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Reshared post from Kat M: -
Original Post from Kat M: These kids are yarning for justice! 10/4/14 - 1 - mjc
Reshared post from Linda Dee: -
smooth-scrolling and minimap like sublime editor -
Reshared post from Ilya Grigorik: -
Original Post from Ilya Grigorik: All Google+ widgets have been updated to use the script[async + defer] pattern! E.g. +1 button docs: What's the benefit? Loading widgets via script[async+defer] does not block the document parser (see [1]), and allows the preload scanner to discover the script resource and initiate an earlier fetch (see [2]). Net outcome, both your page and the widget load faster! Have a G+ widget on your page? Check out the docs for guidance on how to update your snippets. Kudos to the G+ team for taking the lead on this! Hope to see more widget providers adopt the same pattern. [1] [2] async-defer.png - mjc
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Original Post from Kerry Wright: #australia   #auspol   #joehockey   9-225.jpg - mjc
Reshared post from Filippo Salustri: -
Original Post from Filippo Salustri: Empathy can cause aggression. And a neurohormone may be responsible. "The findings of the research provide evidence that activating empathy may prompt aggression toward those in conflict or competition with empathy targets, even independent of traditional predictors of aggression and in the absence of wrongdoing or provocation from the target of aggression." #neuroscience #empathy  Researchers examined whether assessed or elicited empathy would lead to situation-specific aggression on behalf of another person, and to explore the potential role of two neurohormones in explaining a connection between empathy and aggression. - mjc
Reshared post from Steve Hardie: -
Original Post from Steve Hardie: Sounds like a plan, but who would beleive it... tumblr_lz00vjYHlu1qfeqwgo1_500.jpg - mjc
Reshared post from I fucking love science: -
Original Post from I fucking love science: JOIN OUR SCIENCE COMMUNITY: 28/09/2014 - 1 - mjc
Reshared post from Charlotte Borah: -
+Chris Galardi Original Post from Charlotte Borah: 9 is a tiger. 10 is a tigger. 11 is an uncoordinated house cat who falls of the furniture and pretends he meant to do that. I think we all know who 12 is... 9/27/14 - 1 - mjc
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Original Post from Liana Rundle: Via +Daily Kos 9/27/14 - 1 - mjc
Reshared post from The New York Public Library: -
Original Post from The New York Public Library: Can you tell us how to get to Sesame Street? No seriously, can someone please tell us? One librarian researched extensively to try to find the exact location of Sesame Street. 592-55887b9b186279bc6e5cd0ae4080fba3.jpg - mjc
Reshared post from Madison Smith: -
Original Post from Madison Smith: 9/27/14 - 1 - mjc
Reshared post from The Verge: -
Original Post from The Verge: This is awesome. Album cover GIFs for +Metallica, +Nirvana, and others   The best album covers invite you to their imaginary worlds, but they've always been static images. What if album art were less like a painting and more like a window into another world? A Tumblr... - mjc
Reshared post from Rhys Taylor: -
Original Post from Rhys Taylor: Website update Slight modifications to the second part of the bit about the Virgo cluster. By which I mean the .blend containing the 781 images of Virgo cluster galaxies in position-velocity space is now available. I tidied up the script a bit, but it's still rough around the edges. Should be fine for just looking at the pretty pictures though. I'm currently trying to export this to WebGL format via blend4web. That should be a lot more interesting since anyone could view this interactively in a browser without Blender. Virgo.gif - mjc
Dixie has no idea how to play with her cone on -
Dixie's travel carrier just came in the mail. I opened it up and flattened the bottom and she jumped right in before I even knew what was happening :P -
My parents got me a whole key lime pie for my birthday from Gilbert's. Wow! Thanks +Jannifer :D -
14 - 1
+Viki Ann got me a Wasteland 2 Desert Rangers keychain for an early birthday present! Yay! -
Dixie's tired from a long day of puppin'. -
Shit New Age Girls Say [ELEVATE] - mjc
The group, while terrible, hasn't ordered this particular form of mutilation in the cities they've captured. - mjc
The film version of “Moneyball” depicts many establishment baseball types as ignorant of where wins in baseball come from and clueless about how to properly value talent. Take, for example, the sce... - mjc
Reshared post from Ilya Grigorik: -
Original Post from Ilya Grigorik: Chrome has switched to BoringSSL: What is BoringSSL? It's Google's fork of OpenSSL. For background on what/why/who and where, see: Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 4.00.34 PM.png - mjc
Sleep affects your ability to remember things dramatically -
Sleep affects your ability to remember things dramatically When someone looks at me and earnestly says, 'I know what I saw,' I am fond of replying, 'No you don't.' You have a distorted and constructed memory of a... - mjc
The beaches where Lego keeps washing up - mjc
Reshared post from Ilya Grigorik: -
Original Post from Ilya Grigorik: Hooray.. rel=prefetch will be (re)enabled in Chrome M38: - yes, it's currently disabled by default. Even better, prefetch requests will now persist across page navigations, which makes it infinitely more useful. Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 12.08.35 PM.png - mjc
According to FCC data released in 2013, over 39 million Americans have less than 2 wired broadband providers they can get broadband service from. Our team at Broadband Now has been obsessed with this fact because without a competitive market, companies have little incentive to treat their customers well or improve their infrastructure leading to poor customer service [1] and questionable business practices.[2] Lucky for some consumers, municipali... - mjc
Reshared post from Susana M.: -
Original Post from Susana M.: Study Shows How Effects of Starvation Can Be Passed to Future Generations Evidence from human famines and animal studies suggests that starvation can affect the health of descendants of famished individuals. But how such an acquired trait might be transmitted from one generation to the next has not been clear. A new study, involving roundworms, shows that starvation induces specific changes in so-called small RNAs and that these changes are inherited through at least three consecutive generations, apparently without any DNA involvement. The study, conducted by Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) researchers, offers intriguing new evidence that the biology of inheritance is more complicated than previously thought. ●Read more: ●Image description: The inheritance of small RNAs (red bars) by the progeny of starved worms resulted in a longer life span. ●Journal Reference: Starvation-Induced Transgenerational Inheritance of Small... - mjc
Reshared post from Cognitive Dissonance Podcast: -
Original Post from Cognitive Dissonance Podcast: Sex shame is no problem. here, have a house DESPITE O'Brien's self-imposed exile from Scotland, he is living just 50 miles across the Border in a house bought by Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh Leo Cushley. - mjc
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