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Lastly on growing readership: look after the readers you have. Serve them & they’ll help you grow your blog through word of mouth #BlogChat
Anything you can do to make your blog ‘sticky’ will help grow your readership #BlogChat
When I started @DigitalPS I thought RSS would be the #1 way people subscribe. Turns out I was very wrong #BlogChat
A ‘hook’ to subscribe to your blog could be social media, RSS feeds but for us on @DigitalPS I find email is most effective #BlogChat
Another important thing to consider with growing a readership is finding a relevant ‘hook’ or way to subscribe for your readers #BlogChat
To find readers ask: ‘where are my readers gathering and how do I join them there?’ #BlogChat
The main way to find readers for your blog is to ‘get off your blog’. #BlogChat
btw - I have no affiliation with @BuzzSumo (but wish I had shares in it :-) #BlogChat
Getting insight from @BuzzSumo allows you to see the kinds of content that is likely to be shared that you could experiment with #BlogChat
Secondly @BuzzSumo lets you see the most shared content on any domain (yours or other blogs) #BlogChat
For starters @BuzzSumo lets you see the more shared content by keyword #BlogChat
A great tool to use to help analyse what people are sharing in your niche is @BuzzSumo. It’s free and powerful! #BlogChat
Creating ‘shareable content’ is 1 thing to consider creating. Each niche has types of content people love to share #BlogChat
But if I had to break ‘finding readers’ down into a few points - here are 6! #BlogChat
Finding Readers is a HUGE topic - I recorded an hour long webinar on the topic here #BlogChat
‘finding readers’ is the next area to work on. Great content is a start but a ‘build it and they will come’ mentality won’t work #BlogChat
So much content on the web today is ‘FLUFF’. This presents us with a real opportunity to stand apart! #BlogChat
Lastly, create ‘meaningful’ content. Don’t just go for cheap traffic, create content that matters to people and they'll come back #BlogChat
The other thing to consider with your early content is to mix up ‘inspiration’, ‘information’ and ‘interaction’ in what you do #BlogChat
Here are a few examples of Cornerstone Content on @DigitalPS (key topics I constantly link back to) #BlogChat
Here are some questions to ask yourself to identify cornerstone content topics for your blog #BlogChat
Here are some benefits of creating ‘cornerstone content’ for you blog #BlogChat
At it’s most simplistic - I love this advice from @ChrisGarrett on what to blog about on a blog #BlogChat :-)
Creating great content for your blog obviously needs to be a big part of what you need to focus on for the 1st few months & beyond #BlogChat
4 Pillars of Blogging that I now want to walk through (each of which is a huge topic in and of itself) #BlogChat
The 4 areas to focus your energy on 1. Creating great content 2. Finding Readers 3. Building Community & 4. Effective Monetization #BlogChat
OK - so if a profitable blog is what you want to build there are 4 areas of blogging I recommend focusing on... #BlogChat >>
With some ideas about what your blog will be about and who will read it we can begin to start thinking about how to build it #BlogChat
3 Questions to ask about your readers #BlogChat - this creates a 'mission statement' for your blog too!
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