitalic (33), Cliff Martinez (27) & Spoon (19)
Robin Williams on using special effects.
Gus van Sant on fame.
I always forget this about "Good Will Hunting" until I see it during the end credits.
A lyric from JJ's new album, "V".
Another great quote from Lauren Bacall.
Our dear @Johnny_Marr has released the first single from his coming album!
Recension: Henrik Bromander - "Riv alla tempel"
New favourite: Philippe Rombi / Chambre 6095 @Deezer
Vissa män om sina döttrar = hederskultur. Katarina Wennstam skriver bra om mäns åsikter om kvinnors oskuld i SvD:
Oxford Dictionaries have finally added "mansplain" to their dictionaries. The examples are brilliant (and sad).
"[...] starting today, I’m none of the shit you thought you knew. From now on, I am a forklift." Fun with Kanye West.
Some legal heroin and cocaine, perhaps? Sold by E. Merck in 1908. From Alfred W. McCoy's "The Politics of Heroin".
Good article on what's gone on in Ferguson, USA. I strongly recommend that you at least read the first paragraph.
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