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Watch Out WiFi, Here Comes MiFi -
Wow, I wonder how the cell networks will react to this. - David Wilson
Ontario Emperor
I was in an elevator when the earthquake hit -
"According to Wikipedia, the recent Sichan earthquake measured 7.9. Because the Richter scale is logarithmic, that means that quake was over 100x stronger than ours. I never want to feel one that strong." - edythe
Yikes. Thankfully, he's safe. - Mark Trapp
You may tryout eQuake Alert plugin for firefox ( ); It shakes your browser on each earth quake - priyanhere
Ontario Emperor
Chino Hills earthquake part 1 -
Chino Hills earthquake part 1
This video shows the smoke from the fire. See part 2 for more. - Ontario Emperor
Bret Taylor
Proposal to Clean Up the FriendFeed Clutter « I’m Not Actually a Geek -
Proposal to Clean Up the FriendFeed Clutter « I’m Not Actually a Geek
Interesting and thoughtful ideas... - Bret Taylor
Can this be implemented? It would be awesomesauce and a definite timesaver. - Corvida
"Person-Centric or Link-Centric?": both? - minus-one
Totally agree with what you have written! - Joe Dawson from Alert Thingy
i see the benefits, but also the problems behind it. (not saying one should not try!) It would also switch intentions. people do not post answers to you if you blog about something, but they will post because famous person X has shared that for example and they answered to *that* person. putting the comments to the 'original' changes the intent. so a listing like that would need to make a tree out of that. - Nicole Simon
I think additional aggregation would be nice, but you'd open up a can of worms. For example, I often click like on the first one I see it, then may add it to my SU or other services. who get's the top spot? the one where it first hit Friendfeed which in some cases may be through twitter because they are pulled more often? - Nicole Simon goes some way towards alleviating this problem, with some more features due in a few days, especially around aggregation - via FriendFeedMachine - Scott Goldie
Both :) IMO link-centric presentation is preferable, assuming of course UI and work flow related issues at the point of adding a link to FF directly are nicely resolved. - eugenio
I think I'd prefer person-centric but link-centric is interesting too. I see link centric as a personalised memetracker... - Andy Davies
i prefer link-centric since it would clean up FF.. but thinking that rather than accumulating events like 'Shared on Google Reader' or 'bookmarked on Delicious', it should be shown as 'Likes' on the original feed. If there is some value add, like Comments or Tweets, only then, show it as an event. - Vishy
FF already supports person-centric see but I guess one person at a time only. - Shakeel Mahate
Whatever you call it, I want to be able to see what the content is about. Just don't tell me Person X has bookmarked a page on Site Y. I need to know the title. - Mike Reynolds
I think link-centric is intriguing. An organic techmeme, built directly on users' actions and transparent. Biggest concern with centralizing activity under one link is the echo-chamber effect that could result. I suspect that can be managed - e.g. the meme is set up in a separate tab, away from the flow of friends' updates. - Hutch Carpenter
I would always vote for link-centric. If somebody else shares it...add it into the comments. - Chris Nixon
Person-centric is probably a better user experience, but link-centric is very attractive to content producers. Especially if they can search for links to their domain. - engtech
One thing I would *love* is if FF unrolled tinyurls, feedburner links, etc. That would be necessary for link-centric - engtech
I have concerns about the merging of different comment streams (in the link-centric model). The same item from different people will have different subsets of people commenting, depending on the poster's friends. Different people will see different comments depending on their friend graph, their hiding preferences, etc., thus it would be hard to maintain a coherent conversation. - Mihai Parparita
Great idea - and it should be user-configurable all over the place. I post links to every article I write for InformationWeek in at least three places that FriendFeed picks up. As a FriendFeed producer, I should be able to configure my FriendFeed to designate which item is authoritative for duplicate links. And as a consumer I should be able to designate which source is authoritative for *others'* FriendFeeds, as well as whether to filter on a per-user or per-link basis (i.e. do I see same link from 2+ ppl) - Mitch Wagner
To the FriendFeed folks. While you do listen to us, please also feel free to ignore us. Overall, I'm quite happy with the FF UI. I also trust that you're smarter than me and I look forward to the FFFuture. - Mike Reynolds
I would love this!! Its a must have these days! Even I would go one more step further and say, it should combine same URL from more than one party (say person X and Y both dug same URL, why should discussion/comment/likes be different??) and combine them all! - Jigar Mehta
cool idea, then it become a question of aggregating based on link vs. description, and it is nice to have all comments in one place. however, would it increase backend requirements that could slow ff down? i love the reliability and speed of ff now, (unlike twitter). - Pokai
Well, in a way this will decrease the load on the system.. Imagine 100 duplicate stories being commented and liked (ff servers will get to maintain all of them and load them when user requests).. And also I, as a user will get to see more proper items on my page! (Say for example, i am not interested in a particular story which is shared by three different people in my network, I will... more... - Jigar Mehta
Well thought out and illustrated. Person-centric extends the current FF experience. Link-centric would make me feel like FF is turning into something like Digg... - tagami
These are both great ideas. I'm not really sure whether I'd prefer the person-centric or link-centric models (maybe that should be a user preference?) but I do feel either one would help a lot with the duplication. - Jason Wehmhoener
amen. especially with resharing going on. Hell, I wouldn't have had to write this comment twice if that were the case! - Tim Hoeck
Very interesting proposal Bret. - fbrunel
How about making it group-centric? Every additional person that submits the same link is added to the "likes" list... and just keep comments fragmented - Rafael Robayna
And now this functionality is live! Cool. - Hutch Carpenter
Regina Spektor – Fidelity -
I really like this song - RAPatton
Love this - priyanhere
yes, it's beautiful. - edythe
yes, i have only heard good things about her live. - edythe
John Spencer
More acquisitions: Comcast buys Plaxo, buys -
Delete your accounts now I don't want Comcast to have all my contact..... - John Spencer
Kevin Fox
Innovative Aircraft Seats | Cozy Suite -
Innovative Aircraft Seats | Cozy Suite
Innovative Aircraft Seats | Cozy Suite
Innovative Aircraft Seats | Cozy Suite
Starting in 2010, Delta will be the first carrier to try a new seat layout. I wasn't a believer until I saw the photo of people leaning to the side to sleep, and when my concerns about cleavage-spying were mostly laid to rest. It kinda looks like the seats don't recline though, which has big pros and cons. - Kevin Fox
I can't help it if I get checked-out... Well, maybe with this seat I can. - Kevin Fox
Fantastic idea... Being a tall guy, it's nearly impossible for me to sleep on a plane since there's nowhere for my head to lay on... I want this now! - Chris Reed
I can imagine though that for window-seat passengers, it might be a bit tougher to slide out of your seat during the flight with the angles. You'd be running into the person's knee/leg next to you. - Zal
I love this. Another "how come no one thought of this before?" idea. - Tudor Bosman
Fantastic idea! The NBA Star Yao ming will love this! ...via AlertThingy - fiorano
@Kevin:"The patented seat recline which slides down and forward, reclines you to your perfect lounging position." - Anne Bouey
Wow wow wow. Want. - Adam Lasnik
The true cost of living in Zimbabwe - no food, no job and no hope | World news | The Guardian -
The true cost of living in Zimbabwe - no food, no job and no hope | World news | The Guardian
"A man counts a big stack of money to buy some bananas in Harare, Zimbabwe." - bob
bubble - bob
I'm a billionaire!! (in Zimbabwe) - Paul Buchheit
They should switch to log scale, so that the $15 bill is worth 10x as much as the $14 bill. - Paul Buchheit
and here is the new 50M note: - bob
@Paul Buchheit: they probably don't have a $14 bill, even if a $15. - Puneet Thapliyal
Here's an idea: Burn 99% of the bank notes in Zimbabwe. Wouldn't that bring the value up? I'm no economist, but it seems that if the government is making so much money it makes inflation soar to 100,000%, getting rid of most of the bank notes would raise the value of the ones that remain. - dgw
Here's another idea: get rid of Mugabe. - ⓞnor
I find the news item interesting and want to mark it as such but "Like" seems like such a wrong term here. - Ashwin Bharambe
@Ashwin: I think the Like feature means you find the article (or whatever the content is) interesting, not that you necessarily think its content is a good thing for society (as this obviously is not). - dgw
Kevin Fox
Cutest kitten in the world -
Cutest kitten in the world
Cutest kitten in the world
Cutest kitten in the world
I REALLY want this kitty!!! I'm in terrible need of a kitten fix! I need foster kittens soon!!!! - Rachel Lea Fox
calico bread mix. very tasty... errr sorry. cute - Alexander von Halem
Cute! - Mike Reynolds
but does it play theremin? - Allan Hough
is it just me or does it look a little deformed.... (please don't kill me for saying so!) - Nicķ
It's just the breed. The mom (visible in a couple of the photos) looks the same way. - ⓞnor
It's mostly the breed. Its ears are folded back so its head looks disturbingly round. It's more pronounced in kittens (all baby animals have rounder features). - Kevin Fox
so cute 'n innocent:) - Shandiz
Its cute, face looks a little unusual, is this a special breed of some sort? - Christopher Yeo
More kittens ... but this guy (girl) is really cool :) - Charlie Anzman
I can't help it, every time I scroll down my friendfeed these catch my eye again and I just think "I WANT THAT KITTEN!" *sighs* - Rachel Lea Fox
If I have one, I am in terrible that my bigger kid will eat it :-D - terababy
Outstanding. All I can say is - Amir Gharaat
So small! - funkyboy
Amazing! - sandosh vasudevan
so cute - harry
Small is better - priyanhere
Paul Buchheit
Money Doesn't Grow on Trees, But Gasoline Might (4/12/2008) -
Money Doesn't Grow on Trees, But Gasoline Might (4/12/2008)
"For their new approach, the UMass researchers rapidly heated cellulose in the presence of solid catalysts. They then rapidly cooled the products to create a liquid that contains many of the compounds found in gasoline. The entire process was completed in under two minutes using relatively moderate amounts of heat. The compounds that formed in that single step, like naphthalene and toluene, make up one fourth of the suite of chemicals found in gasoline. The liquid can be further treated to form the remaining fuel components or can be used "as is" for a high octane gasoline blend." - Paul Buchheit
Christopher Sacca
The driver holding this sign had the silliest and most eager smile on her face. Just waiting for someone else to acknowledge the name. - Christopher Sacca
Herb Alpert - This Guy's In Love With You (1968) -
Herb Alpert - This Guy's In Love With You (1968)
Herb Alpert was reallllly handsome. - edythe
Bret Taylor
We need a Wikipedia for data -
What is your take on efforts such as, and freebase? - Aviv
I had never seen the first two. They look interesting. How are the data sets edited and updated? Freebase doesn't interest me from what I can tell. They seem more focused on the relationships between data items than the data itself because of all the "semantic web" stuff, and most of it seems to be relatively uninteresting data from IMDB and other existing web sources. - Bret Taylor
Unfortunately they rarely get updated and most data sets cannot really be used reliably. is essentially an indie scraper's paradise and the intended use is controlled lab experiments. Perhaps a fresh, well-publicized effort will stand better chance. - Aviv
Google already has access to at least 5 of the data sets you listed... sure, licensed and all, but at the end of the day shouldn't face great difficulties bending arcane usage restrictions. Let developers play with the data inside the cloud... - Aviv
Right. The big obstacle would still be the whole issue of usage restrictions and copyrights, and as you said in your last point, it won't work without the backing of big companies. Developers can have access to such valuable data sets today - simply by scraping. It's far from ideal, but it works, and it can be kept up-to-date with extra effort. But then how do we go about using the data - and actually telling people about it? :) - Aviv
And we have a new record for fastest new blog to reach TechMeme! - Louis Gray
@Bret you should talk to Freebase. This is precisely what they're trying to do. It may not look how you want it to now, but I think a conversation between the two companies makes a whole lot of sense. - Carla Thompson
"The most important part of an environment that encourages innovation is low barriers to entry. The moment a contract and lawyers are involved, you inherently restrict the set of people who can work on a problem to well-funded companies with a profitable product. Likewise, companies that sell data have to protect their investments, so permitted uses for the data are almost always explicitly enumerated in contracts." -what memories ;) - David
Getting an error message at now, reads "Server not found" - Philipp Lenssen
It works for me. But that is annoying. Blame Google App Engine, not me ;) - Bret Taylor
You don't need permission to start a company. From investors, co-founders, or anyone else.
But you do need to be ready if you wish to succeed (able to learn quickly enough from mistakes to prosper). Anyone can try. Anyone, also, can fail (and most do before succeed). It's a free country. - Alex Hammer
Paul Buchheit
Awwww. No, that is very nice. - Alex Hammer
Aww! Thank you!!! - April Buchheit
Happy birthday!! - Corvida
That looks like a nice birthday photo - Christopher Yeo
Happy Birthday, April...I hope you are having fun in paradise!! - Skye Miller
Happy Birthday April! Many more ! - Charlie Anzman
Dude, you are so cool. Happy Birthday April :) - Christian Burns
I wish there was someway to 'Super Like' or 'Love' stuff. - April Buchheit
Happy birthday! - Kyle Weller
Happy Birthday April. "Like"-ing the link location on very much. Linking to this from a prominent location is creative and dare I say it, cute :) - My girlfriend, Kati, will like this very much. - Mustafa K. Isik
Thank you, everyone! This has truly made me feel very special. - April Buchheit
Herzlichen Glückwunsch! - Philipp Lenssen
great photo! - Susan Shepard
Robert Scoble
Apr 19, 2008: Barcamp Bangalore 6 2008 Summer Edition at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore -
Paul Buchheit
One problem that I had at Google was the people kept turning my serious ideas into April-1st jokes, like and
13 likes and no comments. I'm always fascinated by the like/comment ratio. - Paul Buchheit
I really was behind the carrier pigeon initiative.... - Chris Reed
It's easier to like than to comment, just like it's easier to Twitter than to long-form blog. - Louis Gray
Louis, the interesting thing is that likes don't consistently beat comments. For example, this entry has 20 likes and 39 comments: - Paul Buchheit
Makes sense. I'm at 909 comments and 491 likes so far, so some of the disparity is my fault! (He said, tilting at windmills) - Louis Gray
My April Fools got more hits (and links) than the real story yesterday. Looks like a moratorium on real stories April 1 ? - Charlie Anzman
I've got twice as many "Likes" as comments. Guess I'm just lazy :) - Shannon Jiménez
Paul now 9 comments, but only one is about pigeons : ) I'm now fascinated, too : ) - Erhan Erdoğan
Indeed, my own behavior is something like Chris White's. I usually Like things that I, you know, like, but won't add a comment unless I really have something to say. Sometimes that doesn't happen until someone else's comment inspires me. - dgw
Kevin Lim :: Singapore's Premium Auction Website -
I've seen this somewhere before, but can't place it. Tatarah is an auction site where the lowest and unique price will win the item. Some doubt it'll work, but where the hell have I seen it before?!? - Kevin Lim
Nishith Prabhakar
Singapore government plays love guru -
Robert Scoble
Oh... They are using OAuth it seems.. Great!! - priyanhere
Boooo... my contacts obviously hate taking pics - Jay Jenkins
This is where you realize that while many of your non-geek friends do have a Flickr/Yahoo account, only 10% have ever posted a photo ;-) - Rubin Sfadj
dopplr does it too and there it has real value ;) - Nicole Simon
Right, 88 friends found, but most have zero pictures posted. - Lars Trieloff
Philipp Lenssen
Google's April Fool's Joke for Japan (Probably) -
Philipp Lenssen
My name is index.php5 and I'm test posting this via the Friendfeed API
And this is a comment via the API - Philipp Lenssen
w00t! - Kevin Fox
Welcome to Earth... - Johnny Rice
I'm lost. Explain what just happened. - Corvida
Nice! - Franklin Pettit
nice, this is kewl ! - Peter Dawson
What is the lifespan of an index.php5 family? - Wayne Porter
NIMH · Men and Depression · Men and Depression -
"A detailed booklet that describes what you need to know about depression in men: how it looks, how it feels, getting help, and getting better. (2005)" - edythe
Asperger's cases are predisposed to depression especially in the teenage years - RAPatton
Who's a good boy? | dooce ® -
Who's a good boy? | dooce ®
Sanjeev Singh
Levi Meeuwenberg - amazing Parkour demo -
Levi Meeuwenberg - amazing Parkour demo
wikipedia: "Parkour is an activity with the aim of moving from one point to another as efficiently and quickly as possible, using principally the abilities of the human body. It is meant to help one overcome obstacles, which can be anything in the surrounding environment — from branches and rocks to rails and concrete walls" - Sanjeev Singh
Great! - priyanhere
wikipedia: "As martial arts are a form of training for the fight, parkour is a form of training for the flight." - m13a
I've seen shaolin monks do the same. Jackie Chan has executed some of these moves in his movies too. - Parry Pon
Parry, it's still cool to watch, even if it's been done before! - Sanjeev Singh
yeah I stole the link from something Jess Posted :) - Sanjeev Singh
The backflips and handsprings are for show and not part of the spirit of parkour laid out by the founder, David Belle. There is a branch of the sport called freerunning, led by Sebastian Foucan, which include the more showy flips and stuff. Those of you who live in the NYC area can attend Sunday parkour training sessions at STREB in Williamsburg. It's a blast! - Mike Yang
Clare Dibble
BBC NEWS | Technology | Approval for mobiles on aircraft -
BBC NEWS | Technology | Approval for mobiles on aircraft
Philipp Lenssen
i love the current version of Google Docs interface the most. - Jansen Lu
Benjamin Golub
My FriendFeed Stats App using the FriendFeed API! - is mine, and you can set the display type, if you feel fancy you can set your duration by appending duration=5 (which would say the last 5 days) to the url. I am going to open source it soon so you all can see how easy it was - Benjamin Golub
Think FriendFeed wants their URL back? :-) - Louis Gray
very cool... - don loeb
nice little thing to look at, maybe ff can stick this view into the stats view they already have going. - Nathan Eckenrode
very nice - Alex Hammer
sweet! - susan mernit
these apps are coming out faster than I expected - congrats! - Frederic
The tech community has rallied around FF. Wonderful app. - Russellreno
Holy smokes, I'm excited. How long did it take Twitter to get This is done in a matter of hours! Wow! - Bwana ☠
Anyone suprised that Twitter is winning on the services list by a mile? - Glenn Slaven
You really capitalize on this stuff, don't you? - Brandon Titus
Really cool app, Ben! Thanks again for all the feedback this past week. - Bret Taylor
Very nice! Good to see someone making cool apps with the newly released FF API. - Scott Jarkoff
It wasn't done in a matter of hours. I actually had access to the API over the weekend. Overall the site only took like a day and half of working "here and there" on it. - Benjamin Golub
Is not working for anyone else? Looks like I might have DNS issues? - Benjamin Golub
Looks neat. I'm getting an error message when I search for just my nickname (not my full name) though. - Philipp Lenssen
Ya, it's not a true search, It just takes in a nickname and trys to find that EXACT nickname in the database. So if you type philipp in there it will find you but if you type Philipp Lenssen it won't. I don't want it to be a search, and I won't be making it search for your actual name because many people can have the same actual name - Benjamin Golub
That could be confusing: "Philipp Lenssen" is the name I see on top here, it's the name I see in my account name box, etc. Not to complain, just to give you feedback (and perhaps for all of us to determine good patterns with FF-API usage). - Philipp Lenssen
I agree it could be confusing, but philipp is what you logged in with. I could easily add it in to say, look if only 1 person has that name (case insensitive) and redirect to that user page. But your nickname is meant to be pretty permament. Actually you used to be able to change your nickname on the FF site but they removed that after I asked what happens when someone changes their nickname? Everyone has a UUID too, but that is not a user facing thing. - Benjamin Golub
@philipp ok I implemented a name search too. If you type Philipp Lenssen into the box it will redirect you to your page. I take exactly what you type in there and do a case insensitve lookup for the name if nothing shows up for your nickname. - Benjamin Golub
Thats a fun stats service but more it has enlightened me that Twitter takes up 46% of the usage over all the services Friend Feed keeps track of. More than blog posts or google reader! - MikeonTV
No wonder the FF team first implemented postback for Twitter, it is the most used service. My guess is blogs (wordpress/blogger/etc) will be next. Maybe Pownce too because they have an easy to use api. - Benjamin Golub
Works nice Benjamin! - Philipp Lenssen
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