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Tis a fine Lego house, but sure 'tis no pool, English -
Tis a fine Lego house, but sure 'tis no pool, English
The Joker’s getting away! RT @neatorama: Jingle Bells, Someone Smells, Someone Laid An Egg
News your kids can use! @fatherlyhqAn An architect’s pillow fort tips h/t @shanedingman
Shhhh! RT @Calvinn_Hobbes: When parents don't know the answer.
WWII fighter jets outside the office window on route to a Remembrance Day fly-by. #LestWeForget
Yay! RT @MattNavarra: .@TweetDeck ( rolls out long-awaited multi-photo tweet compose option
How Twitter responded to Bill Cosby's new meme, via @vulture #CosbyMeme
RT @oconnorwrites: Kids making poppies at daughter's daycare this AM. Why do we remember, her Dad asks. "Because girls and boys made Canada safe."
Guess what happens when you put a glow stick in the microwave? (via @geekologie)
RT @karengeier: @poppedculture man. With great pressure comes great responsibility
New York before and after cleaning shows how filthy it is, via @sploid
RT @katangus: What The Hunger Games Gets Wrong About Forcing Children to Fight to the Death
How do you wash/paint over the tags? RT @BchRivMirror: Cool garage decor in #ward32 #upperbeach
Attention @dmrestivo, @christindal RT @rebeccakeenan: There needs to be a special section on LinkedIn for your Buzzfeed quiz scores.
RT @pleasuremotors: Too Many Cooks, Tim & Eric, Space Ghost, why absurd sells and what weird even means these days
This seems accelerated. RT @BuzzFeed: Which "Too Many Cooks" Cast Member Are You?
LAST WEEK! RT @garyjoelclement: Week in Review. READ!
Damn. RT @BuzzFeedUK: No, Putin has not been driving round in a motorcade shaped like a penis
RT @YahooMusicCA: .@onedirection don't show despite big win at MTV's top European awards: #EMA2014
RT @raykwong: APEC Photo of the Day. RT @Marc_Leibowitz: Photo of Vladimir Putin's motorcade. Posted without comment.
Rat-bite fever! Why didn’t Ted Nugent warn us? RT Union Station work displacing rat colony
Just Can't Get Enough playing at the Bunny Hopping Races at The Royal, just as Depeche Mode intended.
Carved by butter artisans who work exclusively in the medium of butter. #RAWF2014
"At least until the CD becomes a neo-retro accouterment in the bewhiskered hipster pad the way LPs are now.”
RT @ClickHole: Anthropologists Are On The Verge Of Figuring Out How You’re Supposed To Read @Tumblr Comments
RT @samir: latest klout perk directs me to a link to delete my twitter account?
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