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Shouts to all the cuties out there with Kizzie lyrics stuck in their heads. Esp the ones who text them to me haha that sh!t's funny to me 😘
It taught me that no matter how good you are, you have to study the greats. Don't bite them. Just learn them. Be a sponge. Be a vessel.
My uncle is an amazing and accomplished blues guitarist. He used to practice Jimi riffs for HOURS when I was a shorty. Loved hearing it.
Petty Brewster.
RT @WhoIsFluffy: Chicago Made - Fall - October 15 Performances by: The O'My's, Psalm One, Alex Wiley, and Paper Thick Walls. #chicagotakeover 😘
I get left out sometimes but that's ok. I'm in a great space already.
It's been so fun, Minneapolis. Big tings happening.
Sun. Force. Queen. Adjectives.
Fxckin DIRTBAG! Lol.. RT @OfficiallyIce: "Get u a fuckin beer and sit on the curb."
Gonna be back in France in a few weeks! Soooo excited to be playing there again. #ChicagoTakeover
Man... @vicspencer and I just recorded a BANGER. Watch out. Shoutout doc da mindbenda 🔥
Elephant in the room 💪🐘 @DocDaMindbenda @VicSpencer
Yo! This show is finna be so lit tomorrow with @jahsafe @HennyFBaby @angeldavanport @WhoIsFluffy @McLongshot 🔥💯🔥💯🔥😊
#huglife #realtalktuesday RT @neonpajamas: What a beautiful day to be alive. Hug a stranger or something.
Doc Da Mindbenda X Hologram X Vic Spencer 🔥🔥🔥
Mom just released her first book. Writing's in my blood. #realtalktuesday #blogs cc @englewoodelaine @do312
RT @Do312: Read @PsalmOne's weekly #REALTALKTUESDAY segment on the Do312 blog to hear the latest from this female power house >
Fluffy got Champagne comin outta my nose and eyes.
RT @YEAHRIGHTPOS: Hey! Thanks for all the birthday wishes! If you wanna get me something, get your tickets!!!
Just wanna put my people on and share resources so we can all shine. I'm not intimidated by great talent. I am one.. #realtalktuesday
#realtalktuesday RT @angeldavanport: Been grinding. W/o sacrificing my integrity. W/o diminishing my worth.
Happy birthday @yeahrightpos you're an awesome rapper and an awesome dude. Doomtree. #realtalktuesday #leoseason
The #rapperchicks are at Jerry's Wed night & from our rehearsals we finna 🌊🌊 @HennyFBaby @WhoIsFluffy @angeldavanport
Everyone doesn't believe in prayer, but everyone of us needs to be blessed in our lives.. #realtalktuesday
Your avatar is awesome! @englewoodelaine
#realtalktuesday RT @stopbeingfamous: The US is the biggest hypocrite on earth.
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