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Rachel Walden

Rachel Walden

Medical librarian, blogger on women's health topics at my own place & Our Bodies Our Blog. Work makes me say: "opinions my own."
Thank You Wendy Davis, Leticia Van De Putte, and Everyone Who Turned Out in Texas -
Who (if Anyone) is Providing Teen Girls Information on Contraception and Safer Sex Practices? -
HIV/AIDS Policy and Prevention Cannot Succeed if Sex Workers Are Stigmatized -
Sunday News Round-Up, Everything is Miscellaneous Edition -
WHO Releases Global Report on Health Effects of Violence Against Women -
How Even an Article on Not Blaming Rape Victims Can Blame Rape Victims -
Groundbreaking Study Follows Women Who Underwent Abortions and Those Who Were Turned Away -
Single Embryo Transfer Recommended in Most IVF Procedures -
Obama Administration Will Stop Trying To Block Some Emergency Contraception Access -
“Crow After Roe” Looks at Inequities in Reproductive Healthcare -
New Developments in OTC Emergency Contraception Court Case -
Video Available from Hearing on Sexual Assault in the Military -
Smart Brothers - Snippet of "I am the One" -
Smart Brothers - Snippet of "I am the One"
New Survey on Childbirth Details Experiences, Problems with Hospital-Based Births -
Reproductive Justice: The Movement Whose Time Has Come -
Campaign Against Gender-Based Hate Speech on Facebook – Activists Win! -
Lies, Half-Truths, and Deliberately Misleading Adolescents about Sex at Hillsboro High -
What Women Need to Know About Health Care Reform and Insurance Coverage -
In Case You Thought a Doctor Who Acknowledges Sleeping with His Patients Might Actually Get Punished -
Adapting “Our Bodies, Ourselves” for Iranian and Vietnamese Women and Girls -
Supporting Women – At Home and Around the World -
“Educate Congress” Accomplished: Every Member Now Has a Copy of “Our Bodies, Ourselves” -
Funny Crazy BIG CAT SOUNDS! -
That ocelot is SO ADORABLE. Now I want to go snorgle with my cats. Why is there no midday cat snorgling. Also, Pyewacket chuffs like the tigers do :) - Hedgehog
Working from home means I can have midday cat AND dog snorgling! :D - Laura
The tiger and lion roars make the lizard brain part of my brain want to run and hide. Some of the others are super cute. - Rachel Walden
This would make for a great version of that toy, with the spinning disc in the middle, that gives the animal sound when you pull the string: "The serval says, 'nom nom nom nom nom nom'...'nom nom nom'" - Meg VMeg
^^^ I want this toy. - Catherine Pellegrino
Also, Rachel, that lizard brain thing is totally true. The first time my then-toddler son toddled up to the lion's enclosure at the local zoo I nearly had a panic attack, even though I KNEW he was totally safe. - Catherine Pellegrino
Call me Maybe - Destiel tribute -
Call me Maybe - Destiel tribute
Do BIG Cats Like Catnip? *PART 2 - The "Science"... -
Do BIG Cats Like Catnip? *PART 2 - The "Science"...
Angelina Jolie, Breast Cancer, and You: How to Make the Right Decisions for YOUR Health -
Truth in Medicine: Vast Majority of Assisted Reproductive Technologies Fail -
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