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Shoutout to @WAFFLEGANGRADIO @ChrisCrackNDC and @sabaPIVOT for contributing to a tight ass weekend of great music. I can hardly keep still.
The @Chicago_Reader knows where to be TOMORROW JULY 26 so don't be a goofie and come hug me *Early Show*
They all said they're shopping here tonight for #TheFinesse JULY 25 @hennyfbaby @MCTREEG @NewDealCrew
I gotta be able to wake up to your tired face and smile. Eye boogiez and all. I'm superficial like that. Otherwise we can't have sleepovers.
RT @imLeor: A few great live hip-hop in Chicago on Saturday: Waffle Fest, @fakeshoredrive's MCA show, @sabaPIVOT's release party
RT @Chicago_Reader: It's never too early to let @imLeor help you plan your weekend rap activities.
RT @GO_ILL84: 'Go ILL: Fluffy - Who Is Fluffy? (EP) @WhoIsFluffy
RT @eringoesgolfing: Take a music break with me & listen to @WhoIsFluffy’s phenomenal new EP, ft. @PsalmOne & @JamesFrancoTV:
All these delicious verses..........
RT @Do312: Hologram Kizzle AKA @PsalmOne is givin' all you tweeters some advice on how to get a "Yes" out of her in her #RTT >
Man, listen.. RT @someguynamedty: When's the last time you went to a rap concert in a museum? I'll wait.
RT @WhoIsFluffy: hip hop is just as much of the conversation as ragtime, blues and jazz :) it is the language of now! @Locs_n_Laughs @chicagoideas @PsalmOne
RT @kathrynetee: @PsalmOne @theomyslive @FMSupreme You and @WhoIsFluffy were so great! Thank you for making last night a parrrtttyyy. #CIWCoop
Oh and somebody please tell @BillyDec he can totally be in my band if he can handle the air guitar ;)
JULY 26 - I'm playing @mcachicago and that's a museum. I love my job
You playin wit my tacos lol @ItsQuietForYou
👉 RT @Thundercat: You can always replace emotions with tacos.
Nerds need ❤✌ according to bonnieshifrin's video
Anytime. Anyplace. I don't care who's around.
Almost not good pic of @theomyslive doing great work. Let it rain! #chicagoideasweek #CIWCoop
We're getting there.
RT @fsmjeff: @psalmone you blow my mind at @chicagoideas #coop nerds and pervs need love too for sure, thank you!
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