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RT @intifada: "No one is forcing Israel to commit genocide or to target infrastructure like hospitals and schools in Gaza"
Why Don't Palestinians Just Leave Gaza? They Can't.
RT @EODomecq: 7 consecuencias del Default en la Micro: 1) Dólar💵⬆️ 2) ➕%Inflación 3) ➕Tasa Interés 💵 4) ➖Cuotas 5) ↘️Consumo 6) ⬇️Actividad📉 7) ↘️Empleo
RT @schock: So. CIA: 1. illegally torture 2. lie 3. hide evidence 4. hack into oversight committee's computers 5. apologize. #wtf #accountability
RT @jeffjarvis: Translated: "With extra backbone for German politicians." "Recommended by the Pirate Party."
The Pope's team, San Lorenzo, makes it to the Libertadores final for the first time ever. Who has god on their side?
Commuter trains in Buenos Aires only recover %2 of costs from fares. Why not just make it free?
Spain offers citizenship to descendants of jews expelled in 1492... Do you have one of these family names?
RT @guardian: The Guardian front page, Thursday 31 July 2014: ‘The world stands disgraced’
RT @nickstenning: "Programming is magic." You damn well better use your magical powers for good.
My brother in law was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident yesterday. He's in critical condition in the ICU. :(
There's a new Uruguayan political party, Radical Intransigent Ecologist Party. Polling at 0.5%, pretty high given the name. I like em!
Dear @FP7_Projects, what does it even mean to sign and date an excel file. Your innovation is so rooted in the past it's painful.
RT @sorgin_uy: The Rights Abuses Uruguay Doesn't Want You to Know About
My little brother and his girlfriend are live blogging their hiking the pacific crest trail. So much connectivity
We charge for public transit for twisted moral reasons, but it's morally and economically wrong. It should be free
RT @neo_uy: EIE Lean Week with @rabble Thanks @eie_spain for having us!
RT @neo_uy: EIE Lean Week with @rabble Thanks @eie_spain for having us!
Uruguay, fastest average internet speeds in latin america. (According to this map)
Damned wifi channel interference... Now it's fixed, and my home internet works. no longer drinking info through a straw.
RT @ElMoglander: We've got spare hub parts and a completely rebuilt hub. Trip will restart in late August. Still looking for travelers for brazil drive
RT @alexhern: Periodic reminder that there are 92 people who get to vote on UK laws for no reason other than falling out of the right vagina
My mom's converted her house in to an eco-hostel in Arcata, California. The local news interviewed her!
Enjoying a chilly winter morning in Buenos Aires with bad coffee followed by warm bitter mate.
Home again, no travel planned for a whole week! Nice to catch up on work and the interweb happenings.
Spending the whole day cleaning up and packing for the trip back to South America. So nice to get some northern summer.
I think an honest discussion about parenting is important. It's not always easy smiles.
RT @ggreenwald: Snowden revelations are making it impossible for FBI to obtain long-sought increases in surveillance powers
RT @smarimc: New post: Crowdsourcing the Constitution - Lessons From Iceland; in which I talk about Scottish independence #Yes
RT @ishaantharoor: Wow RT @EvgenyFeldman Russian Novaya Gazeta's friday's frontpage "Forgive us, Holland"
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