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It's worth remembering why Scotland and England first united their parliaments more than three centuries ago
Scotland votes to remain part of United Kingdom
Argentina joins the Venezuela School of Economics
Groundskeeper Willie of ‘The Simpsons’ addresses fellow Scots ahead of vote
British Muslims plead with Islamic State not to execute hostage Alan Henning
Texas governor looks at Mexico and sees trouble on the way. If it’s not kids from Guatemala, it’s the Islamic State.
Everything you need to know about Scotland’s independence vote
Church patriarch in Iraq blames U.S. for Christians’ misery
That time Ukraine tried to join NATO — and NATO said no
The Lebanese ice bucket challenge has morphed into burning Islamic State flags
Why Germany (and Europe) fears Uber
Court tells Indian activist her 13-year-long fast is not a suicide attempt
Scenes from Islamabad: Thousands of Pakistani protesters march toward the parliament
RT @timcraigpost: Lots of protesters wearing gas masks, but police officials say they are under to respond only if threatened by force.
RT @AnupKaphle: By the way, @timcraigpost, our man in Pakistan, is tweeting from the Imran Khan march. Follow him for scenes from the ground.
Dispatch: Turkey’s mysterious case of the bearded men
RT @AnupKaphle: Also, read this dispatch on how @NickMiroff and @DominicBracco got into Peru's gold mining region, and got out.
RT @NickMiroff: Fighting gold fever with military force: our story from the Peruvian Amazon in tomorrow's WP photos by @dominicbracco
The reshuffling of Ukrainian rebel leaders may be a sign of an important change in tactics
Pakistani opposition - led by cricket-star-turned-politician Imran Khan - gears for march on parliament
How the rest of the world sees Ferguson unrest in the United States?
Yemeni victims of U.S. military drone strike get more than $1 million in compensation, "secret condolence payments"
A revolutionary tradition has been broken in Cuba: A lawmaker and Fidel Castro's niece voted "no" in parliament
Imran Khan's party quits Parliament, testing the resolve of Pakistan premier
Iran says journalists held over 'security issues', and forces are "vigilant towards all kind of enemies' activities"
Israelis, Palestinians agree to keep talking to win truce; "The way we dealt with the tunnel issues was a mistake"
After Mosul Dam is reclaimed, Obama says "a lot of it depends on how effectively the Iraqi government comes together"
Armed men attack motorcade of Saudi prince, steal sensitive documents
Dispatch: Getting the gold story in Peru, and getting out
What Julian Assange means when he says he is leaving the Ecuadoran Embassy ‘soon’
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