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Matthew Rogers

Matthew Rogers

I string words together on the Internet.
RT @lifehacker: Get the best of Lifehacker from the new Lifehacker book, available everywhere today!
Morning cartoons used to be a lot better... (on that note, who remembers Mighty Max?)
It's sad when, out of boredom, you let something like Beyblade play on TV, only to later find yourself in a comatose daze because of it.
Nearly fell out of my chair laughing at this headline: "Koalas are STD-Ridden Beasts" - (but really, poor Koalas)
Mildly disturbing child's toy of the day: "Security Scanner" ... teach your kid to be a TSA thug -
It's cool that T-Mobile prematurely discontinued the G2. Unavailability just makes it more hipster.
I like this way more than planking, and this guy is hilarious: "Ice Cream Cone-ing"
A nice example of why I always warn people to stay away from "Geek Squads" -
A nice example of why I always warn people to keep away from "Geek Squadss
RT @adampash: In case you missed it yesterday, check out my Shame Insurance Chrome extension (and avoid embarrassing online mistakes)
Tad bit silly for people to say Lion is the death of OS X... I mean, we all knew OS 11 had to come some day.
Absolute best (and most hilarious) anti-texting PSA ever:
RT @Hamey: Skype down...maybe they're updating it to Skype Plus Home Users Basic Advanced Edition, Service Pack 4
Want. RT @kristin: [SEXY] Tesla Model S is almost production-ready, does photo shoot to prove it
Two words for this guy: Holy Crap. (click to see a guy wearing a keyboard tunic)
probably the cutest story of the day, also the saddest: Shrek the famously fugitive Kiwi sheep has died -
I'm all but positive that these required "weekly" emergency broadcast tests are an almost daily interruption.
Adventure Time has officially become the highlight of my mornings.
RT @lifehacker: SwiftKey users: Your favorite keyboard just got a big update - [Android]
oh... a Battle of Gettysburg flick on History channel made by Ridley Scott and his lesser-known bro? Possible worth.
haha, at least it's easy :) RT @alexhardy: Just say ten Hail Steves and you'll be forgiven.
I committed a grave Jobsian sin yesterday. I bought a rather "PC" mouse, because I just kind of felt the need for more buttons.
RT @edbott: Just posted at "How to avoid or remove Mac Defender malware" ty @bradshawhistory
Now waiting to see a pic of General Akbar saying "They've taken Aqaba" - #trek
Here's your taste of obscurely adorable for the day: Liger cubs nursed by dog, in China:
RT @lifehacker: Ever want to share an apple but don't have anything to slice it? Split it with your bare hands:
RT @carlrigney: There was a hipster rapture, but it was pretty obscure, you wouldn't have have heard of anyone Taken Up. #pbrheaven
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