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Will Kinsler

Will Kinsler

Playground Dad and Senior Community Manager for EA SPORTS
Shawn Porter. Wow.
It's only a flesh wound!
RT @WesPhillips: We've announced the next stop on our @FortniteGame tour ... Portland! We used the maths to figure it out.
RT @gameinformer: Introducing Fortnite's Constructor Class - Features
RT @FortniteGame: You've been asking questions about Fortnite. Here are a few answers!
Feels incredible to get my Game Informer copy! #fortnite
RT @FortniteGame: Check out a recap of our recent Fortnite Stormchasers Boston event. Find out where we're headed next!
RT @VernNotice: Pax East 2014 - The Fortnite Bacon Conspiracy: via @YouTube
RT @VernNotice: Pax East 2014 - The Fortnite Bacon Conspiracy: via @YouTube
RT @FortniteGame: Check out @gameinformer's breakdown of Fortnite's Ninja class!
RT @WesPhillips: Oh, and don't forget you can sign up for the @FortniteGame alpha ... right now.
RT @FortniteGame: Read a great breakdown of Fortnite's Commando class courtesy of @gameinformer!
RT @FortniteGame: Check out hands-on gameplay impressions of #Fortnite in a new video at @gameinformer
RT @ActaBunniFooFoo: I'm playing Fortnite tonight! WOO
RT @FortniteGame: First few gamers to find get #fortnite #stormchasers playtest invites! #paxeast
RT @PixelK1tty: I wonder what's in this mysterious envelope! Come find us! #fortnite #stormchasers #PAXEast #PAX
RT @EpicIrascible: Want to talk to us about #fortnite ? Find us under the skybridge! #stormchasers #fortnite
RT @Futterish: I’m carrying two tickets to a secret Fortnite event at PAX. Here’s how to win one.
RT @gameinformer: At PAX East? Find Us For A Chance To Attend A Secret Fortnite Play Session -
RT @FortniteGame: What do you think of what you've heard of Fortnite so far? You can sign up for the Alpha today at!
Heading to Boston this morning with @MaddenWidow. She'll be attending her first ever PAX!
RT @FortniteGame: What is Fortnite? Check out some great video footage via @gameinformer
Can't believe I'll be on a plane to Boston in less than 24 hours. It snuck up fast. Can't wait!
It's tough telling Maya to put down Goat Simulator but she's been at it a while. It's like telling her to take a break from being awesome.
What a great day getting out the @fortnitegame news! Who has checked out the @gameinformer digital issue? What did you think?
RT @craigums: Okay one more tweet about Fortnite, alpha testers got these awesome things.
Watching Maya play Minecraft. It looks like she has a cat prison. Not sure what that's about.
Side note: I totally ran over the @DIRECTV cable while mowing the lawn. I will take it as advice from the universe to change today's plans.
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