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RAPatton : All Things Invincible: Talking to Ryan Ottley -
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"Being the new guy is tough. The only way to shake it is to quit – or amaze them with your talent. That’s just what artist Ryan Ottley did. Ryan Ottley took over penciling Invincible from series co-creator Cory Walker, and Ottley has gone on for an uninterrupted 55+ issue run of the superhero title and arguably the flagship title for Image Comics. Over the course of the title, Ottley has gone from newcomer to a trusted part of the Invincible team and was even tapped to illustrate the upcoming collaboration between Kirkman and Todd McFarlane. In the recently released Invincible #60, Ottley completed a seemingly herculean task of doing a crossover with virtually every Image superhero character in one single issue. The story was about a villain who collected alternate universe versions of the titular hero to battle the book’s star – forcing the wider superhero family of the Image U to step in to help combat in the ‘Invincible War’. Ottley’s not stopping there though, he’s continuing on... more... - RAPatton
ok - jj99
Dan owns
Evil Ernie is a fictional character, an undead, psychotic killer with his own series, published by Chaos! Comics and Devil's Due Publishing. Originally, Evil Ernie was part of Eternity Comics. He made his debut in December 1991. - Dan owns
Ernest Fairchild is the root or core of Evil Ernie. Ernest Fairchild was a young boy who possessed supernatural powers to sketch scenes, which would later come to pass. Ernie originally had an enjoyable life, but things started to turn sour when his father became the town pariah when his superiors at the local lumber yard forced him to lay off many workers. Mr. Fairchild began to drink... more... - Dan owns
I dig the third cover - RAPatton
Evil Ernie is one weird series from what I have read so far, almost a freddy kruger style without the dream world story line. Interesting horror comic book series. - Dan owns
Evil Ernie storylines are so much twisted. The artwork is cool too. - Ashwin Saxena
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Animated Series -
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Animated Series
Batman Slaps Robin - The Origin of the Panel -
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""The following amusing panel has been making the rounds for awhile now… And luckily, thanks to helpful reader onion3000, I now have the original panel to share with you all as well as the context behind it! Enjoy! The story is an “Imaginary Story” from 1965’s World’s Finest #153, by writer Edmond Hamilton and artists Curt Swan The concept behind the story is that Bruce Wayne believes that Superboy was responsible for his father’s death, so he became Batman specifically to fight against Superboy (and then, naturally, Superman). Anyhow, the panel shows Batman’s partner, Robin, taking issue a bit with the Superman obsession (the panel, as you can see, was reversed for greater comedic effect). onion3000 also shared with us the aftermath of the slap, as Batman comes up with a way to make everything “all better”… Thanks again for all the scans, onion3000! Good stuff."" - RAPatton
Cee Bee
""MARV Films has provided CBR with the first images of Aaron Johnson as the eponymous star of "Kick-Ass," the new Matthew Vaughn film based on the hit ICON comic book by Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr. Also starring Nicolas Cage, Chloë Moretz, Lyndsy Fonseca and Christopher Mintz-Plasse, "Kick-Ass" will debut in 2009. For more on "Kick-Ass," be sure to check out CBR's set visit preview and interview with co-creator Mark Millar. These images are taken from a fight scene that's filmed by an onlooker before being uploaded to YouTube, turning Kick-Ass into an overnight sensation."" - RAPatton
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