Re: Covering up a naked virus -
"Retroviruses package two copies of the RNA genome, and it is believed this is to overcome lethal mutations (the polymerase copies both strands). Whether other viruses achieve the same by putting an envelope around multiple particles remains to be seen." - Vincent Racaniello
Re: TWiV 329: Pox in the balance -
"Agreed, Cort. I was horrified when Dickson said that. As you know I corrected him later but I'm not sure he understand." - Vincent Racaniello
Re: Infectious agents with no genome -
"There have been some recent cases in the US, some of which are believed to have originated from the UK." - Vincent Racaniello
Re: Infectious agents with no genome -
"Foldit is a very cool, crowdsourced program. My friend Marc Pelletier talked with its founder on his podcast, Futures in Biotech. You can find this episode at" - Vincent Racaniello
Re: Infectious agents with no genome -
"I'm convinced. The evidence is quite compelling and I don't see how other than a misfolded protein might be involved in prion diseases." - Vincent Racaniello
Re: TWiV 327: Does a gorilla shift in the woods? -
"Thank you, link fixed." - Vincent Racaniello
Re: What does transfection mean? -
"How about the use of 'titer' as a verb? As in: I tiered the virus stock. Should be: I determined the titer, or I titrated the infectivity." - Vincent Racaniello
Re: Viroids, infectious agents that encode no proteins -
"All great questions. There are viroids that do not cause symptoms in plants; they simply replicate and spread. They likely do not give rise to small RNAs that silence plant genes, but this has not been proven. Why some viroids cause disease is not known - does it provide some selective advantage, or is it an accident? They are likely in plants because naked RNAs can spread between and within plants, whereas such probably can't happen in other organisms. That's my guess, not a fact. And where did they come from - not known but some think they are relics from an RNA world, before cellular life. Probably not from plants." - Vincent Racaniello
Re: An unexpected benefit of inactivated poliovirus vaccine -
"The oral vaccine does not contain adjuvant. Both IPV and OPV were developed in the 1950s before we knew anything about prime-boost regimens. Back then multiple immunizations of the same vaccines were often used, and called boosters." - Vincent Racaniello
Re: TWiV 313: With viruses like these, who needs enemas? -
"Thank you, both fixed." - Vincent Racaniello
Re: A virus that melts sea stars -
"You can make comments once you have something to contribute." - Vincent Racaniello
Re: Virus entry into cells -
"The image is from the textbook 'Principles of Virology', volume 3, ASM Press." - Vincent Racaniello
Re: Algal virus associated with altered human cognitive functions -
"In the previous study, all patient samples were positive due to column contamination." - Vincent Racaniello
Re: Algal virus associated with altered human cognitive functions -
"We talked about the Qiagen contamination issue: I don't think it's a problem in this paper, because the chlorella virus DNAs were not found in all samples. But they should have run a water control through the column and done some sequencing, as in the paper cited above. At least they should have addressed the possibility." - Vincent Racaniello
The next #TWiV will also be Ebola-less, as I’m traveling all week. Will be from my visit to UGA @science_cow
No - #TWiV was not invited. Tell the organizers! @LindsayMUAF
NSABB is meeting regularly. Videos of last meeting ar up, will post later @RegReader @alandove
Agreed RT @science_cow: #TWiV 301, I disagree w/Ann Skalka that NYC is immune to glass ceilings and sexism. Not "just the midwest"
Listen to Ann Skalka on her career in virology: from bacteriophage to retroviruses This Week in Virology #TWiV 310
Starting research on enterovirus D68 in my lab. Here is plaque assay that we developed to measure virus titer
Poster spotted on NYC subway. I would have written 'influenza virus', not germs.
Little incentive when oil remains cheap - the OilCos know that @ProfPCDoherty
Very basic medical care. Lab tests, IV fluids, oxygen, proper infection control. @DeutschCatala See
More measles cases reported in US so far in 2014 than during any year in the past two decades
There is no foresight. We used to have it, but now everything is ‘whats in it for me’? (or my state?) @Avalonbryan @enkidu97
Not sure what your point is, but I’ve mentioned all that research previously at @stgoldst
Now spending billions on fighting #Ebola. Had it only been spent before on research, we would be better prepared
Enough money to test several vaccines in humans! RT @Crof: US: Obama asks for $6.18 billion to fight #Ebola
I’m completely with you on this one @rocza @aetiology
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