Sounds Like Congress Needs a Social Media Policy -
Public Relations Professionals: What Do They Do? -
Journalists Using Facebook in Reporting: Lazy or Smart? -
Very funny video of Congressman Anthony Weiner @RepWeiner at the Congressional Correspondents dinner.
RT @bethharte For Hire! Searching for My Next Career Opportunity Brilliant on many levels!
RT @thinkprogress: GOP Rep. blasts oil subsidies as "market manipulation," apparently forgets he voted to extend them last month
RT @TalentCulture: Seven Signs You Should Quit Your Job and Start Your Own Business (by @seocom) #TChat
RT @emuhlbach: Why colleges and universities should blog. via @AddThis
RT @WSJ: Subprime mortgage bonds, which helped trigger financial crisis, are regaining popularity among investors
Don't forget tonight's @SMCDSM social event at Wellman's West. Bring a friend, meet a new one. Maybe, your BFF. #SMCDSM 5:30
Check out my client @SmithMetzger 's new post on the Wellmark Building in downtown Des Moines #in
Check out VineMe, a new way to document your world! Congrats, @joshfleming & @tonymuse !
RT @JoeShannahan: Interesting take on why many donors from 2008 are disillusioned with the Administration - Obama's Enforcer | The Nation
RT @donnabrazile: Last day of women's history month. Let's celebrate it together. Why not pick up the phone and call someone who inspired you along the way?
RT @dsmisnotboring: Des Moines Police hop on the social-media express t via @DMRegister // Great!
Excellent article: How to avoid car rental repair stings. Take pics of vehicle when you rent & return.
RT @4danj: The guys at Vineme are going live with their site tonight at midnight. See what they're up to, why you'll be hooked on…
RT @wtflungcancer: OMG! Remember that surprise I hinted about? Here it is. WTF? Campaign is featured in the Huffington Post. O.M.G.
RT @HRC: Evangelical Leader: Marriage #Equality Is Inevitable --
A great Huff Post on Jennifer @WTFlungcancer 's effort to get more funding for lung cancer research.
RT @DR4WARD: Professors With Personal Tweets Get High Credibility Marks via @chronicle @derekdevries
The anatomy of a good blogger pitch email: #PR #in
BP Loses a Laptop With Data on Thousands Who Filed Oil Spill Claims Ever heard of the cloud? D'oh!
RT @BronxZoosCobra: On top of the Empire State Building! All the people look like little mice down there. Delicious little mice. #snakeonthetown
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