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Louis Gray
Matthew! I thought we made it clear that toes are not a food group!
NOM - Josh Haley
Babies love toesies...nom nom nom - Threepwood
But daaaaad they has a flavor!!! - Yolanda
Yolanda, I'll have to trust him. I'm not sucking his toes to find out. - Louis Gray
mmm... nom, nom... bacon flavored toes. - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
Oh I remember doing that as a kid too. Those were fun times. - Tamar Weinberg
So what you're saying is that toes are not a "legit" snack? <bows graciously to the thundering applause> - Mitch
Ohhh nooo, Mitch. How could you ;-) +1 - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
yeah -- if it doesn't work for trash, it doesn't work for toes. ;) - John LeMasney
ZING - Mitch
My online Persian to English translator reports: "copy the dynamic and a victory for scandal". FAIL? :-) - Louis Gray
If Matthew's dad cleaned his little toes, he wouldn't have to gnosh on it. :-) - john
you are just jealous because you can't do that anymore - Iphigenie
داشتیم جوان؟ =))))))))))))))))))))) - شروین فتحی
سایه خانم صداش رو در نیار :))) - شروین فتحی
so cute! - Stormy
واااای یاد یه جریانی و این چیزا به خیر... اسمایلی سوتی - سایه
Ah, but what about Toe-Jam? - Christian (Simply X)
TOE-tally! - MiniMage
I used to do this! sucking my big toe. I learned it from a ride at epcot center. - PJ Gormley
خانم سایه: در این مورد هم می‌تونید توضیح بدید - هادی خ
Paul Buchheit
ha nice! - Wesley Barrow
from '95 - Paul Buchheit
Summer intern? - Mike Doeff
Yeah, Sanjeev was also there that same summer as it turns out. - Paul Buchheit
oooh look at how young and cute Paul is! :) very cool that you saved this! What was your job title then (intern for ______)? What location did you work at? Does that # mean you were the 39,325 employee hired by M$? - Susan Beebe
I bet I could find mine if I tried, too. - Gabe
I wish I still had my Apple badge. They made me give it back when I left. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
Do I sense a meme coming? - Chris Lamprecht
Yeah, unfortunately I don't seem to have any pics of my Sun badge, so I can't collect the whole set :( - Paul Buchheit
bummer! collection is busted - Susan Beebe
my work badges are boring white - no logo..nothing - designed for max security I guess - Susan Beebe
Gary, Paul and I both worked in Redmond. Paul worked on Plus! Setup. - Gabe
Oooh I remember Plus! that was really cool and made Win95 rock! - Susan Beebe
Ex-PM in Developer Tools here. Visual J++ for the um, ... - DeWitt Clinton
Maybe it would be more efficient for everyone who didn't work at Microsoft to raise their hand. - DeWitt Clinton
I worked on Win NT, debugging OLE. It was pretty bad because the NT OLE code was fine; all the bugs were in 16-bit OLE apps. There are few things worse than debugging interactions between two 16-bit apps you don't have the source to! - Gabe
Wow, 16 bit OLE. Why didn't you force everyone to use 32bit Word and Excel? It would've been very Apple of you. - Eric - Final Countdown
Yup, Redmond. I think I worked in building 4, which may not exist anymore, and lived across the street at "Timberlawn". I worked on the installer for "Plus Pack for Windows 95". - Paul Buchheit
Eric, it gets worse: one of the first apps I had to look at was Ichitaro, Japan's #1 word processor at the time. It sure would have made things easier if I could have forced everybody to only use 32-bit English apps! - Gabe
Awesome, Paul. - Christopher Sacca
I tried, and I can't remember my ORCL employee number any more! Does that mean I've finally put it all out behind me? - Tudor Bosman
My Intel WWID was 10599476, but I get the feeling that they added at least 10,000,000 to the employee number to generate that value. - Paul Buchheit
I've already forgotten my Google employee number. I think my Yahoo! number was right around 9000... - Kevin Fox
Ok here's a picture of my current ones I mentioned - sorta boring white plan ID badges - Susan Beebe
At least they gave you a top-30 number at Google :) - Charlie Anzman
Once again proving that you're "kind of a big deal". Nice badge! - Randy Holloway from twhirl
*swoon* - Yuvi
I wonder if it was some kind of foresight to hang on to your old Microsoft badges, but not your diplomas. - Clare Dibble
Nice, a blue badge. I consult for Microsoft and have an Orange badge. - Alan Le
Wow! I was there that same summer interning for "Office Team Manager" I must have started a week or 2 before you as my employee number was 39207. - Joe Beda
I think I returned my badge, so I can't remember what my employee number was. I worked on porting the standard ms installer from windows to the mac. - Private Sanjeev
Sanjeev - a worthy cause for sure! :P - Susan Beebe
It was a piece of code that Ben Slivka wrote to produce cab files :) - Private Sanjeev
#39325 @ Microsoft. #23 @ Google. Do you have an ID at Google? ;) - AJ Batac
My MS ID was #38440 @ Microsoft... There were around 17k employees when I joined in 1995. - Steve Lacey
Microsoft badge #36419, joined 6/94 - peter
You seem very happy in this picture. There's still so much hope and optimism in that face. - April Buchheit
Old school. - "Joey"
Bubbling entry to make the Microsoft people ( feel better (or worse) :) - Paul Buchheit
Bubbling? Is that what the kids are calling it these days? - Gabe
those are nice glasses :) - bob
They are nice glasses, aren't they? Maybe I should switch back. - Paul Buchheit
cute Paul :D - Nimaa
You look not unlike Bill in that photo. - Kevin Fox
heaven Is... hell is...
This made me giggle :) - Charley M
یک کم زحمت بکشی ترجمه کنی ثواب داره. لینک را هم شهید نمی کنی...کشتی من را تو - Tardid
بابا رفقات اونجا سليقه ندارن:دي تتمام مزه اين لينك به ترجمه نكردنشه:دي - Amir
بینیم بابا.............بیا رای بده..نظر بده...نمک گیر کن ملت را. ما ملت اهل رودربایستی گیر کردن هستیم. ضمنا الان بدجوری فضا انتخاباتیه. حال من هم بد شده راستش - Tardid
اره بدجور به نظرم امثال تو كاپتيان كمن بهتره فلن زر نزنم تا بعده همه پرسي:دي - Amir
was so cooool,especially Italian and Swiss :D - Bobak
Why is it heaven when the police are British? - Kol Tregaskes
cuz British copS Sux:d - Amir
aye, and the world pretty much doesn't have a clue about traditional british food.. hell, most fo the british have no clue either! - alphaxion
@alphaxion hey mate you mean britsh chefs are twat?:D - Amir
ops! - Amir
it was due to the protracted level of rationing in the UK from ww2 that has lead to such a bad state of our national dishes - you know the UK was still in rationing deep into the 50's? We used to have a massive taste in game fowl, whole succled pig etc. You just don't see it any more. - alphaxion
@alphaxion, thanks for your informative comment, Why Britsh cops sUx? - Amir
cause many are power tripping and ignorant of the very law they're meant to uphold? Cause they tend to be above the law? plenty of reasons ;P - alphaxion
When i originally saw this the current renaissance of british food wasn't underway and British coppers were still seen as jolly helpful fella's but the world. - Jamie Vidamour
Thanks Jamie - Amir
Thanx Amira For Another cool version - Amir
شخم - هاله
FUnny - Amir
Who says Italians aren't organized! ....Wait...what was I just doing? - Brian Bufalo
@Brian , i heard .Italian are So chatty either. - Amir
;) - Brian Bufalo from IM
Top 10 Windows Applications! -
Top 10 Windows Applications!
Top 10 Windows Applications!
Top 10 Windows Applications!
A list of Great Windows Apps! - TheHenry from Bookmarklet
Some great programs on this list. I would have included Chrome instead of Safari, though. I think Safari for Windows isn't quite ready for prime time yet, neither version 3 nor 4 beta. - Ray Metzen
the fact that you have safari on this list means you have never actually used it for windows - Zach Scott
If you're a blogger, Windows Live Writer is a great free app and one that I'd have on my list - it's a rare gem from Microsoft ... - Patrick Jordan
@Patrick, I have used Live writer, I also agree it is a rare gem from Microsoft. I honestly don't like it though. - TheHenry
You must be smoking if you think Safari's a Top 10 Windows app - LANjackal
Not smoking. BTW I took what all you said, and I changed it to google Chrome. :) - TheHenry
Thanks for the info! - Mike Andric
@Ethan, wavepad is very easy to use, but not free. I agree though, Audacity is great - Techno Todd
Huh, I'd never heard of Update Checker before... Sounds pretty sweet... We'll see how it goes I guess - LarchOye
Looks FOSS heavy. I agree with Chrome and VLC as must haves. What's with the Fruity Safari logo? - Arawak
FileZilla, Notepad too - Vivek Puri
I find the Safari 3 to be a bit more better than the chrome, I didn't like the beta layout of the four though. Something was very un-safariish like. - Faraz Mullick
Faraz, it's probably because they appropriated Google's layout. TBH I actually like Chrome more than Safari, personally. - Chieze Okoye
Didn't like the list, and I don't use most of them. A bit lame. - Özkan Altuner
Hey, its one man's opinion. Don't hate. He amended the Safari recommendation which should give him some breathing room ;). - Arawak
Notice that, of the applications listed, 4 are available as native Linux apps (VLC, Thunderbird, Gimp, Picasa), one is due to be available on Linux (Google Chrome), and 2 address Windows' shortcomings compared to Linux (CCleaner, FileHippo). - Ghodmode from twhirl
that's because you have continuously thanked people or added bullshit comments everytime others have commented. And your alter-ego Techno Todd seems to do the same. Were really not stupid TheHenry - whatever you might think. - Zee.
You missed the best windows app, the logoff button :-) - Keith Bennett from Nambu
Chrome should be there rather than Safari. And Thunderbird is the ugliest mail app I've ever used. Functional for sure, but really, really needs a UI re-write. - Sparky, lurking
Tata sky sucks again!!! Set max is not coming - "STB unable to receive signal". But other channels are coming. Now I have to follow the S/F Chennai vs Bangalore on Cricinfo :(
its back now !!! - Prashant
Different modes of journey -
Different modes of journey
i do remember riding on back was way more fun and comfortable..... wish anybody could offer a back to ride-on NOW - Prashant
Rob Sellen :o)
I want greasemonkey scripts running on my chrome... how do I even do that?
anyone who done it themselves here yet? - Rob Sellen :o)
need badly... waiting for comments..... never used FX since chrome came out .. - Prashant
Just tested some of the scripts for this place on ffox...handy ones...shame I can't get the chrome the same, I am using chrome all the time now. :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
shey.... you make everything you like sound like its liked by alot of people lol - Rob Sellen :o)
Greasemetal adds greasemonkey support to chrome, and I think the latest nightly builds of chrome support it, but I've never tried to use either. - chrisofspades
really.. ah well the chrome build is the one I am using at the moment and it says its up to date... so what do I do reinstall it or? - Rob Sellen :o)
You need to get your Chrome on the cutting edge. That is, run the tool for choosing which update track you are on. You want the one feeding up 2.0.x alpha/beta builds. - Chris Charabaruk
Check the Chrome blog for details about that tool. - Chris Charabaruk
right.. well I am likely to screw that up.. so I ought wait till its easier to do ;o) - Rob Sellen :o) << that the one you meant? - Rob Sellen :o)
FYI: "How to Write a Chrome Extension" by Matt Cutts -- - .LAG liked that
Thanks... I'll read that now ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Oh look, Feedly led me to this thread when I googled this topic..LOL - Rahsheen
really??? lol.. that's great. - Rob Sellen :o)
Kol Tregaskes
What are your filters/searches for finding the top photos, top discussions, top comments, top posts, top anything on FF?
Hehe AJB :) You got the "right" filters man =P - vijay
Cool, AJ! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Great list. Keep them coming. and thanks to FF for making an easy button to turn a search into a filter - Keith - @tsudo
Thanks for the filters. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
These are great!! - Seth Greenblatt
50 Photographers Worth Checking Out -
I thought the same thing. Posted it to see what others thought - Shevonne
sorry, i deleted my comment when i saw the FF post and posted there instead......:)~ - Carlos Ayala
Create a simple menu in mvc -
Simple code to create a menu in mvc using a master page and a master controller. - Jemm
FFing Enigma
Name something trivial you absolutely can't stand.
Mine is cream of mushroom soup. The smell of it makes me want to retch. At the holidays, it's all I can do to politely choke down a bite of anything made with it. - FFing Enigma from email
Spinach dip! The sight of it gives me a gag reflex. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
People going nuts over [insert trend/topic/object here]. What happened to measured responses, people? - Mike Nayyar
A rich dead guy on a beach... You have to hold them up so no one knows they are dead... - Johnny
Hair stuck on the bar of soap in the shower - Sally - Skyrimmin' It
Country songs that lament how things have if things were so much better for the common man in the 80s or the 50s. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Sally, you can never be sure where the hair came from! - Michael McKean
Seafood. - LB needs a break.
Stinky farts - Rodfather
leaving an open toothpaste tube on the sink counter - Nathan Chase
other people - Nathan Rein
leaving lights on in rooms no one are presently in - Nathan Chase
Socks + sandles ... UGH! - Michael Forian
putting pillows into pillow cases - BEX
"kudos" and "props", oh, and those tall boots every other woman on the street seems to be wearing. - coldbrew
@Michael, yep, you don't know which part of who's body the errant hair came from. Seriously, it's such a turnoff that hubby and I have our own soaps. We don't share. - Sally - Skyrimmin' It
I wanna change mine. I really can't stand that one single little curly hair that is always in every hot tub you get into. You know the one, it has like gps and hones in on you as soon as you get int.... - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Styrofoam!! hate it. - Frankie Warren
The people who wear those "lead, follow or get out of the way" shirts. Pisses me off. - Michael Forian
@Forian (since I'm already a michael...) "NO FEAR". :D - mjc
Tapout shirts - Rodfather
Fake/ Phony people - YoYo_P
Rod, does that apply even if the person wearing the shirt could actually make you tapout? - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
@Chris, RE: people who unsub - Oops. You asked for it ;) - Michael Forian
Tapout shirts? - BEX
@Joe: 99% of the time they can't and just want to look badass. - Rodfather
grabbing food off my plate without permission. really sets me off for some reason. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
That's ok, Chris: I have it on good authority that southern girls who can punch can take your hate and turn it into fluffy zombie cats of doom. - FFing Enigma from fftogo
People that leave the standard 4:3 TV shows stretched on their widescreen 16:9 TV's and gloat about how great it looks - Nathan Chase
People eating food while standing over my shoulder as I try to concentrate. MAJOR pet peeve of mine. - Phil Glockner
People who don't join Twitter because "they don't want to know what everyone had for breakfast" - Nathan Chase
Shia LeBeouf - Derrick
Shia. He's so cute! And he's a beef! - anna sauce
Snoring! - Tamara J. B.
Running out of beer. - coldbrew
students wearing pajamas to class. - adf
People who talk too loud - Shey
people that think AOL is the internet - Nathan Chase
And face-talkers - Shey
What, this thread MVB? No, I read a comment about green bean casserole which made me think about how much I hate it, and this was a more fun way to post it. - FFing Enigma from fftogo
FriendFeed drama - Melissa
Like George Carlin (RIP), those little yellow signs in car windows that say things like, "Baby On Board" - coldbrew
When the pie pieces would get stuck (if inserted upside down) in the Trivial Pursuit pie piece! Apparently, I'm not the only one . Taking FF literally is the only safe bet these days. - Micah
When someone uses a fork and leaves those fork grooves in the butter spread. Use a knife, and keep it smooth! - Louis P. from twhirl
Not driving in the proper lane. If I know I need to turn left - even 5 miles ahead, I'll get in the left lane. Maybe that's just OCD... - iTad
When someone says "cumpacity" instead of capacity. - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
Chris White - Rick Kaiser
Chris: take it easy!! ;) - Frankie Warren
Loud chewers - April Buchheit
+1 April - Shey
People who say "conversate" - April Buchheit
And people who chew with their mouth open - Shey
when people say "warsh," instead of "wash" - MiniMage
Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Sheppard Smith and Keith Olbermann (to be fair and balanced). - Michael Forian
People who've commented more than 2x on this post. - coldbrew
People who say "irregardless," "should've did," "would've went," etc. - April Buchheit
+1 Chris - April Buchheit
Trivial comments by colorless characters... how's that? ;) - Rick Kaiser
People that complain about complainers in a thread that is about complaining. - coldbrew
People who don't complain about me, but quietly hold grudges about trivial matters. - Bruce Lewis
People that don't understand how deep this thread really is. - coldbrew
Colorless comments on trivial threads. :p - Rick Kaiser
Sober people. - coldbrew
Trivial pursuit categories I don't know well. - Mike Reynolds
Trivial trivia on Trivial Pursuit - Rick Kaiser
Trivial humor on trivial comments on trivial threads. - Rick Kaiser
People that think the word trivial has only one meaning. - coldbrew
The word trivial. Ahhh...sorry...I actually like that! - Rick Kaiser
People that refer to others by their first name despite the fact that there are typically lots of people with the same first name, and they have never shaken hands with that person. - coldbrew
Chinese food that looks like stew. - Rick Kaiser
People that use their legal names believing they have some higher moral ground on which to stand. - coldbrew
People that complain about data cllection policies of companies, but are quite promiscuous with their data/ info at the same time - coldbrew
Slow drivers in the fast lane - Rick Kaiser
Sticky countertops! - Rick Kaiser
are Chris White and coldbrew the same person? - Nathan Rein
Taking out the trash. - Steven Perez
Memes. - vimoh
Eating noises - Alistair (alpinefolk)
Sticky & oily faucets and hair on the bar of soap. LOL - Praveen Vasudev
People who say "should of," "would of," or "could of." - Bec Rowe @d0tski
Another one for me: sleeping through my alarm. Sets a crappy tone for the rest of the day. - FFing Enigma
Having to repeat myself to people who never listen. - Josh Haley
Public restrooms. :| - Parth Awasthi
LE beat you all to it. Was that a great setup or what? - Josh Haley
I had a bunch till I read everyones and then realized Rick's "slow drivers in fast lane" made me boil over so I'm going with that too. - Steve C, Team Marina
hypocrites. - vijay
feet - Kelly
the word "webinar" - Melanie Jagolino
Graffiti. People who don't clean up after their dogs. - stretta
Chairs that tweet when you fart. - stretta
the smell of tequila....yuck :-( - Live4Emma (L4S)
Death. - Iain Baker
Flash - RAPatton
this thread jumping the shark. - vijay
people who don't tell me they're leaving an IM conversation! say goodbye dammit (and people wo say "brb" when they're not gonna be Right back ;) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
yeah...sorry Shey....had a BAD experience one time and ever sense then....eeesh...even the smell makes me retch... >.< - Live4Emma (L4S)
Double parkers in front of a parking space. *Hate it* - Sarah Peterman
Sharing a 5PM commute with no driving aholes! - Mike Lewis
When other people are navigating the web with me watching and they don't see the proper links as quickly as me. Drives me insane - "Just CLICK RIGHT THERE!!!" - Zach Landes
Broccoli. And slow drivers. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
When driving, people who rush in front of you when there is no one behind you, only to slow down. Or turn left. - stretta from twhirl
When people walk around with their laces undone. - Vicky
Sentence finishers. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Whistling. - Rochelle
me too Jason! - vijay
Webcam self-portraits of people looking at their monitors. - Dave Roth
Right now it's co-worker's talking easter egg. Must. Control. Fist. Of. SMASH! - vicster.
People who really are alcoholics (or are definitely heading that way) who claim that they are just "social drinkers." That, and the people who enable them. - Katy S
Garden State Parkway and NY Thruway tolls, which keep going up. - Morton Fox
Jason, it's like nails on a chalkboard to me. - Rochelle
stripper butt glitter on my pants - Tony C (Unrated) from fftogo
Cherries, blech! - Kelly W.
Drivers who don't use signals when they turn or change lanes. - Jen (SquirrelGirl)
Rubbing my hand on carpet or watching someone else do it. - Just Mrs. V
People who strain their necks in order to read the newspaper I'm reading on the subway. Did I say newspaper? - Bryan R. Adams
Little misalignments in anything. I always feel the urge to realign them. - xero
trivial pursuit - shaun mclane
Any, I mean ANY of those idiot FB apps, and that "25 things" thing - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
Being illogical or someone who doesn't accept (or is unable in) thinking differently about something without that person considering him/herself in the calculation. - Zu from AOD
omg..and ESPECIALLY the stupid picture "gift" apps. I love to get the requests just so I can block the app ;) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
People who claim welfare when they can work and are not sick ie. malingering spongers. - Angus Neil
sally field - siggimus
FFing Enigma
What do I want for lunch?
love - RAPatton
heh.. love is all you need. and BACON - grant fox
I dunno, somehow love smothered in cheese and bacon doesn't seem like it'd be very filling. Notice how I added the cheese there... - FFing Enigma
fast food :) - Alp
eating in, or out? I love Doc Chey's for lunch. Asian food for the win. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
LOVE Doc Chey's!!! But, I work downtown now so going to Woodruff Rd. isn't a viable option. Tomorrow is paycheck day, so I'll be eating lunch at Henry's, which means no BBQ today either. I wonder if the Paris Cafe is open... - FFing Enigma
you're right Tina. love with cheese, bacon, and cool whip probably won't be filling. until you deep-fry it! - grant fox
Haven't worked downtown in a number of years. I do miss Maureen's being there on Main. Jimmy John's is great for a quick sammich though. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
OOooh, I had a thought, I could go to the Indian buffet! Wonder if I could sit at the bar, I feel silly taking up a table just for me... - FFing Enigma
indian buffet ftw. I wish I still had one of those close to work. - chrisofspades
Though very bad at cooking.... I somehow can make freakishly delicious chicken curry ... but unfortunately I'm tired today :D - Prashant
Janet, do you mean the flavor of the spices, or the heat? My limited experience with Indian food is that there is a a range of heat, and most places are willing to accommodate someone who might not like their food as hot as others. Aside from the heat, though, there's a wide range of flavors and textures that aren't common in typical western food. It's definitely worth trying at least once! - FFing Enigma
I am pondering this myself... WFH today and there's nothing in the house... and I don't want to get dressed just to go get some lunch. Bah. - Lindsay
We had matzoh pizza. - Rochelle
One more TV show question. If u could recommend one tv series that's current on air...what would it be?
Kitchen Nightmares. - Rochelle
The Unit. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
The Wire on the BBC is growing on me. - Kol Tregaskes
Smallville - Ale♪nastrorosa
30 rock - Ted Roden
Happy Days. - zio bodhisattva
The new Dr. Who. - Andrew
The Unit - Jasmin Smith
The Weather Channel - Ian May
Frontline - Nicķ
Family Guy or American Dad! - Danilo P.
Life - AJ Kohn
Big Love - RAPatton
crikey, Family Guy in the lead with 2 votes! :) - Zee.
Psych - Jeremy Kunz
Burn Notice - AJ Kohn
Castle - Todd Hoff
The Office - Shey
+1 for 30 Rock. And it's currently between seasons, but Dexter is probably my favorite. And Lost is still pretty cool. - Grey Drane
Criminal Minds - BEX
Rescue Me! - Keith - @tsudo
1+ for 24 - Keith - @tsudo
Big Love. - Thomas Hawk
Cities of the Underworld/underground - Richard A.
If I could see it I'd recommend 24 but alas it's hidden on a Sky channel. :-( - Kol Tregaskes
HOUSE - Kyle Lacy
One show I would recommend is LOST. - Damond Nollan
LOST :) - Paula Hawk
Another vote for The Unit. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Lie To Me - Gregory R
+1 House - Rachel Lea Fox
Kings. It's so over the top it's interesting and the writing isn't half bad. Available on Hulu to catch up with the back episodes. - Andrew Leyden
watching "Lie to Me" as we speak, its not bad. ill give it a +0.6 - Lasse Johnsen
@Lasse is that out of a 10 point scale? lol - Kyle Lacy
haha no, its not that bad, its a bit too "crime series" for me though - Lasse Johnsen
What?! Rescue Me is on air again?! - Lasse Johnsen
+1 for Castle. - Joseph Ferris
Holy crap, 1 episode of Rescue Me season 5 just aired a few days ago and i had no idea. +1 for Rescue Me then! - Lasse Johnsen
Dollhouse. It is still on the air, barely, and finally hitting its stride. Also, Chuck, Sarah Connor, 30 Rock, and The Unit. - Jandy
Heroes and The Office - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Mark H
fringe - Kim Landwehr
Breaking Bad - Louis Gray
Dollhouse - my absolute favorite right now - Rasmus Lauridsen
Burn Notice - Ryan Miller
How I Met Your Mother (though I haven't caught up on any episodes yet this season) - Dan Hsiao
I said Psych earlier, but I must +1 any suggestion for Chuck as well. Great show and awesome soundtrack. - Jeremy Kunz
30 Rock - Alex Scrivener
Underbelly. If we don't count exactly on air at this moment but coming back, True Blood - Duncan Riley
+1 True Blood - James Beake
Castle, Dollhouse - Sally - Skyrimmin' It
If cable counts, Big Love. - Stan Scott
not one vote for Entourage, interesting - Zee.
I dont' even know what entourage is. - Richard A.
LOST and Office! - nouhad
Definitely Entourage, and also Heroes and 30 Rock - Sanjay Subrahmanyan
and True Blood , also in a couple of weeks, DEXTER!! Can't wait - nouhad
Heroes - Franklin Pettit
+1 for House, too. - Grey Drane
kolah ghermezi,o pesarkhle be hamrahe pesar ame za jan - ناصـــــــر
what's it about Nasser? - Zee.
30 rock - Alex Puchianu
+1 more for Rescue Me - Steve
24 and Entourage are the only shows worth watching, IMO - Adam Cohen
New shows, lie to me and the listener. Old shows, lost, heroes. - Simon Wicks
Ooo and one called trust me, that's all about a design agency so I think that would appeal to you. - Simon Wicks
I only watch 24, now that the Sopranos are off the air. - Martha
Better Off Ted - Matt Griffith
Breaking Bad - Dane Deasy
dollhouse - edythe
A fun one is Check. - Eric - Final Countdown
My Boys - Bryan R. Adams
I would say Lie to Me, then 24, then Fringe ... I hear good things about Breaking Bad, but you need season 1 I believe. - Amani
Leverage & Burn Notice - Bwana ☠
Kings. - Derek Coward
Lie To Me - Rahsheen
New FF is awesome...I guess -
New FF is awesome...I guess
I love that pic! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
haha! Nice! - Dean "Karnatos" Michaud
Lol - everytime this pops back up again I laugh again. Rah - you're cracking me up! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Head...explode - Eric - Final Countdown
That explains how do you feel ;) - Zulkarnain K.
New FriendFeed logo. PLEASE! - Mike Nayyar
dude, this photo should so be your avatar. - Thomas Hawk
I'd flip it, but yeah... avatar. - Ken Sheppardson
That's the same look when Rah sees my avatar. - imabonehead
"penis goes where?" - mjc
I actually like the new design, but I'm pretty sure most people feel like this pic - Rahsheen
I wish I could "Like" this all over again :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
AHAHAHAHA! - this is too good. This and Shey's cheese-head pic are the best ever! - vijay
great shot! you look pissed, and stunned, and genuinely confused! .LOLz - .LAG liked that
LOL that look is priceless - Dobromir Hadzhiev
HAHAHA LookLike Booghalamoone Pokhte Shode - Mil∂d
That look is the very definition of WTF. - deusdiabolus
Definitely the pic of "WTF" in dictionary - Olcayto Cengiz
this is gonna be my link for when ppl tell me something that makes me say "wtf?!" thanks rasheen! - acedanger
roflmao. - Alp
funny! - Fernando
lol.... ya donut! face says it all!!! lmao.. nice one mate, cheered me right up that did! ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
post of the week that is.... :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Looks like someone didn't want their picture taken... - Seth Greenblatt
man... that was priceless... that could totally be a two girls one cup reaction. - Joshua Schnell
Derrick..... THIS is what happened to ffeed! ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
LOL - Derrick
classic - Nathan Chase
Is that the same face as this? :-/ - Jesse Stay
lol nice pic. - YoYo_P
Man I'm crying at that face - Bwana ☠
LOL. Hehehe. - Roberto Bonini
That pic just made my morning! - Bill Sodeman
Still making me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Roberto Bonini
that got a giggle out of me! the FF isn't *that* bad. - Fancy Fembot
lol - edythe
still crackin' me up :) - Roberto Bonini
wonder if it's still cracking him up ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
it's still making me laugh! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Thanks God for the interwebs! :)) - directeur
thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! - MikeAmundsen
familiar mike? ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
@Rob - you bet. - MikeAmundsen
Glad you all enjoyed the pic. I'm coming around on the new design, though. I'm sure many of us are. - Rahsheen
wtf ya face looking like now then !! ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
this keeps popping up to the top of my feed and I laugh everytime I see that pic, classic! - Bill Pennington from twhirl
Nice! - David Cook
I want to like this each time I see it. - Yolanda
i'm still laughing each time it comes up! - MikeAmundsen
Same here. I'm seeing Rahsheen and just guffawing. - Hutch Carpenter
This picture with that caption will never get old. Even when they give us yet another redesign in 6 months, you can use this. - Anika
Yeah, this is definitely a definitive "WTF" face. A friend commented on FB that it looked like I was watching 2g1c :) - Rahsheen
Great picture on adopting new media tools, we all have had that look - JuneM
"CHANGE" - Ken Sheppardson
Hahaha my stomach hurts now... everytime this comes backup it gets crazier to look at. - Jorg Jansen
huh!!!! - Rob Sellen :o)
Had to make this photo bubble to the top again! ROFL! - rowlikeagirl
This pic is going to turn into the next meme. Anybody have connections with 4chan? - Pat Hawks
BUMP for sheer LOL! - Josh Haley
"HARBL GOEZ WHERE?!" - Bec Rowe @d0tski
bump for awesomeness! - Joshua Schnell
bum,p.. hahaha.. can't type.. laughing - Brad McCrorey
World submarine racing championships! -
Picture 8.png
Picture 9.png
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Ha! - Johnny
Excellent! - Penny
brilliant! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
:) - Anika
double win! - Micah
Ya know if you eat mint lifesavers you can see sparks arcing in your mouth in the dark... - iTad
LOLOLOL!! Hilarious - Stephanie Hicks
I'm still laughing at this :) - Penny
Who were you parking with? ;) - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
LOL My late husband served on a sub for years. He would have loved this. Too funny. - Dawn
Very Funny!!! - Michael Fidler from twhirl
You made my day!!!! Great! - atanas
Excellent. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
lol - Adriana
Are you sure you didn't mix these photo up with the Deep Sea Diving Championship photos? - Jeff P. Henderson
Hahaha - Roberto Bonini
ROFL! - vijay
just a great idea, fun! - Iphigenie
Submarine races used to mean an entirely different thing in the swinging 60's. - Phil Boiarski
Morton Fox
New Friendfeed rule: If anyone posts NSFW pics to his home feed, I'll hide ALL of his feed even with likes or comments. Use a room, people.
Agreed, people we don't want FF blocked at work. Or get fired for looking at FF. - Eric - Final Countdown
Excellent .. I agree - Mattb4rd
Either that, or put them in a 'naughty' list and move them off your home feed. Whatever works to maintain your feed to what you want to see - FFing Enigma
on NSFW in FF + blocking: 'm on board - kinda been doin' that myself anyway. - MikeAmundsen
Sorry but can you please define what you consider NSFW? - Niki Costantini
Niki, stuff that would get you fired for cause. Nekked stuff it seems is the thing that is brought up the most.. - Eric - Final Countdown
Here's the room for NSFW items -> - AJ Batac
Why didn't I tweet that. My thoughts exactly. Create a room for those post. - Valley
Well, I ask because it might change not only according for different kinds of people, but also for different kinds of jobs, countries, culture and so on. - Niki Costantini
and context, of course. - Niki Costantini
True, I think we are not talking about nuance though. I would be fine with all of it if I didn't have the addictive need to look at FF at work. - Eric - Final Countdown
I like this, but I've had this argument too many times to contribute much besides that the responsibility to keep NSFW stuff out of your feed is, unfortunately, completely yours. People aren't going to change what they post to suit you, so Morton, you've got the right idea. As for putting people in lists, you have to subscribe to them first... I don't want to do that for some people so just hiding is the best option. - Lindsay
well we can't control what a person dumps to the feed. so I utilize the hide features of FF like a mother... - Valley
Hiding is the best way. Lists and unsubscribing don't always keep stuff out because of FOAF. As for NSFW, I meant pictures of nudes mostly. - Morton Fox
though i would personally like to see better control over the posts, it might be overkill. depending on the nature, some things could be flagged as inappropriate. again, it could be overkill. - Valley
Leather isn't even in my Home feed. I got a special WTF list just for him. - Chris Charabaruk
Who manages the NSFW room, though? AJ, is it you? - Chris Charabaruk
LOL @ WTF list. - Derrick
I want to be in someone's WTF-list, too! :o - Jemm
@Chris is that What Tha.... or Want To F...? - Valley
all: scroll carefully. - Valley
Keep your left hand ready on CTRL-W (closes tab/window) - Jemm
Is NSFW universal though ? Or is it just code for nude ? My boss sent me an email with 3 nude models in it today ... not that I´m comfortable with that while trying to work inbetween all the FF-ing:) - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
Lindsey: I read FF when we're compiling. :) - Morton Fox
@Morton: "Can't do anything, running automated integration tests..." (with some Thread.Sleep()) - Jemm
AH! :[ - "Joey"
NSFW is porn? - Shevonne
NSFW could be anything but there are some generally accepted standards. Please save those naked pictures for the appropriate rooms. - Morton Fox
I'm not sure if it's US law somewhere, but shouldn't mature sites ask a person's age. I don't remember FF ever asking my age (31 btw); therefore, i don't expect anything mature. I've seen underage users on FF however. - Valley
Lindsey: That's the reason for the hide. It's to lower the risk by removing some posters of naked pictures. That's really all I can do since I can't tell anyone else what not to post. If I viewed 4chan and they have a hide feature, I'd use it there too. - Morton Fox
Lindsey: There has not been a mass hiding. So far, I've only hidden two people who have been habitual offenders. It was quick, easy, and dare I say it, practical. - Morton Fox
Yeah, but look at my twitter stream. Almost anything is enough to prompt a tweet. :) - Morton Fox
I must be a bit slow - Not Suitable for W W = Work oh that's what it must be not W = Women - I'm such a prude - I don't bother looking, liking or commenting on any of that sexist, chauvenistic stuffs and tings - do it in a room by all means . . .-[ - Chris Loft
Ryo: If I have to hide, I'll do it. That was a general warning. - Morton Fox
I agree with you Morton, well, except for Derrick's hot photos of (somewhat clothed) guys - anna sauce
Susan Beebe
25 Things you might not know about me - finally! -
Thanks! It was an experience just to get to read these! - Pilgrim Five
just added a few more items... this is interesting experience writing it too! - Susan Beebe
Seemed like you had an adventurous childhood - Shevonne
Wow. very nice list. Do you miss Southern CA? You seem like a great person to run my little business idea by considering your experience. - Amani
very interesting. thanks - Cee Bee
Amani - yes/no on missing CA. Love to have you share your ideas on business. - Susan Beebe
Spidra - no offense taken :) Considered it a compliment actually...thanks! - Susan Beebe
updated to include more weird bizarre info about me ....LOL - Susan Beebe
Wow, that's some pretty amazing stuff Susan. Thanks for sharing. P.s. there was a family of 3 raccoons in my front yard the other night. It was really awesome. - Mark Krynsky
cool raccoon trick: place bowl of water in front of raccoons. next place sugar cubes near them... they will try to "wash" them...then they look all confused when the cubes dissolve! It is really funny!! - Susan Beebe
Sweet , I will reach out to you Susan. How do you feel about talking via g-chat?? :) - Amani
Neat. I might have to try that. I also saw that oranges falling off my tree have these perfect circles carved on the outside and then are fully eaten on the inside leaving a perfect shell. Guessing it's the Racoons since I've never seen that before after living here over 10 years and first siting of raccoons this year. - Mark Krynsky
Amani - email is best... otherwise I get too many interruptions in my day (previous experience has taught me well). IM is mostly reserved for work / family now - Susan Beebe
Susan, we dealt with that surgery in my family too. My daughter is a trooper! She is looking great and is a great, smart kid. - Eric - Final Countdown
Eric - that is great news to hear! Best of Luck to her!! Having a surgery every year of my life growing up was a real challenge, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! - Susan Beebe
Thanks for sharing! You definietely prove that hard work pays off. After the first three entries, when you start mentioning sking I started to cringe at the thought of what was going to happen next. Glad you out grew all of that in one piece. I'm looking forward to finding out what your working on! - Michael Fidler from twhirl
Truly inspiring, Susan!!! You are an amazing person! Thanks for sharing. =D - David Cook
Thanks to everyone for the nice responses! :) makes my day *hug* - Susan Beebe
OK ... you are welcome Susan. thanks to you too ... i just sent you an email! - Amani
Wow Susan. You've been doing 'puters for as long as I have! Sorry to hear about all the surgery though. At least there was health care then? Can't imagine paying for all that with today's benefits. :) - Richard Walker
Great list - it's amazing you survived your childhood! Some common ground - I started on TRS-80s and also went to law school. Nice getting to know you better. - Martha
All that at 29+ .... wow! I remember buying a PCJr at Computerland like yesterday. Great Stuff Susan! - Charlie Anzman
Richard - I was Mother was an RN and had "connections". Plus I was a honorary member of the Orange County, CA "oromaxilliofacial" panel for UCI Medical Center. I used to speak and contribute to their annual medical conferences as a child patient! go figure!! I think this is why I was given nearly free medical care. Some surgeries involved 3 surgeons all doing their craft in 1 operation: ENT doc (ear, nose, throat), then the Oral Surgeon, and lastly the Plastic surgeon...amazing team! - Susan Beebe
About 15, very impressive:) Great list <3 - Neya
Charlie & Martha - yeah...TRS-80 buddies!! FTW! :) - Susan Beebe
Another trash 80 fan! wooo hooo! :D - Susan Beebe
Great List! enjoyed it a lot! Thanks for sharing.. - Sriks7
Please please let me know if you decide to "stop off'" a while in San Francisco... I'd love to meet you! And I'm sure other FFer's would too... - Richard Walker
Richard that is very sweet... I need to get out to CA... haven't been there in ages. I would love to meetup with FFers! - Susan Beebe
"TRS-80 and later an Atari 2600" = me too! - Hutch Carpenter
Susan, you spent your life learning. You are a polymath if I have ever seen one. Congrats! - Phil Glockner
Phil - I had to go look that word "polymath" up! and so thanks to you I learned something else new today! :P What a great compliment!!!! Thank you!! - Susan Beebe
What a nice compliment ... and great word. - Richard Walker
You know... I may laugh... but dude got his sofa home... :) - Johnny
I kinda dig the couch. Wonder if he'll swing it by my house... - FFing Enigma
Heh, a bicycle with a comfy seat? I like it! ;) - Tyson Key
How much for a ride? - Ian May
Where are the passengers? - Bob Gannon
I once saw a guy carrying a chest of drawers on a scooter on Taipei. - Chris Johnson
I think this guy is ready to pick up some friends. - Ronald S
Is he taking this home or does he rent it out to weary travelers? - Larry Lewis
The new Green RV? - Ian May
@Ian - Yup, it's a glimpse at the new 2010 model Hummer. ;) - Tyson Key
I did something like that in college one time... I nearly killed myself. - Joshua Schnell
you all noticed that the bike is hand carved out of wood. including the wheels. didn't you?? because that guy is bad ass. - Aaron Baer
LOL Aaron - Zee.
Moving FAIL! - Jeff P. Henderson
I don't know, looks pretty balanced to me - Martha
Sofa King We Todd Did? - Mattb4rd
Yeah, I think that's more like "Moving WIN!" - Richard Walker
and that's how you keep a server up when you don't have any load balancers - James Rishabh Mishra
TAXI - Josh Haley
"looks pretty balanced to me", Yea until he goes over a bump or makes a sharp turn.... - Jeff P. Henderson
"How in the world?" you asked Brandon? Skills man. Skills. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Has it occurred to anybody that we may be witnessing a cleverly executed theft? ;D - Seth Greenblatt
I told Mr Xzibit I just wanted a decent front basket!! - Micah
How he is pulling this balancing act...I don't know. - Adriana
Taxi!!!! - Joe Dawson
Anyone else think of that internet Sofa King thing from a couple of years ago when they saw this photo? - ЯIИGҜIИG
gis a lift! :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
This looks like me as a teenager coming back from the grocery store with 10 bags of food on each handlebar...or when my parents would send me to pick up 2 family size pizzas an bring them back home to avoid the delivery fee. =D - David Cook
That son of a bitch stole my couch! - orionstarr
Mona Nomura URL Shortener for bacon lovers OMG
Picture 1.png
LIKE OH MAGAWD! - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
It's so nice to know that some things will always be as reliable as the tides. Mona always loving the porcine food products is one of those things. - Steven Perez
Where is their bookmarklet?! - Mona Nomura from IM
idk but i need to get my hands on one. - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
Who's our resident JS guru? Hao Chen? - Mona Nomura from IM bookmarklet: OH SNAP - Hao Chen
Ah YES! thank you! - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
bacon ...the greatest discovery of mankind after fire .... - Prashant
@Prashant: Fire was invented because of bacon. - Jemm
@Jemm ... lol... u can't be more truthful ! - Prashant
Now we need a bacon-related microblogging service. Baconica, anyone? ;) - Tyson Key
Oh, god. Baconica? HAHA The next thing you know we'll have a Bacon Army LOL - Mona Nomura
Heh, Grillr? - Tyson Key
TWIB? (This Week In Bacon) - Tyson Key
Google Pork + Broil? ;) - Tyson Key
Where do people come up with these ideas? - "Joey"
Is nothing sacred? Who would want to shorten a perfectly good strip of bacon? - Martha
Sarah Perez
FriendDeck: Now an Adobe AIR app for tracking FriendFeed...can you tell how much I love this? -
FriendDeck: Now an Adobe AIR app for tracking FriendFeed...can you tell how much I love this?
Can it do Twitter? Seriously, twitter + friendfeed are the two that need monitoring. Until we all have access to the new Twhirl, consider it the holy grail no matter how unrefined the interface... - Glenn Batuyong
Ok, I'm trying it now - M F
omg that's so fucking sweet seriously - Snipergirl
If they could get this and TweetDeck into a single app, I'd be on it. Until then, I'm sticking with Twhirl. Good start, though - Bob M. Montgomery from twhirl
@Bob: I track most of my Twitter friends on FriendFeed, thanks to FriendFeed's new Twitter/FF friend list sync tool: - Sarah Perez
For once... just once... would somebody building a client for FriendFeed support "Hide"? Please? - Ken Sheppardson
I don't want to track only certain topics, but it's a good start :) - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
@zo: you don't have to! You can track your lists, your rooms, your friends, comments, anything...I track topics, but that's just me - Sarah Perez
ZOMG - Iain Baker
I had to hop back to Sarah's original article for the search syntax. I think most people want "friends:<your_username>" at a minimum. - Ken Sheppardson from Friend Deck
Installing as we speak. Probably will still use FF directly, but I gotta try this out. - Chris Charabaruk
Hot stuff. I've been waiting on this one. Glad he got it going :) - Bwana ☠
Love the list and room support... not obvious how to use it, but that can easily be fixed. Web <-> client sync is killer..KILLER I say. I think the layout needs tweaking, when you expand threads, it's a little busy. I'm gonna blog a review later - Bwana ☠ from Friend Deck
I like this one. I find Twhirl a pain to use for FF so time to try this. - Rob Cairns
Don't forgot to join the room Paul set-up: - Kol Tregaskes
@Sarah, I'd like to log in and see what I get on the home page, you know, my 'everything' :) - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
I'm having problems with any of my lists showing up, especially those with spaces in the name. - Chris Charabaruk
@Chris: check the *actual* name of the list. For example, my list "Social Media Favs" (with spaces) is actually "social-media-favs" when I look at its URL. So I type in list:social-media-favs to make it show up in FriendDeck. Yes, should be easier, but it definitely works. - Sarah Perez
Looks like my tweetdeck will have to share my second screen with frienddeck. - Sonya Smith
Ah ha... RWW points to but it should be - Michael Lehman
@Michael Thanks, I fixed that. (Note to Paul - make both URLs work!) - Sarah Perez
Hi eveery one, thanks for the comments. I have loads still to do on both the web app and AIR app. - Paul Kinlan from Friend Deck
Thanks Sarah, but how do I get my home feed as well? - Chris Charabaruk
I am adding Home feeds in soon.... It was an oversight of mine in the first version. - Paul Kinlan from Friend Deck
I am adding Home feeds in soon.... It was an oversight of mine in the first version. - Paul Kinlan from Friend Deck
Echo? :) - Bwana ☠
If you are trying to get lists you have to use the nickname and not the pretty name. I am working on that. - Paul Kinlan from Friend Deck
Would lovelovelove tweetdeck and frienddeck all in one. I might actually use it then - Doug Haslam from twhirl
whoa! Trying it (FriendDeck) - Drew Lucas
who:username is like the home feed but not exactly the same. - Paul Kinlan from Friend Deck
Yes, TweetDeck & FriendDeck together! As it is, I have my FF friends set up in categories and have key tweetstreams feeding through them, sort of a work-around, but not as slick as this could be. - Cathryn Hrudicka
@Matthew: No. There are a lot of ways to use it. You can follow friends, comments, lists, rooms, and more. Read about it :) (Of course, it is good to have interests, you know, in general. In life). - Sarah Perez
@David: Hang tight, Home feed will be added in the next release...coming very soon. - Sarah Perez
I haven't tried it on Linux yet, will need to get a VM running so that I can test. - Paul Kinlan from Friend Deck
Not sure if I'll use it? - Sean
Matthew: It's the same as it would be on FriendFeed itself, as far as I can tell. Check to see if there's new comments. - Chris Charabaruk
Matthew, Chris is correct it is in FriendFeed order, which I think is last "action" time i.e the last time something happened on the article such as a like etc. - Paul Kinlan from Friend Deck
frienddeck, great *going online to price 2nd monitor...* - Anthony Farrior
That was quick. I only tried the web version the other week.Well done. - Emsquared
for friendfeed power! - Sharad Lunia
v0.2 will be out soon, I finally have a cert so it is a signed app (by comodo) Just testing some features now. Still have lots more to do though. - Paul Kinlan from Friend Deck
Next up for 'playing with'. Thanks Sarah! - Charlie Anzman
Thanks! This may be much more useful to me than Tweetdeck. - Ronald S
I just realized that Friendfeed is home to some good-looking people. Everyone I am subscribed to is cute. What is up with that?
I thought you were still subbed to me Shevonne. I'm not cute. LOL -
Must be cause you are all damn hot! - Shevonne
can't help it, sorry :P - Shey
@Jill Please........ @ZFS There are so many different ways that someone can be cute that I don't know who - Shevonne
What do you mean killing photo sharing? - Shevonne
I'm cute?! Awesome! :) - Jason Shultz from twhirl
Yes, I have been wondering where you were at - Shevonne
@Sean, you are such a cutie - Shevonne
Whaddayaknow? You're subscribed to me. 2+2= - Josh Haley
@Josh Twice the hotness? - Shevonne
ha, just putting 2 and 2 together with the logic in your post. :D - Josh Haley
@Brian - hahahahhaa.....Your daughter is so cute! - Shevonne
Shevonne, you're subscribed to me and I'm definitely not cute. Honest. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
@Kol, Well your avatar is beautiful. =P - Shevonne
*sings: how does it feel to be, one of the beautiful, people?* - Morgan
So speaks one of the hottest women on the intrawebz. :) - Steven Perez
You are subscribed - Shevonne
@Steven You're sweet or you are going insane at the hospital - Shevonne
I'd make that statement untrue, except my Blue Square of Awesomeness is well.... cute - Tyler (Chacha)
cute geeks used to be an oxymoron ... NO MORE!!!!!! - Amani
@Amani it's strange if they're not - Shevonne
Why thank you. You're not so bad yourself. - James Ferguson
Maybe someday I'll get to cute... - Derrick
I had to double check that. Cute... *giggle* I'm cute... hehe - Michael W. May
Now I know why Shevonne doesn't subscribe to me... - Hutch Carpenter
Ahh yes, the cuteness factor...always gets me in trouble... - Anthony Farrior
I don't even look at avatars... am I the only one? :| - Mona Nomura
Tech geeks usually are not cute, unless they're females who've made it to the big club. I'm not sure a non-cute female (talking popular perception) can win in tech. - MiniMage
Your avatar doesn't do you justice, Shevonne. - Pete D
really? good looking eh? Some of the fellas with lists need to share them around - Zee.
Obviously you got...good eyesight ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Well if that´s the criteria I´ll start out by subbing to you then ;) - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
Are you begging for likes? :P - Meryn Stol
Shevonne: Yes to both. :D - Steven Perez
OMFG! Shevonne said I'm cute! - Rahsheen
Thank you. - Bryan R. Adams
Hmmm... That makes sense. (Shevonne is NOT Subscribed to You) - Louis Gray
Shevonne, thank you. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Uh? Realtime ain't rolling for me. What's going on?
Dont know. Refreshiing like crazy. My FF in Gmail Chat isn't working either. - Shevonne
There's a lag sometimes. It goes in fits and starts. - Morton Fox
Thanks guys. Was beginning to think it was just me. Let's hope things pick up soon. - vijay
YAY! It's ON again :-) - vijay
Whoa! FF is pumping back all the items I missed in realtime view. Screencapping it... - vijay
The video is here: - vijay
IT jobs outlook for 2009: The good and the bad | Between the Lines -
Those who work in the IT profession are certainly not immune to the pain that has been afflicting the U.S. job market, but they do have a few factors going for them that could help many of them weather the storm better than some of their co-workers in other fields. Let’s take a look at several trends - the good and the bad - currently affecting the IT job market and then read the tea leaves to decipher what we might expect from the IT jobs outlook in 2009. - Shevonne from Bookmarklet
The plate that cooks your food -
The plate that cooks your food
We'll make it be wifi compatible. =P - Shevonne
That'll teach you not to use your fingers to scrape your food from the plate to your mouth. - Josh Haley
With a mini fridge my prayers are answered. - @CrystalinaB
Japanese Tombs Use Bar-Codes to Link With Phones -
Japanese Tombs Use Bar-Codes to Link With Phones
"Japanese tombstone maker, Ishinokoe has developed a new tombstone that will contain a scanable bar-code behind a lockable door on the tombstones, allowing family members and friends to scan them with their mobile phones." - vijay from Bookmarklet
Yeah. Them japanese rock electronics everywhere. No people like them. :-) - vijay
FFing Enigma
""You are what you eat," that's the sage advice my mom would throw at me whenever I begged for junk food. I have yet to turn into a Twinkie so I'm beginning to think that she was making the whole thing up. For this contest, we'd like you to create an image that demonstrates the old saying, "You are what you eat", as shown in the theme post." - FFing Enigma from Bookmarklet
egads, I am going to turn into a vegetable garden - Nadine Schaeffer
Oh, my god! What ap-pear !! :) - Roberto
No wonder ham and bacon are good... oink! - Jemm
Ryan Kuder
The inauguration at 1,474 megapixels -
The inauguration at 1,474 megapixels
"Containing over 2GB of photo data and comprised of over 220 images shot from a Canon G10 Bridge camera on a Gigapan robotic camera mount, David Bergman's incredibly detailed panorama is filled with pieces of information that you previously weren't able or bothered to see. Some are just obviously cool—nearly being able to read the sheet music on performers stands, seeing the comically varied expressions in the VIP area behind the President as he speaks—but others are more subtly awesome." -via Gizmodo - Ryan Kuder from Bookmarklet
wow. - Micah
I'll love to see Microsoft's deep-zoom on that!! - Nestor
That's amazing. Clarence Thomas looks like he's asleep. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Bush looks like he's in the middle of half-heartedly clapping at something Obama just said while Chaney looks like "I REFUSE TO CLAP! You've got me out here in the cold, in a wheel chair no less, for THIS?" - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Louis Gray
Assetbar: blog personalization tools and premium content: Our Innate Interest in NEW « -
Assetbar: blog personalization tools and premium content: Our Innate Interest in NEW «
Show all
"We’ve made some good progress on a free tool for blogs that will help give your readers that same, awesome feeling of NEW when they get to your site.  I think they should be able to click New and get New.  Since craving NEW is normal, we’re looking to help do this for more people in more places." - Louis Gray from Bookmarklet
:) super. - Volkan Yılmaz
گیلاسی :))))))))))))) - Mil∂d
میلاد :| همون حیوون ها رو رونوشت بده !!! بهترن :||| -
Sherman Hu
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