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Six Companies That Did Not Survive 2010 - NYTimes.com http://www.nytimes.com/2011... #business
"Mobile first, then web, then books" - The Next Media Disruptors are Mobile Pure-Plays - Steve Rubel http://www.steverubel.com/the-nex...
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Participation In Real-Time Social Media Increased 20% in 2010 http://mashable.com/2011... #socialmediawillruletheworld
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RT @whixr: The same thing we do every night, @atdiy - try to take over the internet. RE Gee @whixr, what you want to do tonight?
awesomeness! RT @whixr: Just set up http://tymkrs.qapacity.com/ over at @qapacity for @tymkrs
welcome to Qapacity! RT @whixr: Just set up http://tymkrs.qapacity.com/ over at @qapacity for @tymkrs
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We dare you to a brainstorming. What can you do for your business every month for $11 (€8.5)? #investinyourbusiness
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We're looking for brave and interesting small business owners and freelancers to interview and feature in our blog! Do you know anyone?
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