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Digging in to how @DemocracyOS is built with various node & js libraries. Web development's advanced while i was focusing on people herding
Successfully added pages to my passport so i can keep bouncing around the world and getting stamps as i cross each border.
RT @DataUY: Un éxito los pegotines de DATA #CreaMedios @HivosRoCA
RT @DemocracyOS: Photo: Working with the D-Cent team in Buenos Aires! @rabble @flngn @slifszyc @gvilarino and @piamancini...
Taking performance art to a new and weird level.
If you take out the top couple %, the United States is no longer the wealthiest country in terms of per capita income
Not sure what to think, @businessinsider has decided i'm a "typical software developer"
Interesting, the ferry from Uruguay to Argentina costs Argentines $65 USD vs $36 USD for Uruguayans for the same trip.
They're building a Dubai like artificial island city off of Lagos, Nigeria. Africa get's it's %1.
RT @matikalwill: Compartiendo datasets y bizcochos con los amigos de @datauy en montevideo
I love working from my laptop in the hammock, even if i know it's a better fantasy than reality.
Lovely warm fall day in Punta del Diablo. Feels like summer even though i know winter is coming.
Creationist Cosmos - A religious documentary series explaining the universe.
Why are Uruguayans the only latin americans who don't celebrate Easter?
RT @cbeard: Excited to step in as interim CEO to continue shaping the future of the Web for public good w/ fellow Mozillians:
Uruguay has the lowest level of religious 'believers' in the western hemisphere. #atheism
Apparently i insulted the sovereignty of Argentina for not following some customs rules they selectively enforce and don't document clearly.
Went out on a date with @gaba in Buenos Aires and 4 armed men with guns held up the restaurant robbing everybody. We're ok, was very scary.
RT @ecodissident: @fabrider is discussing "why not just use a notebook?" as a possible answer to the risks of digital security #ecf2014
So @dropbox has added a genocidal war criminal to it's board in @CondoleezzaRice #Ethical
RT @cjoh: "I don't understand this newfangled *reading* stuff. That's why we pay scribes. I'm paid to lead" —Most Sr. Gov Leadership on tech.
It's sad when people who want to just be their own kind of awesome are attacked because they offend bigots. #cosplay
"QS operates on the principle that separatism is a means toward the creation of a sort of neo-communist ultra-feminist Naomi-Klein-land."
RT @sharifkouddous: Draft law: Anyone who insults a public employee...verbally or with a sign shall be jailed for no less than 2 years
Until security geeks sort out fixing the https/ssl on a massive scale, avoid logging in to these sites: #hearbleed
So, most websites aren't nearly as encrypted as we thought due to OpenSSL Hearbleed bug.
The current presidents of Argentina, Brazil, and Chile vs the dictators of the 70's. We've made real progress.
RT @piamancini: for our english speaking friends, our brand new english @DemocracyOS demo. join the conversation Happy Monday!
RT @rootwork: Not surprisingly, Oregon joins 4 other very white states (AK, IA, ME, WY) in getting an F on civil rights education:
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