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Laura Norvig
Pumpkin carved. OMG, Halloween is exhausting.
Now, who's crafty? How the heck am I going to get feathers on a shirt without a hot glue gun? I have two long feather boas and a green shirt that somehow I am supposed to make look like a bird. - Laura Norvig
Rebuild shirt out of duck tape? Overlap so sticky side is mostly out? Elmer's glue will work for a bit but you'll shed and it's water soluble if anyone spills. - Hedgehog
Sewing. Feather boas have a string interior. Locate that and stitch it to the shirt in strategic places. This is by hand sewing, not machine sewing. - Spidra Webster
Jeffy says tie strips of the feather boa to a string or wire and then use binder clips to clip it to his sleeve and collar. I was thinking glue strands of boa to a thin strip of cardboard and duct tape the whole thing to the sleeves. - Laura Norvig
Spidra, I can't sew for shit. I think I have some needles - not sure where the thread is ... - Laura Norvig
This kind isn't very exacting so as long as you can go up & down and tie a knot, you're good. - Spidra Webster
that might be the thing to do, actually. I just dread sewing in general ... - Laura Norvig
There's very little that can go wrong in this case. You're not sewing in a tailored way. You're not sewing for the good looks of the stitches. You're just trying to hold one object to another object. And hand sewing can be unpicked and redone far more easily than machine sewing so even if you make a mistake, it's easier to fix. - Spidra Webster
I found a travel sewing kit! Let's get this party started. I need something good to watch while I labor ... - Laura Norvig
Cristo, I do have some Duco cement but I'm not sure how that would work with fabric. - Laura Norvig
^^ate too much glue as a child^^ - Laura Norvig
First you start with a horse... This is a good site to learn which glues to use for what materials: - Spidra Webster
Hmm. That was a fun two hours. At least I only stuck myself with a needle once or twice, gently. - Laura Norvig from iPhone
Mike Pegg
RT @brianslagel: Maybe the best commercial ever @googlechrome: The new #Chromebook: the computer for Halloween @Slayer
Spidra Webster
Oakland chief filtered out Occupy e-mail - SFGate -
Oakland chief filtered out Occupy e-mail - SFGate
"People who've e-mailed Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan over the past year about Occupy Oakland probably didn't get much of a response. That's because he used a spam filter to dismiss messages sent to him with "Occupy Oakland" in the subject line, according to a federal court filing Monday. Same goes for the phrases "stop the excessive police force," "respect the press pass" or "police brutality." Instead of landing in his in-box, those messages went straight into his junk mail folder, which he apparently never looked at. Because of those filters, Jordan missed e-mails from other city officials and a federal court monitor, who oversees the department's compliance with court-ordered reforms stemming from a police abuse scandal. Robert Warshaw, the monitor, had sent Jordan an e-mail with the subject line "Disciplinary Actions-Occupy Oakland." Jordan told the court on Oct. 18 that he never saw those e-mails, infuriating Thelton Henderson, the federal judge in San Francisco who... more... - Spidra Webster from Bookmarklet
Aw, he almost made it a whole year without having to read emails about Occupy. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
Hwhoops. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Louis Gray
Matthew! I thought we made it clear that toes are not a food group!
NOM - Josh Haley
Babies love toesies...nom nom nom - Threepwood
But daaaaad they has a flavor!!! - Yolanda
Yolanda, I'll have to trust him. I'm not sucking his toes to find out. - Louis Gray
mmm... nom, nom... bacon flavored toes. - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
Oh I remember doing that as a kid too. Those were fun times. - Tamar Weinberg
So what you're saying is that toes are not a "legit" snack? <bows graciously to the thundering applause> - Mitch
Ohhh nooo, Mitch. How could you ;-) +1 - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
yeah -- if it doesn't work for trash, it doesn't work for toes. ;) - John LeMasney
ZING - Mitch
My online Persian to English translator reports: "copy the dynamic and a victory for scandal". FAIL? :-) - Louis Gray
If Matthew's dad cleaned his little toes, he wouldn't have to gnosh on it. :-) - john
you are just jealous because you can't do that anymore - Iphigenie
داشتیم جوان؟ =))))))))))))))))))))) - شروین فتحی
سایه خانم صداش رو در نیار :))) - شروین فتحی
so cute! - Stormy
واااای یاد یه جریانی و این چیزا به خیر... اسمایلی سوتی - سایه
Ah, but what about Toe-Jam? - Christian (Simply X)
TOE-tally! - MiniMage
I used to do this! sucking my big toe. I learned it from a ride at epcot center. - PJ Gormley
خانم سایه: در این مورد هم می‌تونید توضیح بدید - هادی خ
Jenny H.
An afternoon pick-me-up. :)
The beverage... not what ever you're doing with that spoon right? - SAM
Methinks that SAM is feeling frisky today. - Friar Will
Yes. We're not going to talk about what I'm doing with the spoon. >_> - Jenny H.
I thought the spoon was for catapulting stuff out of your fort. - John (bird whisperer)
That's what the bra is for John (things i've learned today) - Steve C, Team Marina
haha - mjc
Thank you, Steve, for bringing it full circle. :D - Jenny H.
I'm dropping science like I'm Louis Gray, yo!
I love this pic. :) - Louis Gray
double *bitchlips* - BEX
Louis is taller than me? *cries* - Derrick
No Derrick, you were just slouching. Plus Louis had on shoes with thick soles. - FFing Enigma
Tina, it's like you TOOK the picture!! - Derrick
I was standing on a Derrick's left foot. He has big feet, gentlemen... - Louis Gray
1UP Louis - Derrick
my contribution to the louis gray meme: - Adam Singer
awesome Adam! - BEX
*fist bump* Adam - Derrick
Derrick wins the Moment of Win once again - Josh Haley
I wanan meet Louissss lol - Gordon Swaby
Dropping science? Not coolz - orionstarr
bump. - mjc
Bump for the good times. - Mark Krynsky
awww, this pic was taken right after I met Derrick <3 - Tamara, #TeamMarina
What is this, memory lane? :) - Louis Gray
I took this picture. I have an uncanny method for extracting bitchlips. - Mark Krynsky
:) - edythe
*bump* - Derrick
We should retake this in Nawlins. - Louis Gray
Co-sign. - Derrick
Make it so. - Micah
I think Louis Gray has better bitchlips than Robert Scoble. - NOT THE CRICKET
This make me happy and sad. Great to see you, guys! But sad for FFundercats and FF... - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
This is Derrick's oldest and most favoritest shirt. - Louis Gray
Still a MOW. - Mary B: #TeamMonique from iPhone
Indeed it is. I love this shirt. - Derrick
Meanwhile, I have probably never worn that shirt since. Ugh. - Louis Gray
Jenny H.
I love her. <3 Sorry for the shitty photos. They didn't allow flash.
Aaaaand now I am stuck in Saturday night traffic on the strip. :((( - Jenny H. from Android
Hopefully with a full tank. ;) - Kristin
:P - Jenny H. from Android
Hehe. - Kristin
Fiona Apple. :) - Jenny H. from Android
She killed it tonight. - Jenny H. from Android
(LOL @ Nakachi) - Prairie & I Know It from Android
Sweet. Kelli, you may be into this podcast interview with Fiona that I heard recently. I quite enjoyed it. - Micah
How long did Fiona perform? I'd read she'd been doing short sets. - jbrotherlove
She performed for about 2 hours, jbrotherlove. Micah, thanks for the link. I'll try to listen to it this week. :) esther, yes, she certainly is! - Jenny H.
ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
The cuteness in my apartment this weekend was too much to bear. Also: Otto lurvs Jed.
the new cat power you guys...
The semi-used hamster powers mine! (and, yes) - Johnny
;) the thought of 'cat power' does make me giggle though. - Jason
holly #ravingfangirl
<3 <3 we have a cat available for adoption named Ziggy Stardust. the volunteer who wrote up the description called her a "rockstar cat from Mars". :D
ROCKSTAR CAT FROM MARS, PEOPLE. - holly #ravingfangirl
Is there a link to a picture of this cat? I think I need to see it. :) - Katy S
hee. I am getting ready to post it. i'll link it when it's available. - holly #ravingfangirl
ok, i got it sort of wrong, but she did use the phrase "rockstar cat from mars" - holly #ravingfangirl
OMG I'd snap her up in a heartbeat <3 - Melly
She is very cute. - Katy S
isn't she? that first picture is great. :) - holly #ravingfangirl
Oh, I just adore her! - Half Pint
Mathew™ aka Youngblood
"@ajbatac: Valve is bringing Steam to your TV Today" Bet it would go nice with my Thunderbolt Display too.
"@ajbatac: Valve is bringing Steam to your TV Today"  Bet it would go nice with my Thunderbolt Display too.
holly #ravingfangirl
New recipe spices up Vancouver Sausage Fest | The Columbian -
New recipe spices up Vancouver Sausage Fest | The Columbian
On my way. - Derrick
If you have to ask "what is Pro and Con" PLEASE DROP THE FUCK OUT OF MY ENGLISH CLASS. Come back when you know. ARGHHHHHHH.
oh dear - Katy S
What's that person's FriendFeed username, Lnor? - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Kudos to Instructor for rolling with that one. Chick has got a poker face bar none. I may have fell in love with her a little bit right then. I'm getting called out for using my phone -To look up a /Pyrrhic victory/ - and that dumb as fuck girl is asking abt pro and con. There's lower level English classes for that right? Ugh. - Lnorigb from FFHound!
I'm still upset about this. I got to look up w new words today cos this English class is awesome challenging. THREE new words in one article. Facile. Pyrrhic. And aphorism. And that woman is asking about whats pro and con. Wrt the same article. I HAVE NO PATIENCE FOR THIS. - Lnorigb from FFHound!
Bret Taylor
Improve FriendFeed for your friends by recommending subscriptions - FriendFeed Blog -
Improve FriendFeed for your friends by recommending subscriptions - FriendFeed Blog
"As a devoted FriendFeed user, I have tried to convince all of my friends and family to join the site, but a handful of them never quite got their accounts set up properly. With our new Recommend friends feature, I can fix their FriendFeed experience by recommending subscriptions to them." Try it out at - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
Excellent feature, gooood idea! - Susan Beebe
Very cool =) - FFing Enigma
Cool stuff. - Mike Bracco
Uh, it tells me that Scoble, among others, could use the recommendations. WTF? Perhaps I have too few subscriptions for this to work. - Fred Yankowski
more good stuff - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Finally a better recommendation - directeur
I'd still love an "e-mail this item" feature, similar to Google Reader. - Jesse Stay
great idea! - Edwin Khodabakchian
Cool! Beats the heck out of #followfriday!! - Larry Hawes
What am I supposed to get when I click the 'recommend friends' link on someone's pop-up? Currently, the popup just goes away and I don't get directed anywhere else. - FFing Enigma
Fred: yah, unfortunately, you can only recommend people who you are subscribed you and who are also subscribed back to you. - Bret Taylor
Mark, I didn't submit a bug report since what is supposed to happen wasn't actually spelled out on the blog post or here; this might be the intended functionality... I hope not, but it's possible. - FFing Enigma
Tina: it is supposed to pop up a dialog. Sorry for the trouble - we will look into it. - Bret Taylor
At first I did not understand this, but now that I am checking it out, it is brilliant and addresses much of what we have complained about. NOW what will we complain about? - Liza + = ?
Just to confirm Bret, the first image in the blog post is what the pop up is supposed to look like, right? Because that's nothing like what the page looks like.... - FFing Enigma
I notice that new subscriptions are automatically added to one's home feed. I consider that kind of a bug. - Meryn Stol
Tina: yes, that is correct. The page is just a list of people that we think could use some friend recommendations since they have few subscriptions. If you click on any of the "Recommend" links on that page, you will see the same, standard "Recommend friends" dialog. - Bret Taylor
User-driven...I like. - Josh Haley
Where would we find recommendations that others suggest to us? - Fred Yankowski
@Bret, who receive the recommandation see also who is the recommender? - Roberto
Fred: You will receive an email as well as a notification on the top of your feed. - Ross Miller
Roberto: yes, they see who recommended - Bret Taylor
Not getting the pop-over when I click 'recommend' on the page either... FFox 3.0.12 if it's relevant. - FFing Enigma
Bret, if I recommend friends to people who haven't signed in for a long time, will they get email? A lot of my bored friends are not active FF users I think. (quite logical) - Meryn Stol
and can I see who has accepted my recommendation? - Roberto
Roberto: You won't be notified if they accept/deny as the recommender. - Ross Miller
Ross: Ah, it just appeared on my feed. Cool. (And thanks Meryn) - Fred Yankowski
Meryn: yes, they will get an email with your recommendations - Bret Taylor from email
Bret, I accidently just received an email with previous recommendations. I had already viewed them through the web-interface. But indeed, it's there. Email looks good too, as I expected of course. :) - Meryn Stol
hey Robert Scoble....I have a trade send my name to all your friends...i send your name to all of my friends for the rest of my life.... - Bob DeMarco
I would like that deal, too, Scoble. I like this a lot. - Ben Hanten
Bob: I charge $1 per friend. :-) just kidding, but the UI makes it so hard to send you to more than a few people. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Bret: You guys rock! This is so much better than FollowFriday, which I recommended just a while back. Now, I'm waiting for some recommendation emails! :) - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
If there’s something about friends and family not having their account set up properly, I’d prefer a way to recommend them the streams they forgot to add. For example, I could tell them “You forgot to add your Digg stream and your fourth and eight blog. Here’s the link.” Then he could just click the recommendation and had it set up easily. - Natsuki Seika
Definitely better than #followfriday. - Bernie Goldbach
As I have lots of subscriptions the pop-up window is *really* slow and always has been since the new UI (same thing for amending friends lists). :-( I like the feature though, so I could make a new friends list of my most recommended users and use that each time for each user? - Kol Tregaskes
Katy S
Rustling through the cheese drawer and finding a block of cheese with mold on it that has a sell by by date over a month away from now. I am not pleased. I was going to use that cheese tomorrow with my dinner. >.<
The cheese was still in it's original wrapper. I hadn't used it at all. - Katy S
If it is a hard cheese, you can cut off the moldy parts and use the rest. - Friar Will
Will - The green appeared to be fairly pervasive. There were big spots on all sides of it. It didn't seem worth it to try to chop it off at that point. I'm just annoyed b/c 1) it's a waste of food, and 2) I was just at the grocery today and I could have picked up more. - Katy S
I certainly understand your annoyance. - Friar Will
Return it to the store. - Anne Bouey
Anne - I thought of that after I took out the trash. :( So, I went back today to get more cheese, and they had some labeled sell by November 2012 that had a big green mold spot. I let an employee know about that (nicely, of course). Now I don't feel good about buying cheese there, though. - Katy S
Ooof, definitely not. Looks like their food storage isn't at the right temperature. I'm guessing some places are having trouble with the heat, and haven't' adjusted their refrigeration. - Jennifer Dittrich
:( - Heather
Lisa L. Seifert
My landlord/roommate... Shoot me now. >.<
Also shoot her dog who, without fail, howls & barks at 5:30am on the days I am allowed to sleep past 5am. Today he howled for 45 minutes before she took care of him. - Lisa L. Seifert from Android
That's a very unhappy dog. And unhappy Lisa. :( - Heather
Very unhappy Lisa, to the point of being livid. #Gah - Lisa L. Seifert from Android
TheNextWeb Forum
Looking to repeat the mega success of its racing title, NaturalMotion acquires Boss Alien -
2012 08 14 18h15 07 520x245 photo
Marcel Weiß
How Facebook App Center is aiding iOS, Android app discovery — Apple News, Tips and Reviews -
The Onion
Opinion: Admit It, I Scare The Ever-Loving Shit Out Of You, Don't I? (by Paul Ryan) -
By Paul Ryan - The Onion
Alix May
laundry from the dryer folded/hung and put away, - Alix May
hand washing done and hung on the line - praying for no rain, - Alix May
bird feeder refilled, suet feeder put together and hung on tree, squirrel corn thingy hung on tree, - Alix May
basil, chives, sage around mailbox repotted into hanging planter, planter adjusted for height and hung, - Alix May
new basil repotted - partly into hanging planter, partly into planter in dining room, - Alix May
CDs dug out of closet to put on new CD tower, - Alix May
signed CD framed and hung, - Alix May
breakfast made - twice (first failed), snack made, - Alix May
Mom's birthday present packaged, - Alix May
Morning Glory tied up to tree, - Alix May
the rest of the Menard's purchases put away, - Alix May
Flickr picture of the day posted, - Alix May
and email/DMs/etc. cleared. - Alix May
Still to do: dishes, quick mop, finish paperwork, take recycling, swim if it doesn't rain, make dinner. - Alix May
Domestic garden goddesss! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Now done: dishes, quick mop, counters/island/stove cleared and quickly wiped down. Next up: Amazon order I forgot about until just now. - Alix May
Rudi, I'm surprised anything is staying alive, but at the least the roses are doing really, really well thus far. ♥ - Alix May
Sheets, dish soap, and mouthwash ordered. Hand soap refilled. Recycling in car. - Alix May
Everything got done except recycling actually taken to the center and swimming. Woot! - Alix May
Chieze Okoye
RT @BadJokeCat: I love pressing F5. It's so refreshing.
:( - Rodfather
Victor Ganata
Reading a lot of theorycrafting for WoW—while I know this sounds hyperbolic—I've started to feel that trying to design a relatively balanced game for millions of people really does have similarities to creating economic and social policy for a just society. The only significant difference is the magnitude of the stakes.
It's game theory and social engineering. Whether you're designing rules for an MMO or crafting legislation, you still have to keep in mind how people are going to react to it, and you still have to satisfy the demand for fairness that actually seems to be innate within (most) human beings. - Victor Ganata
Of course, there's a huge difference between whether characters die in-game or people die IRL. Like I said, the difference is in the magnitude of the stakes. - Victor Ganata
ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
"Yeah, you right." <-NOLA saying. - Derrick
Hey, girl. Hey. <3 - Monique the crochet freak
*whistles inappropriately* Damn, I should've squeezed it when I was hugging you. :D - Alix May
I'd do that booty. - Melly
John (bird whisperer)
Could this data entry interface be any more tedious?
Whatcha doin'? - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Entering data from my bird survey point counts. - John (bird whisperer)
Oh, I see. :-( - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
It took me two hours to do 10 forms. I have another 40 to do. - John (bird whisperer)
Bumping because ಠ_ಠ. - John (bird whisperer)
Finally done with entering these forms. A grid-based checklist would have been much faster to fill out. - John (bird whisperer)
I love the snark and hubris of people online. Get behind a computer and you're Eddie Murphy in "Delirious". Make me laugh in real life, bitches. Face to face. Let's see how funny you are then.
can I get you drunk, first? - MoTO Boychick Devil
All the time, D. I'm so sick of betas right now. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
"betas"? - MoTO Boychick Devil
I'll do my best, boo. - Corinne L
Oh you're on, boo. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Okay, why do I have Eddie Murphy going, "Ice cream, ice cream." in my head. - Molly Song ;)
I don't think that fast. I need to slowdown that typing has to offer. - MiniMage
And you wonder if people will miss you when you are gone? You want to know if anything you did here would have any impact after you left? Well, It wasn't just a matter of you taking your ball and going home, you had to destroy your references so your replacement wouldn't be able to have access to them. You also went through MY things...
violating MY privacy, threw out my copies of your references so that neither me nor your replacement would be able to access them. Thanks for making my work, and the work of your ex-colleagues THAT much harder. You've not just guaranteed that not only whatever changes you tried to implement (by force) would NOT continue, you've also just guaranteed that whatever good will was faked at... more... - #cryptic
Plus side: I can now implement changes of my own without the constant smackdown I was getting. Let the sharing begin. - #cryptic
I am so happy for you that she is gone! - Friar Will
Ding dong the wicked witch is dead! (Well, gone from the office, anyway.) - Corinne L
I'm so glad that person is gone. I hope you can build good practices, even without the references. - Half Pint
You articulate so well.... what a relief to have a lot more freedom ... happy for you.. :-) - JB
I'm glad that she's gone. I'm sure you'll enjoy work more without her, but didn't her references belong to the company. I'm pretty sure that would be illegal in the US. - Greg GuitarBuster
Whether this psycho bitch wanted to believe it or not, EVERYTHING she destroyed belonged to the company. Which is illegal here in Germany, as well. My guess is that if she couldn't control this information that she created supposedly for the benefit of others, no one else would, either. Which is okay. Why consider the whims and desires of a soul-sucking, leach-ridden pus-laced black... more... - #cryptic
I just want to state for the record that I am NOT that particular psycho bitch. - MiniMage
Jenny H.
So, apparently, I am allergic to Norway. >.<
Nooooo! :'( - Eivind
Girl, you know it's true. *sniffles* - Jenny H.
:( - Anne Bouey
:( - Stephen Mack from iPhone
:( - Janet
Because of the humidity? - John (bird whisperer)
If you can start ingesting local honey, you might find some relief. - Janet
How is it today, Kelli? - Stephen Mack
Ooof, I'm so sorry! My BF is allergic to CA. Hope you find some relief! :/ - Jennifer Dittrich
Better now that we're out of Oslo. :) - Jenny H.
The mom I heard at Ikea today saying to her son, "Get over here and stop acting like a retard. I call you that because even though you aren't a retard, you really do act like one of them."
Planning my birthday festivities - a small gathering at my BF's house - loading into Uber cabs - Making it rain at Secrets (DC male strip club)! #baller - DC area peeps are encouraged to join... Shevonne? Pea? Others... ? August 10th - 10:30 pm - Secrets/Ziegfield's. In lieu of gifts, I'll be accepting ones.
Also, I really want Derrick to come. - can we use some of the Italy $$ to send him here too? - Jason
That is the week that I might be going to the beach. If we don't go, then I am definitely in! - Shevonne
yay! I want you both to come :) - Jason
*makes it rain* - Derrick
"say my name, say my name... throw some glitter, make it rain" #keshaismylifecoach - Jason
Jason, is this still happening? - Shevonne
Yessss. See you and pea there ! - Jason from iPhone
ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
I saw myself in a full length mirror, and my booty is particularly bubblicious and bouncy today. I thought of Monique and how she would approve (and maybe smack it) and instead of being bummed about my giant ass, I smiled. THANK YOU, MOMO.
yesssssssssssssssssssssssss - Monique the crochet freak
I hope I feel this way about my butt one day... - furrworld
A fleeting, but oh-so-awesome moment :) - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
I'm jealous. Somewhere between age 30 and 50 my ass disappeared. I'm 20 lbs overweight but have no ass - so not fair. - Laura Norvig from iPod
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