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Dr Alan Cann
Bananas, disease, diversity, research and The One Show - http://aobblog.com/2011...
Bananas, disease, diversity, research and The One Show
"Our favourite fruit, the banana, is threatened by fungal, viral and bacterial diseases. This was discussed on the BBC TV programme ‘The One Show’ on 13 May, to include an interview with Pat Heslop-Harrison by renowned journalist, food critic and presenter Jay Rayner. The bananas we eat in the West are almost all of the single variety called Cavendish, introduced to the world through the collections based at the country house Chatsworth in the 1820s, as shown in the programme. (For UK viewers and proxy-server users, available on iPlayer here until 20 May.)" - Dr Alan Cann from Bookmarklet
Program link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer... Starts about 11 minutes in. - Dr Alan Cann
With the wonders of modern technology - this link ought to start you at the right spot in the programme http://www.bbc.co.uk/i... - Dr Chris Willmott
Dr Alan Cann
Hope everyone is enjoying this fine Bank Holliday :-)
Jaspreet Seehra
Congratulations to the beautiful couple. It was a fairytale wedding, absolutely stunning :).
Dr Alan Cann
Degree classification is unfair to many students | The Guardian - http://www.guardian.co.uk/educati...
Degree classification is unfair to many students | The Guardian
"A student's class of degree has a major effect on their life chances, yet the difference in academic achievement between a 2:1 and a 2:2 can be almost nothing, says Professor Nigel Seaton" - Dr Alan Cann from Bookmarklet
kristina littlewood
is pleased with a 76% overall mark for #BS1011 :)
Teodora Petrova
Dr. Scotts's podcasts about the motor units and the muscle spindle are so useful !
I AGREE! I have put them onto my iPhone, so I can listen to them out and about, or before going to bed. This is a really useful thing for lecturers to do, it often helps having someone speak to you. THANK YOU DR SCOTT! - Matthew Taylor
Tom Matheson
Those of you who were in my #BS1003 Cell and Developmental Biology lectures last semester might remember the ultrasound scan images and heartbeat recording I played of little 'Bean' Matheson early in his development when he was just 6cm long.... well, last week he finally made his appearance into the world. So, here he is, aged 5 min old (foot...
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He is gorgeous!! Awwww :-) - Rachel Bell
Dr Alan Cann
Note from School Office: "I understand the exams timetable will be published to students this Friday".
I assume they'll be put on blackboard then? - Lindsey Freeman
I don't know, that or an email. - Dr Alan Cann
Joshua Bower
My second year modules (to help with your module selections)
SEMESTER ONE - #BS2013 (Physiology & Pharmacology I): If you enjoyed #BS1006 (Intro to Phys) then you'll likely enjoy this one. For me, it was my favourite module of the first term. You will have a first set of lectures on various aspects of pharmacology (such as how drugs work, what molecules do they interact with) and a brief overview of asthma. The second set of lectures is devoted to the cardiovascular system, and the third set on the endocrine system. If you're interested in human biology, or how things work, this might be a good choice for you. I also did #BS2025 (Developmental Biology). The course is split into animal and plant development, as taught by 2 lecturers (both of whom are very nice and approachable!). You will learn the stages of animal and plant development, whilst also looking at some epigenetics. Practicals involve observing fish embryos and looking at genetic defects in plants. If you enjoyed #BS1003 or #BS1012 or #BS1013 then this might be a good pick for you.... more... - Joshua Bower
SEMESTER TWO - #BS2014 (Physiology & Pharmacology II): Unlike #BS2013, there is a lot less diversity in this module as you will be focussing solely on the nervous system; how neurons work, how properties of neurons affect action potential propagation, neuroanatomy, how pharmacological agents work on the nervous system. There are also a couple of great lectures on hearing and vision,... more... - Joshua Bower
#BS2066 - DON'T DO IT. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. - Mary Jones
Whats wrong with that module Mary haha? - Rachel Bell
Yeah whats up with it..it seems really interesting? - Paul Allen
Other than the fact Josh has been VERY kind with his words, I would like to state, that when he says you'll be learning neuronal pathways from 11-12 different animals, this is not an underestimate, and obviously learning one neuronal pathway is challenging enough given the amount of detail involved. Secondly, only about 2 or 3 of the lecturers actually seem to know what we needed to know for the exam, and exam that was badly put together at that. - Mary Jones
Fair enough :-) Its always good to hear criticism as well as positives! - Rachel Bell
Re: Mary Jones' comments. It's a shame that you didn't get on with my #BS2066 module. Our student feedback is always very good, and most students appreciate the diversity. Students seem to fall into two camps in that respect, though, with some very keen on it because it allows them to see how different animals solve similar problems, whereas other students, such as you I guess, feel... more... - Tom Matheson
Oliver Charity
Evolution: Not only the fittest survive (ScienceDaily, 27/03/2011) - http://www.sciencedaily.com/release...
Evolution: Not only the fittest survive (ScienceDaily, 27/03/2011)
Darwin's notion that only the fittest survive has been called into question by new research published in the journal Nature. A collaboration between the Universities of Exeter and Bath in the UK, with a group from San Diego State University in the US, challenges our current understanding of evolution by showing that biodiversity may evolve where previously thought impossible. Conventional wisdom has it that for any given niche there should be a best species, the fittest, that will eventually dominate to exclude all others. Ecologists often call this idea the `competitive exclusion principle' and it predicts that complex environments are needed to support complex, diverse populations. Professor Robert Beardmore, from the University of Exeter, said: "Microbiologists have tested this principle by constructing very simple environments in the lab to see what happens after hundreds of generations of bacterial evolution, about 3,000 years in human terms. It had been believed that the genome... more... - Oliver Charity from Bookmarklet
Dr Jo Badge
Still got your voting handset? Dig it out and get ready to return it for £10 CASH!
we will be collecting the handsets back in at the School Office on MONDAY 28 MARCH 10am – 11am (after BS1006 lecture) and THURSDAY 31 MARCH 1pm-2pm. You will get your £10 cash deposit back to spend on Easter eggs :-) I'll post a reminder here nearer the time. - Dr Jo Badge
lol, I tried to take mine in today... seen the email, seen the day... never realised the date! - Adam
will you take a handset from last year , still got mine..... - Asif Nakhuda
Yes will take any handsets but nit til the 28th!! - Dr Jo Badge from iPod
have you found your handset yet? put it your bag tonight and bring it in on MONDAY for your cash deposit :-) - Dr Jo Badge
Can I still hand mine in? I forgot to hand it in yesterday :( - Adam Pryor
It's next Monday..? - Rachel Bell
yes, Monday 28 March. - Dr Jo Badge
Tomorrow! Don't forget :-) - Dr Jo Badge from iPod
TODAY! - Dr Jo Badge from iPod
matt spreadbury
ULBC for the win! - Benjamin Tanner
Wooo good luck guys! You'll be great! - Rachel Bell
How did it go ? - Abdulkhaliq Alsaadi
We won! - Rachel Bell
Dr Alan Cann
The last (hooray?) #BS1011 topic and assessment on Regression is now available on Blackboard.
It's the end of an era - new look BS1011 coming next year! - Dr Alan Cann
When will receive our FriendFeed mark and therefore our overal BS1011 mark? - Rachel Bell
As soon as possible after the end of term, via the Blackboard gradebook for the module. - Dr Alan Cann
You'll get your mark for the term in just over a week. - Dr Alan Cann
Do we have IT and Numeracy skills module next year? - Nursultan
I'm looking forward to getting my friendfeed mark to add to my other results. I definitely think i've performed better at I.T and Numeracy this term. - Sam Rowbotham
@Nursultan - not specifically, but there is a key skills module. - Dr Alan Cann
Paul Allen
#MyDiary 23rd March
Well I think I've chosen my second year modules now, so just arranging a meeting to run through them with my personal tutor. However the module I'm unsure about (#BS2066) my tutor is a lecturer for, so thinking he may give a bias opinion, however hopefully not! Was nice to see some of the style of questions for the upcoming #BS1008 exam after easter, and I am looking forward to a new lecturer and topic in #BS1006. - Paul Allen
Paul Allen
is pleased he attended the #BS1011 help session this week after struggling. 100% :)
well done. - Kudzai Gozho
thanks :) - Paul Allen
Remi Mckenzie
Why man had to lose the spines on his penis in order to enjoy sex for longer (and the whiskers had to go too) | Mail Online - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/science...
#BS1008This links to our environmental and evolutionary biology module and since we did cover mating system recently :), i thought this was quite relevant. It descibes the modifications of the male anatomy but also explains why men don't have whiskers and explains how humans have developed larger brains. - Remi Mckenzie from Bookmarklet
Good find haha - Yewande O
Jaspreet Seehra
I'm lighting a candle for all of the people in Japan.
I have family in New Zealand too, it is very worrying, but remember one of the best things you can do is maintain hope. Have you spoken to them? In some obscure way, having the warnings there, means they can prepare for the worst, so if it does hit them, it won't be as hard, if that makes any kind of sense? - Jaspreet Seehra
Hope that the conditions in Japan get better. And that God may help those who have lost everything. May God give comfort to those who have lost their loved ones. - Nathan Gill
Im wondering, will we be getting feedback on our FF posts this semester like we did last semester?
If you'd like feedback, send me a direct message. - Dr Alan Cann
Dr Alan Cann
First lupus drug in half a century approved - http://www.nature.com/news...
First lupus drug in half a century approved
"For more than 50 years, the autoimmune disease lupus has confounded drug developers. But a new therapy finally broke through that barrier yesterday when the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the approval of Benlysta (belimumab) for the treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus." - Dr Alan Cann from Bookmarklet
My nan was one of the first people in the world to be diagnosed with SLE, shes actually quite proud of this aha, her blood was apparently sent all across the world for different scientists to look at. On the serious side though it can be a horrible debilitating disease and this news is SO good :-) - Rachel Bell
Jaynee Chauhan
I have a question about the #BS1009 essay. I was just wondering whether it would be worth putting pictures in as we are only submitting it via turnitin where pictures don't appear. If anyone has an answer it would be much appreciated, thank you.
I was wondering about that too, but used some diagrams in my essay. - Abdulkhaliq Alsaadi
You can add pictures. Tutors will be marking whatever you submit. Turnitin is a separate process it does not affect the file you submitted which will be downloaded for marking. - Dr Jo Badge from iPod
including of diagrams in essays is generally a good thing. However - three issues to think about: (1) it needs its own title and to be referred to in the text. (2) if you have lifted it from somewhere it must be cited just like a test source would be and (3) especially if it's off the web - is the quality of reproduction high enough or does it pixilate? eg are words fuzzy? - Dr Chris Willmott
Turnitin isn't going to MARK it so I guess something to enhance the reading experience of the human will still be useful - Dr Chris Willmott
matt spreadbury
#MyDiary. Microbiology essay done, presentations coming along.. for once in this semester things are looking up! As a crew the celebratory lunch with everyone at the Dry Dock was well deserved.. and then the genes clinic where write up 4 is finally done :) The introduction to physiology #BS1006 this morning was really interesting and Dr Scott most
of us do know what proprioception is thank you very much! The change in timetable has allowed me to start going over the lectures from #MB1004 which is by far the most difficult but most engaging module we've had yet, most notably the clinical aspects of what we're learning and the drug interaction such as the thiazide groups. Over the next few weeks working with industry and to a schedule is going to be the main challenge. Im thinking to try to accomplish most of University work during the day, train hard for rowing in the evenings and then do extra-curricular work before passing out in a mix of mental and physical exhaustion.. - matt spreadbury
kristina littlewood
needs to remember to get BSS ball ticket! rather looking forward to it :) now to get me a new dress :D
Same here! - Rachel Bell
Paul Allen
With a day off from work I have enjoyed a nice lie in, but now to crack on with my #BS1009 essay...2000 words! First one of this length so far, but feel theres a lot of content to be included! Feels a relief to have finished our jam packed timetables now, and I am definitely looking forward to a lighter schedule next half semester. This will give me time to look over last halfs lectures in preparation for exams in summer! - Paul Allen
Christopher morton
Don't forget to do turnitin for the #BS1005 essay!
Paul Allen
Currently in library trying to catch up on the #BS1009 lab booklet, before rehearsal tonight. So pleased to have got on LUTheatre's committee next year :)
What type of things will you be involved in being in the committee? - Maryam
Well as secreatry will arrange meetings and take minutes. I will also be in charge of the society's weekly mailing list too. I really wanted to go for it because I think I'm really organised I really enjoy being in the society :) - Paul Allen
It will also look good on your CV, just make sure you dont get too bogged down in second year :) - Benjamin Tanner
Oh I know..I'm pretty organised and have good time management..so I should be fine :) - Paul Allen
Exactly...the first year I feel I've tried my best to throw myself into any opportunity which I am faced with to enhance my experience at university; I want to gain more out of Leicester than just a degree. University is certainly an experience and you will get more out of it the more you put in I think :) Of course in moderation.. - Paul Allen
Lindsey Freeman
So far this week has been going well. I had a rather unproductive weekend, but started catching up on lost time yesterday and seem to be getting there. Received my exam results and am very pleased, it's nice to have the encouragement that hard work pays off. Last week I set myself a target to get started on the #BS1009 essay which I've managed to do. I've made a rough plan, so my target for this week is to keep slowing working my way through the essay. - Lindsey Freeman
Matthew Mobbs
Just done a test run of #BS1011 Session 4-5 assessment and now ready for the help session. Hope to see you there
I will be attending this , so I'll see everyone there :) - Michael Lam
Thank you for your help! :) - Zainab Chaudhary
I was in the help session for this week but, to be honest there wer'nt enough staff to help me . - Aisha Shakel
Next help session Thursday 2pm. Timetabled slot for #BS1011 - Dr Alan Cann
But some of us have a Practical at 2, so Monday's help session is the only one we have - Syeda Maham Batool
2pm Thursdays is a timetabled slot for #BS1011. - Dr Alan Cann from iPhone
Medical courses have a practical class at 2-5pm on Thursdays for #MB1005, so we get one less help session it seems. - Zainab Chaudhary
Yewande O
If the assessment for #bs1011 is going to be hard, then wouldnt it make sense to have more than one person to help at the help session??
There was. Next help session is 2pm Thursday. - Dr Alan Cann
Nicola Bryden
yay so happy to see my name on the list bring on the summer exams! :)
Sarah Williams
I am having a lot of trouble with the #BS1011 assignment this week, it is really hard and I havent had much experience of using Excel in the past!!
Same, I will be attending the help session this afternoon! - Rachel Bell
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