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just spotted the Javelin retrievers. That's not Minis!! they're vans. Which manufacturer got to be the sponsor?? #Glasgow2014
Denise Lewis's hair continues to grow! #Glasgow2014
It's 'The Honourable Woman' night. Best drama on at the moment
I really really want to go see Guardians of the Galaxy. But don't think my one good eye is up to it :(
Bleh. Hate how you put eyedrops in and then you can taste them for ages!
morning world. the week continues, there is no change #fb
Got some more family history certs today. 1840 death cert cause of death of 84yo: decay of nature'. I like that better than 'old age'
So @SW_Trains weekend return to Southampton, £42. 2 of their summer special day returns. £30. I know which I'm buying!
First bathroom quote arrived. Within expectations.
Morning world. A few costs, a few plans. It all starts to come together #fb
perhaps we should club together to offer a prize for the 1st journo to 1) find someone who could be impacted by EU/JSA cut 2. find facts!
what's the Wlesh national anthem at the Commonwealths? #Glasgow2014
Tanni GT on blind scottish athlete's wanting to run mainstream: 'it'll open her eyes to opportunities' . Love it!!! #Glasgow2014
hah, BBC caption Beth Tweddle as 2002 Commonwealth champ. Instead of worlds :-)
Watching athletes. Considering specific (against a person) vs generic (against a class) objectivisation
Enough time at work for the day. Easing my way back into it slowly
Morning world. Trying work out today. Let's see how the eye copes in the office. #fb
South Africa won (they were the best). But no topless haka :-(
a summary: pictures hung. failed to fix tap. Overdosing on sport! :-)
After that #f1 race I need to lie down to recover. that was brilliant!!!!
Bugger. Can't get my tap to come apart. Stuck together :-(
went for a wee run. It's very very very very humid out there!
Morning world. Hanging pictures, fixing taps, watching sport. A day around the house. #fb
So the rugby sevens ref uniforms don't have pockets so they have to keep cards in socks?? #Glasgow2014
Walker-Hebben sunbathing fail! needed cream over tattoo :-) #Glasgow2014
oh yes. Team triathlon is a good event to watch! go England! #Glasgow2014
Wow Brownlee going for this run! #Glasgow2014
too hot for jeans. I have no wearable shorts. A dress it is then
Judo on #bbcbreakfast Having grown up with family doing karate, judo never seems to have the same energy!
Morning world. A bit of tidying, a bit of shopping, a bit of dining. A mixed day then #fb
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