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mm. Which city are you. It tells me I'm Wolverhampton, now looking at source code to see if it connects with FB!
Just had an email about next week, asking if I was ready to eat all the food. yes, all of it. ALL THE FOOD!!!
Morning world. Global conference calls and spreadsheet writing. Last day for a week :-) #fb
Have I mentioned i’m going skiing next week? Should be interesting. Only ever had dry slope lessons & that was 20 years ago
Body has decided breathing is over-rated. Spent 10mins coughing when I got up this morning :-(
Morning world. Going to be a long, long day. #fb
So my fitbit is in the house. Somewhere.Because it's updating. But can't find it!!!
Morning world. Legs not too bad, cold is horrible! #fb
I'm absolutely starving!!! The marathon munchies...
Running the London Marathon
morning world. A lazy morning as I stretch the legs out. #fb
thank you everyone for your support today. It meant a lot to read it after the race. Very happy with my 4:30:10 result :-)
I have ordered a very large Indian takeaway. I have remains of the Veuve. My legs hurt :-)
Drinking the champagne.
Thank you everyone!!!! It was hard, hard work
I’ve had a massage. I have tea. I am in bits. But I did it!!!!! #fb
Good news! The tracker picked her up and she has finished at 14:46:56 with her time being 04:30:10. Well done Rachel!!
We'll the tracker has lost Rachel! Hoping all is well and should be crossing the finish line anytime now
30k done at 13:25:30 in a time 03:08:43
Half way. Done at 12:28:57 at a time of 02:12:10. Expected finish time is 14:41:07
20k done at 12:22:01 at a time of 02:05:15 back on target!
15k done at 11:50:44 at a time of 01:33:58
New predicated target finish time is 14:39:59 in a time of 04:39:59
Currently doing 06:14 per km
Her predicted finish time is 14:39:10 in a time of 04:22:24
First 5k done at 10:47:53 at a time of 00:31:06
Right. Phone going off. See you in 26.2 miles #LondonMarathon
Starting right at the back. Back of pen 9. #LondonMarathon
Morning world. One thing only today. Run the London Marathon :-) #fb
Think I achieved my negative PB around @OldDeerparkrun today. Nice and slow. I was last :-)
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