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SUN APR 27 - Hologram Kizzie in Cambridge, MA at Middle East Upstairs! Brought to you by Mind Spray and @PBR_Boston
Peep my new blog where I talk about recording a dozen songs in Haiti in 2.5 days
RT @Blublockersgirl: #realtalktuesday . Learnin' fools since that first Tuesday. Thanks @PsalmOne ❤️🙌
Peep my interview on @WBEZWorldview where we talk about my awesome work in Haiti
"Mr. Brown's Revenge" Mixtape by @brownsahater is a great listen #realtalktuesday
RT @danemagic: When my life stops being so ridiculous and chaotic, it stops being beautiful. #realtalktuesday
RT @natefuller10: Most people really don't care about your life, and rest of them just want to see you fail! #realtalktuesday
RT @SBlanscet: If I'm not texting you first and you reading you messages and not replying I don't like you!!! #sorry #realtalktuesday 😒😩😴👎💔👣
RT @Benchemchem: Wooooow these girls are too much 🙌 #realtalktuesday
RT @ryanlwilliams: I would guess that I probably inhale or consume approx. one (1) pound of cat hair each month #realtalktuesday
Know your circle. They might be squares.. #realtalktuesday
SAT APR 26 - Hologram Kizzie in Amherst at Hampshire College Spring Jam featuring @ZionI and more!
THURS APR 24 - Hologram Kizzie at the #ChurchofProvidence hosted by @BDolanSFR & @SageFrancis | Hug Life, RI
Much respect to the unique, innovative artists who can admit their influences. Carbon copies be quiet.. #realtalktuesday
If you are an innovator, you should expect for your ideas to be stolen.. #realtalktuesday
I have done #realtalktuesday every week for over 2 years. Claim it all you want. You're welcome.. #realtalktuesday
Great success does not always denote great quality.. #realtalktuesday
APRIL 2014 East Coast Tour Dates - PROVIDENCE, AMHERST, CAMBRIDGE Holla at ur girl..
Boondocks was terrible last night, and I watched every second of it.. #realtalktuesday
Make them and keep them.. #realtalktuesday
Addiction is a very real concern.. #realtalktuesday
New shows (this week) announced at
RT @Lindsey_Gamble: .@MindSprayBoston Hip-Hop Showcase/Open Mic at @MidEastClub (4.27.14) feat. @PsalmOne
New Shows (THIS WEEK) announced at
THANK you!!!! RT @JSklute: You don't eat fondue on a plate Drizzy obviously ain't really bout this cheese life
RT @cthagod: Anybody try to judge you for celebrating 4/20 and going to Church today direct them to Exodus 3-15 the story of Moses and the burning bush.
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