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4 Pillars of Blogging that I now want to walk through (each of which is a huge topic in and of itself) #BlogChat
The 4 areas to focus your energy on 1. Creating great content 2. Finding Readers 3. Building Community & 4. Effective Monetization #BlogChat
OK - so if a profitable blog is what you want to build there are 4 areas of blogging I recommend focusing on... #BlogChat >>
With some ideas about what your blog will be about and who will read it we can begin to start thinking about how to build it #BlogChat
3 Questions to ask about your readers #BlogChat - this creates a 'mission statement' for your blog too!
So to summarise - 3 questions to ask, who are your readers, what are their needs and how will they change after reading your blog #BlogChat
Who are your readers when they arrive on your blog and who will they be after reading it? #BlogChat
Great blogs CHANGE people in some way. They leave some kind of ‘mark’. So thinking about what ‘change’ you’ll bring is important #BlogChat
Once you know WHO is reading - the next thing I highly recommend thinking about is the ‘CHANGE’ you want to bring to readers #BlogChat
Here are a few things I include in my reader profiles - hope they help! #BlogChat
I found that creating reader profiles helped me choose what to write about but also personalised my writing a lot! #BlogChat
An exercise I highly recommend bloggers do both before starting and after is creating ‘reader profiles’ -> #BlogChat
Knowing who reads your blog informs much of the strategy that we'll talk about later tonight #BlogChat
Knowing WHO reads your blog will inform content strategy, how to find readers, how to build community & how to monetise #BlogChat
Whether you choose a niche or a demographic or something else - an important thing to ponder is ‘WHO’ you want to read your blog? #BlogChat
Targetting a demographic with your blog will also appeal to many advertisers if that is a way you want to monetize #BlogChat
By choosing a ‘demographic’ you can talk on a wider array of topics that all appeal to the one type of person #BlogChat
But an alternative to choosing a niche is to choose a ‘demographic’ to serve. Eg. a blog for new mothers or one for teenage boys #BlogChat
G’day all - it’s great to be with you again on #BlogChat, looking forward to learning from everyone’s experience!
Things are about to get VERY busy on my account for the next hour while I co-host #BlogChat. Please excuse an explosion of tweets from me!
New Blogger Job: Comedy Blogger - Weekly News/Trending Events Show - Everything That…
Doing some prep for tomorrow's #BlogChat. I'm hosting and the topic is 'How to Build a Blog Worth Monetizing'
For those looking for an online version of yesterday's article in the Age/Sydney Morning Herald -> -
Just played the kids Queen's LiveAid performance to show them what real music is like. Not sure they quite got it :-)
New at ProBlogger: Facebook Week: Putting it All Together
Want to go to #PBEVENT? A few people had to sell theirs last minute at Act quick as swaps finish in 2 weeks!
We've started advertising on Facebook. Here's the lowdown on exactly what we've been trying ->>
3 weeks today til #PBEVENT! Freaking out!
New Blogger Job: Tech Writer - Knurture
New at ProBlogger: Facebook: The Lowdown on Advertising, and What We’ve Found Works Really Well
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