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Olivia Lovag

Olivia Lovag

I'm a doctor, I love my work; also I like cats, animals, my family, music, cinema, photography enthusiast. Idioms: english, portuguese, spanish.
I love my call blocker app.
There are certain words that are untwittable because they're spam magnets. I took car with 'p0rn', forgot about 'm0n3y'
And my first static electricity experience with our dog let the tip of my finger hurt. WTF.
So banks now care about how you make your money? P0rn money isn't good enough for them? Since when did banks become highly moral companies?
RT @jilliancyork: Financial censorship: Chase shuts down the bank accounts of porn actors.
Watching "Vikings". I'm all for bloody series lately.
The artist who lays eggs with her vagina – or why performance art is so silly
Oh he should still have suffered his death from people's hate and not from his own internal shit.
So everyone sniffs his shit and then has sex? Excuse me? What about la Grenouille dying a slow and painful death? #fail
I'm not sure if the director wants us to feel empathy for la grenouille or what. I can't like anyone who kills a cat.
Finally caring to care about this Heartbleed crap.
And Jean Baptiste distilled a cat. Not a good person anymore. I'm glad he dies in the end. Cat killers are evil
I have a friend who calls the touchscreen the 'don't touch me' screen. I'm so with her.
Wow perfume is two and a half hours
Testing SwiftKey. Seems pretty awesome so far, doing a great job with two idioms.
Watching perfume story of a murder.
recording of world cup ad in Porto alegre. -
TV crew recording world cup ad in front of my place. Guy says 'action!' and everybody goes "Goooal!" LoL
RT @ImTyUK: More convinced than ever that you should need a licence to have children.
Ha! Watching #GameOfThrones. Of all the snakes in the Kingdom, Baelish is certainly the biggest!
Last night's food orgy was awesome, thanks to @qaphsiel's handmade, homemade pasta and sauces!!!
Hoje comemoramos o aniversário dos 2 crimes mais grotescos da história brasileira: o assassinato de Tiradentes e o aniversário de Brasília.
And if rumors are not true, I just hope you die soon anyway.
Fidel Castro is dead according to rumors on the internet. Hope they are true and you rot in hell you communist son of a bitch.
RT @jeffcarlson: RT @SciencePorn: USA: Why you should care about NASA
RT @Qaphsiel: BCHP 005 - Cruxifictions, Resurrections, and Conspiratorial Teeth-pullers http://brazilcultureandhistory...
Who else works on Easter day?
RT @SOMAMadman: When Diamonds Are Dirt Cheap, Will They Still Dazzle?
Watching documentary about wonders of architectural technology of Roman Coliseum. So much tech with the sole purpose of slaughter for fun.
KitKat easter eggs! That was the best easter chocolate invention to date.
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