groinkster on Why isn't this checkbox checked? -
"It could be that you're mixing single and double quotes? Try checked="checked"" - eric
groinkster on Map of Shreveport I'm making out of spite -
"Haha, I was hoping this was going to have points for all the things you dont like about this town :-p" - eric
groinkster on Made pesto from home grown basil. 3,000x better than store bought! -
"Pine nuts are pretty pricey but I usually sub walnuts and that keeps the cost down." - eric
groinkster on Dollar store marshmallow waffle -
"It's basically chewy aunt jemima :-(" - eric
groinkster on Dick Soup [990x660][OS](Article in comments) -
"[nsfw for stag penises](" - eric
groinkster on Moved halfway across the country and missing my favorite restaurant. Recreated a meal from Pok Pok. -
"Well the ice isn't for eating, but yeah, crushed ice on top of the mustard greens." - eric
groinkster on Moved halfway across the country and missing my favorite restaurant. Recreated a meal from Pok Pok. -
"[Fish sauce wings]( [Muu Paa Kham Waan]( - subbed pork shoulder for boar collar. [Papaya Pok Pok]( - added tamarind paste. Drinks were salted plum vodka collins with thai basil infused vodka." - eric
groinkster on Ain't no party like a confetti party -
"Jiffy! 00:07-00:18" - eric
groinkster on What about living in your city is nothing like the TV or movies would have us believe? -
"I saw the Stu's Stew's food cart on Mississippi around the time they were filming that. I wasn't able to figure out if it was a set or reality, and I didn't even know for sure until I saw the episode." - eric
groinkster on In appreciation of this motherfucking subreddit. I love you all. -
"I think you finally put it into words for me." - eric
groinkster on Where is your favorite place to dig through trash? -
"barrel room" - eric
groinkster on Any good (lively) house parties or public venues to go to for a Halloween fun tonight? -
"My girlfriend is having a party at her house in southeast tonight. Probably won't be too crazy, maybe 20 people so far. PM me for the address, starts at 9." - eric
groinkster on How do you find a job as an artist's model? -
"I go to [Hipbone Studios]( a few nights a month. Jeff over there would be happy to point you in the right direction. There's [Dr. Sketchys]( as well, especially if you're 'alternative' looking, though it's definitely more sexualized than any other figure studio you'll find." - eric
groinkster on Contact form - attach a file -
"That seems easy enough - WordPress' built in mail function is all set to handle attachments. This isn't tested, but something along the lines of if( isset($_POST['some_data']) && count($_FILES) ){ wp_mail( '', 'Subject', 'Text Body', array(/* headers maybe? */), $_FILES['field_name']['tmp_name'] ); } This doesn't actually save the file on the server though - once the script is done the file is gone. move_uploaded_file( $src, $dest ) would be the easiest way if you need to archive these attachments." - eric
groinkster on Thinking of flashing my E4GT to jb rom -
"I've tried AOKP, CM10, and Paranoid Android. PA was my favorite, but battery life was pretty poor across the board, it was really kind of a deal breaker. I didn't have any problems with features otherwise. If you can't seem to get Clockworkmod recovery to do its thing, make sure it's version" - eric
groinkster on What am I supposed to do until Google Fiber shows up? -
"For a while I was just getting internet by tethering to my Android, I have an unlimited data plan. Service was pretty bad in my apartment though, there were only a couple spots I could put the phone to get a decent signal." - eric
groinkster on Good Mexican food? -
"My favorite cheap taco truck is [Taqueria Honey]( - the habanero salsa is awesome, and for upscale I like [Autentica](" - eric
Grass at Lake Earl, California -
Grass at Lake Earl, California
groinkster on Coming to Portland for a few days, anyone want to grab a drink :D? -
"I'm up for a drink tonight or tomorrow night, preferably east side." - eric
groinkster on Any ideas for hostels? -
"Cool, I'll PM you my number, text when you want to head down." - eric
groinkster on Any ideas for hostels? -
"Sure, I can do that tomorrow. Where did you end up staying?" - eric
groinkster on Any ideas for hostels? -
"Hmm well from your history, it looks like bars are out. I'm going to hit sfmoma and maybe another museum or two, if you're into art. Also stumbled on this which looks interesting [ Im here until monday night." - eric
groinkster on Any ideas for hostels? -
"I'm staying at the downtown hostel on mason st right this very moment. PM me if you want to hang out." - eric
groinkster on Shameless plug time! Show off your best wordpress site! -
"Hi, thanks! Unfortunately the calendar was all custom development, and I cant share that plugin with you, but here's a little about how it works. We set up a custom post type for 'events' and a new table in the database with post_id, start and end date. You can join and limit the data using the [posts_join]( and [posts_where]( filters if you're comfortable with sql. When users suggest an event, we take that data and put it straight into a post with 'draft' status, and let the site admin either publish or trash the post. Hope that gets you going in the right direction!" - eric
reddit is offline in protest of PROTECT IP and SOPA -
"submitted by reddit to blog." - eric
groinkster on Come drink with PDX native chromakode and PDX virgin hueypriest on Friday (9/30) at 8pm at McMenamins/Ringler's Pub (on W. Burnside). -
"Cool, see you all there!" - eric
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