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LSW: Joe
What did I learn from the LSW group and from the Wider FF community?
I learned that there are others who feel the same way I do about life, things and stuff. And I love you all for it. Heck, I even love [most] of the FF people who don't feel the same way. - Joe
God. So much. - laura x
most of what I know - lris
That not everybody hates me? - RepoRat
So so much. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
that my colleagues are funny, smart, in touch, and willing to lend a hand instantly - and that the world is not so grim a place after all. - barbara fister
All of the above. LSW restored my faith in librarianship. :-) - Megan loves summer
...pretty much everything I know about libraries...and technology...and what happens when social hits technological... - Cameron Neylon
So much, and so much that's kept me going. (OK if I mine this thread for my C&I reminiscence?) - walt crawford
That there are people who think like me, and people who don't, and there's a place for us all. That organisation need not mean organised. That people will, and do, lend a hand. - Pete's Got To Go
Walt: mine it as much as you want. - Joe
I've learned so much from the LSW! I feel pretty new around here, but have found the attitudes and passion here really inspiring. It's honestly helped me stand up more for the stuff I believe it at my own place of work. Plus the LSW has given me models for passionate-but-collegial disagreements. And models for robust theorizing about the library, or robust research into library stuff. - Regular Amanda
what it means to have a professional network I can immediately rely on at all hours. - Hedgehog
That ragequit doesn't mean forever. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman from iPhone
I agree with pretty much everything Cameron says here: http://cameronneylon.net/blog... - John Dupuis
i joined FF almost the day i started my first librarian gig. to me being part of libraryland means seeing all of you on FF daily. - jambina
How awesome non-medical librarians are, and some of the amazing things they're accomplishing every day. - Rachel Walden
To me, and this is mine-able, the great thing about FF was that it was the first place that I saw that really facilitated people interacting that might not have met before. In my case, it was scientists and librarians. We librarians had a chance to see what scientists were really thinking about and really doing at the edges of the open science world and to reflect back and give... more... - John Dupuis
So much - including through all these discussions about migrating content and community to a new site. I love how thoughtful you all are! - Grumpator
What a lot of you have said, but just that you all are my people. I love having a wide network of smart people who will give me advice, agree or disagree with me in meaningful ways, and give me a broader perspective on things. Also, I just like you all. - kaijsa
FF and the LSW is my go to professional network. - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
^^^ This. Twitter is useful for knowing what' going on and for links to interesting stuff, but the depth of the conversation here and the capacity to get good help or discussion about an issue - and sense of close community - there's nothing like it. - barbara fister
The ability to say something in more than 140 characters helps me gather my thoughts. Even though other services have threaded discussions like this, the LSW has the right diversity and mix of people for me. The ALATT had a chance to be like the LSW at one point, but that place feels more like a frat house, and people are trying to get the most attention. I know I am generalizing, and there are good libns in ALATT, but the loud ones get the most notice. - Joe
I learned that goodbye does not mean never again hello. Also, I learned that a career is more than just the daily job, as it can have so many facets and directions. - Julian
Who are the cool librarians who know the real deal.. who "get it"... - LibrarianOnTheLoose
^^^ This! Being part of LSW has changed my life. I've found support for incubating ideas, been challenged to grow and expand in a professional humorous way by fun super smart colleagues, and especially during the move and transition to my current place of work, LSW kept me from feeling isolated and alone in my work. - Galadriel C.
How awesome it is to have a tribe that has my back. That not all libraries are dysfunctional. That there are amazing people doing interesting work. That it's ok to have professional heroes/crushes/whatever-you-wanna-call it and sometimes you get to meet them and they have foibles and interior lives and that's cool. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Like others have said, LSW has restored my faith in the future of librarianship. It's meant more than I can express to have a place to converse with such thoughtful, open people. - Jen
Besides learning the more practical aspects of things, a lot of my thinking on librarianship has been shaped by discussions here eg. IL, open access just to name two. - aaron from Flucso
Just to let folks know: I've put together a first draft of the C&I essay on FF and LSW (too long, but that's C&I: for concise excellence, go to Barbara Fister) and included *almost* all of this thread, names included. The exception: I omitted part of one of Joe's comments because, even though I agree fully with his thoughts on ALATT, I'd just as soon not go there by name this time around. Maybe I've been burned too badly by them. - walt crawford
So: If there's anybody who *doesn't* want your comment used (including your screen name), LET ME KNOW within the next two weeks. The thread reads really well as a closing section of the article. - walt crawford
I'm happy to have my comment and name included, but if you could please use the now slightly edited version I'd appreciate it. - Galadriel C. from Android
Galadriel: Done. - walt crawford
I should really try to say something more intelligent. - laura x from iPhone
LSW reminded that becoming a librarian was the right choice for me and that the job I had when I find this place was not the right choice for me. - John: Thread Killer
Thank you! - Galadriel C. from Android
Okay, here we go: Before I became a librarian or ever thought of it, I was an activist. I organized and demonstrated and got arrested and generally worked my tail off to try to change the world and make people's lives better--sometimes those of my colleagues; sometimes those of people I'd never met. When I started working in libraries, I felt I lost a lot of that. I still believed in... more... - laura x from iPhone
mehlib on frenf.it
someone come friend me - maʀtha
I sent a request. - ellbeecee
I just did. :) - Catherine Pellegrino
wait, what's the frenf.it URL again? #BookmarkItAtWork - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
done! - Jen
are people moving to frenf.it? (not familiar with that one) - Rachel Walden
It's an Italian Friendfeed clone. - bentley
I always see "meh" for some reason. You are anything other than meh. - Julian
Done. I'm notoriously bad about subbing to folks, so it will take me a while to add everybody (unless I end up using frenf differently than FF). - kaijsa
deborahfitchett and #37 in the LSW room :-) - Deborah Fitchett
me? meh are my initials :) so, I amuse myself with this handle - maʀtha
http://www.frenf.it/earlyad... . Is there a LSW room on this already? Can't find it. - aaron
A list of public rooms: http://www.frenf.it/earlyad... - bentley
Freeda B.
Does anyone know how their library/institution mediates access for gradated medical/health students who need access to databases to complete their licensing/board exams? My university has a relatively new pharmacy program, and we're getting questions about allowing access to alumni for their licensing exams. Is this standard?
Do libraries pay extra for this? Do alumni? - Freeda B.
We do not/doubt we could afford to do this for alumns - Hedgehog
As long as the university email account is active, access is available. To extend this beyond the 6 weeks after graduation email access, they would have to register for a course - I think we paid a nuisance charge to one or two databases/publishers for alumni access - but most charge too high for us to consider - Aaron the Librarian from Android
I don't think we're doing anything like this for alumni - off-campus alumni access to resources is notoriously difficult to arrange due to cost. - Rachel Walden
What everyone else said. Also, most libraries at public universities negotiate walk in access for all of their databases. - maʀtha
As Aaron mentioned, many places let graduates keep their access to email (which is often the username/password combo that's also used to access e-resources from off campus) for a fixed period, from a few weeks to, like, six months after graduation. it's possible that the structure is already in place. - Catherine Pellegrino
Which databases are you talking about, specifically? - maʀtha
Access Pharmacy for sure, they are probably also looking for things like SciFinder Scholar and ScienceDirect. - Freeda B.
Your responses are basically what I thought--most libraries don't do this beyond when their student registration expires. - Freeda B.
We do not provide access to alums, either. - kaijsa
*chains self to FriendFeed*
*passes out chains and plastic tubes* - maʀtha
*brings snacks and protest songs* - MoTO Boychick Devil
*starts a singalong* - Heleninstitches #teamff
perhaps someone could sunscreen my nose. thank you - maʀtha
did everyone remember to pee? - maʀtha
no but I have diapers (and extra wipes) - MoTO Boychick Devil
We had a student who chained himself to the library for, like, 20 minutes. A woman helped him smoke a cigarette. I hope you don't smoke, or that you brought someone along to help you. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
*passes out sharpie for writing your lawyer's name on your arms* - Rachel Walden
and the phone number for the bail fund - maʀtha
seriously, what am I going to do? I'm still posting on here like it will be around forever - maʀtha
Martha, I am in such denial about it that it's not funny. - ellbeecee
swimming in the river in Egypt ------> - Catherine Pellegrino
Starting to write the promised essay...and partly feeling like leaving it alone (esp. since Barbara F. did such a good job). But I'll do it. And keep FF as my home page until The Last Possible Day. - walt crawford
what's the wifi password here? I need the Internet if I'm going to be chained up like this. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Okay, have we all reviewed our civil disobedience training? In Iowa going limp is considered resisting arrest, so you'll want to decide how you want to proceed. - laura x
Tuesdaybrarian at the desk!
Sometimes I just have no patience for students who write their papers and then search for sources. #crankybrarian - maʀtha
Also, there are issues that don't really have pros and cons. - maʀtha
still want a sandwich - maʀtha
Okay, just worked with two really great students who might have saved my attitude - maʀtha
it took me forever to learn to write papers the right away around, just because we weren't really taught to explore topics/questions, but to come up with a thesis and support it. process instruction is really poor. - Rachel Walden
Sure, that makes sense. It is really difficult when the student decides to try to find her sources the day before the paper is due :) - maʀtha
Ouch. - Rachel Walden
My favorite is when they've already used sources in their paper that we can't get for them. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
oh, and the forlorn expression when I strongly urged them (before knowing the due date) to read a certain definitive biography - maʀtha
holly #ravingfangirl
wow, i sure used to love listening to my entire music library on shuffle. so different from now. :)
Ha. I just set up playlists, and then hit shuffle on that. Right now my playlist is the "2015 evals" one, so mostly upbeat but not too distracting songs. - ellbeecee
i do playlists now and then too, but i am definitely more in "album" mode these days. - holly #ravingfangirl
It's even worse when you share a library with your kids. I haven't been able to even consider listening to my library on shuffle in 15 years because of that. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
oh boy, that would be bad. lol - holly #ravingfangirl
I've been doing monthly playlists. - Rachel Walden
I'm trying to get back to listening to albums. It's so easy to shuffle the library, or a genre, but I realized it's led to less intimacy with my music. I want to get back to knowing an album from to back. - chrisofspades
*fistbump* chris :) - holly #ravingfangirl
Huh. I almost always listen to albums, although that may be because I'm just too lazy to make playlists. - laura x
Mary Carmen
I am in a fantastic fucking mood (for reals!), so please, #askmeanything the honesty will be off the chain.
Since becoming a mother, what do you miss most about the pre-mom days? - Tamara J. B.
How did you get into horror movies? What was the "gateway"? - vicster.
Who or what cracks you up? - AHnix (Anna Haro)
What's your favorite thing about Scott? - LB needs a break. from Android
Tam: this is gonna sound like I'm full of shit, but not much. Maybe having more freedom and having a reason to get dressed up more, but I really, really, love being a mom and being home with Mariella. - Mary Carmen
Vic: My father is a huge horror movie buff. He loves them. When I was about 8 or 9, we bought our first VCR and joined a mom & pop video store around the block from our house. We'd go to the video store on a Friday night, rent three horror movies for the weekend. We started at the beginning of the section and worked through the entire collection. We watched so many, that the owner... more... - Mary Carmen
Anna: I love silly, sarcastic and intelligent humor. At the same time I also laugh a lot while watching Sesame Street, but I swear it's because the jokes are so smart. I love riffing on bad movies when watching them. I love to laugh and I enjoy doing so without it being at another person's expense. The three people who make me laugh the most are my sister, Colleen and Scott. - Mary Carmen
A favorite childhood memory? - AHnix (Anna Haro)
LB: That is such a difficult question....he is the kindest person I have ever met. He does everything from the heart and cares about other people. He thinks before he acts or speaks and because of his good heart, he makes me be a better person. He sees the good in every one. Which is not typically my MO, but I've grown a lot since meeting him. - Mary Carmen
My favorite childhood memory is more like a group of memories or period of time. I have a younger sister and two younger cousins. There are 4 of us girls and I am the oldest. Throughout most of our lives we pretty much did everything together. If one family went on vacation, the other kids came with - my mom and her sister are very close. When we were younger, my grandmother still lived... more... - Mary Carmen
The life you have now, did you always see it as a possibility? Or would mini MC be like, 'whose life is that?' - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Anna: Omg, MC from 5 years ago would be like, "whose life is that????' I never, ever thought I would be living this life. From the time we could speak my mom (and dad) drove into us that education was important, you don't need anyone to support you, make your own money and own career, be independent. I pretty much took that to heart and was very career driven. I truly believed that I... more... - Mary Carmen
Mary, besides Scott and little Nyce people, what is the best thing to happen to you? - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
Wow, Mo, that is a really good question. I think I'd say it was graduating from college. I was the first person in my family to ever do it and it was so great knowing and feeling how proud they were. After that, probably being able to go on Phish tour for 4 years. Got to meet a lot of good people, see new places and hear great music. - Mary Carmen
wait 4 years. Straight? can you discuss what you did to earn money or should that be a f2f discussion? - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
No, not straight. Basically,I'd do summer tour, holiday runs, and any NE stretch that I could (kinda) fit around school. I worked part time and also used my student loan refund to support myself....not the smartest, but it was a good time. I will admit to missing some classes here or there. - Mary Carmen
Well, I missed classes just for a good game of euchre and a good herbal product. and the occasional concert. - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
Will you marry me? - Melly
Which do you think will get you first, instant karma or the rhythm? - Corinne L
Melly: yes, but we have to live in Australia. - Mary Carmen from iPhone
Corinne: instant karma. Always. - Mary Carmen from iPhone
Are you and Scott still wanna do that super-secret podcast Episode when I finally get around to buying another Windows machine? - Steven Perez from Android
Absolutely. We keep telling each other that we need to podcast. We even have films to discuss.....and then we fall asleep. - Mary Carmen
Did you order the power strip finally???? - Paulette
Yes! It arrived this afternoon. - Mary Carmen
I had no idea you followed Phsih!! Did you know I followed the Dead? For like a decade? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
No, I had no idea. Small world. - Mary Carmen
How did you end up following Phish for four years? What led you to decide to do so? - Rachel Walden
I made some great friends freshman year and we all liked Phish. These were the first folks who ever wanted to go to concerts a lot, so we did. It was all done out of fun and wanting to hear good music and being obsessed and probably a lot of MJ had something to do with it, too. - Mary Carmen
Best compliment ever received? - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Good job. I take whatever I'm tasked to do very seriously. - Mary Carmen from iPhone
Song that makes you feel like the sexiest, baddest bitch ever? - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Queen Bitch by Bowie. - Mary Carmen
What 80's song are you? - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Don't Stop Believin' - Mary Carmen
Last time someone's kindness made you cry? - AHnix (Anna Haro)
3 Christmases ago, my parents went over the top generous and kind to us and it moved me to tears. - Mary Carmen
Rachel Walden
Ooh, is #askmeanything a thing we're doing before ff shuts down? Ask away.
How often are you asked for medical advice? - Pete's Got To Go
What's the most disturbing thing you've seen in a medical textbook? - Pete's Got To Go
Do you think you'll not own a car again at some point in the future? - laura x
How's the new job? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Are you still in Nashville? (I don't remember if you've said or not) - ellbeecee
Pete-Somewhat frequently asked for medical advice. The worst is when it's for family members with poor prognoses. - Rachel Walden
Pete-Dermatology atlases are kind of the worst. Eyeball problems bother me. Anything full-color, bloody, and bulging is an issue. - Rachel Walden
Laura-Could definitely see myself going car-free again in the future, especially if I moved to a city with great public transportation. I just couldn't make it here with once-per-hour shuttle buses just in town. - Rachel Walden
Christina and ellbeecee - The new job is amazeballs. :) So no, I'm not in Nashville - I'm in Johnson City, TN which is right by the mountains, an hour from Asheville, NC, and an hour from my parents/where I grew up. Just a few minutes up the road from Jonesborough, TN, where there is a great annual storytelling festival. - Rachel Walden
Pete-I will say that the worst things I've ever seen weren't in medical textbooks, but on rounds and case conference for trauma and emergency medicine. - Rachel Walden
The new job is a step up, management-wise, iirc. Are you happy you took that kind of opportunity? Can you see yourself seeking a directorship at some point? - John Dupuis
Rachel: I love your second response to Pete. When I'm checking OA journals for article counts, there are a bunch of medical journals that show an image with each article/case report listing in the ToCs...and I think I have nightmares some nights thanks to those. - walt crawford
John - Yes - the new position is a directorship, and I'm very happy with it. I am Associate Dean of Learning Resources for the college of medicine; LR includes 3 areas - 1) the medical library; 2) biomedical communications, which is a graphic design and digital print shop housed in the library building; 3) a one-person IT dept. I love it so much, and I am happy every take that I took the leap to come here. - Rachel Walden
Walt - I bet! Horrifying images are one peril of medical librarianship. Self-diagnosis and just knowing too much about medicine/healthcare are the others. :) - Rachel Walden
Rachel Walden
Presented without comment, received from a vendor: "Unfortunately, we do not factor core or relevant FTE in our FTE pricing."
Most of them don't, seems like. - Kirsten
Their wording amused me, like they know it's absurd but also that they can get away with it. - Rachel Walden
If I'm reading that right, it means that if they're selling you the International Underwater Basketweaving Index with Full Text, and you have a School of Basketweaving with an FTE of 35 on a campus with an FTE of 35,000, they'll charge you for the 35,000 tier? - Catherine Pellegrino
Exactly, Catherine. - Rachel Walden
And then: "To be fair, our subscription rates are based on total FTE." - Rachel Walden
Fwd: Dear FriendFeed community, We wanted to let you know that FriendFeed will be shutting down soon. We've been maintaining the service since we joined Facebook five years ago, but the number of people using FriendFeed has been steadily declining and the community is now just a fraction of what it once was. Given this, we've decided that it's...
start winding things down. Beginning today, we will no longer accept new signups. You will be able to view your posts, messages, and photos until April 9th. On April 9th, we'll be shutting down FriendFeed and it will no longer be available. We want to thank you all for being such a terrific and enthusiastic community. We're proud of what we built so many years ago, and we recognize that it would have never been possible without your support. - The FriendFeed team - Benjamin Golub http://friendfeed.com/friendf... - Hedgehog
... well, hell. - RepoRat
*cries* - John Dupuis
Oh no. :( :( :( - lris
NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. - laura x
What's the plan b? - John Dupuis
Well, until we find something nicer, I guess there's always the backup Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups... - lris
but … the Facebook, she is so much more public. *sobs again* - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
and much more difficult to follow, IMO - ~Courtney F
I KNOW. I hate this. - lris
This is very sad. :( - Laura
IRC is a synchronous possibility. Slack might work if we have someone already on it. - RepoRat
Plurk might work--at least does threaded convos, though I haven't used it in forever - Hedgehog
I don't like. - kaijsa
Ackackackackackackack - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫ from FFHound!
:( - Sarah
Well farglebargle (or the four-letter equivalent thereof). It had to happen sooner or later, I guess. - walt crawford
Wow! The end of an era. - Steven M. Cohen
This is so sad! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Yeah, now where will the powers that be monitor the ramblings of all the trouble makers? - John Dupuis
For the LSW side of things, what about something like commons in a box? http://commonsinabox.org/ I don't have the skills to put it up, but if someone did, I'd be willing to put something toward hosting. - ellbeecee
WP-based, shouldn't be TOO heinous an install. Where's thelsw.org currently hosted and who has backend access to it? - RepoRat
Blake hosts it. I think Laurax is an admin. - lris
I was also thinking of the forums in thelsw.org. For the twitter people, maybe use a unique hashtag? - Joe
I think twitter is too big for this. We've been there, done that, and our smaller questions got lost in the shuffle and the larger discussions were too fragmented. - lris
a) NOOOoooo. b) I support moving to LSW.org solution though I have no technical idea what's involved. IRC also something I'd support but am not sure what all is involved as i haven't IRC'd in years (though i irk frequently). Going to miss this platform big-time though. Agree with Iris about Twitter not really doing it and I am a Facebook refusenik. - barbara fister
Oh, turns out, I'm an admin at theLSW.org. :) - lris
I had a feeling that was the case. It's so nice when my hunches turn out to be correct. :D - laura x
Re Commons in a Box, I'm friend with the developers here at CUNY. If we want to go that route, let me know. - Stephen Francoeur
I'm willing to take a crack at installing it. I might have to bug a CUNY dev for help, but I'm not a total server n00b either. - RepoRat
FWIW I logged into thelsw.org and wrote a post about pros/cons of setting up shop there. http://thelsw.org/2015... - Stephen Francoeur
Is laurax still the person to ask to be added to thelsw.org? - Sarah
Yes, I am, and feel free to do so--newrambler at gmail. I will add people whenever I can (harder from home due to toddler, so mostly during office hours). - laura x
eep! - Rachel Walden
Well damn. This place kept me relatively sane through my MLIS and the couple three years after that. - Heather
So sad! I'll follow us wherever we go though. Except Facebook - not there. I'll keep a hopeful eye at lsw.org. - Grumpator
Grumpator: you may not find the Little Spokane Watershed to be where you really want to go. (I just checked.) THELsw.org, on the other hand, is in fact Another LSW Space. - walt crawford
You can also ask me about being added to thelsw.org - lris
can't do IRC - it's been blocked at work for at least 15 years - Christina Pikas
does web-based IRC work, Christina, or are they smart enough to hose that too? - RepoRat
I now have this mental image of Christina trying to access IRC every year, on the exact same day, then muttering to herself and making yet another tick mark in the "IRC Nope (Annual)" column. - Meg VMeg
I don't actually know right now. Last I tried it was maybe ~2006 when I was supposed to give a talk to a bunch of Boston folks on blogging :) ... eta: I tried it then and asked and IT said it had been blocked for many years prior and ^lol - Christina Pikas
I'm all for setting up a forum/whatever the hell it is on lsw.org. - Laura Krier
Oh, I mean thelsw.org - Laura Krier
Christina Pikas
Yes I'm a horrible person because I don't want to take my phone out of the otterbox to put it in some keep frog device for my kids to play with it
And install whatever app. And have them fight over it - Christina Pikas from iPhone
luddite - Meg VMeg from Android
Getting a phone out of an otterbox is no joking matter. I hated having to do it to place a new screen film on mine. - Katy S
I don't want to risk it out of the protective covering for a minute. i don't want them to play with it. i don't want them to play with it out of the covering. - Christina Pikas
Not every object in the world is for kids. You're fine. - Rachel Walden
Rachel Walden
If you ever want to get kinda bummed out, look in on your university area's Yik Yak feed.
never look at yikyak - Aaron the Librarian
Ours is full of trolls who quote Bible verses. So, so many Bible verses. - Meg VMeg from Android
i tried for about a week, and gave up for the sake of my faith in humanity's future.... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I actually found ours very sweet, for the most part. - laura x
you are lucky, laura. ours needs a good dose of anti-racist feminist trolling. - Rachel Walden
Yeah, there was some of that, but not nearly as much as I expected. A lot of it was people worried about school work and people feeling sad because they didn't have friends/boyfriends/girlfriends and people making jokes. - laura x
Oh, and I think there was one thread where people were actually trying to help someone who seemed depressed. So, you know, Iowa sucks, except when it doesn't. - laura x
Nice. I saw one where a person said they thought they had an eating disorder, and somebody piped up with tips for reducing calories. ARGH - Rachel Walden
So, it's pretty much like the rest of the internet.... - laura x from iPhone
holly #ravingfangirl
got my first @blueapron box today. can't wait to try it out!
I'll be interested in whether you like it. I had looked at the site, but couldn't really figure out if it would be worth it. - Rachel Walden
I always took twice as long at the prep, and then had leftovers because it's portioned for two. Sometimes they worked as leftovers, but often not. I gave up when I couldn't keep up with the cooking while things were still fresh. It's pricey, but not bad for slightly gourmet ingredients and recipes, portioned out so that you don't have to buy a whole bag of rice flour or something for that one dish you wanted to try. - Holly's favorite Anna
i don't think we'll be getting them every week, but it seems like a nice way to work in things i wouldn't usually try. and it's easy to skip deliveries. luckily, there's two of us so the two-person one looks to be a good size for us. we'll see how the food goes. :) - holly #ravingfangirl
Thanks for sharing that, Holly! - Rachel Walden
ooh, I'm getting mine tonight! I got a free box from a friend - and asked to try the "4 person" box. For two of us. o-O I put a hold on next week's box & may try again with a paid 2-person box. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
360 Linker seems to be held together with rubber bands and chewing gum. We're getting weird no results errors intermittently that our ERLs can't replicate and there's nothing that can actually be reported well. Link resolver fails make us look bad and I'm tired of it. This isn't a question, just a rant.
Link resolvers promise the world. And then black our eyes on a daily basis instead. - lris
*adjusts your microphone so the world can hear this better* - Marie
Speaking from ancient history: A link resolver can be no better than its targets--and some link resolvers have made poor assumptions about completeness of target metadata. - walt crawford
when i present it, i say it works 80-90% of the time. At MFPOW, i said to call it "Find @ Univ?" (question mark) because it was so unreliable. *sigh* - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Thanks for tolerating the rant. I'm just at the end of my rope with problems that seem to get worse over time, not better. This is NOT a dig on our ERLs, who are doing a great job, but the products we have. - kaijsa
You could also call the link : I'm Feeling Lucky - Dominique Papin
Relatedly? So sick of find it/get it links that require additional clicking and choices before actually finding/getting it. - Rachel Walden
Kaijsa -- have you guys implemented the sidebar option? It doesn't improve the linking for reasons noted above, but it does a better job of offering options when the linking borks. - Holly's favorite Anna
Anna, we haven't. The errors we're getting are no results when we actually have holdings, both in links from the catalog and from the Journals A-Z. So lame. - kaijsa
Involved in my new institution's Alma and Primo Central implementation... Wish me luck... Any tips?
Remember it's a marathon, not a sprint. And plan on going to ELUNA - lots of sessions on managing Alma. - Jen
Paging Kirsten! Kirsten to the Cod Courtesy Phone, please... - Catherine Pellegrino
Having watched implementations elsewhere, stock up on alcohol and prepare yourself for an onslaught of whining. - Holly's favorite Anna
thankfully I am doing more Primo than Alma but i anticipate a ton of reading now that I have access to the learning centre - aaron from Flucso
I think you're hosed no matter which end you're involved with. - Holly's favorite Anna
stop you are scaring me... :( - aaron
Now that you have the worst expectations, the actual tasks involved will seem less bad? You'll weather this just fine, Aaron. You got this :) - Aaron the Librarian
ELUNA's pretty fun tho - 'least it was in the old days. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
You've already found the Alma support group here, so that's good. In addition to the print documentation, there's training videos for Alma (not sure about Primo, since we were already on it when we went to Alma) that you'll get a link to eventually. It really, really helps to watch them, even though they don't always make a lot of sense at first. Play in the sandbox as much as you can. And there's the mailing lists for each here: http://el-una.org/mailing... - Kirsten
As an opac interface, I think Alma is great. As a discovery tool, well - we no longer have Primo. :) - Lisa Hinchliffe
How'd you swing that, Lisa? I thought ExL was requiring Alma libraries to get Primo. - Kirsten
Yeah, Lisa, I need to know more about that! We are moving over to Alma this summer & I thought Primo was required to use it. - Zamms
Oops! Let me clarify as I was in a rush ... Primo is the interface for Alma - and it is a great OPAC interface in my opinion. But, Primo Central Index and the discovery service - not so much. In reality, we have neither now since we only had a Primo OPAC as a "view" within Primo discovery when we had Primo discovery for a couple of years. We didn't re-up with Primo and so no longer have Primo OPAC. We never had Alma - just ran Primo over the top of Voyager. - Lisa Hinchliffe
Ah, gotcha. Thanks! - Zamms
where's the Alma support group on Friendfeed again? - aaron from Flucso
No.....happening here, too. Decision was made at main campus before I came on board. - Rachel Walden
Our experience has been fairly crappy, I'm sorry to say. But I guess that's normal with this kind of stuff. I'm not involved on the back end side, but on the public facing side, we have to deal with a lot of--hey, this doesn't work. - Megan loves summer
Rachel Walden
Looking to revise our reference stats collection and struggling with too much vs. not enough info. Anybody have examples of what you're collecting (type of patron, type of question categories, other data) that you find really useful and would be willing to share?
For desk stats: type of question (reference, circulation, technology assistance) and then a 4 point scale. For consultations: location, patron type, question type (that same 4 point scale), time spent, format (phone, email, etc), department. On chat (we use libchat): chat question or knowledgebase, that 4-point scale, question status (answered, follow up, practice/test, lost call) . The... more... - ellbeecee
I have mpa students trying to sort this out now... Ask me in early May? - Hedgehog
We gather the following: Who took the question (student or staff); method of contact (chat, email, in person, phone, text); whether it took longer than 20 minutes (y/n); and the service/question type (research, technology, printing/copying, directions/referrals, library services, scheduled appointments, and other). We also have a comments box (required to fill in for the "other" question type). - Kirsten
For Desk Stats if we all adopt the READ Scale we could arguably do cross-institutional comparions... with trend lines once we have enough data... http://readscale.org/ - Aaron the Librarian
Thank you! - Rachel Walden
Aaron, we just left the READ scale last fall - we decided it didn't work for us, because it wasn't something we could apply across all service points to all types of questions, which is why we went to the 4-point scale. - ellbeecee
I love the READ scale, but inter-rater reliability seems problematic without periodic training. We use LibAnalytics and record the actual question, contact type, duration, patron status, service location, and READ scale. It records who's logged in (usually generic desk accounts), but we can use a dropdown to change that, which liaisons do when things turn into consults at the desk. - kaijsa
Freeda B.
We're having a discussion about whether to use NIH "author manuscript" versions of article to fulfill ILL requests at MPOW. As a staunch open access advocate, I'm all for it, but I'm getting some push back. The author manuscript versions, as far as I can tell, have gone through peer-review, but not the final copy edit.
Anyone know a little more about the NIH open access articles and their relation to the final published versions? - Freeda B.
doesn't it depend on the publisher and what they send/allow? - Christina Pikas
If they are NIH, shouldn't they be in PubMedCentral already and not need ILL? - Hedgehog
Exactly, they are in PubMedCentral, but the pdf has a disclaimer about being an "author manuscript". For example: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc... - Freeda B.
Just convert to document delivery and send the requestor the PubMed Link? - Aaron the Librarian
Yeah, I guess I"m thinking along the lines of Aaron-- it's already open, why is anyone requesting an ILL? It's the same manuscript, just doesn't have the PDF formatting the journal put in place... changes would be commas/typos. - Hedgehog
Yes, you are all responding in exactly the same way I did to the question. But some people here are concerned about sending students or faculty something which has not gone through the final editing process. I guess I'm trying to find a way to convince them or at least assuage their concerns. - Freeda B.
Pagination may be different, so harder to cite to a specific page of the article? - Joe
The figures may also be on completely different pages, so if so one wants to cite a figure, hard to know which page it appeared in the final version. - Joe
The NIH expects it to be the same material, that's good enough for me. I could see wanting it for Joe's question but that seems rare. - Hedgehog
Perhaps I am a bad person (I likely am for this) but I would just cite the PubMed Author MSs content as a webpage published in a collection (the PubMed colletcion) for an academic assignment. {I get that in a formally published venue the version of record would be fairly mandatory} - Aaron the Librarian
*grumbles about the confusion created by this, a wish that the PMC was the final version, and @#$%@# publishers* - Rachel Walden
The final version *could* be different. People requesting ILL may either 1) not know a copy is available in PMC, or 2) want to be sure they're seeing a final version. I do worry about whether anything (supplementary items, figures, etc.) could be problematic/missing in author versions, whether any corrections that happened in editing may be missing and important, etc.But I also think folks are probably overestimating how thorough/transformative that final edit might be. - Rachel Walden
I'm tagging this thread for a likely future C&I discussion of OA Colors (the problems with green being part of it, as in this case). Thanks. Nothing to offer, though. - walt crawford
This is all very helpful. It is also making me explore why PubMed isn't connected to our 360 Link tool, so that users could discover PubMed articles on their own. My guess is that most people would happily use the PubMed version if they found it first, so I'm going to see if we can make that happen. - Freeda B.
Nothing much to offer but that because its a strong cultural preference for print version of record, applying just logic to the answer is unlikely to help because it requires surfacing reasons for that preference (which people don't much like to think about). To be successful you need to add a values argument on top of the "its close enough" argument. Also copy editing? Does anyone do that any more? Proofing yes, copy editing is pretty unusual. - Cameron Neylon
I got into a rather umm interesting exchange on my last paper with the journal copy editor. - Hedgehog
fwiw- our standard thing is something like - we found it available online here:... but if you still need the version of record from the publisher we can get that for you. I don't do ILL for a living, but I'm pretty sure no one ever asks us to buy/ILL anyway - Christina Pikas
Connecting PubMed to 360 is a true pain in the ass, but worth it. And it would solve your problem. - maʀtha
Leonard Nimoy, Spock of ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 83 - NYTimes.com - http://www.nytimes.com/2015...
Leonard Nimoy, Spock of ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 83 - NYTimes.com
Rachel Walden
And I was just asking yesterday if we had plastic sheeting in this place...
uh oh... - lris
... that does not sound good. - RepoRat
oh no! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
...I hope the answer was yes? - Deborah Fitchett
We've had three floods in 18 months. I hope for better for you. - kaijsa
The answer was no about the plastic sheeting, although I did scrounge up two large black trash bags. There was water from the hvac system condensing and coming through the ceiling, down the light fixture, into the computer lab. Minimal damage except for the ceiling. Oh, the joys of a 100+ yo library building. - Rachel Walden
Even newer buildiings seem not to be leak-proof. We most definitely have plastic sheeting availble at all times. - barbara fister
"acquire plastic sheeting" definitely went on my to-do list - Rachel Walden
did I tell you the one from MfPOW where contractors working on the Historical Society accidentally backed up a water main into the library basement, where the preservation/conservation unit is? Yeah. - RepoRat
Tangent. Why are archives and server rooms ever located in a basement? - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫ from Android
weeeeeell, my take on the specific case I just discussed is not for public view. - RepoRat
yikes! - Rachel Walden
At mfpow, the first big rainstorm after moving to the new building revealed a large leak over the Spanish-language books. The rain in Spain and all that. - bentley
^snerk - maʀtha
This weeks' GSU Signal has a column titled "Pajamas are NOT real clothes" In the section on pants: "Instead, try wearing jeggings." Sigh. She probably uses the word utilize wrong too.
Letter to the editor time! - Sarah G.
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. - laura x
See page 15 for the full diatribe against wearing pajamas out. Man, wearing flannel pajama pants to class was one of the best parts of the 90s. http://issuu.com/gsusign... - ellbeecee
I'd rather see them in pajamas than jeggings. - LB needs a break.
"real clothes" are a social construct - pajamas forever! - Rachel Walden
(threadjack: Is there a right way to use the word utilize?) - Catherine Pellegrino
(When discussing the awfulness of words that should not exist, it is legit to throw in utilize as a prime example.) - laura x
When I worked at the university in the late 90's, I was complimenting an undergrad on her [insert name of loose, floor-length garment]. She said one of the great things about it was that she could go to class in her pajamas and no-one knew. - bentley
ellbee: Any site that TAKES OVER THE WHOLE SCREEN with some damn ad about lashes before I make it through the second paragraph does not, shall we say, impress me with its expertise. Didn't even attempt to continue. Nor to feel the need for longer lashes. - walt crawford
Well NOW I'm awake. Thank you so much, false carbon monoxide alarm. #freakedout
Ugh. *hands over soothing mug of something warm* - Kirsten from Android
ow. feeling better at least? - MoTO Boychick Devil
Yes, I'm doing better. Not 100% yet but definitely improving. - lris from Android
Yikes. Glad it was a false alarm, but what a dreadful way to wake up. - Marianne
My landlord is going to have the furnace man come check things out. Whew. - lris
ugh. I need to figure out where to put mine. - Rachel Walden
I kind of figure that "anywhere" is better than "not plugged in." - Catherine Pellegrino
Although if it's not plugged in, then you don't get false alarms! #lauraxlogic - laura x
You have plugin CO alarms? (Having been woken up, but slowly, by the periodic "battery running down" beeps on ours last Friday.) - walt crawford
I've got two (one my mom gave me when I moved in, and another came with my furnace) and they're both plugin with a battery backup. - Jennifer Dittrich
Yeah, mine are plugged into a regular socket, too. They're kind of a pain because they're huge and if you knock it out of the socket it screams bloody murder. - lris
So TIL that there are such things as plug-in carbon monoxide alarms. - walt crawford
Mine is battery with screws for the wall, and we're renting. - Rachel Walden
Rachel Walden
Well, we might as well do a website redesign. :)
couldn't hurt - lris
shouldn't take long, right? ;) - ~Courtney F
Eh, that's a summer project. Put an intern on it. - Catherine Pellegrino
Just live edit the current one? - Aaron the Librarian
I was kind of being facetious, but we definitely will be overhauling some content piecemeal. - Rachel Walden
Rachel Walden
In my new position I'm taking a much more active role in serials/subscription issues than I did at the previous place. If anyone has any must-reads for me, they would be greatly appreciated. If my current headspace helps, it's "we can't possibly incrementally cut our way to keeping the budget in line re: journal subs."
good luck. (I mean that sincerely. It's a hard one.) - Jenica
Thanks, Jenica. I have thought about you numerous times recently. - Rachel Walden
Did you get Walt's book on the big deal? Looking for a citation. (Wayne covers it with a synopsis. http://lj.libraryjournal.com/2013...) - Joe
Big-Deal Serial Purchasing: Tracking the Damage. Library Technology Reports 50:4 (May/June 2014). http://www.alastore.ala.org/detail... - walt crawford
There is also, to be sure, my self-published $45 extension of that report; if your library purchased it, you'd be in an EXTREMELY select group (you'd be the second)--but it's less specifically about serials. If your library subscribes to LTR, you already have the monograph and could look up the extensive free online addendum (which almost nobody has done). - walt crawford
My magic solutions for your problem are, well, like most magic: nonexistent. But it's good info. - walt crawford
For that matter, here's the online addendum--supplements but does not replace the LTR issue: http://waltcrawford.name/bd14.... - walt crawford
FIXED. The first link now points to the actual 76-page online supplement. - walt crawford
Thanks, Walt - I had come across your item while looking for reading, but hadn't tracked it down yet. It looks like I do have access to LTR, and will check out the supplement. - Rachel Walden
Rachel Walden
fyi - if your library ever sets up a Twitter account and loses track of the password and associated email address, it's a real PITA
Haven't done that with Twitter but have with So Many Other accounts, due to staff turnover. At least most library vendor places are okay with you just emailing and explaining yourself. (Security schmecurity...) - Deborah Fitchett
Yep. That. Which is why I yanked back the 2-3 accounts set up by rogue employees and told them they had to be in the master password file, or they were not to post as related to our Library. AT. ALL. - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
It took me over a year to get Yahoo to let me reclaim a Flickr account started by some grad student in the distant echoing past.... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
This might be an issue now that I left my place :) - aaron from Flucso
aaron, I didn't know you left! - kaijsa
me either! what happened? - RepoRat
he was offered a new opportunity - he interviewed and everything ... right? didn't we follow along for that? and then they offered him a going away lunch? - Christina Pikas
I admit that I try to follow all of LSW, but don't really follow individuals' feeds on FF. I probably missed everything. - kaijsa
I missed everything, but hope it's a good move for you Aaron and congrats. - Rachel Walden
ALSO I GOT THE PASSWORD RESET. I now have access to the library's Twitter account. I consider this a win. :) - Rachel Walden
Wow, I missed that too, Aaron. Congrats! - lris
Thanks guys! Yes should have done a public announcement and all that rather than just on my feed. just feeling kinda lazy, on vacation and all that. :) - aaron from Flucso
Holly's favorite Anna
RT @justbilley: Just submitted a proposal to add "transgender" to the #RDA terms for describing the gender of a person! https://docs.google.com/documen... #alamw15
RT @justbilley: Just submitted a proposal to add "transgender" to the #RDA terms for describing the gender of a person! http://bit.ly/RDAgender #alamw15
I wonder if there are any actual transgender people involved in this effort? Because many transgender people will tell you their gender *is* either male or female, and object to being singled out as trans men or trans women instead of just as men or women. - Rachel Walden
I know that some of the people involved identify as genderqueer. Maybe you could ask. - Holly's favorite Anna
Doesn't Facebook have like 31+ ways of describing genderness? Could that be the starting point of a list? That facebook list would need to be librarianified. - Joe
LB needs a break.
Those of you who have charging stations in your libraries or on your campuses, can you tell me what brands they are? Thanks!
I think the one we had at Eskind was maybe a Power Tower? - Rachel Walden
I went to look - Kwikboost - http://www.kwikboost.com/ - ellbeecee
Thank you both! *bumpity* - LB needs a break.
Ours are Accell. They have A/C and USB. - kaijsa
Thanks for mentioning us, ellbeecee! If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to tweet me :) - KwikBoost
We've got two of these mounted on every table in the library: https://www.legrand.us/wiremol... - Stephen Francoeur
We used to have a few charging stations, but then students would leave their phones there unattended (guess what happened next?) - Stephen Francoeur
The first week we had ours, I saw a large station with three unattended phones. We had to do some public service advertising. Most of ours are small and sit on every few study tables--those get used by the people sitting there. - kaijsa
Good things to think about! Our students leave laptops and phones unattended all the time. Freaks me out! - LB needs a break.
We've got solar-powered patio tables by Zon. http://zon-technology.com/ UC Riverside has more powerful ones but I don't know who makes them: https://www.flickr.com/photos... UCLA's student union apparently got two from this company http://www.enerfusioninc.com/ - Spidra Webster
Rachel Walden
Current mood: reluctant to spend staff time digging up info so vendors can decide how to price their product to us.
If any of you have had any luck doing anything other than digging up all the info, I'd love to hear about it. - Rachel Walden
What happens if you "estimate"? #ididntsaythat - Meg VMeg
Not sure with this one. I just resent being asked to essentially do their market research for them. - Rachel Walden
Correct - Meg VMeg
Rachel Walden
Anybody have experience with Alma and Primo? Apparently we're moving to that.
Yup! There's several of us who either have moved or are in process. We've got a group here: http://friendfeed.com/almamig... - Kirsten
Welcome to the madness! - Jen
Oh, awesome, thank you! - Rachel Walden
We have it - I'm starting to learn all about it - copystar
We're considering it. - lris
We're in the middle of implementation with plans to go live in July. - Galadriel C.
We went live in December and are having ALL KINDS of problems. :-( - Megan loves summer
We rejected it. - JffKrlsn from Android
What did you select in its place? - lris
we're moving to it too - weelibrarian
We would have gone with it two years ago, but the cost was prohibitive. Keeping what we had for now. - Holly's favorite Anna
We went live with Alma/Primo at end of August and it's working well. Teething problems of course and minor bugs but very little of that is at all visible to the enduser. - Deborah Fitchett
Iris, in its place we selected nothing... we closed out our process and started over. Several months later we are recommending Sierra (more update than migration--we currently use Millennium and they didn't change much), and will be using EDS for the public interface; OPAC will still exist but be very much in the background, not easy to find. - JffKrlsn
Ah, ok. If you'd be willing to tell me more about what made you turn away, I would really like to hear it: ijastram at carleton.edu - lris
Well, I've decided to go to MLA in Austin instead of ACRL. Anyone else going?
medlibs? is this thing on? - maʀtha
Rachel? Nicki? - maʀtha
A couple people from my place are going, I think, but not me - Hedgehog from Android
aw, too bad, Hedgie - maʀtha
I am going to an acrl preconf to hang with the jambina. [And, sorry that I read this wrong...] - Joe
I will almost certainly be going this year. - Rachel Walden
yay! - maʀtha
The straw that broke auto-suggest's back. We've turned it off, we're so frustrated by it.
Yes! - Kirsten
I dunno, I know people who'd watch that movie. - RepoRat
i LOLed here and i had food in my mouth! there should be laugh warnings on these posts... - Marie
So is a penis labyrinth what the kids are calling a vagina these days? - Steve C, Team Marina
A penis labyrinth is the pentagon #satire - Pete's Got To Go
you two are just full of beans today, aren't you? Edit: though you are also near the top of your game - MoTO Boychick Devil
lololol - Rachel Walden
I suspected some of y'all would run with this one. - Kirsten
Somewhere someone is making a porn parody of Pan's Labyrinth with this title... - Pete's Got To Go
Rule 34, Pete - Aaron the Librarian
Do you have bX too? I'd hate to see what it would recommend... - Zamms
Wow. Our Did You Mean hasn't done anything near this interesting, to my knowledge: I'm a little sad. - Deborah Fitchett
This wins, like, everydamnthing. :D - Catherine Pellegrino
oh, thank you! I really needed that ROTFL today!!!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
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