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Amy Sample Ward
Social Media –– Revolutionary Movement or Enabler of “Slacktivism”? : Center for Social Innovation (CSI) -
"Many of us enjoy a good debate, and there's an important one playing out on our doorstep. Some people say we're in the midst of a revolution where the new tools of social media are reinventing social activism in vital ways. Others say that social media is a fad that does little more than enable "slacktivism"—that is, engaging in activities (mostly mouse-clicking) that make you feel like you're doing good but actually amount to very little real change. Where do you stand?" - Amy Sample Ward
Howard Lake
The members of Giving What We Can are people who have realised how easy it is to do large amounts of good in the world and who have made a commitment to give 10% of their income to the most effective charities they can find. - Howard Lake
Howard Lake
I like the new @NFPtweetup site. Good info from previous events. Next event next week:
Thanks for sharing, and glad you like site. Looking forward to seeing you @NFPtweetup 8 tomorrow night :) - Rachel Beer
Ian Thorpe
Rash of facebook phishing scams doing the rounds at the moment. Won't click on .be much as I like Belgium.
The news industry's uncertain future | The rebirth of news | The Economist -
"the only certainty about the future of news is that it will be different from the past. It will no longer be dominated by a few big titles whose front pages determine the story of the day. Public opinion will, rather, be shaped by thousands of different voices, with as many different focuses and points of view. As a result, people will have less in common to chat about around the water-cooler. Those who are not interested in political or economic news will be less likely to come across it; but those who are will be better equipped to hold their rulers to account. Which is, after all, what society needs news for." - Euan from Bookmarklet
Sumit Chachra
PayPal and Blackbaud Partner to Help Nonprofits -
Dan Rua
gnite all, need slee...zzz
Robert Scoble
I promise not to talk about friendfeed or Twitter for a week, but you need to help. Click here and tell me the most underhyped tech:
The most underhyped tech is the emerging social web - and the tools that make it possible. Lijit, Feedjit, JS-Kit, AddThis, ShareThis - these widgets will turn sites/blogs into the distributed social web - Chris Saad
Twitter plays a part - it's the status updates, FriendFeed does too, it's the Facebook news Feed - they are not the same thing though and one does not replace the other - Chris Saad
Good luck...that's impossible. - Mark Krynsky
My favorite underhyped site would be TheSixtyOne ( + Digg like features ) - arjo
I'm developing the most under hyped tech... cos no one knows what it is yet. Watch this space ;) - Justin Vincent
Java is the most underhyped tech because most people are using it to actually get things done - Peter Kelley
I think Geni is underhyped. - Mike Doeff
My favorite underhyped company is GupShup, which stands for "chit chat" in India. They got to 20 million users in two years. Twitter took more time to reach that many users. CEO is Beerud Sheth. Why haven't you heard of them? Because they built SMS systems for India that many are calling the Twitter of India (they use SMS, because that's what most people in the Indian market use, most aren't on the Web). - Robert Scoble
Mike, that's funny, because I had dinner with David Sacks, CEO of Geni tonight. - Robert Scoble
Change your word for 'goal': 'goal' has 70% success rate, so use "promise", which has 98%. ~ Bill Bartmann - Özgür Yüksel
Not truly underhyped, but can't believe they are cutting jobs at flickr. Sharing photos; beauty, humor, creativity, via inspiring imagery in a social network is a more valuable resource than ever at a time when we are spending more and more time reading zillions of words online! ;-) - Elizabeth Good
Elizabeth: Flickr never figured out how to make money or bring more users into the Yahoo family. That's what happens. - Robert Scoble
Mike: Agree about Geni - it is really a great site - Peter Kelley
Robert, wow - that's a coincidence. Did he mention anything about a Geni iPhone app? They really need one. - Mike Doeff
Maybe online multiplayer games in browsers? People go crazy about the "live web" with FF etc, but some of these games have 100,000's of users playing at once, in browsers. - Nick Lothian
Mike: I'll ask him tomorrow. - Robert Scoble
Thanks Robert. - Mike Doeff
Sad, I still hope flickr gets it right, but I don't know about the economic (or tech) end of nuttin;! Just a happy tweeter. Thanks for all your good work! - Elizabeth Good
Um... I would like to know about printing services. Everything from Apple's iPhoto book printing and Blurb to corporate printing services and Moo cards. - Johnny
I knew it would be hard for all of us to think about things that aren't Twitter or friendfeed. :-) - Robert Scoble
Well I did. Do I get a prize? - Elizabeth Good
Diego: I think you are the first person in history to actually try to claim that the iPhone is underhyped. :-) - Robert Scoble
In what language? :-) Now seriously, I am interested in technology fostering real-time collaboration - beyond real-time sharing. Or simply framing the ff and tw platforms for such. I am also interested in social marketplaces. Any talk, thoughts, interviews, discoveries about these would be interesting to hear about. - Jose Arocha
Nokia e71: Great Phone, it just works - Peter Kelley
Online storage for Podcasting and file hosting... From the point of two guys doing it with practically no budget. Maybe a profile on Leo's TWiT Cottage? - Johnny
Jay: my first interview at PodTech was with Printing for Less. Did you know the founder there was my mom's car mechanic? True story. - Robert Scoble
Peter: it's been awhile since I hyped up a Nokia phone. I like the N79 I have, but I'm really waiting for the N98. - Robert Scoble
PeopleBrowsr. - Gregg Scott
lol!. Ah yes, that underhyped where did I hear of that? I think I knew someone once? - Elizabeth Good
I think FreeBSD and VB.NET. Both awesome technologies (though on different spectrums) and both don't get nearly enough attention. - Anthony Papillion
How about the tools the next generation are using eg my 11yr old who spends the entire day on 30 million+ members, blogging, forums, commerce, social network? - David Eedle
Robert, you're at the bleeding edge... instead of trying to hype up something that's just not there yet, why not speculate for us what you see in the future as web 3.0 or even what you see as web 2.5? Perhaps you could tell us based on what you've seen, what you feel is missing and should be created to move us to the next level? - Chris Aldrich
What about Ning? - Bob McAllaster
There are lots of Facebook apps, and Connect apps out there - Jesse Stay
Mail, and the mail address, is seriously underhyped. It is an amazingingly well design foundation, that's still a big part of all new services. Wherever you sign up, you always need at least email. Unique identifier in a box, and a lot of possibilities to come from that. I would like to know how many mails are sent every day from services like your favourites - or Facebook for that matter. - Joakim Jardenberg
medicine - rob
Anything having to do with "contact aggregation"., for example, is sort of heading in the right direction, but isn't there yet. Plaxo could be well positioned to do it, but isn't for some reason. And if there are any other players out there I don't know about, they're most likely underhyped. - Grey Drane
How about checking the Israeli scene in the meantime? - Orli Yakuel
foldier - of course - my startup. RSS reader meets social networking, meets microblogging. - Michele Ursino
@scobleizer as a suggessition, here's a challenge :) don't hype up friendfeed or twitter, but tell us (/hype us) about the "ways" in which people are using these two technologies to change their lives / businesses / morals / etc... - simran
oh yeah... and of course, do tell more about virtual worlds... and what IBM is doing with them... and whatever happened to SecondLife hype... me thinks there is gold in there somewhere... - simran
Umap, kartoo, any analytical tool - Estelle Metayer
Windows Mobile 6.5 & 7. And the possibility of Microsoft and Verizon working together on an iPhone killer. - Chris Charabaruk
Android. It's got its growing pains, but I think its distribution in the next couple of years will surprise a lot of people. I suspect that Android will be most people's first smartphone OS. - Stefan Moluf
At last! Robert Scoble decides to take a break away from this :p... how about a week of ShareThis? - Sardar Mohkim Khan
deep brain stimulation seems underhyped to me - Christopher Harris
Most underhyped tech would be "context sensitive conversation" Anybody successful at that would see his enterprise surviving for the next 30 years. - ThinkEzy
Take a look at the sleek and cool I bet you are going to like the Geo-tagging features. Being pilot-tested in tiny Kathmandu, Nepal right now :-) - Freddie Benjamin
i rekon this is one of the best question scoble's asked... prompted his "smart user base" to point out numerous other things... :) btw, i think biotech is underhyped too... oh, and take a look at some bleeding edge technologies, such as "the real time virtual earth"... wave your hand outside your window, and see it in real time on google earth... possible? should be (hint: webcams all over the place?)... surely someone is looking at stuff like that too... - simran
This week it's definitely - takes the world's most boring and arcane practice (bookkeeping & accounting) and makes it useable, sexy and simple for small businesses. - Brian MacSweeney
I think innovid is totally underhyped. This company is the future of video content, allowing Integration of brand advertising into video, transforming it into an interactive experience for viewers to engage with. - Nir Ben Yona
Visual Basic .NET - Zian Choy
The most under hyped topic having the most impact for the US tech industry and all of the US media industry is discussed in a FreindFeed room. . It's called the National Broadband Plan and is underconstruction now at the FCC. - Debi Jones
Pen & Paper.. still rocks... - Sebastiaan van den Akker
Semantic Web apps - William Mougayar
Apple Products :) - AlpB.
Seesmic Desktop for Twitter - Ryan Gerritsen
FF needs to begin to apply a formula to comments much like they do the regular feed so i can read the most RELEVANT, CONTEXTUAL, and INTELLIGENT comments, instead of all 66 - stanleyyork
The semantic web and apps like Ubiquity. - Martha
Inductive chargers for all (y)our gadgets like the eCoupled charger for the iPhone or Wildcharge for several cell phones. No wires! - Gaby K. Slezák
Green desktops. For example, the cherry pal was a great way for beginners to purchase a small sized desktop with a Linux distribution already installed and working. While incremental, the technology does not get much attention. Go green :) - LPH™ and his dog P™
Deep Packet Inspection. The network really can watch everything you do. Sometimes it is for Good (watching for malware), sometimes definitely evil (looking for violations of government censorship , or for reasons to charge you more money), and sometimes just invisible (watching for clues to better target ads to you). - DGentry
stuff on such as their chart API's and stuff... the stuff that powers the stuff that powers many web apps - simran
I second the nokia E71 comment... own it and love it, awesome phone. Robert you mean Nokia N97 right ? - Kashif Khan
It's time to hype micropayments again. A lot has changed since the last hype cycle. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo :) - Cris Pearson
Thank the gods, I was going to have to unfollow you if there kept being 30 Likes daily about yet another twittool. I'd say IPV6 or HTML5, since they touch a lot of things but aren't hyped anywhere beyond fairly small circles so far. That, or email clients: where in the world is a desktop email client that is simultaneously powerful, but also truly user-friendly? Email runs the world, but clients are still typically poor UI (compared to browsers). - Shane Curcuru
Robert, can you ask David Sacks when GEDCOM imports will be added? No way I am re-typing years of research that my family has developed. - Lee
Lee: I'll try to find him today. Hopefully he's still here. - Robert Scoble
The mobile platform called Symbian... - Kasper Sorensen
Zee has some links to the World Superhero Registry. Obviously you should go undercover. - Kevin Kuphal
pixelpipe, mybloglog, backtype - Bryan R. Adams
VB.Net? Seriously? I must say, real .NET programmers use C# :-) - andy brudtkuhl
me, I'm the most underhyped tech and have been since '88. After you of course. - D Lets
semantic web - mike "glemak" dunn
The JASEzone! - Keith is fantastic. seriously. - chrisofspades
How about EVERY web provider/server in the USA would /have to/ carry a code, leading to the top of the government /agency/ies/, and when the very major disaster or emergency strikes, these webpods would become functional and spring on EVERY screen in the country? ..maybe location aware for lesser events .... ----upd---- because if there is an earthquake in my town, i want web application that would shake my monitor and chair BEFORE the REAL shaking starts :] - pb:
Watching you on Strategy Room's Gadget and Games right now and you talked about FF broke your promise. But I'm glad you did because that's how I found out about FF just now. Awesome interview. Learned more about the Flip Ultra HD Cam from your insights too. - Joe M.
Augmented reality as seen in this GE site are pretty cool. - Andrew Smith
Also wondering if smart home technology has moved any further than the x10 stuff from a while ago. - Andrew Smith
I agree with Shane @TheASF, HTML5 doesn't seem to be getting much hype. But also have to thank @jworthington for opening the printing door. - Rick Bucich
HTML5, 3D rendering, high performance JS, and how the browser -- behind the scenes -- is turning into a very different and more useful thing than it was 5 years ago. - Daniel Dulitz
Urban Informatics and Biomapping. - Eric Rice
Robert, you are exposed to a lot of technology and innovations that the rest of us aren't and you surround yourself with the movers and shakers of tech when the rest of us don't have that opportunity. You've got a unique perspective on where it's all headed. So my challenge to you is to chronicle what a day in the life of an "early adopter" is going to look like in 2 years, or 5... more... - Lindsay
feedly - you know about them already but they are doing great things.. - Riaz Kanani
Google App Engine, PhoneGap. I am not sure that they are under hyped but they have big growth potential. When the Palm Pre is out, I think that there is an opportunity for someone like you to drive the IPhone SDK 3 vs Palm Pre SDK and see if the open web approach taken by Palm can stack up against the native approach taken by Apple - a kind of Channel 9 for these technologies. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Can anyone calculate the ratio of people who responded with a technology/tech movement vs. specific software apps? I'm too lazy to do it, plus I think it would be an interesting dataset. - Eric Rice
Augmented Reality and what it means for everyday life, learning and future gaming. Geo-tagging photos/media crossed with social media. 3D printing/manufacturing. - JoEllen
+10 Dave. - Nir Ben Yona
@Lindsay what kind of hardware will we carry around in 2 years?.my take: 4-8 inch display. all else will be in the cloud around us. .... 10 years? - nothing. ..... images, information will be directly fed into our brains, into our eyes, senses ... WE will be in the cloud/s :] ..... high upthere - pb:
saw a Ted talk on Ushahidi, a mashup created by Kenyan for Africans, worth hyping - Kim Landwehr
Chairs are a very underhyped technology. The difference between a great office chair and an average one is huge. Spread the word! The same goes for multiple huge monitors. - Kevin
Gravity. It's awesome. Whoever invented it must be rich! - Simon T Small
dial2do - Eric Standlee
Brain Machine Interface, BMI technology. Its the future and its here. I wrote a sci-fi around it, you can preview it for free at - I have no shame.;D - Monique
StumbleUpon. Yeah ti's established, but it's awesome and people don't talk about it much. Surprising but personalized on demand content delivery. - Ryan Dadey
Nokia n810 tethered to an unlimited cellphone web connection via bluetooth or the europe only skype cellphone. - Matthew Sauer
Are you in a head to head dual with @LeoLaporte . . . . prodded by John C D. ? - Matthew Sauer
Believe it or not, the dentist chair. I was in one for a cleaning when the damn thing went haywire with a deep grinding noise, horrible vibrations, sounding like a jet getting ready to take off. They had to kill the power at the breaker box. Was later told they had to replace the motherboard on the chair. Who knew? - Jim Espinoza
I know you had a family run-in with the Lindens, but Second Life still has a lot of participants, including a growing number of schools. And if you are looking for challenge and discovery, Second Life is not simply under-hyped, no, it's *regularly trashed* by The People Who Know Better. Are you one of 'em? Virtual worlds have so much potential ... - Walter Neary
underhypped tech. I suppose, but I am slightly biased. - Paul Kinlan
clean water - tagami
Robert - Hey no fair holding back on FF and twitter... what's up with that ? Is Arrington threatening "intervention" blog posts again ;) - Susan Beebe
Rochester NY twitter peeps kept Time Warner from implementing greedy plan to implement "caps" on broadband usage with tiered billing structure which would have tripled most heavy users' monthly bills. NY Schumer and Rep Massa both defended our city. Time Warner backed off! Yeah for the power of Twitter and the people who use it!! :) Follow @JeffTWC - PR dude for Time Warner and @StopTWC as well - Susan Beebe
PANDORA - I still love Pandora, love discovering music via Pandora. is good too. - Susan Beebe
@TweetStack - new iPhone app that effectively imported all my TweetDeck groups and provided rich powerful twitter client on my iPhone... amazing to have tweetdeck like features on the go now! - Susan Beebe
@Techrigy SM2 - Reputation Management software (Radian6 is competitor). Techrigy is a small startup here in Rochester, NY that recently got TechCrunched when their product was noticed for tracking over 1 billion conversations online (actually now up to 1.5 billion). Techrigy's SM2 product is like Google Alerts on steriods - go get a freemium account and try it...awesome! @aaronnewman is owner and one of my co-Founders for the Social Media Club - Rochester NY. Also, @cbensen is community mgr / conf. speaker - Susan Beebe
Focus on the B2B social apps, SEE THIS SLIDESHOW - Jeremiah Owyang
Because we (as humans) tend to overestimate short term technological change while under-estimating the long term, I think you'll find that today's underhyped tech is often that which was overhyped in the past. For example, Linux-on-the-desktop. - Michael R. Bernstein
+1 Michael. The Linux-based desktop, in the age of Ubuntu and Android, is definitely going to make a big splash in the near future. Sure, there have been people saying that Windows netbooks are currently being preferred to Linux netbooks, but I think the tide will turn in the near future. - James Rishabh Mishra
The limitation of 3 apps on Windows7 based netbooks is going to drive that. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Search engines for sports, Broadway and concert tickets ;) - fansnap
Second Life. Yes, really! Come back. All is forgiven! Think of it as another channel where you can store stuff. The groups are cool too. - Prokofy Neva
OnLive - SaaS fits gaming even more than it fits enterprise. OnLive lets you play heavy games on a weak computer, it only requires a 6 mb connection - Kirill Bolgarov
Robert, how do you manage to read and reply to all these comments? - Kirill Bolgarov
Kirill: I have an iPhone and I type fast on it. :-) - Robert Scoble
I am in Safeway now getting milk for the baby! - Robert Scoble
pay per view blog posts - Lisa Schwartz
@scobleizer How about They are extremely fun and addictive. It's like Twitter but with video - Shawn Hickman
Shawn: funny I was there today. Great team! - Robert Scoble
I'm impressed with BlogTalkRadio's Cinch. I think there's potential there. - Jesse Stay
How about Wolfram|Alpha [ ]. Its not underhyped but you could add some of your own unique perspective - Arvind
Disqus? Cross-site deep social links/discussions would be nice. I'd hoped Disqus was doing this. - Jason Nunnelley
Wordpress! Love it so much as a cms - carson mehl
Robert, this was the last drop, the previous one was my tiny paper-thin sony ericsson w880i fallen apart=) I'm getting the bloody iphone - Kirill Bolgarov
from the really underhyped: Rejaw (Pownce Real Time derivation) now closing.. i mean, what is more underhyped than that? :P - Avatar X
I though I understood AIM to be XMPP aware? (and should be in your list there! but there is a gateway for Skype: kakarta) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Liz Ixer
The size of social networks | Primates on Facebook | The Economist -
Strong ties and weak ties - the science of networks - Liz Ixer
Louis Gray
SocialToo Launches SocialSurveys for Polling Via Twitter -
Jeremiah Owyang
You can post directly from Friendfeed, bypassing Twitter
I post directly to FriendFeed sometimes, mainly because my FriendFeed and Twitter audiences are slightly different. I know my FriendFeed friends better than Twitter - and now recognize their names. That's what repetition will do. - Mike Reynolds
Agreed, Mike. Plus what's nice about posting directly to FriendFeed is that you can bring an image in with it using the bookmarklet. - Shey
Hadn't realised that - thx for the tip :-) - Sally Church
@Mike - that's a good point about knowing your FriendFeed audiences better than your Twitter audience. Me too. - Hutch Carpenter
@Hutch It's about interaction not audience quality. - Erhan Erdoğan
@Hutch...yeah same here...You get to know your FriendFeed friends better because you get to see so much more about them through all the different feeds. - Chris Rossini
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