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Just posted the sales letter (Copywriting) cheat sheet I use. It's up on the blog here: Hope it helps some of you.
It's a small thing, but I love being called "Mr Peter"
It's a small things, but I love it when I'm called "Mr Peter"
There's something incongruent about @TheBachelorAU tonight. @oshergunsberg how could you authorise this menu.
We're in the process of booking the next round of guests for the PreneurCast podcast... Who would you like us to have on the show?
You'd think that with all the media scrutiny at the time, she'd remember some of the key events a little more clearly
During Aust. sports largest doping scandal, is it just more, or does it appear (fmr) ASADA CEO Andruska had no idea what was going on?
RT @Ed_Dale: Clarify 2 - Public Service Announcement - Half Price today/Full Markdown Support…. Boom
Can anyone recommend a good promotional products business?
For the record... BakedBeans with no added salt are not fun. #HealthSafetyWarning
Anyone know of any good Native Advertising people working in the Aussie market ?
Amazing. Our @PayPalAU consultant looks like he's left. You'd think they's redirect his emails to someone else. Nope. Bouncing. #NoNotice
Talking to the team behind the hugely successful @MyFamilySticker car stickers today for PreneurCast. #NewEpsOutSoon
RT @OKmagAustralia: Can you imagine David Attenborough narrating #TheBachelorAU ! 'The sequined females collectively pounce on the smooth-voiced male.'
I hope they shake things up and bring Ally from season 1 back as an intruder #TheBachelorAU
So 1 #TheBachelorAU girl is a friends ex, and another is a friends dog groomer #2degrees #addictedAlready
It's officially @oshergunsberg time! #TheBachelorAU
Between Scoopon, Groupon, Spreets etc etc - Which one is still the most active?
RT @steve_mona: What a day for Aust Marathon Running. Gold Bronze and 5 out of 6 PBs. We love Comm Games. #aus2014
RT @AUSOlympicTeam: MICHAEL SHELLEY!! Aussie Olympian #Shelley wins #marathon GOLD (2:11.15) What an absolutely inspiring performance! #wow #GoAUS #Glasgow2014
Something that's really resinating with me at the moment: "Be The Best on Your Worst Day"
Crafting compelling surveys and questionnaires [Opt-Ins and Conversions] -
Australia is the next basketball powerhouse #lovingthesoundofthat
Todays office music choice: The dulcet tones of the one and only Peter Andre #NewAlbum #GrumpyOffice #NotMysteriousGirl
Insane Guarantees, Micro-Commitments, + Free-Image Sources [Noise Reduction .75] -
Five Examples of Profitable Marketing with Micro-Commitments [Conversions] -
RT @oshergunsberg: Read this: Incredible comparison of security footage in a NY restaurant's service review 10yrs apart.
Wow RT @RobertGreene: Just discovered this.
Selling Air, Doubling Conversions, & Acquiring 3.2 Million New Customers [Noise Reduction .74] -
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