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Charlie Barone
Power Pickers of the '60's | Doc Watson Workshop -
Power Pickers of the '60's | Doc Watson Workshop
Fascinating Reading from Country Al Ross - Charlie Barone from Bookmarklet
"For someone who has made his living off a guitar style he invented, Doc Watson has been extremely generous in showing it to others." Al Ross - plumbnyc
Charlie Barone
Snow on Snow - Streets of New York - January 2011
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Yes and yes. I was trying to shovel but the beauty got the best of me. - plumbnyc
Beautiful! - Ken Morley
They may have a point. This is the very opposite of Zen. And yet when the wheel comes full circle it simply ends up back at the start. - plumbnyc
Charlie Barone
YouTube - Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop -
YouTube - Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop
Better than an iPad! - plumbnyc
Fwd: This day in History: Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts introduce America to Patsy Cline, 1957 (via
Arthur Godfrey and Patsy Cline? Talent scouts? - plumbnyc
Charlie Barone
The tintantabulation of the bells! The bells! The bells! - Charlie Barone from Bookmarklet
Fordham University is nestled in the Bronx between the great green and verdant areas of The Bronx Zoo, The New York Botanical Garden, and Moshulu Parkway. It is truly a world apart, a refuge from the bustling city around it. - plumbnyc
Charlie Barone
joe cromwell
Circle Of Friends tomorrow (8pm) and (Saturday Open Mike @ 7:15 pm) , St John's Parish Hall at 8 Sunnyside Ave, Pleasantville, NY 10570.  (914) 282-2542. SELF REMINDER: “The consumption of alcohol may cause you to think you can play your guitar and sing” Tutillius.
I like to to think it brings out the natural friendliness of friendly introverts - Charlie Barone
thank trumpet will not have to apologize for not being there! - plumbnyc
I've been blowin my brains out, but I'm honestly not ready for prime time... - Charlie Barone
Just like Europe, New York City loves is warm weather outdoor spaces. - plumbnyc from Bookmarklet
Blood libel means that you are accused of causing the shedding of blood. Is this correct?
"The expression may be used whenever an amorphous mass is collectively accused of being murderers or accessories to murder." - plumbnyc
Fwd: charlie_barone - Sweet Heaven When I Die - SoundCloud - (via
Fwd: charlie_barone - Sweet Heaven When I Die - SoundCloud - (via
This is an oldie by Charlie. I liked hearing it again! - plumbnyc
I play it often. Great rendition. - joe cromwell
aw shucks! - Charlie Barone
joe cromwell
"Leave no trace."
good advice for the the criminal mind, the cheating husband, or the nature lover... - Bobby Bayer
the american indians had a similar philosophy - Charlie Barone
after unclogging your toilet, your plumber should have the same idea in mind! - plumbnyc
The future cannot help but contain a trace of the past. - John Titor
My dad always told me to leave a job site cleaner than the way I found it. - plumbnyc
How did this post reappear? - joe cromwell
It's not just doing more with your time, it's doing more of what you want to do.
that's just what I always wanted to do with my time... find a bathroom every time I need one! - Charlie Barone
I asked for a pack for Christmas but no one took me seriously - Charlie Barone
I wonder how many people in Times Square on New Years Eve were wearing them? - joe cromwell
Yes. A million people and no public rest rooms. The logistics don't weork out. - joe cromwell
It's ironic...I install bathrooms all over manhattan, but most of them are private. If I need to use one I have to pay a buck for a coffee to go and the coffee oftentimes goes to the garbage because if I drink it I'll have to go again . ("Customers Only" is clearly marked on most establishment bathrooms.) Failing that I hide behind a dumpster or head for Central Park. Someday I'm gonna get myself arrested. - plumbnyc
they do it, too! - Charlie Barone
Charlie Barone
YouTube - The Jerry Springer Show - 'A Baby, A Plumber & A Fat Guy' [UK Edit] (Part 3/3) -!
YouTube - The Jerry Springer Show - 'A Baby, A Plumber & A Fat Guy' [UK Edit] (Part 3/3)
I know of what they speak! - plumbnyc
Charlie Barone
A simple song for a simpler time. I wish it were that way again. - Charlie Barone
There's a lot of "facebook" talk on the web. I don't get it. I avoid facebook precisely because it's so personal. I see the faces of and watch the networking of old friends and it's painful for all the unfulfilled promise. At this point I prefer to "rely on the kindness of strangers". I realize this is possibly a fatal flaw. - Charlie Barone
Very relaxing "happy" sound. Wish I could learn to fingerpick like Charlie. - joe cromwell
Traditional songs are like comfort food; good for the soul. - John Titor
Traditional songs take you back to the past, something you should like, John! - Charlie Barone
In the future all songs will sound like the past. - John Titor
The music not yet written is in the soul of the people. - Charlie Barone
Children like a simple tune, something they can sing. In the future, as adults, they will more often only listen. - Charlie Barone
The folk movement of the 60's seemed like a simpler, home spun, less commercial slant on music. But in the end it was all driven by the Almighty Dollar. Dylan seems to have been right up there duking it out with the rest of them. - plumbnyc
I like this but most times old stuff is stupid - Bobby Bayer
I like fleetwood mac - Bobby Bayer
Charlie Barone
Don't just sit there! Click that link up top! - Charlie Barone
Afraid of the internet? twitter? friendfeed? C'mon now, once you couldn't ride a bike, either! - plumbnyc
A succinct and profound summary of what change today is all about! - joe cromwell
Paul Kinlan
kinlan Posted a FriendBoo: Fri Jul 31 16:29:50 2009
Quite inspiring......makes you think a man (or woman) can accomplish almost anything! - plumbnyc
Paul Kinlan
kinlan Posted a FriendBoo: Fri Jul 31 16:30:50 2009
Go for it, Paul, you seem like a one man revolution! - plumbnyc
joe cromwell
Chas/Sally: are you a member? This community is doing a lot of interesting things. - joe cromwell from Bookmarklet
Hey joe, thanks for the heads up! I'll check it out right now! - Charlie Barone
The world mind network is a great resource. I plan to use it immediately! - plumbnyc
@jeff_schotzko So jeff, if you'd like to start a substantive comments on solar (and I know I would) meet me here:
So Jeff, is there a place for solar hot water or is it juat solar electric? - plumbnyc
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