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"These are the TWiCH I can do without... Come on, I'm talking to you, come on" Just needed to do that to get that song out of my head... - Johnny
Did you see Santa? - Johnny
But can it play Flash video? :P - Johnny
* NVIDIA Tegra rumored to be included in new Nintendo handheld http://www.pcper.com/comment... - Leo Laporte
* More information on NVIDIA's chipset business http://www.pcper.com/comment... - Leo Laporte
* NVIDIA is not closing their doors on selling or producing existing chipsets, either for AMD or Intel platforms. The GeForce 9400M and the ION names are, as of right now, essentially referring to the same product - the one used in all current Apple MacBook Pro machines (as well as several of the Apple iMac configurations) and numerous netbooks and nettops like the HP Mini 311. It is... more... - Leo Laporte
* I do know that NVIDIA has just one more chipset planned for this segment, what we essentially know as the ION 2 platform, that is being built pretty much exclusively for a single major OEM - of the fruit variety. Surely you didn't think Apple would base almost its entire line of products on a technology without an upgrade path? - Leo Laporte
* If we consider the fact that ION 2 is basically a completed product at this time, with only very minor changes and tweaks being done to suit the OEM in question, then we can rest assured that chipset development at NVIDIA is essentially over - just to reiterate my original point. - Leo Laporte
* The second point made by NVIDIA here is that they are no longer developing for the current generation desktop Intel platforms because they have essentially be locked out of the platform by Intel's legal department. The debate will rage on for months if not years about who is legally correct here, but it will not matter - NVIDIA has decided it is not worth the cost to do business with... more... - Leo Laporte
I remember when the GameBoy went color... - Johnny
* The term "well into the future" is purposely ambiguous after all - ION and the ION 2 product could in fact last into 2011 if NVIDIA plays its cards right or it could fizzle out in mid-2010 depending on how aggressive Intel becomes on pricing, etc. After ION 2 sees the door we can assume that parts of the chipset team at NVIDIA will survive to do marketing and support of the product but engineers will be reassigned or looking for new work outside the company. - Leo Laporte
You never marry for pretty - Johnny
* New Intel Clarksfield and Arrandale mobility CPUs 1. http://www.pcper.com/article... 2. Clarksfield too power hungry for a Mac? 3. Arrandale - would require a discrete GPU any way to support OpenCL - Leo Laporte
* Lynnfield system build continuation 2. This week is memory and/or graphics? Storage? 3. Memory: only need 2 channels now than 3, 4GB is really cheap: 75-85 for 2x2gb, double that for 8gb with 4 modules 1. Only found one 2 x 4gb and it was $440 !!! 2. Eve 4 x 2GBs as a package are starting at $239, dumb - Leo Laporte
* Storage: SSDs vs HDDs 1. If you are using as main system, then SSDs are definitely worth a look, but you'll need other stuff 2. For HTPC - not as big of a deal, focus on best capacity / $ - Leo Laporte
Leo, have you seen the pics of the new Adamo?! 9.99mm thick... - Holger Eilhard from iPhone
SSD only makes sense for a HTPC if you are building a completely silent fanless system. But then you need a NAS somewhere else for your video data. - Ghworg
Thanks or entries into the charity raffle 1. Over $10k raised! 2. Announce winners 3. System: T. Curtis of N. Dakota 4. TTake Goods (Element G and Toughpower 750w): J. Ray (of ??) and M. Peterson (of ??) - Leo Laporte
New contest - system giveaway!!!! 1. Specs: 2. URL: http://pcper.com/contest (points to a forums post) - Leo Laporte
An SSD question. We can now play games and video off the hard drive on the Xbox 360. If I was to swap out my 20GB for an SSD, would it perform better? - Johnny
I don't think you can replace the Xbox drive with an SSD, doesn't it have to be an approved drive with special firmware? - Ghworg
I'm off to the PCPer forums to spam my website, that's a contribution isn't it? ;-) - Ghworg
It's 9:19am on Thursday here if it helps - Johnny
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