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Why are Barbados wearing kilts?
So Europe will be the British Isles, Channel islands, Malta, Gibralta. Anywhere else? #CommonwealthGames
Love the Tonga men skirts. And the Tonga guy's love of the Celtic shirt!!!
Norfolk Island flagbearer is john Christian, Has to be related!
that Sri Lankan guy,. No mobile or tablet for him. He's got a whole laptop to record things!
National Anthem on Celtic Park. Oh dear
I'm loving this #Glasgow2014 ceremony. I think you need to know scotland to get it! :-)
So Barrowman has to consciously sing in a scottish accent?
love the '1' in the ceremony. The number of times the council has to remove that traffic cone! :-)
Huw Edwards. Why? #bbcglasgow2014
The Edinburgh games in 1986 only had about 1700 athletes. The Glasgow games has over 4000. Should be good!
Now for commonwealth opening ceremony. What do they have?! Lived in Scotland for 8 years. Brilliant place
Decided I needed to get out Sitting by the river
I am definitely getting a tiny sliver of focused vision appearing right at the bottom of sight field. Here's to it growing! #fb
My freezer has sorted itself out and got back to a proper temp. In other news, I have a tap which needs a washer replacing
I think most of my recovery lying down will be in the yard today. In the sun!
Dear #BBCBreakfast you need some soft furnishings in that Glasgow studio. A sofa, some curtains. Cut the echo! :-)
Morning world. Hump day! #fb
So the Gov is not responsible for things that happen in schools they are responsible for. yep. Academy silliness #trojanhorse freezer appears to be stuck on warm!
Binge watching Penny Dreadful. Really enjoying it. Eva Green is brilliant!
First proper walk out for a while. I feel like I'm not walking in a straight line. Weird!
Morning world. A trip to doctor's (to get prescription.) the rest of re day? Nothing but rest. Still can't see with eye #fb
i was all set to spend the day in the sun. then it was cloudy all day :-( Tomorrow then
The parents left the house and SET THE ALARM!!! cue me frantically calling around family trying to get code!!! #fb
Quite like the bbc ad for the 'friendly' commonwealth games.
Have successfully washed hair through the skillful use of a diving mask. Now changed into day pyjamas ready for the lying down
Watching Heir Hunters. I think I could happily be one of the researchers. I like chasing up my genealogy
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