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RT @donmcallister: Wow! 10 years of @libsyn! Many congrats, my deepest, deepest gratitude and heres to another 10 years. @YoGeek #Happy10YrsLibsyn
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Just posted the sales letter (Copywriting) cheat sheet I use. It's up on the blog here: Hope it helps some of you.
Sales Letter Copywriting Cheat Sheet -
Copywriting, Sales Games + September Marketing Ideas [Noise Reduction .77] -
September 2014 Promotional Calendar Ideas [CONVERSIONS] -
It's a small thing, but I love being called "Mr Peter"
It's a small things, but I love it when I'm called "Mr Peter"
There's something incongruent about @TheBachelorAU tonight. @oshergunsberg how could you authorise this menu.
We're in the process of booking the next round of guests for the PreneurCast podcast... Who would you like us to have on the show?
You'd think that with all the media scrutiny at the time, she'd remember some of the key events a little more clearly
During Aust. sports largest doping scandal, is it just more, or does it appear (fmr) ASADA CEO Andruska had no idea what was going on?
RT @Ed_Dale: Clarify 2 - Public Service Announcement - Half Price today/Full Markdown Support…. Boom
Can anyone recommend a good promotional products business?
For the record... BakedBeans with no added salt are not fun. #HealthSafetyWarning
Pete Williams at the Deakin University Faculty of Business and Law Advisory Board Dinner - July 2014 -
Pete Williams at the Deakin University Faculty of Business and Law Advisory Board Dinner - July 2014
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