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Ovviamente, non tutti i progetti vedranno coinvolte le persone sopra elencate ma, a seconda delle esigenze e del budget del cliente, alcuni profili potranno mancare oppure saranno coperti da un'unica persona. É importante ricordare che, prima della vera e propria realizzazione del sito...
Internet è pieno di negozi e offre centinai di posti dove acquistare online giocattoli per bambini, posti e siti web dove spesso si vende di tutto. Insieme ai viaggi last-minutes, sono proprio i giochi online ad essere ben venduti in rete, ed al fianco di colossi come Ebay e Amazon...
Bret Taylor
If you use the FriendFeed Facebook application make sure you've configured it properly. We are switching to a new method of publishing in the not too distant future. If you see this message at just click on the link to provide the proper permissions. (via
Screen shot 2009-11-10 at 5.49.36 PM.png
A little late on the info as I deleted this link last week at I was told I was pushing all of my FF to FB people were not happy. - Ed Mason
why do you not post the link comments from friendfeed to the wall? just the links loses 80% of the value. - Gregor J. Rothfuss
I'm tired the FriendFeed Facebook app. keeps asking me to fix "the problem" so it can post to my wall. I don't want it to post to my wall! Contacts on Facebook and FriendFeed are different types for me. On Facebook it's about being friends in real life, on FriendFeed it is about interests. At least that is how I use FF and FB. My Facebook friends would probably feel I was spamming uninteresting stuff if my FF posts where copied to FB (well, at least if I used FF so intensive as I want to:-))... - Stig Nygaard
Please let us select what to publish on FB from FF? I'd rather have tweets not appear on FB, particularly as I post from to FB and Twitter. - Kol Tregaskes
New publishing method? I hope nothing will change for those FF users who don't use Facebook. (am I alone here?) - Olivia Lovag from twhirl
I agree with Gregor ... By not having the comment sent with the link, it's just plain and boring and I'd rather just post directly to Facebook. Unfortunately, however, this would negate the very useful benefit of using the "Share on FriendFeed" bookmarklet. - Dewade Fowler
I don't mind it publishing to my wall, but I don't want it to be my status update. It worked fine before y'all fixed it! (Go ahead. Roll your eyes.) ;) - Shawn Zehnder Rossi
Yay for new publishing methods! stream.publish FTW! - Jesse Stay
I don't want to publish my friendfeed updates to facebook, they're too many. I blocked it and i'm always receiving error messages on facebook. - Oscar
On the same environment, I saw that is fast as hell! With proxies, my comments gets directly inputted while FriendFeed takes a couple of seconds, one step at a time. And the message, as Oscar said, is always present if you decide to stop FriendFeed from posting to said service when you have the application on FB. It (script) thinks it wasn't decided, as if it was the... more... - Zu from AOD
Mine failed to post the most recent entry to my wall for unknown reasons. (I have it configured to use privatebrlewis@friendfeed rather than my regular brlewis ff account.) - Bruce Lewis
hmmm - Jim Hill
damn that must be fun lol :) - Britttany leigh harner
Could you add this: please.. - Emre M.
I've uninstalled the FriendFeed application and now I cannot re-add it. I see the friendfeed app for a split second and then it reports an error. - Erik Jacobs
Hacım, the search function is totally down, any news on that? - mcd
Not wroking.. i get error. ive ent email ur not respongin even 1y ago and totaly 4 - Janis Ķengurs
Νίκος Αμάραντος
Νέα Τμήματα Αισθητικής Προσώπου - Μακιγιάζ Νοεμβρίου
stronzo - Posizionamento
Progettazione, allestimento e promozione di progetti internet per professionisti, aziende ed editori. WebCrew realizza siti internet statici e dinamici, personalizza CMS e disegna layout originali, a seconda dell'esigenza. Ai tradizionali servizi di webdesign vengono associati servizi di promozione online, ottimizzazione e posizionamento per i...
... motori di ricerca. - Posizionamento
Sito istituzionale del Comitato Quad della Federazione Motociclistica Italiana. Notizie e appuntamenti dal mondo dei quad. Sportivi e dilettanti in una delle specialità motoristiche più avvincenti e originali: il nuovo portale targato FMI vuole offrire un punto di riferimento per i quaddisti di tutta Italia.
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