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What we are not afraid to say about Ebola virus - at virology blog
Re: TWiV 302: The sky is falling -
"There is a definition of aerosol transmission; here is Medscape's: Aerosol transmission has been defined as person-to-person transmission of pathogens through the air by means of inhalation of infectious particles. Particles up to 100 μm in size are considered inhalable (inspirable). These aerosolized particles are small enough to be inhaled into the oronasopharynx, with the smaller, respirable size ranges (eg, < 10 μm) penetrating deeper into the trachea and lung (Figure).[23,24] Aerosols are emitted not only by "aerosol-generating procedures,"[19] but may also be transmitted whenever an infected person coughs, sneezes, talks, or exhales. Pathogens transmitted by respiratory aerosols can travel short or long range from the source depending on the size and shape of the particles, the initial velocity (eg, cough vs exhalation), and environmental conditions (eg, humidity, airflow). We do our best to talk about viruses spreading by aerosol. Sometimes we slip up, but we do understand the..." - Vincent Racaniello
Re: An outbreak of enterovirus 68 -
"Correct, the current test uses PCR with pan-enterovirus primers, followed by sequencing to determine the genotype. A melt curve analysis as you suggest should work as well." - Vincent Racaniello
This Week in Virology (#TWiV) episode 298 is up: MV-NIS de myelo, with more #ebola
RT @lisaschnirring: CDC releass response to #anthrax lab findings & internal investigation of #H5N1 lab incident
Celebrating 300 episodes of This Week in Virology - sign up now to attend recording in Washington DC
Harassment in Science, Replicated - NY Times
RT @AdamPolkinghorn: @Dr_Mel_Thomson @DrDaveMacca and I talking about our research My wife now knows what I do!
RT @Dr_Mel_Thomson: Ohhh! Excited! @profvrr sent link to podcast from @AUSSOCMIC when he interviewed me and others!
This Week in Microbiology (#TWiM) episode 84 is up: Microbiology Down Under
Battling Ebola: Working with a Deadly Virus - interview with Elke Muhlberger star of 'Threading the NEIDL'
This Week in Virology (#TWiV) episode 297 is up: Ebola! Don’t panic
Re: Poliovirus on BBC radio -
"Thanks, Peter. We just got to reading your email about this on TWiV, coming out on 8/10/14." - Vincent Racaniello
Ebolavirus vaccines and antivirals - at virology blog #ebola
Re: Zaire ebolavirus in West Africa -
"You are so right about that, Ed, and I'm very embarrassed. The good news is that while wearing gloves in the lab, I know not to touch my face/head." - Vincent Racaniello
POV: Battling Ebola. It’s Our Problem, Too Why we need to work with dangerous pathogens - at BU Today
Zaire ebolavirus in West Africa - conversation with Tom Solomon @runningmadprof - at virology blog
Re: Zaire ebolavirus in West Africa -
"This conversation is actually part of a full TWiV that will be released in September, but I thought this part was important to get out now." - Vincent Racaniello
Just recorded #TWiV with @RunningMadProf here in front of the new Wall of Polio
With #TWiV fans from Ottawa and Brazil after recording at #iums2014
Curtis Suttle and Carla Saleh, my two guests on #TWiV just concluded at #iums2014 in Montreal. Thanks everyone!
Arriving Montreal for #iums2014 #twiv Wednesday 5 PM room 517c Convention center - see you there!
Scientists for Science #scifsci biomedical research on dangerous pathogens can be performed safely and is needed
Urban Agriculture episode 7 is up: The science behind growing food indoors
This Week in Virology (#TWiV) episode 295 is up: A nonslip grippe and Lassa’s LAMP
Awesome site RT @markowenmartin: For all you cartoon bacteriophage fans (phans?), I found this:
This Week in Parasitism (#TWiP) episode 75 is up: Parasite wonders with Bobbi Pritt
This Week in Virology (#TWiV) episode 294 is up: Smallpox and anthrax and flu, oh my!
TWiV 294: Smallpox and anthrax and flu, oh my! -
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