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✌ ICANN, W3C Call For End Of US Internet Ascendancy Following NSA Revelations -
✌ John McAfee doesn’t open links in emails until he’s phoned the sender to verify them -
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Wordpress Cart66 Plugin Multiple Vulnerabilities -
✌ » Kiwibank apologizes after privacy breach -
✌ NSA Staff Whining That President Obama Isn't Defending Them Enough | Techdirt -
✌ Snowden’s CIA bosses suspected he’d leak files in ‘09, didn’t warn NSA -
✌ What An ATM Could Mean For The Bitcoin Community -
✌ Every Website That Accepts Comments Now Has A European Problem -
✌ Skype faces NSA-related privacy probe in Luxembourg -- Updated -
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✌ The many security problems of ATMs -
✌ Impact of cyber crime rockets as costs and resolution times soar – HP report » Cyber Crimes Unit | Cyber Crimes Unit -
✌ Schneier on Security: Air Gaps -
✌ Canadian DNS operator EasyDNS stands firm against London cops » Cyber Crimes Unit | Cyber Crimes Unit -
✌ Gen. Alexander Offers To Store Phone Metadata At A 'Neutral Site' To Alleviate Concerns About The NSA's Spying | Techdirt -
✌ Cost of cybercrime in the UK falls by £1 billion – PCR » Cyber Crimes Unit | Cyber Crimes Unit -
✌ Amid NSA Outrage, Big Tech Companies Plan to Track You Even More Aggressively | Wired Business | -
✌ Canada, Brazil and how snoops are threatening free trade » Cyber Crimes Unit | Cyber Crimes Unit -
✌ How the Bible and YouTube are fueling the next frontier of password cracking -
✌ All Is Fair in Love and Twitter -
✌ anonymity is hard - Hacker OPSEC -
✌ Lavabit founder offered to log users' metadata if FBI paid him $3,500 -
✌ Fund: A public TrueCrypt Audit - Fundfill -
✌ Google Online Security Blog: Going beyond vulnerability rewards -
✌ The Government Shutdown is Great News For Those Who Don’t Want NSA Accountability -
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