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Peteris Krumins

Peteris Krumins

I love mathematics, physics and computer science!
I won 1000 meter (1km) track meet today -
I won 1000 meter (1km) track meet today
Creating tables with console.table in Chrome -
All these bash redirections are equal -
splice() can be used to push(), pop(), shift() and unshift() and more -
I just noticed WTL 9.0 final was released last month! My favorite way of writing windows apps!
RT @testling: I now offer all-day in-person or remote training workshops. More info at
The server sponsor will get a link or a banner on my blog (viewed 100,000+ times per month) as well as you'll be able to email me for advice
Annoying key combination that you should unmap in Linux -
Nice to hear things like "I wanted to let you know that you and James are like my personal heroes." from Browserling's customers. :)
How to run the previous command with sudo quickly -
Funny cat in Bali, Indonesia -
Funny cat in Bali, Indonesia
RT @maxogden: my new favorite http client library for browsers is xhr by @raynos
RT @browserling: I now have an on-screen keyboard!
RT @browserling: You can now add multiple ssh keys! Go to your account and then choose ssh keys.
RT @testling: Just like my friend @Browserling, I now, too, have the latest browsers - Chrome 33, Firefox 28, and Opera 20!
RT @browserling: I now have the latest browsers - Chrome 33, Firefox 28, and Opera 20!
Really curious about how the Amazon S3 price drop will affect DreamHost DreamObjects price. // @DreamHost
RT @browserling: Another record month of customer signups!
Top 10 inventions at Browserling
How we do node.js deployment with ploy at Browserling -
pkrumins says You won't believe this but I'm still doing this Browserling startup!
How to run multiple node versions side by side -
How to run unkillable* (persistent) programs in Linux -
How we cycle Windows sessions in Testling -
How we got rid of annoying browser dialogs in Browserling -
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