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Programming Languages

Programming Languages

Anything about programming languages and the theory behind them.
Saravanan Sof
Mike Brown
Mert Kızılırmak
After Effects'te bir kaç efekti birleştirip tek bir efekt hâline getirmek istiyorum. Sanırsam script kullanmam gerek... Kaynak bilen eden var mı?
CS3 için bu arada... - Mert Kızılırmak
bi kaç efekti birleştirmek derken ? biraz açabilirmisin - Fil 
The Go Programming Language (a systems programming language expressive, concurrent, garbage-collected) by Google -
Noop, A testable programming language running on the JVM -
Shawn Hickman
Hey everyone, just to let you know, I am not a programmer I am a designer. Is there any one programming language that is best for use on the Internet? Or is it all based on what you're building?
Well, Javascript is the obvious choice, if you want to create dynamic web sites. For cool web apps you should try Ruby (on Rails) or Python (Django). If you have to deal with complex Enterprise applications they're probably Java. - Andreas
Awesome, thanks for the info:) - Shawn Hickman
If you are one of those "visual" people, then I would recommend Flash. It's pretty much made for people that think visually and has a nice (enough, there are problems but what hasn't) interface supporting that mode of working. - Jillis ter Hove
I actually want to stay away from Flash because I want to be able to access mobile phones. Thanks for the advice tho:) - Shawn Hickman
Jillis ter Hove
Clue: an ANSI C compiler targeting high level languages -
"Clue is an ANSI C compiler (C89, some C99) that targets high-level languages such as Lua, Javascript or Perl (and some low-level ones). It supports the entire C language, including pointer arithmetic, and can be used to run arbitrary pure-C programs." - Jillis ter Hove from Bookmarklet
Jillis ter Hove
"Programming Paradigms (CS107) introduces several programming languages, including C, Assembly, C++, Concurrent Programming, Scheme, and Python. The class aims to teach students how to write code for each of these individual languages and to understand the programming paradigms behind these languages." - Jillis ter Hove from Bookmarklet
Jillis ter Hove
A Neighborhood of Infinity: The Three Projections of Doctor Futamura -
"The Three Projections of Futamura are a sequence of applications of a programming technique called 'partial evaluation' or 'specialisation', each one more mind-bending than the previous one. But it shouldn't be programmers who have all the fun. So I'm going to try to explain the three projections in a way that non-programmers can maybe understand too. But whether you're a programmer or not, this kind of self-referential reasoning can hurt your brain. At least it hurts mine. But it's a good pain, right?" - Jillis ter Hove from Bookmarklet
A very good read! Thanks for sharing. - Stolee
No problem! I enjoyed it as well.. too bad there aren't any good implementations lying around to play with (other than scheme stuff (I find scheme syntax to be annoying at best))... no python, ruby, java or, god forbid, php implementations! :( Too bad because it is a pretty cool idea and has been known for a long time... - Jillis ter Hove
Jillis ter Hove
Nimrod Programming Language -
"Nimrod is a new statically typed, imperative programming language, that supports procedural, object oriented, functional and generic programming styles while remaining simple and efficient." - Jillis ter Hove from Bookmarklet
"Here are the slides from my keynote this morning at the SF Erlang Factory conference" - mjc from Bookmarklet
Yaser Sulaiman
Abstruse Goose » Computer Programming 101 -
Abstruse Goose » Computer Programming 101
Q: How does computer programming work? A: "Magic." - Yaser Sulaiman
Introduction to Software Engineering in Java, January (IAP) 2008 -
Introduction to Software Engineering in Java, January (IAP) 2008
Coverity, Inc., the leader in software integrity, today announced the launch of a 2009 web seminar series that will connect software developers with industry thought leaders in the fields of software security and quality. -
Free Online event:How Software Development Organizations Can Improve Application Architecture to Drive Long Term Cost Savings -
"More" - Michael_techie
Coverity Architecture Analyzer to Deliver Advanced Visualization of Software Systems -
Jonathan Johnson
My new programming language podcast, Hello, World Podcast. First episode is an interview with Brett Cannon on Python. -
pygtalkrobot - Google Code -
Does anybody feel like doing a little #python "personal assistant #IM bot" that interfaces to Jabber/GTalk and Google Calendar for IM'ing calendar entries? I'm only an amateur programmer with some python experience, but I would love to dabble around with this a bit. - w0nk0
Cool Idea. working on a related project, perhaps we should compare notes - Elias
Quality Problems Cost Software Companies Up to $22 Million Annually According to New Report -
Free Webinar: Coverity Software Readiness Manager for Java -
Every language tells a story -
I agree with the premise although the interpretations of the stories are not very deep and serve more as examples. - Robin Barooah
Andreas Best background music for programming? -
It depends on the mood. - Daniel Schildt
Hey Language Snobs: Don’t Pinch Pennies -
quick peek into why SquirrelFish’s interpreter is so fast -
a compilation of various sources of data concerning programming language usage -
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