RT @MeganDeBoard: When someone offers you a mint, take it. It's their nice way of saying your breath smells bad. #realtalktuesday
RT @BelascoBlack: If I tweeted/bitched every time someone said something stupid to me, I'd be on Twitter all day. Oh, wait.... #RealTalkTuesday
RT @ThunderBabee: Sometimes, you have to break the rules. #realtalktuesday #realtalk
STOP IT RT @luce_giles: Imagine how bad bae would feel for not texting me back if I'd just died #realtalktuesday
#RTT RT @WeekendGabe: 75% of Twitter & FB are thoughtless posts. I mean Y else do we show up? 2 see who embarrasses themselves the worst.
Clutch. RT @angeldavanport: Been shooting in Hologram Merch all day 💙 so fun
RT @iamjamalx: Popularity is when people like you..Happiness is when YOU like you... #happness #realtalktuesday
RT @R0YFRENCH: wack rappers can't even buy a feature from me. Try harder #RealTalkTuesday
RT @darksiderg: A man is known by the company he avoids. #realtalktuesday
RT @GreggANorris: I would rather pay for experiences than objects #realtalktuesday
RT @VicSpencer: Vic Spencer is not the most talked about on social media but Vic Spencer's name come out of mogs mouth all the time #realtalktuesday
RT @TheRapperChicks: Passion is fleeting.....what's your actual PLAN??? #realtalktuesday
Having a sex life doesn't mean sex is your life. Get a life.. #realtalktuesday
Haha #realtalktuesday RT @damnagePIVOT: i dont like competition lets just hug and get money together
💡 RT @HarmB_05: When in doubt, go for a hot tub #realtalktuesday
RT @ThisIsRandR: Check out the book that @PsalmOne's Mom Wrote: http://www.lulu.com/us... #chicago #Englewood
Diversify your portfolio.
RT @thesselonious: @PsalmOne Cauliflower is awesome...
To know me is to know how unimportant I think all of this is. Let's continue to keep our minds on what's actually important. CAULIFLOWER!!!
RT @stopbeingfamous: It's rare that I come across anything that is as it appears.
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