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Good MIT Tech Review article on Project Ara - #projectara
Lots of questions re Project Ara & Bug Labs. No we're not working on it. Yes, we pioneered the space. Yes, I hope they succeed! @buglabs
RT @geowebforum: Internet of Things Workshops at Geoweb Summit #8, May 21-22 in Dumbo NYC with @buglabs @robinpowered #IoT #geoweb
RT @_jacobward_: I wish all the @ProjectAra profiles would mention @buglabs, which invented this concept—and the app economy—five years too early. @mat
RT @PTRagonetti: @psemme loving social machines, helping me further define for the start-up connected product I am launching
!! O'Reilly conference - Solid. Tons of great speakers & sessions on intersection of hw+sw - May 21-22 #OReillySolid
Visited Guitar Bar @SBGB in Santa Barbara - wanted to stay there all day. Unbelievably cool. Super-friendly staff. Wish they were in NYC.
Quad copters playing catch with a pole. Unreal -
Quad copters playing catch with a pole. Unreal -
Real-time ustream of asteroid zipping by Earth right now - #closecall
Son & I built "Minty Boost" kit from @adafruit. Great, useful project. Docs are superb. Using it to power our Renesas RL-78 dev board.
All this snowstorm warning reminds me of growing up in Buffalo
RT @openp2pdesign: Affordable Injection Molding Transforms Tinkerers Into Tycoons | Wired Design #diy #design #opendesign
RT @joshu: I started a new little project: - because there's more than the raspberry pi
RT @sdtimes: The first fruits of Bug Labs and Ford's unlikely pairing: #SDTimes - long live the unlikely pairing! :)
RT @umairh: Superb. Don't miss. RT @claychristensen: Why US companies fail to innovate: #WEF
If you want to feel better about - well, everything - go do something nice for someone. It works. I just did it. Verified!
RT @davewiner: Everybody smile, you're about to see the best commercial ever! :-). - love it!
RT @TechCrunch: White House Announces National Day Of Civic Hacking To Liberate Data From NASA And More Gov Agencies by @joshconstine
Hats off to Bungie - if you want to feel good about humanity and how we can all positively affect others -
Smart move and a great glimpse of the future "Nokia Releases Files for 3-D Printing Your Own Phone Case" -
Who would have thought peanut butter could make you so happy. Cream-nut Chunky FTW
When did it become ok to have a homepage that takes 15 secs to load because it's so huge? #baddesign
RT @TheEconomist: Trending:10 trends business leaders need to watch in 2013
In beautiful, laid back East Aurora, NY for the holiday. So quiet!
Bug Labs is hiring! Looking for awesome Senior Product Manager. Find out more here -
RT @albertwenger: Petraeus - Important: FBI acting on non threatening emails + access to gmail Can we get a CIA head who unders…
Amazing NYC weather. Going biking.
RT @timoreilly: My latest post: Square Wallet, the Apple Store, and Uber: Software Above the Level of a Single Device
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