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Rajesh Pancholi
R27 CREATIVELAB | Rajesh Pancholi |: N.A.S.A: Whachadoin? | Squeak E Clean productions -
A visual and audio feast... N.A.S.A. (North America/South America) launched a new music video for their Brazilian funk/hip hop track “Whachadoin?” (feat. Spank Rock, M.I.A., Santigold & Nick Zinner) in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. The music video is also timed to build anticipation for the group’s tour of the USA, “N.A.S.A.’s Intergalactic Circus”, in August. - Rajesh Pancholi
Rajesh Pancholi
R27 CREATIVELAB | Rajesh Pancholi |: Elli Fordyce – Set in Stone -
Whether we realise it or not we all have a few rules that we follow, consciously or subconsciously. The trick is to realise what works for you early on in the game and move forward... - Rajesh Pancholi
Rajesh Pancholi
R27 CREATIVELAB | Rajesh Pancholi |: Yasmin Ahmad - Malaysian Filmmaker -
Yasmin Ahmad, 51, celebrated filmmaker and executive creative director of Leo Burnett Kuala Lumpur, passed away this weekend. Ahmad died from a cerebral hemorrhage on July 25, after suffering a stroke two days earlier during a media presentation at local broadcaster TV3 in Kuala Lumpur. - Rajesh Pancholi
Rajesh Pancholi
R27 CREATIVELAB | Rajesh Pancholi |: SyFy Idents - Imagine Greater -
With so many channels available to view these days on freeview and satelite most of the shows utter tripe, in my opinion. Thank good there are a few channels still investing in their identities. Those short bursts of personality between the shows giving us a small indication of what each channel is trying to offer. These caught my eye a week ago and while I highlighted on my r27 posterous site, I think they deserve another shout. - Rajesh Pancholi
Rajesh Pancholi
R27 CREATIVELAB | Rajesh Pancholi |: McDonald's Versus: Making of... by Branitvfx -
As you will see, this is an entirely CGI spot. BranitVFX used photo modeling techniques adding dimension to real studio photographs of a Big Mac and the the fries. The fry box, Dr. Pepper, ice, bubbles, smoke, straw, environment, etc are all entirely CGI. The real reason to do this spot as CGI was to be able to choreograph the camera move in limited time and budget. - Rajesh Pancholi
Rajesh Pancholi
7 Useful Design Tips For Your Business Life -
Here, though, a few more global tips that aren’t limited to specific topics: Less Is (Often) More Although some designers have difficulty embellishing a page enough to make it interesting, most have the opposite problem: They try to cram too much on a page. If you fall into this second category, review your designs for elements that can be eliminated or streamlined. For instance, rarely does a page look good with 15 different typefaces on it; it instead begins to look like a ransom note. Keep in mind that simple isn’t always boring—often it’s modern and elegant instead. - Rajesh Pancholi
Rajesh Pancholi
Ever had the feeling of your life flashing before you? Chris Milk has put together a great short film doing just this from birth to, well you know where it ends. He has captured the moments and pace so well that its easily comparable to your own memories, to a certain point in your life of course. I like to think I got a few years left in me... - Rajesh Pancholi
Rajesh Pancholi
Yet another lovely piece of abstract work by Makoto Yabuki. Beautifully capturing a tranquil meditative feel throughout the sequence. Accompanied by a soft sensual soundtrack. - Rajesh Pancholi
Rajesh Pancholi
R27 CREATIVELAB | Rajesh Pancholi |: Think Inside, Work Outside - Starving Designer -
A great explanation of how you should approach any given project/client. I've heard on many occasions that "I should think outside the box" but they don't always mean that or need that. What they do need is a logical approach and solution to a given problem. - Rajesh Pancholi
Rajesh Pancholi
R27 CREATIVELAB | Rajesh Pancholi |: Graffiti Taxonomy - 2400 graffiti tags -
Evan Roth photographed more than 2,400 graffiti tags in Paris and then cataloged the images by letter. The site shows a selection of tags each containing one of the ten most used letters to illustrate the wide range of styles. Graffiti Taxonomy is a graffiti-based study in which characters are isolated from a collection of graffiti tags that were photographed in the same geographic region. - Rajesh Pancholi
Rajesh Pancholi
R27 CREATIVELAB | Rajesh Pancholi |: F5 Opening Titles by Dvein -
Dvein have come up with another piece of work that keeps making me press the play button time and time again. It encompasses an eeriness that took me back to the title sequence from SE7EN and our friendly Dexter. They have a great body of work which I recommend you to browse through on their website. - Rajesh Pancholi
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