Sitting at desk, typing.Cuddling stuffed penguin, mouthing the alternative words to Can-Can theme. Not sure I'm presenting as a professional
Morning world. Another day at the coal face of strategy. It's slowly getting cracked #fb
Facebook logo guidelines don't include reference to 'using it in a presentation'
oh god. the news, on the absolute stupidity of today in parliament. idiots.
Halo:Masterchief Collection looks fun. Think I've got an Xmas present for me :) But will avoid multiplayer, I prefer to be solo terrible :)
My Lord Mayor's Show pictures are proving rather popular on Flickr! Huge views (for me)
the week has started off well. Fizzy stuff and cheese to celebrate a colleague's weekend birthday :-)
Considering the UK's most well known 'verse'. The National Anthem? The Lord's Prayer? A carol? a nursery rhyme? What do you think? #fb
One thing I learnt on Saturday at the Lord Mayor's Show. Pimlico Plumbers HAS A THEME SONG! (their float was playing it)
Oooh. Look. What a surprise. Not. @SW_Trains cancelled. Again. Arrggghhh
So TV poppies are going to the 11th then.
Oooh, look. Gun amnesty. Better dig around to see if I have any :-)
Morning world. Mind's blank. Need coffee. Then we'll see #fb
Wearing a poppy is an majority outward-facing shared cultural behaviour. Hard to think of similar others? #fb
Tired because I woke up around 4am for a while. So going to bed. Probably to wake up at 4 again. But hey, bed!
that'll do, #doctorwho
Somehow got on wrong train. So now trying to get out if Richmond by bus through rugby traffic. No idea how I got on wrong train!
Lord mayor's show was fun. Spent it waving randomly in between taking pictures.
Police galore. On bikes. In fluorescent yellow. Military police. Police with BIG guns.
I have a spot opposite royal courts of justice. Roads have been sanded for the horses. Now to stand about an hour!
I have dressed for a day standing still outside. Which means I'm 'slightly' warm on the train!
Morning world. A day watching The Lord Mayor's Show I think #fb
Weather looks at least dry tomorrow, Lord mayor's Show visit could be on :-)
Home. definitely a takeaway night. Indian ordered.
Morning world. A lot if time today thinking about the role of digital. And it's Friday! :-) #fb
Liking the #masterchef challenge. What can you do with a load of leftovers, well not even leftovers, the trimmings
Cold has set in. Lying on sofa watching Masterchef is about all I'm up for
OOh, Lord Mayor's Show. This could be the year I actually make it to town to watch (and take photos)
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