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Chris Hopf

Chris Hopf

Pricing Strategy, Monetization and Value Marketing Solutions for Profit & Growth - PricingWire { }
Did you think your pricing decisions would last forever?
RT @wingify: Launching VWO on 29th April 2014 – A/B testing will evolve
The Promise of SaaS Customer Success Metrics via @chaoticflow
You can have MORE CONFIDENCE in your offering, packaging, discounting, marketing, sales and pricing DECISIONS . .
You determine the Lifetime Value of your customers . . everyday.
TO DO: Replace "it" with anything . . such as, insert: - your name, - your company name, - your product, - a competitor, - etc...
it is what it is . . and . . what it is perceived to be . . which may be different from . . what some say it is . . or want it to be
JUST SOUNDING like you know what you are talking about . . . is convincing enough for many (which is unfortunate for all).
RT @awbatchelor: Can you opt out of that part? I like to live dangerously. RT @WSJD: UberX riders now pay $1 ‘safe rides fee’ (Uber)
"New" is clearly an attribute that prospects assign value to. Your software or tech solution must have more lasting value than being "new".
How do you set your expectations? Often expectations are kept artificially or habitually HIGH . . when they should be LOWERED.
. @Noah_L @heddle317 @stuartparmenter Also wonder if @Uber considered the fee be a % Percentage of total fare? Longer ride = more safety?
You Are Not Alone Many want to make improvements to their offerings and pricing . . but do not know where to start >
. @Noah_L @heddle317 @stuartparmenter . . . are airlines, hotels and restaurants watching closely to see how this performs for @Uber
RT @Noah_L: Not excited by new pricing move from @Uber. Extra $1 will make a difference for ppl considering the daily use vs car.
It is difficult to set your price . . if you cannot set your value. Get crystal clear on your value offerings before you set prices.
It is difficult to set your price . . if you cannot set your value. Get crystal clear on your value offerings before you set prices.
If you frequently REMIND YOUR CUSTOMERS of your value advantages, lower price competitors will not lure them away.
RT @servicesource: 4 keys to improving renewal rates via @siriusdecisions << reduce customer churn, increase #recurringrevenue
Make sure you celebrate new customers, upgrade customers and renewed customers with your team. --- Make it a big deal, it should be. #growth
If you need new brakes on your car, you want someone who really knows brakes & does that everyday. --- The same goes with pricing. #biased
Are you WHERE YOU WANT TO BE on April 16th with your personal and business goals? _ Ahead of Schedule _ On Track _ Re-Prioritizing
RT @swagner2: Great explanation: “@SeeBQ: Interesting article “Passwords are Obsolete” by @ninjudd
Freemium vs. Free: Why We Ditched Our Free Plan At (SaaS) - via @jmedwards - by @trak_io
RT @PricingNews: Everyone Loves the Cloud Price Wars — For Now | Mashable #Pricing #PricingStrategy
RT @conway: A key moment in our team's efforts to drive big data fwd - excited for @gnip to #JoinTheFlock at @twitter!
It's not the PRICE they don't like, but what they understand they are (or are not) getting for that price.
Are you RETHINKING your.. - offerings - packaging - plans - pricing - licensing - discounts .. timing matters.
RT @pateast: Digital advertising hits $43B, passing broadcast TV for the first time ever
Your Software Pricing determines your Software Growth and Profits Get Paid What You Are Worth
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