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"Buzzfeed in Depth" — Oxymoron of the month…
If we're not going to arrest illegal aliens for being in the country illegally, why don't we just make it not illegal to come in?
Just discovered this creepy insect skull on the picnic table.
Just finished making homemade chocolate chocolate-chunk ice cream with peanut butter ribbons. #yum+@davidlebovitz
RT @carywood: @plasticmind @neilio I'd be afraid to try, with my luck! haha! I could experiment. How about “Jessie Gardner is a genius.”?
I've experienced this a few times…
Swarm = Qwikster
I can tell my eyesight is going because I keep sharpening all my photos.
I want to throttle Dropbox… in more ways than one.
Who knew @photomatt was also a male model? +@betabrand
RT @daveruse: @danielmall You can also start a new hangout by going to and then sharing the URL. Removes need for calendar event.
I thought implementing SVG would be the hardest part, but it's not. The hardest part is recreating your raster icons in vector…
Sometimes I think to myself "Why would anyone drink themselves sick?" Then I use Adobe Illustrator.
Bringing parental control to the web:
This rich guy plans to bury a million-dollar Bentley, but instead raises awareness for an important cause.
Super(natural)cell @ Oxford Valley Chapel
If you haven't check out @sunrise, you should.
Me, this morning: "I'm going to be productive today!" Me, this evening: "I spent my day cleaning a hacked server."
RT @AndrewCQuinn: Phew. “@scottlincicome: Studies show 7 hours sleep is the optimum to function the next day—not 8, as long believed”
"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." —Simon Sinek
"Complaining is viral misery." —Julian Treasure
Boyhood: a scripted movie that follows the life of one boy, filmed over 12 years.
Is it just me, or does it seem like Chrome's link underlines are nudged closer to the words themselves?
That guy at Starbucks.
Also, big thanks to @brad_frost for the helpful Monopoly PSD I used as a foundation:
I'll make the printouts available for download when I'm finished.
The "Mine-opoly" board is finished, I just have to finish the property cards...
My son is crazy about Monopoly and Minecraft, so I'm making this for him…
RT @chriscoyier: ✽ A Compendium of SVG Information ::
Converting everything to SVG. Nervous.
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