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Sean McBride
Flickchart: instant winner. Binary picks are the wave of the future for personal profiling and recommender systems.
I am going to gather together some comments I've made about Flickchart in other threads. - Sean McBride
Me: Mark: Flickchart elegantly implements a concept I've been thinking about for years: binary picking. You are presented two choices (in this case, movies) and you pick the one you prefer. Over time, and after dozens, hundreds and thousands of picks, the data begins to acquire considerable depth and subtlety in teasing out and extracting your tastes and... more... - Sean McBride
Me: Quick thought: Flickchart could automatically compute one's favorite directors and actors. - Sean McBride
Me: Nathan -- you've gone and done it! -- implemented with Flickchart an idea that has been floating around in my mind for at least five years: offering binary choices between two objects of particular types as a tool to sort out one's tastes and preferences. Nice work. This concept should be quickly expanded to include authors, books, music, news sources, news stories, places, terms, websites, etc. (And make no mistake: someone will no doubt use the same approach for ranking porn.) - Sean McBride
Me: Bottom line: I think this thing (this binary selection approach) could be huge. This is by far the most effective way to build up complex and subtly nuanced profiles of user tastes across every conceivable dimension. The data could be used for virtually anything. - Sean McBride
Me: What is cool and powerful about this approach: it helps users tease out and extract preferences that may be operative only at the unconscious level. And the binary picking process can be addictive -- just one more chip/click. I think a key development looking foward will be to seamlessly integrate the interface for making picks in all domains and fields. - Sean McBride
Appreciate the evangelism! Glad to see you are as excited about the possibilities as we are. - Flickchart
Sean - I'd like to invite you to log back in to Flickchart and poke around - see what you think of the place since you last visited. - Nathan Chase
Nathan -- the interface and feature set are more slick than ever -- superb programming. Any chance of expanding the concept to other domains -- books, music, etc.? Also: what about ranking users by closest similarity to one another by shared tastes? - Sean McBride
Yes - music will probably be our next aim. TV and video games probably have smaller total data sets, but music is too enticing. We have a whole slew of additions in terms of social comparisons on the way. Thanks for checking it out again! - Nathan Chase
Mona Nomura
You guys, this image is SO huge! HAHA - Mona Nomura
Lol - Farzad
Ignore! :D - MissSaghar
ترابلشوتینگ: to solve your problem you must shut down your computer and fuck yourself immedately! - M∂hmood
رافائل هنگ کرد! :)))))))))))))) - M∂hmood
Like for saghar :D viva MicroSoft :D :D - Farzad
This is one of my new favorites. - Kevin Bondelli
i wonder what mona is like at a flea market - she probably finds the rare gems! - Allen Stern
Too bad there isn't a StumbleUpon for flea markets. - Kevin Bondelli
Allen: Will work for free food! ;) - Mona Nomura
I want to randomly deploy this into a piece of software as an easter egg. - Kevin Bondelli
aaaahhhh, windows.... hahahahha - Melissa Janine
I made a Mac error pop-up to keep this one company. - Kevin Bondelli
This *still* makes me laugh out loud lollll!! - Mona Nomura
wow september? nice to see this again hehe - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
As Carlos said, I am "crate digging" . . . my feed used to be so visual. I am finding ALL sorts of posts. - Mona Nomura from IM
Oh shit that's funny! - BEX
just laughed at this one again :) - (jeff)isageek
Hehehe - Jonathan Hardesty from fftogo
Fly, little butterfly, Fly! - Martha
oh this must be at least thirty-seven years old. but still funny! - Kirill Bolgarov
It can't be THAT old; it's done in XP look-and-feel... - Karl Knechtel
nice! I've never seen this one before. - Phil Maxwell
- the f word - Monique
Karl, that was a joke - Kirill Bolgarov
XA x333 - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Classy. \p/ - Zu from AOD
Had me LOL ... Literally. - Charlie Anzman
:D:D - Nucro
Bump. - Kol Tregaskes
hahaha - Marissa
oh damn I liked it already - Victory through semantics
Where in the Sam Hill did this come from?! LOL - Mona Nomura
It's all about the butterflies - Jesse Stay looks pretty slick these days. The butterfly has shapelier wings. - Vezquex
Still funny. - Amit Morson
Nathan Chase
I'd just like to personally say thank you to all of you for your support with Flickchart. It's been incredibly exciting and rewarding to see so many of you enjoying it and sharing here on FriendFeed. It really means a lot to us, and we appreciate you and all the help you've given us through your comments, suggestions, and opinions. Thank you.
Ditto to what Haggis said - when you rollin out Tunechart?! - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
my son and I played it on the way home on the train tonight - ever selection we made was the same which is a little freaky as a dad :) - mike "glemak" dunn
Don't mention it. - AJ Batac
@Marco: Man, you're SO close on calling that domain name. Did you guys think we were stopping at movies? ;) - Jeremy Thompson
@jeremy lol dammit you mean I squatted on for nothing? (kidding of course I have no connection to Miami) hellz no! i would have been shocked if you did stop there! in fact I'm heading to GoDaddy right now to grab,,,, and so I can head you guys off at the pass and sell you the domain names for a quick buck ; p Seriously though - VERY much looking forward to the tune version! - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
Don't forget and and and bookchart and and and possibilities are ENDLESS. The music one should be next, though, definitely. :) - Jandy
Music - is definitely next... others are planned. - Nathan Chase
Nathan, with these charts you are really spoiling us. - Andrew Roche
That's probably not what some FriendFeed users will be saying once we launch them all with FF integration. - Jeremy Thompson
I think you're overlooking Crystal Pepsi. - Jeremy Thompson
Vanilla vs Cherry? … Coke that is. - Andrew Roche
You kids and your carbonated beverages. [/old man] - Steven Perez from IM
Wheeeeeee! Wait.... I'm actually supposed to be coding this stuff right now. - Jeremy Thompson
lol lindsey that one would have to be a choice between cherry coke and Robitussin for me blecht! what no Dr. Enuff? - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
FlickChart is great fun and I am only glad to be of help. Thank you! - Parth Awasthi
Yeah, FlickChart is awesome. If there is anything else I can do to help, let me know :) - Rahsheen
It's brilliant Nathan, & it sure gets discussions going here - Glenn Slaven
You're welcome, thank you for the service. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Yeah, thanks a bunch. The service has been really sweet and very addicting. Kudos. - Jonathan Hardesty
Wow, I just noticed I can moderate comments to this thread. How odd! Looks like I could even delete it. - Daniel J. Pritchett
that is strange Daniel - perhaps a bug of DM'ing large groups of people? - Flickchart
Maybe "delete" just means "remove me from this list". I'll try it on some other less awesome thread. - Daniel J. Pritchett from IM
No, thank YOU! I have spent hours on the site and have over a thousand rankings already. It's a fun site! I can't wait to see the music one!!! - David Cook from email
Hello! I'd like to extend a request to see if you've used Flickchart lately. If not, were you just not interested enough to continue using it? Not enough features? If you have used Flickchart lately, what's kept you coming back? Would you have any advice for us to draw you back to the site on a regular basis? Any comments or suggestions are most welcome. Thanks in advance! Appreciate it! - Nathan Chase
For me, I've visited it a few times in the past year (based on when people mention it or you mention there's an update). It's a fun distraction, but I'm not sure what would keep me visiting regularly. My favorite movies of all time don't change that often, and I'm not sure what I can do with that list once I have it other than point it out as an example of what Flickchart does (so, a... more... - Mark Trapp
Honestly, I haven't used it in a long time and it's for two reasons: I began to lose interest once the novelty wore off and I just haven't really had time. I think about it a lot and always think to myself, 'I should spend some time on Flickchart,' but then I see an inbox or feed reader with a ton of unread items, Audrey starts crawling all over me, etc. Plus, since I've been working again, I've not had time for much of anything like this. - Akiva
I pop on fairly often, I guess - a few times a week. But I feel like I spend a lot of time trying to get new adds in place (especially since they all come in right at the middle, which is not too bad if they should be higher, I just rank them a bunch of times, but if they should be lower it's a major pain since it's really hard to move things DOWN on the list), and that feels more like... more... - Jandy
I haven't, but then my love affair with movies has subsided greatly since I graduated film school. It's me, not you. ;) - Derrick
I've been watching more than ever, but I forget to go rank them sometimes (also the ranking individual movies on the three-at-a-time page is less fun - didn't I hear that you were working on a new way to do that?). Ooh, fanciful idea based on Ahsan's comment - integrate with the Netflix RSS feeds or something so when you return a movie Flickchart automatically pops it up to rank. :) - Jandy
I'm never really at my computer when I use flickchart so I guess if I had any feedback (which I haven't thus far because the service has been great!) it would be to perhaps optimize the mobile site for android phones. For me it the site hangs a lot, and I can't actually access the charts on the top. But it's a small criticism as I can still choose what films I like with reckless abandon! :D - Jonathan Hardesty
Flickchart - A social network centered around a unique method of determining each user’s own prioritized list of favorite movies.
Flickchart - The Better Way To Rank The Best Movies Of All Time_1242171111091.png
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1. Users also feel empowered by having their lists contribute to the site's collective list of the “Greatest Movies of All Time”, and receive targeted recommendations based on the acquired data from all users. - Flickchart
2. Website, newspaper, and magazine critics offer excellent insight into the qualities of movies. The problem is that they are all rating movies individually with some sort of point value – using stars, a 1-to-10 scale, or percentages. When these ratings are combined to create the “Greatest Movies of All Time” lists, they always seem to come up short of where we think they could be, and are inherently limited in their ability to furnish a final, authoritative, and holistic list of a user’s favorite movies. - Flickchart
3. Flickchart provides a superior strategy for rating movies by taking any two films, presenting them to the user visually, and asking them "Which is better?". By always using this direct comparison, we are able to efficiently calculate the best-liked movies by our user base and combine their choices into a site-wide list that accurately judges what the “Greatest Movies of All Time” really are. This process, aside from being more accurate, is inherently a lot more fun. - Flickchart
4. While ranking, the users will be presented with far more movies than they would ever take the time to look up on other movie sites, and in so doing we help them effortlessly become explorers of new films and genres. As they encounter movies they haven’t seen, we note those for them and compare them to our site-wide aggregated rankings (calculated via an algorithm we’ve developed), to provide crowdsourced recommendations that are specifically tailored to find the best movies our users have never seen. - Flickchart
5. Flickchart is currently self-funded, designed, and developed by Jeremy Thompson ( and Nathan Chase (, who are both web developers in Orlando, Florida. Nathan designs and implements the layout and complete user experience of Flickchart, while Jeremy develops the programming logic and data algorithms that power the site. - Flickchart
I am eager to find a good movie recommendation engine. Are you the one that will work? - Charbax
6. Robert, you have a private beta invitation in your inbox. - Flickchart
Can I import my IMDB ratings and other such movie ratings sites into flickchart, easily rate a whole bunch of other movies and have you output a perfect list of recommendations personlized for my taste in films? - Charbax
@Charbax - Importing of external ratings (IMDB, Netflix,Yahoo, etc.) is certainly something we plan to implement. In addition, we also plan to offer ways for you to parse and retrieve your data, via an API. - Flickchart
7. There's a Flickchart group here on FriendFeed: - Flickchart
8. You can also become a fan of Flickchart on Facebook - - Flickchart
9. User support, ideas, and questions for Flickchart are at: - Flickchart
10. News & updates on Flickchart, straight from the dev team, are available on Twitter: - Flickchart
11. Blog posts from the co-founders - including movie reviews, film-related stories, and articles about Flickchart and its creation - are at: - Flickchart
I just received my invite. I could not remember the details so I came here to a preview before accepting my invite. - Russellreno
Just got my invite too. And I'm loving it! Already shot off 3 invites to other friends. It's such a simple & great idea. Though I've yet to see their "replay value" so to speak. Why would I want to keep going back after I've rated a few hundred/thousand movies? I'll know what counts to me, and I'll probably get tired of clicking the same stuff over and over anyway. Should be interesting to see what Flickchart does to retain members. - Tyler Hayes
12. Louis Gray has been kind enough to do a write up on us at his blog: - Flickchart
13. We just pushed a new build that includes FriendFeed integration - Flickchart users can post their favorite matchups directly to Friendfeed from within our site. They can share the posters of the matchup, and a link directly to that matchup on Flickchart for others to rank right away. - Flickchart
sweet guys - let me know when you want that intro we discussed - mike "glemak" dunn
14. After interviewing on the most recent FFundercats podcast, we launched a full discussions and commenting system on every Flickchart matchup - along with details and statistics of every movie - all accessible without leaving the homepage. See for more details. - Nathan Chase
15. We've been recently featured on Cinematical (, Lifehacker (, Ain't It Cool News (, and Film School Rejects ( - Flickchart
16. More recent press includes: our mention at #5 of Mashable's "Top 10 Great Social Sites for Movie Lovers" ( , Variety's Anne Thompson, film industry blogger, talks about box office inflation & the addictiveness of Flickchart... more... - Flickchart
17. On 09/09/09, we launched out of beta, with over 25,000 users. We were also featured in two local news outlets in Central Florida, the Orlando Sentinel ( and the Orlando Weekly ( covering our launch. - Flickchart
@RealKrisAbel, tech expert at national morning show Canada AM, talks about Flickchart (about 3 mins. in) -
[TITLE ADD] "The Maltese Falcon" is ready to rank at Flickchart! Thanks @syntheticono, @Rhetorican, @bobfreelander -
[TITLE ADD] "The Maltese Falcon" is ready to rank at Flickchart! Thanks @syntheticono, @Rhetorican, @bobfreelander
Thank you! - cdogzilla | downgraded
I was able to shoot it right up my list to number two, but now I keep getting Maltese Falcon vs. Maltese Falcon instead of it matching up against my current number one. - cdogzilla | downgraded
I'm taking a look at that bug right now, Chris. We've got reports all over the place of it showing its ugly face. - Jeremy Thompson
YES! - Jandy
Jandy only chimed in once she heard it was a popular bug. - Jeremy Thompson
Yep, I love when people encounter bugs. :p Silly. - Jandy
Since so many of you had taken it upon yourselves to share those really tough matchups, we created a way for you to share them directly to FriendFeed from within Flickchart! Thanks to all of you for inspiring this new feature!
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If you can add in the ability to include initial comment, like the bookmark does, that would rock. But I love the choice to share, and it looks great in the feed :) - Michael W. May
@Michael - good idea - we'll see about working that into a future build. Thanks! - Nathan Chase
Great feature and I'll second MWM's comment. - Parth Awasthi
Michael: +1, Nathan: This is simply great! - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
You can now view and filter your charts in a whole new way. In addition to viewing the community's choices for the best films - you can now mix & match the lists by year, decade, and now by genre & director - in ANY combination! You can also see where the films rank for you at a glance, and easily click to rank any film on the list immediately. You can quickly filter the charts with handy links within each film's details, check out every movie's recent ranking movement up and down the charts, and we even added a handy link to Amazon to pick up some of the gems on the list that you haven't added to your home collection yet. Try it out, and let us know what you think! Your favorite movies lists and unseen movies lists will also get these upgrades very soon! - Flickchart from Bookmarklet
Some really cool stuff to be found with this new system... - Flickchart
The Best Historical Epics Of The 1980s - - Flickchart
The Best Film Noir Films Of The 1940s - - Flickchart
The Worst Urban Comedies Of The 1990s - - Flickchart
The Best Romantic Comedies Of 2007 - - Flickchart
Martin Scorsese's Best Crime Films - - Flickchart
[NEW FEATURE] View All Of Your Discussions -
[NEW FEATURE] View All Of Your Discussions
Now in addition to the list of discussions on your profile page, you can click to view ALL of the comments you've made on each matchup - ordered from newest comment, to oldest comment. You'll be able to see now how many comments you've made on each matchup, and how many total comments there are from you and others in the discussion. Also you can now see the total number of comments you've made on all matchups from your profile page. - Flickchart from Bookmarklet
We've added a search box on your profile page to search for your friends by their username or email. We'll be adding a lot more in the way of finding, adding, and connecting with friends in the future - but this is our first step to make friend finding easier for you. - Flickchart from Bookmarklet
As a fun little addition to your profile, you can now see exactly how much of your life (or your friend's lives) has been devoted to watching film. We take the total running time for every movie you've seen (assuming at least one viewing for each) and add them up to give you a final tally on the many days, hours, and minutes you've spent watching movies. - Flickchart from Bookmarklet
You can now see who's written the most comments on Flickchart. The discussions on each matchup are heating up, and the community is contributing their thought processes for all their tough decisions. If you're one of those that frequently has to vent on getting such terribly difficult choices, you'll be sure to see your name near the top of the most commented list. - Flickchart from Bookmarklet
Now you can see who's been adding their opinions most recently to our many matchup discussions. Find out what's been stumping people lately, dive in to the debates, and make your voice heard! Seek out like-minded users who've been driven to madness trying to choose between their favorite films, and give them praise for their careful considerations, or berate them for their inability to see the err of their ways. - Flickchart from Bookmarklet
Scoble, Alex Scoble
OMFG! Army of Darkness is not in the Flickchart database? EPIC HUGE MOVIE DATABASE FAIL!!! Seriously guys...this must be rectified IMMEDIATELY.
What! :-( - Kol Tregaskes
i still can't get the site to work for me. I keep getting a fail whale - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
What? Spirited Away isn't on there either? Ridiculous! DOUBLE FAIL! - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Akira isn't on there either...You guys are seriously missing some quality movies. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
The Closet is also missing. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Neither is 8½, Stalker, Solaris, Ikiru, Rashamon, and tons of other foreign films. Nor are newly-released movies there: Doubt; Synecdoche, New York; The Wrestler; etc. - Akiva
Anaconda is. That's all that matters - Rodfather
calm down - we know! there are a lot of movies to add. we are but two men working nights and weekends. :) we shall get all of these films added as we can. - Nathan Chase
i just watched army of darkness for the first time yesterday, and i didn't think it deserved all the hype it got. bruce campbell was decent, but he's not as funny as jim carrey - docrivs
Docrivs...your word are just pure crazy that I have no other choice but to wipe them from my mind as if they never existed. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
just FYI, our initial focus is films released in U.S. theaters to be added first - then we'll move onto foreign, anime, etc. - Nathan Chase
oh and Alex - Akira would be in my Top 20 if it were in the database, but you know - it's bugs, features, adding films - all competing for time and attention... we have to re-prioritize all the time - Nathan Chase
I understand you are busy, Nathan...and the site is pretty cool...but Army of Darkness? Seriously? That's a top 5 movie for me. Bugs? Features? Pffftttt...ARMY OF DARKNESS! Number one priority! Please? :) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
nah, it wasn't that good - docrivs
Again with the craziness...please hurts your brain and makes us look at you funny. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Nathan, wasn't complaining, personally. Just pointing out some movies from my library that I couldn't [yet] find. - Akiva
The words in docrivs comments are clearly English, but when taken as a whole, I just don't understand them. Also, when was the last time Jim Carrey was funny? Or the first time, for that matter? - Marty
well, clearly there are people in the world that think jim carrey is funny... other than me, or noone would go to see his movies. so, be somewhat objective... but, otoh, clearly, i have a difference of opinion from you on army of darkness. the jokes/dialogue were old hat, and the only thing i liked was his physical comedy, which jim carrey does MUCH better - docrivs
Jokes will be old hat in any 17 year old movie, I'd think. And, sure, Jim Carrey is a good, successful physical comedian, while Bruce Campbell is... well... Bruce. Bruce isn't a comedian. Or much of an actor, all told. He's.. just... Bruce. - Marty
docrivs, cilantro is great, ergo your argument is invalid. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
17 years? man, i didn't think i was THAT behind the times. ha! well, alright. i'll give it that. i still love big trouble in little china, and that's a pretty old movie. - docrivs
hey, i like what i like, and if you don't like it, that's ok. i'm sure you feel the same. - docrivs
No, I don't feel the same. I love Army of theater experience I've ever had. Saw it at Century 21 on opening night in San Jose. So when I see someone who only recently saw it for the first time AND didn't like it, my only choice is to question their sanity, because the fact that they are wrong is without question. That is my "Way of the Ninja". - Scoble, Alex Scoble
ok, alex. you sound like a really 'sane' person in that last comment, and all... but - docrivs
I would like to point out that when I saw it in the theater, I snuck in a bottle of Crystal Pepsi. Speaking of sanity. - Marty
The fact that you keep arguing with me about it on my own thread shows who's really sane here. Actually, the fact that you keep arguing with me about it shows two have never seen me argue or that you are an anti-cilantro crazy freak. The porcupine in the corner of your browser suggests that your argument is still invalid. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
ha! 'porcupine'? :O are you talking about my firefox?! i love cilantro, and i don't mean to argue. i'll stop, if you want. it's just fun to chat. - docrivs
Doc, have you seen the first two Evil Dead films? - Marty
I like to chat...I just don't like to deal with obvious insanity. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
marty - yes. i've seen the first two evil dead, and i remember liking them. i've been on an exploitation movie kick lately - wes craven, tinto brass, russ meyer... i think this conversation was an inspiration for that kick. - docrivs
Alex: by "feel the same" think docrivs meant that we each have our particular favorites and feel difficulty understanding the perspective of others who have dissimilar tastes - Mike Chelen
Yeah, well docrivs is obviously short in the sanity department. ;) Anyone coming in to a thread about how awesome Army of Darkness is talking about how they don't like it should expect to take some grief over it. :) And yeah that sentence was a bit too complicated. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Just remember that it's all in fun. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
big trouble in little china is another great movie, so he can't be totally batty :D also enjoyed the first ace ventura a lot - Mike Chelen from IM
Go get your boomsticks fellas. - Will Higgins™
wrong. i am totally completely batty. :P but, thanks, mike. you were right about my 'complicated' sentence, and yes, alex, i figured it was all in fun. i just watched 'big trouble' again a couple of weeks ago. yesterday it was 'i spit on your grave' (aka 'day of the woman'), which was very inappropriately titled, but is a very awesome movie. i liked the first ace ventura much better... more... - docrivs
It is in the database, just in case anyone was wondering: - Nathan Chase
sure it is...i just voted on it... - Edward Kovacs III
looks like epic friendfeed post fail.... - Edward Kovacs III
This thread is old...there's nothing fail about it...they added the movie to the database a month or so after this post...Epic "you didn't read the whole thread" fail - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
yep, true. I just realized that I have no clue how to use friendfeed. lol. i've only used twitter and since this post was at the top of my ff...i assumed. but you know what they say about assume...i make an ass out of myself. haha. - Edward Kovacs III
[NEW ARTICLE] "Flickchart will pull you in, eat your soul, make you deliriously happy" - Burbanked Movie Blog -
[NEW ARTICLE] "Flickchart will pull you in, eat your soul, make you deliriously happy" - Burbanked Movie Blog
[NEW ARTICLE] Flickchart Horror Geeks! I Want Your Top 20! - Horror Squad -
[NEW ARTICLE] Flickchart Horror Geeks! I Want Your Top 20! - Horror Squad
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haven't seen Vacancy - looked pretty good though - Nathan Chase
although even without having seen it, I doubt it could rival Carpenter's masterpiece - Nathan Chase
Nathan Chase
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial vs. Raiders of the Lost Ark -
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial vs. Raiders of the Lost Ark
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial vs. Raiders of the Lost Ark
Tough matchup! Go with the science-fiction relationship drama, or the swashbuckling adventure? Spielberg's hand in both... As classic and fantastical as E.T. is, the fun and attitude of Indy is too great to ignore. Raiders gets the nod. - Nathan Chase
Variety's Anne Thompson, film industry blogger, talks about box office inflation & the addictiveness of Flickchart -
Variety's Anne Thompson, film industry blogger, talks about box office inflation & the addictiveness of Flickchart
[NEW ARTICLE] Mr. Beaks Comes Clean About His Flickchart Addiction! Interviews The Site's Founders!
We owe a huge thanks to Jeremy (Mr. Beaks) for this article. - Nathan Chase
Nathan Chase
Burbs, Burbs, a million times Burbs. God how I love the Burbs. And yes, I'm serious. - Jeremy Thompson
Both are classic comedies but my vote goes for the Burbs. - LonelyBob
Jim #teamFFrank
Jaws vs. The Empire Strikes Back -
Jaws vs. The Empire Strikes Back
Jaws vs. The Empire Strikes Back
Empire for me. - LB needs a hero!
The Empire Strikes Back - RAPatton
Jaws. "You're gonna need a bigger boat..." - Joey Gibson
I stared at this one for maybe three minutes before finally making my choice. - Jim #teamFFrank
Empire, obviously. :) - Nathan Chase
I picked Empire in the end, but it's not an obvious choice. Both films are magnificent, IMO. This may have been the toughest choice I've been presented with on Flickchart. - Jim #teamFFrank
Jaws, easily! - Kol Tregaskes
empire is my preference, although jaws is probably the better movie - Mike Chelen
I vote Jaws only for the nekkid chick at the start ;) - Tony C (Unrated) from email
Jaws - suzanne
Jaws - Abhishek
Jaws - Niranjan
Empire, Jaws bores me a little. - Andrew Roche
Snehasis Patra
Gone With the Wind vs. The Day After Tomorrow -
Gone With the Wind vs. The Day After Tomorrow
@flickchart why there is no poster 4 Gone With the Wind? - Snehasis Patra
we're missing the poster on the site - but we'll get it added soon... - Nathan Chase
@Snehasis - Sorry, we're missing posters of some obscure and critically not well received movies like that. :P - Jeremy Thompson
Gone With the Wind critically not well received? - Snehasis Patra
Kol Tregaskes
FlickChart: 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' is stuck at 11th in my top 20 - I don't even like the film but it's come up against even worse movies each time and so it's at 11. :-( My top 20 is a mess even after 631 rankings. Is your top 20 close to your actual top 20?
'Sunshine' my all-time fave is not even in my top 20 yet. :-( - Kol Tregaskes
I've got 'Speed' at no. 14th and the Legend of Zorro at no. 16th! :-( I'm waiting for these to come up against my other top 20 movies. - Kol Tregaskes
Mine's about 2/3 accurate, but um, no, Elf is not my #2 movie. - Jennifer Dittrich
LOL, Jennifer. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
No, my top 20 is missing Akira, Spirited Away and Army of Darkness, because those movies aren't in the database. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Kol, have you tried using the Top Movies filter? Mine is not perfect, yet, but getting better by using that. - Alix May
Alix, ah, good shout. Nope, will do. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
I still need to get some movies out of my top 20/50 though. - Kol Tregaskes
My #1 according to FlickChart is Wild Things, which is about as wrong as it gets. The only reason I even voted for it was because it came up against some even more terrible movie on my very first comparison. Probably Gigli or something. After that, I've never had the chance to compare Wild Things against ANYTHING. - Brian Chang
I rated Anaconda over 100 times and it still won't crack the top 3. - Rodfather
I tried with the top 50/100 managed to get Indiana Jones out of the way but now I have The Lady and The Tramp as my favourite movie which isn't really I think. Writing my own list down would be a lot easier. - M F
Alejandro, yep, love it! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Doing the top 20/50 against each other helped drop those blah movies that were able to get inflated rankings by constantly facing off against dreck. Going year by year and year and then decade by decade finally got them back where they belong. The worst thing I did was accidentally click the wrong movie a couple times before I realized there was an 'undo last' option. - cdogzilla | downgraded
One should be able to manually rearrange one's favorite movies in Flickchart by dragging and dropping. - Sean McBride
Another Flickchart suggestion: manually define movie preferences with a simple command language: *preferredmovie//*moviepreferredto Example: Slumdog Millionaire//The Reader -- one should be able to enter one's favorite movies into the system fast and easy. - Sean McBride
Nope, so I've been individually searching movies and ranking them to move them up to my top twenty. Saw III was stuck as my number 3 for a while :[ - SarahMarieee
I didn't realise you could rank individually. I'll check that out. - Kol Tregaskes
Yeah, search for the movie, go to the page, and on the left hand side there's a "Rank This Movie" - it'll only let you rank three in a row. - SarahMarieee
Not really. It took forever to get CASABLANCA and SERENITY into my top ten. - Steven Perez
FYI, Army of Darkness is in the database now: - Nathan Chase
Mine isn't very accurate, some of my favourite movies are still not in the database - M F
Thank you, Nathan. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
It took me forever to get Pleasantville out of my top 100. The rankings of the Indiana Jones movies are still somewhat out of whack for me. - Rob H.
One should be able to manually readjust one's movie rankings in FlickChart, on the fly, at whim, through drag and drop or cut and paste or any other method that works. - Sean McBride
Sean, we don't like drag&drop because it distances you from the movies - yes, it's more efficient but you don't have the same quandary that you do when you are presented with various pairings via the main matchups. Jeremy's working on some algorithm enhancements though that should alleviate the efficiency issues some people have. - Nathan Chase
If I find myself expending too much time and effort, too many clicks, to get the list in an order that reflects my real tastes, I tend to move on to other things. :) But that's just me. - Sean McBride
Comedy/Horror fan favorites, "The Evil Dead" and "Army of Darkness", are now dying for your rankings... -
Comedy/Horror fan favorites, "The Evil Dead" and "Army of Darkness", are now dying for your rankings...
Comedy/Horror fan favorites, "The Evil Dead" and "Army of Darkness", are now dying for your rankings...
Evil Dead for me no question. But I'm glad I now have the choice of two of my favorite movies! - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
@bnoise I agree - Shevonne
Evil Dead 2 is like the middle ground. Less of a horror movie than Army of Darkness, more of a comedy than Evil Dead 1. My preference is still the original, but I love all 3. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
I've still only seen the first one! *pout* - Jandy
This Film Fest idea is fast becoming an all week event. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
2008's Best Picture, "Slumdog Millionaire", is now added & ready to rank - #flickchart -
2008's Best Picture, "Slumdog Millionaire", is now added & ready to rank - #flickchart
HA! I was just searching for this about an hour ago! - Jandy
Liking the additions coming though *crosses fingers for some of his big list* - Michael W. May
Michael, your list and Jandy's list are on our sheet. We're striking through the big ones first, and then we'll hit yours. - Flickchart
*snoopydance* - Michael W. May
That's drunk Michael for "cool, thanks" - Michael W. May
Yayayay! Also, Michael does the snoopydance even when he's not drunk. Just FYI. - Jandy
*griN* - Michael W. May
Unforgiven vs. Serenity -
Unforgiven vs. Serenity
Unforgiven vs. Serenity
Blame Flickchart. :) - Jandy
Good as Unforgiven is, Serenity sticks to my soul like pop culture glue - Never underestimate the power of closure closed well! :P - Michael W. May
Hee, I actually picked Unforgiven. Despite my Whedon fangirliness, Serenity disappointed me compared with Firefly. It was a crisis of indecision for a good few minutes, though. - Jandy
Jandy - Agreed, Serenity is no Firefly. And it just can't serve as a standalone movie, so it's hard to rate it as such. - Jeremy Thompson
*ponder* I recall when Serenity came out, part of the praise it got was from people with no Firefly history saying how good it was. - Michael W. May
That's interesting, MWM. I went to see it with a few friends who knew nothing about Firefly (I, of course, rabid fan). They came out not quite loving it because they had no prior relationship with the characters, and the film didn't give them enough emotional connection to them to make them care. I came out not quite loving it because the film failed to follow through on so many of... more... - Jandy
I thought she was becoming both in the series. Ever since the moment where she took the pistol from Kaylee to defend the rear hatch, I had been waiting for her to go off like that. Hands of Blue, I think that was too abstract in background and too immense a secret to unfold in a 120 min feature. The Blue Sun Corp feels to me like the syndicate behind most things if you dig deep enough... more... - Michael W. May
Now I wanna watch the series and film again :P - Michael W. May
Don't forget to read the comics as well. ;) They link the series to the movie. - Brome
Serenity. - Kol Tregaskes
Serenity - FUNdalina
Jandy, just to be clear... we agree that River's "I can kill you with my brain" was just a joke to scare Jayne, right? - Brome
Darn have not seen serenity yet............. - Kevin J Hatton
They tried to get me with that choice too, but I went Serenity immediately. Sometimes my clickin' finger is quicker than my brain. Who am I to argue with instinct? - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
serenity. - Joel Robert Perez
Nathan Chase
Check out this promo shot of my band, "The Pauses", for an upcoming magazine interview - shot by photographer John Deeb. See more of his excellent work here:
and if you're interested to hear the band: - Nathan Chase
That's awesome! You guys are so adorable. Now I want to see you play live even more. - Jandy
Thanks guys! The photographer, John Deeb, does great work... - Nathan Chase
diggin it! : ) - vijay
kool shot, a bit noisy..but very kool nonetheless. i checked out his portfolio, deeb does stunning work. has he done anything else for your group that we can look at Nathan? - Carlos Ayala
@Carlos, he has - but nothing to share. You can see some videos he's shot of us here though: - Nathan Chase
awesome thanks for the link Nathan. - Carlos Ayala
Which track should I try, Nathan? - RAPatton
well there's only the 2 on our MySpace page - they're fairly different from each other, so either one really... - Nathan Chase
I just noticed there were only two; ha. I will listen to both - RAPatton
I liked "Go North" best - RAPatton
RAPatton: See here for more about "Go North": - Nathan Chase
Here's a little something to announce our full public launch date (out of private beta). Hope you enjoy it! - Flickchart from Bookmarklet
this was fun to put together... :) - Nathan Chase
Fits the site well. Well done :) - Bwana ☠
yeah, it made sense to put it in the form of a movie trailer. :) - Nathan Chase
Bluesun 2600
Do Guys Quote Movies More Than Girls? -
Do Guys Quote Movies More Than Girls?
Reading through Todd's interview with The Proposal director Anne Fletcher, I came across this quote that stuck right out. While discussing Fletcher's most memorable summer moviegoing experience, she says, "You know, it's funny, but I have this generalization, it's completely general, but I really believe in my soul that men quote and women don't. Women will experience a movie on a totally different level, generally speaking, and they'll go, "I loved that movie" or "I didn't like that movie" and that will always stay on them, but they won't remember a single quote. And men will experience a movie in an entirely cerebral way and be able to quote lines 50 years from now - and they connect with each other through them." Now of course there's always an exception to the rule (an example being our own Elisabeth Rappe, who can probably quote me under the table), but this is generally the case for most of the women in my life -- where they're perfectly happy discussing a movie at length, but... - Bluesun 2600
Um, yeah ;) - Roberto Bonini
Eichalalie - RAPatton
On the Waterfront vs. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire -
On the Waterfront vs. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
On the Waterfront vs. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
LOOK OUT. I'm about to rank a Harry Potter film higher than a Marlon Brando one. - Jandy
Harry Potter. - Abhishek
And still I'm saying: do On the Waterfront... - Ton Zijp
On the Waterfront - Shevonne
On the Waterfront.....A story and Acting.....Harry Potter, anything NOT! - John D Reasor
On the Waterfront - Jessie
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