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Morning world. More snow slidey stuff #fb
Had an absolutely brilliant walk up the valley with @Stroppycow The sun is hot and the crocuses are blooming everywhere
I have found my fitbit. It managed to sneak into my suitcase!!!!!
Morning world. You won’t be surprised to see that i’m skiing again today. #fb
“@Stroppycow: Because cheese” <— yes, was bemused by the cheese!
I’ve had cheese. ALL THE CHEESE!!! It was fondue time #fb
The ski chalet only has the Daily Mail or the Telegraph as papers. Not surprised!
Actually made it to the end of the ski lesson today, did not have to retire because terror! #fb
Morning world. More attempts at skiing today. I’m not very good at it #fb
I have entered the ballot for the London Marathon. I ‘liked’ my 1st experience enough to have another go :-)
Morning world. More skiing. Hopefully less falling over
We get British TV in the chalet. So watching Ben Hur as the perfect bank hols film. Whilst doing niece’s trip homework via facebook
I survived my first ski lesson. That was hard! Legs tired. Rest of day on sofa!!! #fb
We have a chalet boy called Sam. Very nice guy. He cooks very well :-)
Morning world. Today I attempt to learn to ski #fb
I am in val d’isere. I have sorted skis, paid for lessons & waiting, with a glass of champagne, for my dinner to be served. #fb
The holiday has started. It’s Fizzy time!!! #fb
Morning world. A smidgen of #f1 then head to Gatwick’s to fly to Grenoble to coach to Val d’Isere. Snow time! #fb.
and if you think I'm joking, no I;m not. When I get my reading on, it's fast!!!
For my holiday reading, I have all the published GoT books. That should, just about, last me the week. I hope (it's a re-read)
I am packed. (well, almost everything in suitcase, list ready for last minute things),. I am ready for my hols!
Trying to decide. £50 for a taxi t gatwick that will take less than an hour. or bus/tube/train that will take 90mins longer.
Morning world. More lazing needed today trying to clear this cold before hols. #fb
Also, had jehovah’s witnesses at my door this morning for 1st time ever at this house. I was grumpy with them.
Why is haloumi cheese squeaky?
last week I ran a marathon. this week I have a cold and can't walk up stairs without getting out of breath! damn you rhinovirus
Was considering a run today. But cold still not gone and still short of breath :-( No rest.
Morning world. A day of laze. and a bit more laze. #fb
mm. Which city are you. It tells me I'm Wolverhampton, now looking at source code to see if it connects with FB!
Just had an email about next week, asking if I was ready to eat all the food. yes, all of it. ALL THE FOOD!!!
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