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Sign of the times: I played the Star Wars soundtrack and my 5-year-old shouted, "Hey... It's the song from Angry Birds!"
Before you die, you simply must try this. #jalapenobacon
The muzak is strong with this Starbucks.
The mountains are calling and I must go!
I really like the new Spotify design.
Finally got set up with New Relic… why did I wait so long?! What a fantastic tool!
I've mistyped the word 'thanks' so often (thabks) that autocorrect has given up fixing it.
I just had to download Comic Sans. True story.
I don't think I do snark well.
Why do we let rich people keep any money at all over 200k? Why toy around with % when we could just level the playing field altogether?
I have it on good authority that 2014 is the year Apple gets serious about Apple TV.
"Deep and simple are far more important than shallow and complicated." —Mr. Rogers
Earth keeps spinning...
Something to consider when you're changing all your passwords after the #Heartbleed bug.
All I read was: "daydreaming… blah blah blah… disorder… blah blah blah… multi-billion dollar business."
Here are all the sites that have patched the #Heartbleed bug. You should change your password on them all.
It figures the week I have little to no internet access, the Heartbleed Bug breaks.
Made it home. People on the flight were helpful and moved around to let us all sit relatively close. :) Thank you, strangers!
Bad form, @Delta—overbooked their flight by 6 and split up our whole family. My 3-year-old and 5-year-old are sitting alone.
RT @soffes: Who to unfriend on Facebook:
RT @instagram: We’re working to fix a feed delivery issue. Thank you for your patience.
There's a big difference between amassing power and accomplishing things, and a wise man knows when to forgo one for the other.
Free juice?! This party's gonna be off the hook!
Minecraft in real life. ;) (@ Empire Mine State Historic Park)
"Hold still, I have 4G." — quotes from rural life.
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