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Spending the whole day cleaning up and packing for the trip back to South America. So nice to get some northern summer.
I think an honest discussion about parenting is important. It's not always easy smiles.
RT @ggreenwald: Snowden revelations are making it impossible for FBI to obtain long-sought increases in surveillance powers
RT @smarimc: New post: Crowdsourcing the Constitution - Lessons From Iceland; in which I talk about Scottish independence #Yes
RT @ishaantharoor: Wow RT @EvgenyFeldman Russian Novaya Gazeta's friday's frontpage "Forgive us, Holland"
RT @sinak: “Streisand” helps you set up an anti-censorship service for your friends in mere minutes: Awesome work @joshualund!
RT @trevortimm: Woah. Huge new @jeremyscahill story on the secret rules for the No Fly List, based on a 166 page leaked document.
RT @ClaraJeffery: Twitter releases its diversity numbers. And boy, are they embarrassing:
RT @tomgara: Voting on Gaza resolution at the UN Human Rights Council (via @KenRoth)
Crowdsourcing lightning strikes with a real time map! This is awesome. Let's get more detectors setup.
"We Sell Organic Gluten Free Sheet Metal." Photo by: #portlandia Oh Portland, So Portland!
Yahoo News has decided to publish a guide to the 'language of twitter'. Welcome to this decade. ;-)
So people have started finding and retweeting an old tweet of mine, 8 years old, about playing Civ 3. Uh, ok. odd.
I don't see how journalists can criticize social media, the closer look at professional journalism the more you see it's factual errors.
Hay gente de Podemos usando @DemocracyOS y esto colaborando con el proyecto DOS. No estoy personalmente haciendo el cosas de podemos.
RT @MobilisationLab: Where people lead media: Community owned and operated cellular networks in rural Mexico: via @schock
RT @BiellaColeman: great reminder: the greats only worked 3-4 hours a day
RT @GreenpeaceUK: BREAKING: Concerned @LEGO_Group citizens on their way to LEGO HQ to tell bosses to #BlockShell
Oh, Netflix doesn't work in Spain. How is it that it works in Uruguay and Argentina but not Spain!?
Had a nice day walking around Toledo with @durruti, @lilithazul, @barbarabackyard, and the wonderful Antonio and Eli from @eie_spain
RT @poetica: Making Poetica: Our six steps for customer development:
If you're at @OSCON go check out and play with the amazing @keyboardio keyboards.
Baidu has launched their search engine in Brazilian Portuguese and apparently it's not censoring Tiananmen protests.
Ran in to @duncan and @chadfowler on the tram randomly in Berlin. I do think i like this town. Need to come back and hang out here.
Conference organizing #protip. Only have one speaker at a time in each physical room. Listening to overlapping speakers sucks. #okfest14
RT @OKunFestival: The wall is ready and waiting for your proposals in the Kesselhaus room! #OKFEST14 #OKunFestival @OKFestival @DataUY
Showing up before the crowds is a great way to get online at a conference. Without people & their devices the wifi works great! #okfest14
RT @martinfowler: I agree with @sarahmei that, for many cases, programming isn't maths - other skills are often more important
It should be no surprise that @finnlandinst would have nice fast wifi.
Full text search engine in js to run in the browser. Lunr, 'a bit like Solr, but much smaller and not as bright'
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