The story behind founding startups and making them real is always hugely messy. The story of Tesla.
“My Best Hacker Source Was Snitching for the Feds” by @BiellaColeman
RT @SenTedCruz: "Net Neutrality" is Obamacare for the Internet; the Internet should not operate at the speed of government.
So I drove to the end of the road in the Andes near Santiago and stumbled in to these hot springs. #TravelBrag
I think I managed to act out a commercial for why kindle's 3G global coverage is amazing.
Took a test drive of my new truck. So far so good.
Apparently you can get car insurance in department stores in Chile.
Wonder why US voters seem out of touch? 12 million of them believe lizard people control the US government!
RT @IZuasnabar: Primera Encuesta Equipos Noviembre: Vázquez/Sendic 53%, Lacalle/Larrañaga 38%, Indecisos 5%, Blanco/Nulo 4%.
"The Democrats Got What They Deserved"
I haven't heard this argument before, Banksy's a woman? Personally I think Banksy's a shared collective identity.
RT @TEDxUTN: «The Values Embedded in Technology» by Evan Henshaw-Plath (@rabble) #TEDxUTN #TEDx
RT @TEDxUTN: «The Values Embedded in Technology» by Evan Henshaw-Plath (@rabble) #TEDxUTN #TEDx
Oakland, when your mayor elect drives a fire breathing burning man snail car it's a sea change. #gentrification
Why are some muslims angry at the US? The US has bombed, occupied or invaded 14 majority muslim countries since 1980
From 1931 to 1995 the Democrats controlled the US house except for only 4 years. Since 1995 Reps have except 4 years
Voy a decir esto sobre Santiago, tiene mucho mejor cafes de tercera onda que Montevideo o Buenos Aires.
"Yes, everything sucks for Democrats right now. Because the Democrats suck at everything. Get used to it"
Anybody friend the other people who share your name on facebook? Nobody's got Evan Henshaw-Plath, but there are two other Evan Henshaw's
Well so the Republicans are mostly useless and ineffectual, so is Obama. Combined in opposition maybe they'll play nice and do nothing.
Last hours to back CrimethInc's To Change Everything kickstarter. Just $818 more needed to print in spanish too!
Listening to @ClauBarahona from @wayrachile talk about how to make startups. Way more clued in than the Wayra Spain folks. ;-\ #LeanStartup
Uruguay's @startupChile offers same money & terms but in a liberal society, legal pot, & tech companies aren't taxed
Everybody's heard of @startupchile, which is great, but nobody knows Uruguay has a parallel program,
Last year the World Bank classified Uruguay was classified as "high income country" Uruguayans suck at marketing.
I wonder if chileans in Santiago feel about startup events the same way techies in DC feel about hackatons.
Randomly stumbled in to @tupuedeschile, a small chilean startup conference.
A conosur world cup in 2030 would still be more compact geography than Brazil 2014 was. #uruguay #argentina #chile
evan on Dear Reddit, Let's buy a town together -
"I'm trying to ask what subreddit is appropriate. I thought that's the point of AskReddit?" - rabble
RT @ElMoglander: THE HUB IS FIXED!!!! We drove and it didn't overheat! A few small things and we'll be on the road! Leaving PIPA!!!! FINALLY. #unimog
RT @robertwrighter: An interesting question is whether today's ISIS atrocity was an attempt to deter US or provoke it into overreaction.
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