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Find out which heartbreaking image from #Syria brings 91 year old man to tears #SaveSyria #SaveAleppo
Find out which heartbreaking image from #Syria brings 91 year old man to tears #SaveSyria #SaveAleppo
RT @Kittykatnip1970: It's time for Harry Reid to resign! If you agree please would you sign this petition? Thanks! :)
Seriously, if the Feds make you eat bullets, you will still be late for your taxes next year. @blueinmo @RealAlexJones
You are saying that the Feds should mow them down for back taxes? Not very effective. @blueinmo @RealAlexJones
You are kidding. The Feds incinerated a house full of women and children. Wake up! @blueinmo @RealAlexJones
» Flash Points of Tyranny: It Doesn’t End With The Bundy Standoff #bundyranch #tcot #uniteblue #tpc
» Social Security Halts Collection On Old Debts
One guy looked like he was going to play knockout game with me. I looked straight in his eyes,and he had a second thought. #biking #carfree
If you look straight at them,and aim the bicycle in their direction, pedestrians are alot more likely to stay on the curb. #biking #carfree
I've noticed if you aim your bicycle straight at the pedestrians, they are less likely to step out in front of you. #biking #carfree
RT @PrisonPlanet: Leftist @MotherJones says Obama lawlessness is nothing compared to Bundy's! #BundyRanch @kdrum
If you have another way to discredit Harry and remove as speaker, I'm all ears. @blueinmo @RealAlexJones
You do realize that you just assented to women and children being incinerated live by federal agents. @blueinmo @RealAlexJones
RT @RealAlexJones: Feds Desperate to Hide Harry Reid Link to Bundy Land Grab - #BundyRanch
RT @RealAlexJones: Ron Paul: Feds Could Soon Launch Waco-Style Assault on #bundyranch LIVE 11am-2pm CST
Any further action against the #Bundy family will only add to the Fed's crimes. @hartshornguy @KC52inNC #bundyranch #tcot #p2 #reid #nevada
The overreach was pretty obvious. It's time for people to stand up to such things. @hartshornguy @KC52inNC
RT @hartshornguy: @gnudarwin @KC52inNC They will use any pretext to flex their might against someone. The actions of the Fed were never to protect someone.
RT @hartshornguy: @KC52inNC @gnudarwin It just goes to show what the government's priorities are, violence and coercion over reason.
Well it is worse than that. The tortoises were just a pretext. These eco-conjobs are gettting tiresome. @hartshornguy @KC52inNC #climate
RT @hartshornguy: @gnudarwin @KC52inNC It was an abuse of power all under the name of protecting an animal. Seems a bit extreme to me.
Michael L. Love: Can you feel a mitochondrion? #carfree #biking #fitness #health
Someone needs mitigation. - Bloating, belching and intestinal gas: How to avoid them - Mayo Clinic #climate
The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. When the Feds act contrary to the Constitution, they are seditious. @KC52inNC @hartshornguy
@hartshornguy Yes, I would like to see positive reforms arise from what the Bundys did. We need to spread their tactics. #bundyranch #tcot
.@hartshornguy I am of the opinion that the #BLM is the actual center of seditious activity. #bundyranch #bundy #tcot #p2 #reid #nevada
@hartshornguy Guns are so widespread, most non-violent insurrection is armed by default. What the Bundys supporters did was non-violent.
RT @hartshornguy: @gnudarwin More substantial reform can happen if citizens are non-violent and stand up against injustice like Bundy ranch.
The Bundy supporters were non-violent, and they have a right to bear arms. #bundyranch #bundy #tcot #p2 #reid #nevada #topprog #bb4sp
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