My new essay: "If, How, and Why Founders Should Hire a 'Professional' CEO" -
Awesome to see Brian on the cover.
RT @CoryBooker: My latest @LinkedIn post "Testament to Resiliency" in response to #Sandy and @CovenantHouse = #infollow
RT @hunterwalk: @jeffweiner my 2nd influencer post approaching 100k views, thousands social interactions. Stunned. Looking at @linkedin completely diff now.
RT @johnolilly: Greylock's @davidsze on mobile's potential (actually underhyped, IMHO), and looking sharp in a jacket at techonomy!
RT @arrington: For Jack Dorsey, anyone can be a founder or have a “founding moment” via @elizakern
RT @SteveCase: "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success" #HenryFord
So, Linkedin's leadership is chipping in. #Sandy is a crisis for all of us.
LinkedIn agrees with @corybooker on his testimonial to resiliency.
More businesses should show this sort of creativity and inspiration. Hugely entertaining. Kudos to Air New Zealand a…
Where we can, we should all help with Hurricane Sandy. Here's Airbnb's good, innovative move
RT @jowyang: Sign of the times: Entrepreneurs aren't in the country club networking, they start in social media.
RT @jeffweiner: @RichardBranson asks "Why aren't more business leaders online?" Cites data showing only 16% of CEOs use social media.
I've just updated my professional profile on LinkedIn. #in
RT @LinkedIn: Our Co-Founder @Quixotic Mentors Former Marine Helicopter Crew Chief Jennifer Vollbrecht [VIDEO] (via @ABC)
RT @dpatil: Such a mistake. “@tomwilliams: Russia unlikely to renew Cooperative Threat Reduction program with US: ht: @dpatil
Congrats Aneel and Dave! A great day.
RT @soniaarrison: @quixotic "we don't celebrate failure in Silicon Valley. We celebrate learning." Well said!
RT @LinkedInToday: "Your identity doesn't get found. It emerges." @quixotic explains the three puzzle pieces that shape your career path
RT @LinkedIn: 3 Puzzle Pieces that Shape Your #Career Path: Your Assets, Your Aspirations & Values, Market Realities via @quixotic
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Students are really important to us -- how do we help students launch their careers.
RT @Shripriya: Obama can just point to how the Repubs obstructed *everything*!! And Romney is talking about bi-partisanship? Seriously? #debate
DonorsChoose rocks: the use of the internet marketplaces to a distributed peer2peer network reminiscent of the tech of…
I voted for the Linkedin Campus Recruiting Team, since I know their innovation, their drive, their hearts, and their r…
RT @Caterina: Linkedin released their influencer blog posts today! I wrote one: How to create time
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