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This Week in Virology (#TWiV) episode 298 is up: MV-NIS de myelo, with more #ebola
RT @lisaschnirring: CDC releass response to #anthrax lab findings & internal investigation of #H5N1 lab incident
Celebrating 300 episodes of This Week in Virology - sign up now to attend recording in Washington DC
Harassment in Science, Replicated - NY Times
RT @AdamPolkinghorn: @Dr_Mel_Thomson @DrDaveMacca and I talking about our research My wife now knows what I do!
RT @Dr_Mel_Thomson: Ohhh! Excited! @profvrr sent link to podcast from @AUSSOCMIC when he interviewed me and others!
This Week in Microbiology (#TWiM) episode 84 is up: Microbiology Down Under
Battling Ebola: Working with a Deadly Virus - interview with Elke Muhlberger star of 'Threading the NEIDL'
This Week in Virology (#TWiV) episode 297 is up: Ebola! Don’t panic
Re: Poliovirus on BBC radio -
"Thanks, Peter. We just got to reading your email about this on TWiV, coming out on 8/10/14." - Vincent Racaniello
Ebolavirus vaccines and antivirals - at virology blog #ebola
Re: Zaire ebolavirus in West Africa -
"You are so right about that, Ed, and I'm very embarrassed. The good news is that while wearing gloves in the lab, I know not to touch my face/head." - Vincent Racaniello
POV: Battling Ebola. It’s Our Problem, Too Why we need to work with dangerous pathogens - at BU Today
Zaire ebolavirus in West Africa - conversation with Tom Solomon @runningmadprof - at virology blog
Re: Zaire ebolavirus in West Africa -
"This conversation is actually part of a full TWiV that will be released in September, but I thought this part was important to get out now." - Vincent Racaniello
Just recorded #TWiV with @RunningMadProf here in front of the new Wall of Polio
With #TWiV fans from Ottawa and Brazil after recording at #iums2014
Curtis Suttle and Carla Saleh, my two guests on #TWiV just concluded at #iums2014 in Montreal. Thanks everyone!
Arriving Montreal for #iums2014 #twiv Wednesday 5 PM room 517c Convention center - see you there!
Scientists for Science #scifsci biomedical research on dangerous pathogens can be performed safely and is needed
Urban Agriculture episode 7 is up: The science behind growing food indoors
This Week in Virology (#TWiV) episode 295 is up: A nonslip grippe and Lassa’s LAMP
Awesome site RT @markowenmartin: For all you cartoon bacteriophage fans (phans?), I found this:
This Week in Parasitism (#TWiP) episode 75 is up: Parasite wonders with Bobbi Pritt
This Week in Virology (#TWiV) episode 294 is up: Smallpox and anthrax and flu, oh my!
TWiV 294: Smallpox and anthrax and flu, oh my! -
TWiV 293: Virology Down Under -
RT @Crof: US: Florida reports first locally acquired #chikungunya cases
RT @martinenserink: Reports that Joep Lange, veteran #HIV/AIDS researcher from Netherlands was aboard MH17 en route to AIDS2014 in Melbourne
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