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4. You’ll get the most out of #PBEVENT if you get a little out of your comfort zone. Also come with goals and questions you want answers to!
3. Still wanting a ticket to #PBEVENT? Keep an eye on our FB page for ticket swaps (deadline for swaps is in 1 week)
2. Remember: We record almost all sessions and you can listen later via your membership. #PBEVENT
1. You do NOT need to pre-register for sessions at #PBEVENT. We HOPE to have room in all of them to meet demand :-)
OK Before we finish our #PBEVENT chat here are >> 7 things you need to know<< (based upon FAQs).
>>>Q7<<< Do you have any questions you'd like answered by the #PBEVENT team before you come?
I'm going to send @chrisducker with some glasses on at some point as a body double at #PBEVENT
Since last year's #PBEVENT the words I've heard the most are 'wobbly courage'. Make sure to pack yours for the event!
Q6: This year we have a GoingPro stream that is all about monetising your blog. How are you currently monetising your blog? #PBEVENT
Q5: What are the top 3 things you’d like to get out of #PBEVENT this year?
RT @FatMumSlim: Hot tip: @easypeasykids almost always has lollies. Make sure you take time to say hello to her. @problogger #PBEVENT
Q4: Which sessions are you most looking forward to in the schedule at #PBEVENT this year? (schedule is at
RT @lizosaurus: A3: Put yourself out there. Don't take it to heart if other people are busy or overwhelmed or seem rude. Enjoy yourself! #PBEVENT
Q3: For those who've been to #PBEVENT before - what advice do you have for first timers? (PS: we LOVE first timers)
Q2: How many #PBEVENT events have you been to? Do you have a favourite memory?
Q1: Please introduce yourself - tell us a little about yourself and do include a link to your blog. #PBEVENT
I've also put together a Top 7 Things to Know about #PBEVENT this year (based upon FAQs)! So lets get into the chat!
I've prepared 7 questions for tonight's #PBEVENT that are designed to get us mixing and prepared for a great time together.
Welcome everyone to the #PBEVENT chat. With 2 wks til the event we thought this might be a fun to help us get to know each other and prepare
Just over 1 hour til our #PBEVENT chat - hope all our attendees can join us!
#PBEVENT attendees - don't forget that tonight we're having a twitter chat at 8-9pm AEST - hope you can join us!
56 Ideas For Blog Posts for Your Business Blog (still getting feedback on this post 3 months later)
Our new eBook launched last night - The Essential Guide to Black and White Photography -
2 weeks to go til #PBEVENT! So excited for this year's event!
New Blogger Job: News Writers - RFord LLC
Just back from the @StylingYou book launch in time to see our new @digitalps eBook launching - fun day!
At the @StylingYou book launch. Congrats Nikki!!! Standing room only!
New Blogger Job: Lifehack Freelance Writer - Lifehack
RT @chrisducker: If you’re part of the Community, I look forward to seeing you at the webinar with @problogger in 35mins!
This is a competition at #PBEVENT that I wish I could win!!! Thanks to @Olympus_AU for sponsoring it! -
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