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Will Kinsler

Will Kinsler

Playground Dad and Senior Community Manager for EA SPORTS
When I yell the word bacon and none of my children come running, I begin to be concerned that something bad may have happened to them.
We haven't seen each other for a few days so we celebrated our reunion by ruining dinner!
RT @BlueBerriMoon: The beginnings of something fun! @KonasKorner @raczilla Be prepared for more!
Our @FortniteGame event in Germany went by super quick. I can't say enough how great it is to meet new players in person. Next up, Seattle!
One more day in Germany. We're having too much fun out here showing @FortniteGame. I've met a ton of great people!
Check out the awesome drawing @blueberrimoon did after playing Fortnite! #gamescom
RT @FlipsDota: @FortniteGame @EpicGames We arrived at the venue and are excited to meet some of the team! @Mersephona #Fortnite
Just watched arctyc talk about our @fortnitegame event on the nvidia stage! #gamescom
The Universe is trying to stop @arCtyC and I from getting to Germany, but we don't care about the Universe's opinion so we will find a way.
Just a few more hours until my flight to Germany. I am having a hard time sitting still! #excited
RT @trixie360: When you take your life you leave a lifetime of guilt, pain, grief and regret for those who loved you. Don't do it! There is help for you!
We sent Haley off to her first day of high school this morning. Not sure how I feel about this.
I think Maya is having a good time at the wedding.
Here's something you shouldn't get too used to seeing!
Found a new toy for Maya! And me...
Turned on the TV and saw football. I am OK with this.
Can't believe I'll be headed back to Germany in just one more week. I am in a stupor of excitement!
RT @hofftv: I'm excited to announce that I will be joining the @EpicGames team in North Carolina as a Video Producer early next month! Goodbye Cali!
RT @GIRLPOlSON: Support #GearsofWar3 @Hypefestation Streaming competitive ladder at Please RT @raczilla @EpicCog @PeteNub @Flak
Dude in the crowd: "He'll swing at anything!" I am sad because he's not wrong. #mlbtheshow
New personal best 41 crabs at the Epic crab feast. #eatlikeachampion
RT @KingMez: Raleigh y'all ready?
RT @FortniteGame: Will you be in Seattle during PAX Prime? Check out how you can have an opportunity to play Fortnite!
RT @Orlando_Drummer: Please retweet and snare! We've launched a GoFundMe for my amazing dog Snitch. Check it out!
Hate to see a point deduction be the difference but I also had Jennings by a little wider than most seem to.
Just watched @maddenwidow rage quit Mario. Maya kept saying "you got beat!" Kid is a natural troll.
Happy Friday! What gaming goodness will you be up to this weekend?
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