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The beaches where Lego keeps washing up - mjc
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Original Post from Ilya Grigorik: Hooray.. rel=prefetch will be (re)enabled in Chrome M38: - yes, it's currently disabled by default. Even better, prefetch requests will now persist across page navigations, which makes it infinitely more useful. Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 12.08.35 PM.png - mjc
According to FCC data released in 2013, over 39 million Americans have less than 2 wired broadband providers they can get broadband service from. Our team at Broadband Now has been obsessed with this fact because without a competitive market, companies have little incentive to treat their customers well or improve their infrastructure leading to poor customer service [1] and questionable business practices.[2] Lucky for some consumers, municipali... - mjc
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Original Post from Susana M.: Study Shows How Effects of Starvation Can Be Passed to Future Generations Evidence from human famines and animal studies suggests that starvation can affect the health of descendants of famished individuals. But how such an acquired trait might be transmitted from one generation to the next has not been clear. A new study, involving roundworms, shows that starvation induces specific changes in so-called small RNAs and that these changes are inherited through at least three consecutive generations, apparently without any DNA involvement. The study, conducted by Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) researchers, offers intriguing new evidence that the biology of inheritance is more complicated than previously thought. ●Read more: ●Image description: The inheritance of small RNAs (red bars) by the progeny of starved worms resulted in a longer life span. ●Journal Reference: Starvation-Induced Transgenerational Inheritance of Small... - mjc
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Original Post from Cognitive Dissonance Podcast: Sex shame is no problem. here, have a house DESPITE O'Brien's self-imposed exile from Scotland, he is living just 50 miles across the Border in a house bought by Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh Leo Cushley. - mjc
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Original Post from Chris Galardi: The most useful frontend web development website got a good facelift =D CSS · @font-face Web fonts · Blending of HTML and SVG element · calc() as CSS unit value · 2.1 selectors · background-blend-mode · Counters · Feature Queries · Filter Effects · Generated content for pseudo-elements · Gradients · Grid Layout · Hyphenation · inline-block · Masks · min/max-width/ ... - mjc
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Original Post from Cognitive Dissonance Podcast: Stop being gay says child molestor A Pittsburgh pastor who wrote a book about ‘curing’ homosexuality has been arrested for molesting a teenaged boy. Again. - mjc
Discussing the atrocity of young Iranian girls being forced into marriage, Maryam Namazie quotes Ayatollah Khomeini approving of some of the most depraved sexual practices you will ever read anyone... - mjc
Cardboard Stories | Homeless in Orlando - mjc
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Original Post from Cognitive Dissonance Podcast: I'm sure these will be heartfelt conversions Islamic State group tells Christian community in Mosul they face death if they do not embrace Islam or pay tax. - mjc
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Original Post from Chris Galardi: FOIA request turns up 9 years of records, including plaintext credit card numbers. - mjc
Of all the alternative medical systems out there, chiropractic is one of the oddest. Unlike many of the others, it has a modicum of plausibility, at least back problems due to musculoskeletal strains. After all, the science-based specialty of physical therapy uses spinal manipulation to treat back problems. Of course, the big difference between chiropractic… - mjc
Prosecutors say the company knowingly distributed controlled substances to customers who had never met with doctors. FedEx says it is innocent and that it will plead not guilty. - mjc
Whether I was working as a barista or a paralegal, the story was the same: My employers wanted me to keep my mouth shut about money. - mjc
Once again, Discovery Channel shows they are not science-based and will even pull unethical stunts to get ratings. Epic. Fail. We posted the link in the leftovers of 16-July to the story in Canada’s National Post about a video that purportedly showed a bull shark spotted in Lake Ontario. The best answer at the time…Continue → - mjc
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Original Post from Chris Galardi: Limited Perspectacles! 2-24-14-perspectacles.gif - mjc
David Young, Vice President, Verizon Regulatory Affairs recently published a blog post suggesting that Netflix themselves are responsible for the streaming - mjc
I'm a dog person. I always wanted a dog as a child, and while my extended family all had dogs, we never had one in our home. I finally got my wish just over a... - mjc
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Original Post from Chris Galardi: They actually used the phrase "right-size." This email. I just can't even - mjc
Reshared post from Chris Galardi: -
Original Post from Chris Galardi: This is truly amazing. The country really is split between people who enjoy making things better and people who enjoy yelling and being made angry by spurious accusation. An Arizona Republican legislator and congressional candidate thought he saw fearful border children inside a school bus. Turns out they were local kids going... - mjc
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Original Post from Johnny Worthington: 10,883 scientific peer-reviewed studies agree global warming is real and caused by or adversely accelerated by humans. 2 do not. - mjc
He’s so handy - everyone says so! “Weird Al” Yankovic shows off his skill set with a tool set in this parody of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy.” Starring Al Yankovic, Eddie Pepitone, Justin Giddings, Ted Hollis. Director/writer/editor: Yankovic. Producers: Corey Moss, Shane Spiegel, Sam Kirkpatrick. Casting: Chrissy Fiorilli-Ellington. DP: Clyde Smith. Art: Katie Crawford. Wardrobe: Patrick Glendening. HMU: Sean James. Post Prod.: Evan Watkins, Andrew Mall... - mjc
Alternative Medicine's best friend, and in my opinion largely responsible for what popularity it has, is a gullible media. I had thought we were turning a... - mjc
I recently wrote about the claim that acupuncture can improve vision in patients with macular degeneration. In response, I received this e-mail: At Discovery... - mjc
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Original Post from Addy Osmani: HUGE. Chrome 36 is now stable! ~300 million people will soon have full support for Web Components!  Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 20.10.26.png - mjc
There’s a point I feel that I have have to make briefly as I begin this post. Basically, this might look familiar, but given that I was at TAM Wednesday through Sunday, I didn’t have time to produce two separate posts, and this is important enough to be distributed as widely as possible. In any… - mjc
One of the most common criticisms launched at defenders of science-based medicine by believers in pseudoscience and quackery is that we are “pharma shills.” The assumption, or so it would seem, is that no one would defend science, reason, and medicine unless he were paid off by pharmaceutical, chemical, and/or agricultural companies. The further assumption… - mjc
lol. Ed Helms concludes the camera phone combines the rapid battery depletion of a high-powered digital camera with the image production capability of a phone. - mjc
Right-wing grifter Dinesh D'Souza is terribly persecuted. Just ask him. There's a grand conspiracy afoot, perpetrated by the New York Times, Google and Costco (and, I'm sure, the Illimunati, the Fr... - mjc
Lo and behold, a crusade led by one young man against a titan of televised pseudoscience — and no, we’re not talking about Ancient Aliens. In a brilliant interview by Vox’s Julia Belluz that went up Monday, the world’s been introduced to University of Rochester medical student Benjamin Mazer, who - mjc
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