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RT @SmartCompany: Q4: Only 30% of small biz use social (@Sensis). How key is digital to the future of small businesses? #GoodByeXP
A3: Also not staying up to date with technology can cost you time - and time is money! #GoodByeXP
A3: Not saying goodbye to outlived technology risks malfunctions at critical times which increases costs & hurts revenue #GoodByeXP
A2: Lastly I see lots of small biz's either without any web presence or with very static pages with out of date info #GoodByeXP
A2: Also... Paper! I know it’ll never disappear but I’m amazed by how much paper we still use! #GoodByeXP
A1: another emerging opportunity for biz is the ability to raise funding through crowdfunding like @pozible and @kickstarter - #GoodByeXP
A1: Similarly the fact that software and online tools today are so user friendly - you don’t ned to be tech minded to use them #GoodByeXP
A1: Social media is now not just the domain of nerds (like me) - but is widely used by the masses - that's a huge opportunity #GoodByeXP
A1: We also now have the ability to communicate to the masses through web technologies quickly and cheaply - this is amazing #GoodByeXP
For the next 30 minutes I'm participating in the #GoodByeXP twitter chat with @SmartCompany and @MSAU. We're talking out dated technologies.
We're hiring a Digital Photography Blogger (or two). Details at
New Blogger Job: Creative WordPress Blogger - Viral Blog Posts
RT @MSAU: TODAY at 1PM AEST chat w @SmartCompany @ProBlogger on why saying bye to the old is vital! Join: #GoodByeXP
Saving Eliza by Glenn O'Neill - Inspiring project (needs support) -
A post I almost didn't publish -> My top 5 mistakes as a blogger
New Blogger Job: Blogger Positions - CMS Critic
New at ProBlogger: My Top 5 Mistakes as a Blogger
RT @MSAU: Join us TOMORROW at 1PM AEST for #GoodByeXP w @SmartCompany @ProBlogger! Topic: making your business future ready.
Doing some prep for Wednesdays webinar for members on social media
Reading: Understanding Habit: How to Build a Product That Gets Used Daily -
RT @digitalps: This portrait is gorgeous and the technique used is SO simple. See for yourself at
A recent realization about what I do and why it is (and isn't) successful -
New Blogger Job: Need quality engaging content for paintball blog - Ryan
New at ProBlogger: 44 Things Bloggers Should Be Delegating to Virtual Staff to Catapult Their Online Growth
Not feeling too confident about the football tonight #AFLDonsBlues
Reading: The top 5 moments that had the biggest impact on my career by @Shaynet (I made the cut!) :-)
New Blogger Job: WordPress Blogger - Carmen
I'm totally in love with this shot
New at ProBlogger: Creating Products Week: Your Experiences – What Have You Done?
RT @digitalps: dPS is hiring writers. Details on how to apply at
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