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Olivia Lovag

Olivia Lovag

I'm a doctor, I love my work; also I like cats, animals, my family, music, cinema, photography enthusiast. Idioms: english, portuguese, spanish.
Fictitious Dishes: Elegant and Imaginative Photographs of Meals from Famous Literature
RT @PlanetQuest: Some researchers now think "superhabitable" worlds may exist, that look nothing like Earth:
RT @folha_com: Movimento contra a Copa agora planeja 'rolezinhos' em SP.
It seems Tyrion is ever unhappier with his family of snakes. #GoT Who wouldn't be?
RT @SOMAMadman: "i can't tell whether google glass will be the iphone or the segway." well said
"Average salt intake fell from 9.5g a day to 8.1g (15%) a day between 2003 and 2011" >> that is still A LOT of salt, in any case.
If they find out #MH370 had nothing to do with the pilots, a lot of important people will owe a lot of apologies to a lot of other people
RT @NBCNewsWorld: Bluefin-21 Robo-Sub Plunges Into Missing Jet Search
RT @guardiannews: Study suggests link between fall in salt intake and drop in heart attack deaths
Happy International Coffee Day everyone! :-)
Federal Government Slavery in #Brazil >> This is how my leftist president spends my money. Ensalving cubans.
Cirque du Soleil, outside. -
I confess I had chills when the Cirque du Soleil's acrobats did their thing without a security rope. I could only think "Please don't fall".
Cirque du Soleil, Corteo
Cirque du Soleil, Corteo -
I guess when you stop caring, that's when you got old.
RT @SOMAMadman: are they damaging these smart cars by tipping them over, or just embarrassing them? oh wait, embarrassment is impossible for a smart car.
Maharaja Chai Oolong.
RT @PharmacistScott: It's World Homeopathy Awareness Week, so let's reflect on homoepathy's contribution to public health:
Nail polish removing tissue touched TV remote, TV remote melted. Strong stuff.
RT @sciencegoddess: After trip to space, cherry trees mysteriously blossom years ahead of schedule
How can Jack not see the MAJOR pattern of eternal Chesapeake Reaper red herrings? How many fake Reapers til he gets it? #Hannibal
The Real Threat to #Venezuela’s Democracy by Daniel Wilkinson #leftist #dictatorship
RT @NewYorker: How to Survive an Internet Apocalypse
Oh dear the wind is going to fly this building away. #WizardOfOzFeelings
RT @CNN: London, then and now. It's amazing how little has changed. See the perspective-bending images:
And I wasn't impressed by The Empty Hearse as well.
The Sign of Three was absolutely ludicrous, what a soap opera with poorly developed overly elaborated crime. #Sherlock
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