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✌ Hewlett-Packard Was an Inspiration to Apple and Google. Now It’s a Warning. -
✌ Adobe's Half-Assed Response To Spying On All Your eBooks | Techdirt -
✌ Identity Protection and Beyond: What You Don’t Hear in the Media -
✌ FinFisher Malware Analysis - Part 2 | Coding and Security -
✌ Full Disclosure: OpenSSH <=6.6 SFTP misconfiguration exploit for 64bit Linux -
✌ How RAID-6 dual parity calculation works -
✌ The Horror of a 'Secure Golden Key' -
✌ Exclusive: Swisscom weighs $6.3 billion Fastweb sale as Vodafone lurks - sources -
✌ Targeted Threat Research at USENIX Security 2014 -
✌ FBI Pays Visit to Researcher Who Revealed Yahoo Hack -
✌ Guessing passwords with Apple’s full-device encryption -
✌ Adobe spies on reading habits over unencrypted web because your 'privacy is important' -
✌ Twitter sues U.S. government over sharing limits on transparency report data -
✌ Dozens of European ATMs rooted, allowing criminals to easily cash out -
✌ PKZIP Turns 25: Silver Anniversary for One of the World’s Most Used Tech Tools -
✌ Updated: Mysterious bug in Belkin routers (now fixed) kicked people off the internet -
✌ Countless Belkin routers go TITSUP in massive mystery meltdown -
✌ Adobe Spyware Reveals (Again) the Price of DRM: Your Privacy and Security -
✌ Is Adobe's Ebook Reader Spying On What You Read -- And What You Have On Your Computer? | Techdirt -
✌ Another iOS Exploit Allows Untrusted Users to Access Siri -
✌ Huge Data Leak at Largest U.S. Bond Insurer -
✌ Revealed: Warner Bros. Uses “Sophisticated Robots” to Fight Piracy -
✌ Adobe accused of spying on e-book readers -
✌ Yahoo rules out Shellshock hack after servers infiltrated -
✌ Monster banking Trojan botnet claims 500,000 victims -
✌ [Phoronix] OpenSSH 6.7 Released With Significant Improvements -
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