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Just started using Hover Zoom and I guess I’ve been missing out so much UX goodness.
A 1995 Wired interview with Steve Jobs is just as relevant now as it was then
RT @ActuallyNPH: “@MoStormTrooper: would you have wished that Barney and Robin would've stayed together?” Sure, but most divorcees wish it had worked out.
The bright side of working on Sundays is that I get to play music on speakers— since I’m the only one in the building.
RT @newsycombinator: The Hypocrisy Of Sam Yagan and OkCupid
RT @codinghorror: Important Message For Programming
RT @lmorchard: Lots of people falsely assuming Mozilla fired our CEO. He quit on his own to help take the toxic heat off the org he loved & helped create.
Pet Driving Cars | Blog | Tesla Motors via @TeslaMotors
I hope Spring Fest ’14 lineup is a poor attempt on an early April fool joke by @ub_sa
I hope Spring Fest ’14 lineup is a poor attempt on an early April fool by @ub_sa
I hope Spring Fest ’14 lineup is a poor attempt on an early April fool joke attempt by @ub_sa
RT @iamdevloper: If you watch the Social Network backwards, it’s about a man gaining more friends and a girlfriend as he spends less time on Facebook.
RT @_youhadonejob: Math not the Americans strong point.
Wolfram + Latex App. #HackPrinceton
That being said, I’m still not sure why would I chose it over iWork.
Really exciting too see great UX work from Microsoft (referring to Office for iPad in particular). MS definitely has come a long way.
Did I just forget to sleep tonight?
This is one of those days when I came to work at 4:30 AM- which is 4 hours earlier then most of the other people at my office.
RT @marialahood: Condoleezza Rice getting paid $150,000 to speak at Univ of Minnesota about how she brought human rights to Iraq #warcrimes #righttoheal
Just slept through an interview call...
RT @cap: Finally: Fully virtual, 3D FarmVille.
RT @verge: Breaking: Facebook is buying Oculus VR for $2 billion
RT @newsycombinator: Brendan Eich becomes Mozilla CEO
Why the current recruiting system is effed up -
RT @dam: The most crucial step to any tutorial:
RT @ecsgrid: 3,200 solar panels is just the first step. @UBCommunity has an action plan to be climate neutral by 2030! @UBGreen
RT @newsycombinator: Android Wearables: Developer Preview
Best Programming Language for Web Development -
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