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RT @ElMoglander: THE HUB IS FIXED!!!! We drove and it didn't overheat! A few small things and we'll be on the road! Leaving PIPA!!!! FINALLY. #unimog
RT @robertwrighter: An interesting question is whether today's ISIS atrocity was an attempt to deter US or provoke it into overreaction.
RT @slim404: Alaa Abdelfatah @alaa begins a Hunger Strike in jail
My 7 year old has decided he's to afraid to fall asleep alone so i sit in his room. Sometimes it takes him hours to fall asleep. ;-\
Computer vision is getting much better fast. This will open up a whole new class of services, products and businesses
I've found strong desire to protect intellectual property is correlated with a lack of anything to protect or ability to innovate.
20 interesting ways the current social movements are different. Hint tech plays a big role in the difference.
We're automating ourselves out of the existence of many, maybe most jobs. What will we do about it?
RT @jswatz: a young black man in #ferguson to @juliebosman: “New York Times?” Yes, she said. “I follow you on Twitter." @carr2n
Supermom's breastfeeding! This is what breasts are for and we should embrace and celebrate it.
RT @TefPoe: I have confirmation the guy shot with real bullets last night was indeed shot by police we have it on film
RT @cesarsalazar: E.g. the quest for the creation of a “new Silicon Valley” boils down to inception (by gov $, research facilities) but overlooks Cali culture
There's a sport of blind football! Brazil's got 3 championships to Argnetina's 2 No European country has won. ;-)
RT @Jaku: Google confirms the Internet is being attacked by sharks. So I guess Wireshark has finally become sentient.
When you're begging people to use Firefox instead Chrome we've got a serious problem for net freedom.
Want to do more than just tweet about how you're upset about #Ferguson? Here are groups you can donate to support
RT @jack: People's cameras outnumber and outbroadcast the cameras.
Triste historia de escuelas rurales en Uruguay con solo un alumno.
Remembering the last words of victims of US police brutality.
Trying to sort out the flow of my @TEDxUTN talk for next week.
You know, @BillGates really has matured in to admirable elder statesmen geek.
Just bought my first paid domain name, as opposed to registering something available. Interesting process. #excited
Just bought a paid domain domain, keeping wraps on the name until i've got a site up for it. Exciting.
"politics is about power and coercion as much as it is about interests, discourse, and deliberation." @kendall
My laptop screen is broken in a way that just covers over the computer's clock. Interesting to work without the constant reminder of time.
RT @TheAtlantic: A reminder: Any American has the right to photograph any police officer
%25 of Uruguayans have made online purchases in the last year.
RT @arunindy: St Louis Post-Dispatch photog @PDPJ claims molotov cocktails, gun among #Ferguson protesters, but no pics/evidence.
RT @JigmeUgen: When China called #Tibetans Terrorists, #RobinWillams responded.... Adios Captain! RIP Sir.
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