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Radio Room

Radio Room

A room for all those interested in amateur radio and its various modes.
David Narciso now playing on the show my solo show using celebrity soundboard voices to cohost the show. Fun and entertaining
David Narciso
Now playing of the Dmnarc Radio hour - The Talk of New England replay show from aug 2nd. Top 5 songs, Amy Winehouse, some local and national news bits fun and entertaining
kim novak indie rock
David Billsbrough
So what have you built or upgraded in the last six months?
David Billsbrough
Anybody still reading this feed?
David Billsbrough
What does your Ham Shack look like and is its layout useful?
My hamshack looks like a mess as it is just being built.... but it's the biggest room in my house!! I picture one long wall for radio bench, one short wall for troubleshooting/ test equipment/ hacking and ther other long wall for other hobbies. (rc airplanes) - Charlieray
David Billsbrough
Who has ordered a Flex-1500 yet?
April has come and gone and their page looks as though they arent delivering the 3000s yet. Wonder what the deal is and kinda glad I didnt order it yet! - Charlieray
Is software defined radio the future of ham radio?
In my mind it will open up development to the wider community. With a large chunk of the radio defined in software it allows experimentation that is harder to achieve with electronics and component parts. The majority of users purchase a black box that does everything already - I am quite excited by the idea of buying a radio frontend that can be developed by the community in software. - Ben
FlexRadio seem to be working hard on supporting Linux. Will have to save my pennies so I can give it a try. They have made the right move making their PowerSDR software open source. - Ben
Is cost of a FlexRadio System prohibitive? An entry level SDR is nearly $3,000 dollars unlike a $500 to $1000 transceiver. I'm curious what the market share is for entry-level radios manufactured by Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood, and Elecraft? Interestingly, TenTec offers an SDR in its Argonaut but its output is 25-watts. Why a low-power, nearly QRP type SDR? And I didn't find a price tag on the Argonaut at TenTec as well. - ka3drr
FlexRadio Systems announced Flex-1500 [500mW to 1W] at $499 and Flex-3000 [100W] at $1499 introductory. Nothing like this on the ham radio market or compares. Will Flex-1500 be the flagship SDR leading NexGen ham radio operators? - ka3drr
I negotiated with my wife to get myself a flex-3000 for xmas... - Charlieray
I was told that the Flex-1500 has a small footprint and is in a metal extrusion type case. Source was at Orlando Hamcation - David Billsbrough
$579.00 -- Price jump on the Flex-1500 -- - David Billsbrough
Roger Pettett
Anyone have experience of the USRP compared to something like the Flex 5000 ?
Six Meters to Japan
Whenever I watch a K7AGE video and he shows off his FT-817 I end up wanting one. Universal Radio has the 817ND listed new for $599 and that includes a free "urban case". I might have to get one...
Will DXpeditions begin declining as the cost of fuel increases?
"SOS, RIP The emergency call, launched 100 years ago, has died with the Morse used to broadcast it." It would seem that 'The Times' is full of crap.
Alrighty then ... Dumped Jaiku and Twitter in the same week. I'm on (ke9v) but don't hold much hope for it. Looks like FF has quickly become the best (only) game in town.
Name your favorite band(s) and mode(s)?
I've never really operated VHF or UHF modes. High frequency (HF) and primarily Morse code since my days as a teenaged ham radio operator. My favorite band(s) are 10M, 15M, and 40M using Morse code. I'm looking at digital modes in the future as an addition. Let's say, I've lived within an operating/mode box and there is a lot more to ham radio fun. 73. - ka3drr
Favorite band right now is 20 meter using PSK-31 with QRP. Simply amazing what 5 watts will do with such an efficient data mode! 73- Rich, n5csu - Rich Casey
Sure will be nice to find out the price of the new Icom IC-7200. Looks like it could be a very cool new transceiver.
I blogged about this story but it has an interesting quote in it -- "This has ushered in an era of advanced tactical radios capable of real-time voice, data, image, and video transfers with higher data rates." -- does that mean that the new radios work FASTER than the speed of light? -
Ben Jackson
Darn it! You stole my idea! I guess I wasn't fast enough! :)
haha - hopefully it'll be useful. Personally I was hoping that all feed items from room members would appear on the room page - for example I would see all the blog posts/bookmarks from room members. It doesn't seem to do that - rather you have to explicitly share something. - Ben
I'm in! I've been interested in playing with these rooms and just haven't done anything yet -- so glad that you set something up!
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