"North Carolina Pastor Sean Harris Urges Parents to 'Punch' Their 'Girlish' Sons, Crack Their Limp Wrists: AUDIO" > to the article ....awful
~ listening to the audio of Harris's and his enthusiasm and the congregations *AMENS*! Hmmm, yeah it makes it all that much more shocking and altogether shaming (all divine providence according to them of course). However, standing for what's moral it's really frightening to hear in actuality, straight from the pulpit, such monstrous violence like child abuse advocated/authourized > to the article - sofarsoShawn
"Jeremy Hooper at Good as You has posted some extremely disturbing audio identified as Sean Harris, the Senior Pastor of Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, NC, giving his congregation a "special dispensation" to beat their children if they think they might be falling outside of gender norms. Harris also urged his congregation to vote for North Carolina's Amendment One in an hourlong... more... - sofarsoShawn
He adds: "Can I make it any clearer? Dads, the second you see your son dropping the limp wrist, you walk over there and crack that wrist. Man up. Give him a good punch. Ok? You are not going to act like that. You were made by God to be a male and you are going to be a male." Harris has advice for parents who think their daughters might be acting too butch: "And when your daughter starts... more... - sofarsoShawn
Ugh. - Heather
...hmmmmmmm, still happens, and god fuckn worse than ever in his name, but not as though I've heard the excuse for this kind of mental and physical abuse in the name of G_d before, amongst many others: lHeb 12 6 "for whom the Lord doth love He doth chasten, and He scourgeth every son whom He receiveth; if chastening ye endure, as to sons God beareth Himself to you, for who is a son whom... more... - sofarsoShawn
Bluesun 2600
Slow Jam The News with Barack Obama: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - YouTube -
Slow Jam The News with Barack Obama: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - YouTube
Democrats to intercept Supreme Court ruling on immigration -
Democrats to intercept Supreme Court ruling on immigration
"The Supreme Court hears arguments Wednesday over Arizona’s immigration-crackdown law, but Democrats are already preparing for a potential loss by saying they’ll try to pass legislation stripping states of the power to enact their own immigration rules." - LANjackal from Bookmarklet
Marco Rubio works both sides on immigration -
Marco Rubio works both sides on immigration
"A year ago Rep. Luis Gutierrez, the Chicago-born son of Puerto Rican immigrants, called Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) an “extremist” on immigration. But after hearing Rubio’s pitch last week on his version of the so-called DREAM Act, the liberal Illinois Democrat sang a more positive tune — so much so that some of his colleagues are beginning to rib him about it." - LANjackal from Bookmarklet
Video: Pres. Obama Addresses U.S. Troops During Surprise Visit To Afghanistan:
President Obama’s Stand-Up Routine At White House Correspondents Dinner Watch the entire speech from President Barack Obama at the 2012 White House Correspondents' Dinner :
"If Paul Ryan Knew What Poverty Was, He Wouldn't Be Giving This Speech" | Mother Jones -
"If Paul Ryan Knew What Poverty Was, He Wouldn't Be Giving This Speech" | Mother Jones
""I am afraid that Chairman Ryan's budget reflects the values of his favorite philosopher Ayn Rand rather than the gospel of Jesus Christ," said Father Thomas Reese, a fellow at the Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown, in a press release Tuesday. "Survival of the fittest may be okay for Social Darwinists but not for followers of the gospel of compassion and love."" - Anika from Bookmarklet
"During the Q&A session that followed, where Ryan fielded questions submitted by students, he insisted that welfare reform had brought down child poverty rates. The claim is false, especially in Ryan's home state. According to the most recent data, the child poverty rate in Wisconsin jumped 42 percent between 2000 and 2010. The suffering would have been more significant but for the... more... - Anika
Steven Perez
Think Progress » Hoffman ‘Un-Concedes’ The NY-23 Election After Prodding From His ‘Mentor’ Glenn Beck -
Think Progress » Hoffman ‘Un-Concedes’ The NY-23 Election After Prodding From His ‘Mentor’ Glenn Beck
"BECK: Alright, so let me ask you two questions. Are you currently bowing to me at the waist? (LAUGHTER) Have you bowed, or will you bow, to anyone, at the waist? No? Okay, good. Second question for you, are you officially un-conceding at this moment? HOFFMAN: Yes, if I knew this information at the election night, I would not have conceded. BECK: So are you un-conceding? HOFFMAN: If that’s possible, yes. BECK: If the President can bow to an emperor and nobody says anything, yeah, I think you can unconcede." - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
"nobody says anything"? If there were tons of people saying something about it, there's no way I'd ever know that the President bowing while in Japan was "news". - Spidra Webster
The Onion headlines are getting more and more ridiculous... wait, what? - Andrew C (✔)
Steven Perez
Think Progress » Anti-immigration Tea Party activists attempt to distance themselves from neo-Nazis. -
"On Saturday, approximately 200 people showed up to the anti-immigration “No Amnesty” tea party rally organized by American Citizens United in Phoenix. Many people were holding signs that had phrases such as “America not Amexico.” At one point there was a “tussle” when neo-Nazis showed up and tried to join the event, holding a Hitler banner and waving a Confederate flag with the “Don’t Tread on Me” Tea Party symbol. When a Tea Party activist confronted the group, one of the neo-Nazis pushed him to the ground. “If you assault me, you get assaulted back,” he said as police intervened." - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
Notice the close association of Hitler banners and Confederate flags. - Sean McBride
Steven Perez
Truthdig - Reports - Bring Them Home, Mr. President -
"Our all-volunteer armed forces have been at war for eight years with no end in sight, serving tours of duty of up to 15 months in the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan. Many units have been called to serve multiple tours. By contrast, most Vietnam War veterans served a single one-year tour. Fighting two big simultaneous wars with our armed forces stretched so thin has put enormous emotional, psychological and economic stress on military families. The suicide rate in the armed forces has climbed steadily, as has the incidence of stress disorders among veterans. The Pentagon is adept at shuttling its people around and has worked out how to provide the 40,000 troops McChrystal wants. But any new deployment would come at a heavy cost—a human cost—far beyond the billions of dollars required to train, equip, transport and maintain the units being sent." - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
Steven Perez
Think Again: The Neverending Scandal of Howard Kurtz and The Washington Post -
Think Again: The Neverending Scandal of Howard Kurtz and The Washington Post
"What’s more, the problem is much larger than simply Kurtz’s dishonesty about his relationship with CNN (and his lack of disclosure in the Post). As the journalism professor Edward Wasserman writes in The Miami Herald in a column critical of Kurtz, “What makes conflicts of interest so insidious is that their effect may be impossible to catalogue. They make themselves felt not in clear-cut favoritism but through impaired judgment: The stories that are skipped, or the elements of stories that are done that are omitted or downplayed.”" - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
Steven Perez
Video: Sean Hannity Apologizes to Jon | The Daily Show | Comedy Central -
Video: Sean Hannity Apologizes to Jon | The Daily Show | Comedy Central
"Not even an apology from Sean Hannity is worth Jon having to watch his entire show." - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
Steven Perez
McConnell: GOP Will Delay Health Care At Least Six More Weeks -
McConnell: GOP Will Delay Health Care At Least Six More Weeks
"If there was any doubt that Senate Republicans are eager to drag their heels when it comes to health care reform, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) removed it on Sunday. The Kentucky Republican, during an appearance on "Fox News Sunday," demanded that the Senate take, at the very least, six weeks to deliberate legislation once it is sent to the floor for amendments. "There will be a lot of amendments over a lot of weeks. The Senate is not the House, you saw in the House there was three votes and it was over in one day," McConnell warned. "This will be on the floor for quite a long time."" - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
Chris Jones
Steven Perez
Think Progress » As Conservatives Fear-Monger Over Gitmo Closure, Illinois Town Says It Would Welcome Detainees -
Think Progress » As Conservatives Fear-Monger Over Gitmo Closure, Illinois Town Says It Would Welcome Detainees
"News that the federal government seems interested in transferring detainees from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to the Thomson Correctional Center was greeted warmly in this small, rural farm town along the Iowa border. After holding out hope that the sprawling $145 million prison might improve the economic conditions in this remote area of the state, residents say any prisoners would be a welcomed sight. “It would help the businesses here, and God knows we could use that,” said Kay Lawton, 59, a Thomson resident. “It doesn’t matter to me who they bring here.” “A murderer is a murderer no matter where he’s from,” [Thomson Village President Jerry] Hebeler said. “That’s the way I look at it.” [...] “As long as it’s safe and we’re protected, I’m comfortable with it,” Hebeler said. “Maybe this is something that will put us on the map.”" - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
Steven Perez
Think Progress » Rove Attacks Obama For Bowing: He Should Do What All Presidents Have Done And ‘Not Bow To Monarchies’ -
Think Progress » Rove Attacks Obama For Bowing: He Should Do What All Presidents Have Done And ‘Not Bow To Monarchies’
"I think it’s best if American presidents do what they have always done — which is to stand for our small “r” republican values and do not bow to monarchies." - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
SMOOCHIES! - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
BOOCHIES! - Steven Perez
Awwww, aren't they a cute couple? - John (bird whisperer)
Because only punk-ass world leaders show respect to other leaders and their cultures. Or something. - Steven Perez
Steven Perez
Rudy Giuliani and Republicans Are Goddamned Cowards: The Rude Pundit -
"Mohammed ain't Magneto, nemesis of the X-men. He's not going to use his mutant Islamic powers to melt the chains and blow up the heads of the dozens of snipers around him, all while ululating some sinister shout that'll bring back the dead of the Crusades to liberate him. In other words, this ain't a movie. He's beaten man who'll be spouting crazy blather in hand and ankle cuffs while shitting his diaper who wouldn't even be coming to trial if his case wasn't a done deal, who will be sentenced to death. And if anything happens that could lead to acquittal, he will be taken right back into indefinite detention. In other words, we're not doing this for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. He'd over. We're doing it for us." - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
Steven Perez
Think Progress » ‘Teabagger’ was an Oxford Word of the Year finalist. -
"In a press release touting “unfriend” as the word of the year, the New Oxford American Dictionary may have unwittingly made a more controversial move than the New Oxford American Dictionary pretty much ever does. No, it wasn’t another cutesy tech neologism: they included “teabagger” as one of their Word of the Year finalists. According to the release, they define “teabagger” as “a person who protests President Obama’s tax policies and stimulus package, often through local demonstrations known as ‘Tea Party’ protests (in allusion to the Boston Tea Party of 1773).”" - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
I heard or read "Teabagger" a lot more than "unfriend" this year, but that may just be me. - John (bird whisperer)
Republicans heading for a bloodbath in Florida - -
Republicans heading for a bloodbath in Florida -
"The candidate who purports to speak for populist rage in fact turns out to be the candidate of a national political leadership. They used to have a saying in Tammany Hall: "It's better to lose an election than lose control of the party" -- and control of the party is precisely what is at stake in Florida 2010." - Russellreno from Bookmarklet
>>A few days ago, I was talking to a roomful of young conservatives about the crisis. All agreed in denouncing both the bank bailouts done under TARP and the stimulus. I asked: OK fine, what was the alternative? There was a short pause, and then somebody laughed: "I guess it's lucky that we weren't in power." That's not much of a motto for a would-be national governing coalition. If all we conservatives have to offer is oppositionism, then opposition is the job we'll be assigned to fill. - Russellreno
Another rip on Palin>>>With revenues collapsing in 2008-2009, every Republican governor in the country eventually accepted federal funds. (The two most vociferous objectors -- Alaska's Sarah Palin and South Carolina's Mark Sanford -- were either physically or mentally checking out of their jobs.) - Russellreno
Interesting to watch the unsurprising implosion of the party. I always thought the GOP was tops on cultivating their youth. Unlike Democrats who tend to ignore up-and-comers unless they need money or votes. The GOP was creating foot-soldiers. Somehow, they seemed to lose their ideology, preferring regurgitation of lies and hate. Older conservatives are turned off and I've never seen that before. - Anika
Chris Jones
How low will he go? Obama gives Japan's Emperor Akihito a wow bow | Top of the Ticket | Los Angeles Times -
The question should be: How did Obama Bow resonate with those Japanses people who want our military bases in Japan closed. A nice respectful bow goes a long way to placating them. And maybe gets some cash and bodies for ASTAN Lot more in play here than most rightists willing to see but then they have a relatively black and white unthinking worldview... Simple really that might explain the morass left for the adults to clean up - WarLord
*raised eyebrows* really chris? it's a bad thing for a guest in a foreign country to respectfully observe the local customs? hmmmm, maybe it's the lack of that behavior that has helped gain american tourists their horrific international reputation. - Prosey BUTTONS!
LOL @ equating liberalism and a "broader view" of the world. - Spencer
From your narrow perspective, I suppose this would be amusing. After all, it's kinda tough to get a broader view of the world from beneath a rock. - Prosey BUTTONS!
Steven Perez
Liz Cheney suggests Cheney/Palin ticket in 2012 | Raw Story -
Liz Cheney suggests Cheney/Palin ticket in 2012 |  Raw Story
"During a discussion about replacing President Barack Obama, former Vice President Dick Cheney's daughter Liz suggested that her dad might be a good Presidential candidate in 2012. Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Liz Cheney mentioned her father's name as the panel discussed replacing Obama following his decision to respect the Japanese Emperor by bowing during a formal greeting." - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
If the Dem's couldn't defeat that ticket they have no business being a political party. - Jack&Cleo
Oh. Em. Ef. Gee! - Ordinarybug Heather
Star Wars meets Spaceballs. - Spidra Webster
Palin would stay away from such a ticket. McCain had (note past tense) a maverick image that fit into Palin's strategy. Cheney offers no such image, despite his time out west. - John E. Bredehoft from fftogo
Hmmm...I don't know, John. Much as it pains me to admit this, I have friends who perceive Dickie to be something of a grandfatherly type (sick as that sounds). They see him as a benevolent old man who loves his country in some warped kind of "John Wayne" kind of way...and among a vast number of people, Dickie is quite popular. Caribou Barbie is seeking a win at all costs, not necessarily maverick-man next to her. Never mind that Dickie's ticket would probably be up before 2016...that wouldn't matter... - Prosey BUTTONS!
Gaffy & Grumpy '12! - John (bird whisperer)
Caribou Barbie? LOL - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Hmm... maybe Palin and Cheney should go hunting together... - Ordinarybug Heather
XD THAT sounds like *the* ideal plan. - Prosey BUTTONS!
if only...some things are stranger than fiction. - Prosey BUTTONS!
Sean McBride
Informed Comment: Neocons, Islamist Marxists attack Iranian-Americans as way of Getting at Obama -
"Daniel Luban shows that the assault on the National Iranian-American Council by the rightwing Israel lobbies and their allies in the People's Jihadi Organization [Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK or MKO)], a Marxist-Islamist political cult is actually an attempt to mortally wound the Obama administration. A strategist allegedly linked to the MEK, Hasan Daioleslam, wrote to uber-Neoconservative warmonger Kenneth Timmerman of the campaign against NIAC, “This is an integral part of any attack on Clinton and Obama."" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"The National Iranian-American Council, headed by Trita Parsi, has emerged as among the more effective community lobbies among any hyphenated Middle Eastern-American community. It represents sensible, middle class Iranian-Americans of the new generation. Because NIAC favors cautious engagement with Iran and opposes war on it or trying to break it up, the rightwing Israel lobbies and the... more... - Sean McBride
Anthony Citrano
China’s Liu Says U.S. Rates Cause Dollar Speculation | Bloomberg -
China’s Liu Says U.S. Rates Cause Dollar Speculation | Bloomberg
“The continuous depreciation in the dollar, and the U.S. government’s indication, that in order to resume growth and maintain public confidence, it basically won’t raise interest rates for the coming 12 to 18 months, has led to massive dollar arbitrage speculation,” and this has “seriously affected global asset prices, fuelled speculation in stock and property markets, and created new, real and insurmountable risks to the recovery of the global economy, especially emerging-market economies.” - Anthony Citrano from Bookmarklet
Some truth. : ) - Cole Jolley
...and an interesting comeback from Krugman today on China's manipulations: - Cole Jolley
See, with all the "Going Rogue" nonsense, and Limpballs declaring her book some sort of policy masterpiece, I thought we could all use a reminder...and a giggle.
Steven Perez
Fallujah’s infants suffer from sharp rise in birth defects | Raw Story -
Fallujah’s infants suffer from sharp rise in birth defects |  Raw Story
"Doctors and officials in Fallujah are appealing to the international community for an investigation into the unnatural increase in birth defects, 5 years after two major battles between the U.S. military and Sunni militia groups took place there. The war-ravaged population center has seen an increase of up to 15 times as many chronic deformities in infants since pre-war levels, according to a report by the UK's Guardian. Documented statistics for birth defects in Fallujah have only emerged in recent months, but the rate of abormalities, including early-life cancers, is high enough to cause alarm at Fallujah's General Hospital." - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
"Fallujah was the site of the only two 'set-piece' battles to take place after the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003. Fighter jets bombed the city and heavy artillery was used in conjunction with the controversial incendiary white phosphorus." - Steven Perez
Yeah, using white phosphorus on civilian targets can't possibly be harmful in any way. [/extreme sarcasm] - Steven Perez
I'm guessing the depleted uranium rounds from the tanks plus the tungsten from the armor percing machine gun rounds both be issues far more than WP see wiki - WarLord
Steven Perez
YouTube - Giuliani on 9/11: Fort Hood Was An 'Islamist Terrorist Attack' -
YouTube - Giuliani on 9/11: Fort Hood Was An 'Islamist Terrorist Attack'
WARNING: not for the easily-nauseated. - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
And people wonder why I don't watch TV - mjc from iPhone
blah blah, blah blah blah, blah, blah blah... seriously, that's all I heard. - Bette Cooper
I must correct you, Bette. It was more like: blah 9/11 blah, blah blah 9/11 blah, 9/11 blah, blah blah 9/11. - Steven Perez
No, steven. It was more like: blah 9/11 ME blah, blah blah 9/11 ME blah, 9/11 Me blah, blah blah 9/11 ME.... - Roberto Bonini
hehehe, I stand duly corrected. :D I need to listen better, I guess. I totally missed the 9/11 part. lol - Bette Cooper
Two words: fucking moron. - Prosey BUTTONS!
Sean McBride
Why we will lose in Afghanistan - Telegraph (Christopher Booker) -
Why we will lose in Afghanistan - Telegraph (Christopher Booker)
"As both Britain and America are plunged into an orgy of tortured introspection over what we are doing in Afghanistan, a further very important factor needs to be fed into the discussion, because it helps to explain not only why we have got into such a tragic mess but also why our armed intervention in that unhappy country is doomed. What we are hardly ever told about Afghanistan is that it has been for 300 years the scene of a bitter civil war, between two tribal groups of Pashtuns (formerly known as Pathans). On one side are the Durranis – most of the settled population, farmers, traders, the professional middle class. On the other are the Ghilzai, traditionally nomadic, fiercely fundamentalist in religion, whose tribal homelands stretch across into Pakistan as far as Kashmir." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Steven Perez
Think Progress » Republicans Are Shocked The Public Is Mad At Them For Voting Against Franken’s Anti-Rape Amendment -
Think Progress » Republicans Are Shocked The Public Is Mad At Them For Voting Against Franken’s Anti-Rape Amendment
"Privately, GOP sources acknowledge that they failed to anticipate the political consequences of a “no” vote on the amendment. And several aides said that Republicans are engaged in an internal blame game about why they agreed to a roll-call vote on the measure, rather than a simple voice vote that would have allowed the opposing senators to duck criticism." - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
"Thune is also claiming that Franken doesn’t really care about Jones and other rape victims whose employers have blocked them from seeking justice; he and other Democrats just wanted to “create a vote which they could use to attack Republicans.”" - Steven Perez
"So basically, the only lesson they learned is that next time, they have to hide their votes when they decide to screw over women’s rights. That way, they can support their allies in the contracting business and the public will never find out." - Steven Perez
I think the lot of them need to get raped and see what it feels like. - Spidra Webster
So GOP is the Party of Rape seems a fair characterization - WarLord
They really didn't think about the optics of voting to protect gang rape? - John (bird whisperer)
Steven Perez
The Right's textbook "surrender to terrorists" | Glenn Greenwald - -
"This is literally true: the Right's reaction to yesterday's announcement -- we're too afraid to allow trials and due process in our country -- is the textbook definition of "surrendering to terrorists." It's the same fear they've been spewing for years. As always, the Right's tough-guy leaders wallow in a combination of pitiful fear and cynical manipulation of the fear of their followers. Indeed, it's hard to find any group of people on the globe who exude this sort of weakness and fear more than the American Right." - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
Ah, watching all those wingnuts put the "chicken" back in "chickenhawk" *amuses* me... ;) - Dennis Jernberg
serdar paktin
Are Too Many Students Going to College? - The Choice Blog - -
VERY interesting subject. The short answer is *no* -- but it begs another question related to education inflation. - Prosey BUTTONS!
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