Check out's "How to Get an Enormous User Base without Spending a Dime on Marketing"
Thankful for the faithful, insightful and consistently good work of Dr. Ravi Zacharias over the years!
Great marketing and messaging best practices shared by Ann Naumann ~
Well articulated Stanford Business vid on "The secret to feeling like you have more time available" ~
and that is why you always leave a note...
Wishing I had held off 6-9 mo. before buying a Wii U. Not enough games & legacy support isn't as seamless as it should be.
Buying a Wii U? Plan 3-4 hrs to patch & transfer old Wii files/settings, & know your still limited to 512mb within your Wii mode emulator
Panem et Circensus
Would be so much more excited about using Twitter if my Mentions & DMs weren't so full of click bait.
Bought an Ooma & love it! $149 w/ a $50 promo code JIZ4745. Better call quality, no service fees other than taxes, and cheap int. calls too
.@BingRewards I like to use the social search feature when checking up on new music and film releases #spon #BingSocial
Considering a move to O365? Software Assurance can help #DDPS #SDPS #L&EDPS
MPN Unified Communications Competency Splitting This Month:
This month I'm returning to the Microsoft Planning Services team to help drive the SharePoint (SDPS), Lync & Exchange (EDPS) Deployment Pla…
Does anyone know whether Comcast's On Demand service counts towards our monthly 250GB internet bandwidth cap?
Nice blog post by Anthony Tjan on common sense strategic planning. "Strategy on One Page" ~
Some good advice from @meridith, "What I Learned Screening IT Resumes for's Makeover"
Apex is looking to hire an Instructional Designer, Content Developer and Trainer/Facilitator! Please apply: https://careers-solutionsbyape...
"If you are going through hell, keep going." ~Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965) #QUOTE
CIO reports "IT Pay Creeps Up After Two-Year Downward Spiral" ~
Finding it handy to use @dropbox to pass draft docs between devices & Workspace to sync final editions to SharePoint.
Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. 2GB account is free!
Project Management: 5 Characteristics of 'Transformational' PMOs [CIO Magazine] ~
Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy
Easter Celebration 2011 @ Qwest Field, Seattle, WA | Mars Hill Church
If you want people to read your mail keep it short and simple. Less is more!
The difference between dashboards and scorecards ~ (most of my clients ask for this)
Reading Linda Hill & Kent Lineback on "The Words Many Managers Are Afraid To Say" ~ #Leadership
Watching Umair Haque, author of "The New Capitalist Manifesto" on creating REAL value
"Four Steps for Starting a Business Today" - Edward Hess, Darden School of Business ~
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