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Pownce room/group I bid you adieu...
would like congee (chifan), its the perfect nite
I didn't write this but I feel it...1/4/08 2:15 AM Life... is just one big confusing journey where you meet confusing people with confusing personalities that leave you confused. The more you want to know about someone, the more you realize you really don't know anything about them. The moment you think you have even a fraction of a grasp on who...
life.pdf 30 KB
Aww.. you never forget your first Force Lightning. - Jemm
I'm still mad he went in for the final kill stab to the head - Rahsheen
oh! lightsaver! When Harrison Ford appeared in Star Wars,he was young , dressed and nice cool guy . - Ami Iida
Finish Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - FATALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - the king of the interweb
Thats a really good "im dead roll"!!! - cysko
CHART OF THE DAY: Twitter's Natural Monopoly -
CHART OF THE DAY: Twitter's Natural Monopoly
YOUR MOM IS ON TWITTER! ok and feel free to add me... cyskotweet - cysko
YouTube - Is Obama Looking At Junior 8 Summit Rep From Brazil, Mayara Tavares's.... -
YouTube - Is Obama Looking At Junior 8 Summit Rep From Brazil, Mayara Tavares's....
SARKOZY! - cysko from Bookmarklet
ART> - cysko from Bookmarklet
who cares? she's hot that's all : D - vijay
porn. - Lynn
porn art - Alex
Part. - Brome
hahahhahhaha porn art nah its just like a model in a lacrosse get up! i mean thats what i see after... - cysko
haha - cysko
Why 2009 Is the Year of the Cougar | Newsweek Entertainment | -
Why 2009 Is the Year of the Cougar | Newsweek Entertainment |
YES! Come get me! - cysko from Bookmarklet
Opera 10 Is Going to Piss Off Some Very Important People | TechWatch | Fast Company -
Opera 10 Is Going to Piss Off Some Very Important People | TechWatch | Fast Company
Is this the way the internet should have been? - cysko from Bookmarklet
I think it will eat my bandwidth than serving me with more purpose. But I will certainly check it out! - polou/indigo_bow
Is the end of Duke Nukem Forever? And after 14 years or more in development, does anyone care? (via
Pownce Is Back now its called socialkloud its ood I was just going to give up, its good but more of a tumblr great to hold all my fun pix friendfeed is sweet but not as chatty and twitter is too chatty so apparently i had invites to what was called topixz so and
cysko, when you posting to the FriendFeed Groups group can you keep to the subject plus list the URL to your/the group in the title or the comment. Thanks. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Kol Tregaskes
“asks how can you stop receiving msgs from individual Pownce users (I don't want to block I just want to be selective on the mail I get)?” -
Do you mean stop getting emails telling you that you have a private message? Just go into settings and turn off the notification for that an any other email that you don't want to get. Hope I'm right.. - Mike Lewis
Mike Lewis
!leahbasskitten did a great job with the Pownce yearbook using the Manga characters from a recent memexplosion. If anyone forgot to submit theirs, don't forget to do so! -
Mike Lewis
Thoughts on Pownce loading the past 5 days. Things seem 100% better on this end.
It looks like pownce is working well now. - k00pa
It is. I've been very happy with the service levels lately. It's getting there. - Mike Lewis
David Cole
I really like the look and feel of pownce better than twitter, why is it so hard to get more folks to use it?
People can port from one service to another, it's just hard to get friends to move from one the other. In time the fickle geek elite will love Pownce and everyone will be there. - Mike Lewis
YUDU - Publish any document online for free -
Create page turning publications and share them online. Get noticed and captivate your audience with interactive online brochures, magazines, portfolio's and more...Upload your documents and view them online within seconds – we will send the interactive page turning digital publication to you on email, for you to forward to friends, or add to your website or blog. Not only is YUDU completely free - - Faizar
I give up on pownce. cya
Paula Hawk
You just created all of these rooms to get the real estate, didn't you? o.0 LOL
Probably. - dgw
This room should also load slower than other comparable rooms and have lots of superfluous images and graphics. Just sayin' - Brett Kelly
LMAO at Brett's comment - Czar
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