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Erick Schonfeld
RT @nickbilton: Image of @jimmy_wales on every Wikipedia page looks eerily like Lenin's 1915 propaganda campaign
RT @nickbilton: Image of @jimmy_wales on every Wikipedia page looks eerily like Lenin's 1915 propaganda campaign
Ok guys, I hate the ridiculous new TSA policies too, but it's time to hang up that Ben Franklin quote before he throws his bifocals at you.
David Binkowski
@laughmom is protesting watching Superbad right now. It's on, the baby's still up and she's drunk. I mean, c'mon...
Guy Kawasaki
The misplaced sense of online entitlement:
Adam Kmiec
Ever wonder what the music is in a movie trailer? Check out
Mike Manuel
Bryan Person
Just asked a PR person why she pitched me without having read my blog. Her response is telling: "We don’t have the time to read everyone’s blog – your description says 'Person is a blogger who writes about social media' and when we see that, it is what fits our category – just so you know, I don’t pitch everyone who comes up directly under social...
If they don't have time to read your blog before pitching, it's ok for you not to have time to accept their pitch. - David August
I'd say that is what I would call a half assed job and a half assed response to boot. I'm curious, what was she pitching? - Mary Wehrle
@Mary: Wanted me to talk with the CEO of one of the Tech Crunch 50 companies. - Bryan Person
Now you know why I consider pitches from PR people to be practically spam. I've been a tech journalist for almost 20 years and that attitude has been consistent the whole time. In my experience, PR people just blast out their announcements as widely and thoughtlessly as they can. The exceptions are so few as to be statistically insignificant. - Mitch Wagner
I keep all pitches, and then eventually post them on Tumblr. I need to step that up - maybe I should have stayed in LA for Thanksgiving! - Jeremy Pepper
@Mitch: It's the pray-and-spray approach. Fortunately, not all PR people are lazy and not all pitches are bad. - Bryan Person
@Jeremy: Would love to check out that Tumblr blog. What's the URL? - Bryan Person
The scary part is that there's a chance that same PR hack might have pitched me instead of Person, which would have been a disastrous mistake on the PR hack's part. - Ontario Emperor
Some good comments on the lazy pitch on my blog, too: - Bryan Person
She is noteworthy in the fact that she spoke with you. When I challenge people, they ignore me. But they might be scared they'll wind up on Bad Pitch. They do not understand that responding to questions like wtf is the smartest thing they could do, IMHO. - Kevin Dugan
Kevin: I agree that it was good of her to answer. In fact, I occasionally do find that when I challenge the PR folks as I did with this person, it sometimes leads to constructive dialogue. In one case, I became Twitter pals with one of the pitchers. - Bryan Person
dave menninger
Jason Kintzler
'Holy Crap': Look How Twitter Announced the Summize News; Who Needs a Press Release? -
Jason Kintzler
great stuff as usual Jason - Kevin Dugan
David Alston
@twebinars #tweb If you missed the Twebinar last week - - Slide video to 5 minute mark to have it begin at start.
Derrick Daye
Building Emotional Connections with Consumer Research -
Paul McKeon
Interesting ...The Browser Is The New Operating System
Thomas Hawk
Pat Hawks: FriendFeed Comments in Blogger -
Loving Pat Hawks new FF integration plug in with Blogger for comments! What rock was I sleeping under to miss this blog post last week? Just added the script to the old ftp blogger template and it's working great. - Thomas Hawk
Thomas, Pat has committed to adding "Likes" compatibility by end of week, which will earn him the bounty. I promised $250. Are you going to match? - Louis Gray
Interesting bit of trivia: I used to live across the street from Pat back in Iowa. :) - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
I'm good for a match. Two things though if possible. I'd like to see a link back to the FF conversation from the post. Right now it just links the participant's FF accounts vs. the actual conversation. 2. I'd like to see it say how many FF comments /likes from the post on the blog before drilling down. Kind of how blogger shows XX comments right now and you can click on it to go to the post with the comments. - Thomas Hawk
Hey Chris. Yeah, Thomas. Next version will be an expandable box that shows just the number of likes/comments when collapsed, and displays everything when expanded. Just for you I'll put a link to the FriendFeed conversation at the bottom for easy commenting and the like. Any other feature requests? Now is the time to ask ;) - Pat Hawks
This is an evolution of making money for Web software. Crowdsourcing. So far Pat's made $500. Anybody else want to chip in? - Louis Gray
Think people need to think of people like Louis, Riley, Scoble and (many) others as 'enablers', rather than early adopters. Not everyone starts with a large college student base like Facebook. - Charlie Anzman
Barbara K. Baker
Cincinnati Enquirer - Remaining Relevant? (Cincinnati Magazine) -
Cincinnati Enquirer - Remaining Relevant? (Cincinnati Magazine)
"Our hometown newspaper seems poised to triumph in a journalistic New World Order of mommy-blogs, data collection experts, and citizen journalists. Is this a good thing?" - Barbara K. Baker
Fast Company
The Big Idea: A four-day work week would make business more green and no less productive -
Robert Scoble
Flickr Visualization Tag Galaxy: Out Of This World! -
This is very cool. - Robert Scoble
That's pretty amazing - would look cool with a wall-mounted TV/PC monitor + MS Surface - acedanger from twhirl
Another very cool thing to waste hours on! - Michael Zitek
Wow, that's way cool. - Jeremy Felt
Looks, interesting. I see a trend... - Ryan
wow ..this should win some award or something very nice indeed!...via feedalizr - John Blanton
Flickr Visualization Tag Galaxy: Out Of This World! -
Jason Kintzler
Newspapers Missing the Benefits of Social Media -
Jason thanks for joining and contributing to the room. These are some good links. Will wrap them into an upcoming post. - Kevin Dugan
Great! I think we're on the same wavelength I use your links religiously. - Jason Kintzler
Robert Scoble
MSNBC’s Spectra News Vortex: A Total Looker -
This is very cool. - Robert Scoble
Cool, but would anyone use it more than once? I DID like the Webcam interface, so did a little experiment to see what sort of stories the various pieces of junk on my desk would bring up - I call the short video Bart Simpson vs Bottlecaps - David Sky
All of MSNBC's NewsWare goodies are looking interesting. - Kevin Dugan
I'm trying it now - Florin Grozea
Erick Schonfeld
This Memorial Day weekend, don’t forget the cougars. -
Jeff Jarvis
Not lay offs but new lives -
need to check out Papercuts. - Kevin Dugan
Robert Scoble
How is news photography changing? Panoramic picture of China quake:
Wow. It looks so... _realistic_. I'm amazed. - James Rishabh Mishra
omg. thanks for posting this Robert. - Kevin Dugan
This is a much more meaningful use of the technology than trying to sell real estate. FF:: - RandaL Hicks
Amazing picture I think this is why a picture is worth more than a thousand words. - Gadiel Rivera
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