Today, what we see on Twitter is people who are “just foaming at the mouth,” - Tim-Berners-Lee #yam
Ok. Thai food isn't for me.
Ok. Thai food isn't for me.
You shouldn't have to go #India for cheap healthcare: Obama. RT @HeadlinesIndia
Enable Two-Factor Authentication to Add Extra Security to Your Facebook Account
RT @ocell: You lost me at: "Sign up for our live webinar."
At this rate Apple will sue HP for WebOS too. Most of webos default apps looks like iPad ones.
RT @Unfreakable: Kenyan wins Boston Marathon in 2 hs, 3 mins, 2 seconds, which is faster than anyone has driven 26 miles in Boston
RT @Shakti_Shetty: Apprice: charge money for a piece of information.
RT @le3ky: Best Thing EVER?
Drugs lose effectiveness in space
HTC Incredible S too. Sturdy hip looking.
And LG 2x. Neat.
Played with Sony Xperia Arc today. Excellent.
It's the Connections that Make the Business #yam
Happy Vishu to all malayalees out here! #sweet #memories
Assholes, Morons and Angels:
“@chetansharma: EXCLUSIVE: An Interview With Twitter's Forgotten Founder, Noah Glass via @businessinsider
HTC Pyramid/Sensation then. No SGS2.
A Bias against 'Quirky'? Why Creative People Can Lose Out on Leadership Positions -
RT @SamuelGibbs: This is just plain awesome: iPad 2 gets glasses-free 3D display using front-facing camera for head tracking
RT @NewYorkPost: Fukushima Update: It's Official Fukushima Is On Par With Chernobyl...
How much is LG Optimus 2X ?
RT @sukhkarni: Love. Thy. Neighbour's. Wife. And. Car.
RT @startonomics: +1 RT @rohaldea I think respect is over-rated. Nothing and nobody should be above a little humour, irreverence and fun
Woz, don't.
RT @swarraj: The EC officer who distributed Voter ID slips in our bldg also canvassed votes for the DMK. Emailing the District Election Officer a report.
Any Android game developers around?.. I've got something for ya
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