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Burma’s Rohingya camps are closed to the outside world. Here’s what they look like.
RT @HughNaylor: The Assad regime's Alawite support base is wobbling under the strain of Syria's civil war. Portends difficulties
RT @HughNaylor: Rising criticism of the Assad regime. Even protests. Draft-dodging —> Syria's Alawites are exhausted from civil war
RT @AnupKaphle: A slow, steady drawdown in Afghanistan. Detailed graphic by @newsillustrator for WashPost.
The haunting poetry of a Chinese factory worker who committed suicide
German politicians want to make traffic lights look more like women
Can China and Japan ease their tensions? By Editorial Board
Why it matters that U.S. troops are in Iraq’s troubled Anbar province — again
Cuban dancers return home after stardom abroad -- enabled by a recent relaxation of Cuba's laws on travel and income
"I've been Rohingya for 66 years. I no longer trust my own identity." Burma forces Rohingyas to register as Bengalis
Marine pullout from Afghanistan: decisions about what stays, what goes and what gets tossed into the trash or burned
China promotes 'Asia-Pacific dream' to counter U.S. 'pivot' - but can money buy love?
China, U.S. strike deal to limit greenhouse gases, and to adopt measures to reduce accidental military conflict
RT @AnupKaphle: Burma is forcing thousands of Rohingyas to register as Bengalis. By @AnnieGowen from Myebon.
Obama chews gum, Putin puts on the moves: The APEC summit in 7 telling GIFs
RT @ishaantharoor: Obama chews gum, Putin puts on the moves: here's @APEC in GIFs
Could be the dog days of Iran’s culture wars
The terrible story of a hunger strike in the shadow of Ebola
RT @mradamtaylor: The problem with 'Do They Know It's Christmas?'
RT @AnupKaphle: “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Putin said in Obama’s direction. Yes, it is, said Obama, avoiding eye contact with Putin.
Why Turkey’s military wants to ban ‘Game of Thrones’
These 14 walls continue to separate the world - on the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall
Why is Putin's coat draped on China's first lady? A move that "oozed smooth" but dangerously close to flirtation
These 14 walls continue to separate the world
Knife attacks on Israelis add to unease; 2 killed in separate assaults
Why is Vladimir Putin’s coat draped on China’s first lady?
Unable to clean air completely for APEC, China resorts to blocking data
Bid to arm Iraq's Sunni tribes against extremists faces hurdles -- distrust, a lack of financing and corruption
Two days of nuclear talks with Iran yield few indications of progress
China suspected of breaching U.S. Postal Service computer networks
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