RT @UrgentSpeed: Still getting my head around all the uses for dweet.io - reminds me of the time twilio presented - makes me think, thanks @NYTM
RT @bgadbaw: A roundup of November New York Tech Meetup demo's. If nothing else checkout the demo of dweet.io http://gadbaw.tumblr.com/post...
RT @BrianDriscoll: Coolest thing @ #NYTM tonight was @buglabs tools for building you own Internet Of Things that communicate their status. Check out dweet.io
For those of you who missed it, here's the video of last night's NY Tech Meetup demos - http://mlb.mlb.com/media... @NYTM @buglabs @dweet_io
RT @dweet_io: Automatically create a http://freeboard.io dashboard from your follow page! Try it now on a thing at http://dweet.io/see.
RT @starthq: .@dweet_io was just added to StartHQ! https://t.co/KchLNMm1Bw
"Twitter for social machines"! Love it - http://www.artandlogic.com/blog... Thanks @artandlogic
RT @mhausenblas: http://dweet.io This is not only awesome but rather impressive. Try out on your smartphone. #IoT
RT @thomassturm: (via @jacqui) This is… revolutionary. Not sure yet what to do with it, but this looks like the net just leveled up. https://t.co/0NpW8cLwV2
Love when we add features because of customer demand. Real-time alerts & notifications went live on dweet today - http://beta.dweet.io.
Presenting tonight at IoT NYC #3 meetup. Great group.
Speaking at new NYC Internet of Things meetup this Thursday - http://www.meetup.com/IOTMU-N... If you have any interest in IoT, you should attend!
RT @daveg: https://t.co/caUx0CFZuO plus cheap smartphones, the easiest way to bootstrap simple Internet of Things applications v @psemme
RT @alfredoedye: @dweet_io is the best IOT thang out there
RT @AllThingsTalk: Another awesome project from @BugLabs - #IoT Dashboard Builder - Check it http://freeboard.io/
RT @JohnBristowe: OK, hold up. The combination of @dweet_io and Freeboard is scary cool. Very impressive. https://t.co/2QHCI5tupG
Not sure why, but our freeboard user growth is exploding. Hope it continues.
May be too little too late, but Radio Shack definitely has the right idea here - http://www.businessweek.com/article...
RT @buglabs: We love the dashboards our customers build on freeboard. This one from Gryphon Wireless takes us Back to the Future: https://t.co/Q6pkabkUH6
My book "Social Machines" is now available in Japanese :-). Pretty cool. https://twitter.com/psemme...
RT @JohnHarrobin: Checking out Internet of Things app demo at dweet.io. https://t.co/DCIAO6IBv9 via @dweet_io
RT @iotWaterloo: Just about done reading @psemme @buglabs social machines book. Highly recommended, can hardly wait to apply some of these great ideas #iot
RT @buglabs: We are late to the party, but @duanebenson wrote a very nice article about connecting @arduino with @dweet_io: http://www.iotworld.com/author...
RT @tbeseda: How I got @smartthings data on a freeboard dashboard with @dweet_io. [WIP] https://t.co/bGDA7ZdgJF https://twitter.com/tbeseda...
RT @tbeseda: Showing some data from my @smartthings sensor on a freeboard.io dash with @dweet_io. Pretty rad! Nice work, @buglabs. https://twitter.com/tbeseda...
Weekend in Shelter Island. What could be better?
Have any interest in shoes?! Meet the world's leading expert. Yes, she's my sister :) @esemmelhack Curator here -> http://www.batashoemuseum.com/
Big thanks to @Razorfish, @rvelez and his team for inviting me to participate in their Tech Summit. Great event! #RFTech #buglabs
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