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Read this before you get into an argument with someone about Aereo: by @notrobwalker
RT @Pogue: It’s the Yahoo Tech TALENT SEARCH! Seeking brilliant writers—reviews dir. ( and reporter (
I went to Palo Alto and got myself scanned for this story.... Such a Doll: Get Yourself Scanned and Printed in 3D
Congrats @ryanlawler et al on the launch of Crunchbase 2.0. Really a useful tool.
Why Netflix will be raising its prices: by @ampressman
The cable TV companies delayed CableCard implementation. Now they're trying to kill it. by @robpegoraro
World's Longest Continuously Running Experiment Finally Captures Pitch Drop on Camera (SCIENCE!) v @LaughingSquid
What's a better baby name, Cthulhu or Amelia? Vote in our poll!
Very good, short read about your startup's culture by @bchesky
How to move from an iPhone to a Galaxy S5, from my old pals at CNET, but running on Yahoo!
Best music on hold is silence, so you can focus on something else while you wait. With a little "still alive" tone now and then.
We're all gonna die! This tells us when. Amazing data journalism. Too bad it's so morbid.
Ok, The Onion totally nailed it on location sharing.
Two Aereo links on Yahoo Tech today. 1: Pogue Review, 2: Couric interviews CEO,
Love this: How to create you own iPhone 6 rumor image: via @tuaw
Irony: Google Has Developed Technology to Crack Captchas that's probably better than humans.
Dropping iPhones and Galaxys onto concrete... for science:
Enjoy being punched in the nose? Get your Google Glass TODAY ONLY
5 Tips for prospective cable cord cutters, today in Yahoo Tech: by @tynanwrites
Also, @unitedairlines, charging $7 for a moving map display is totally bogus.
The person sitting next to me on my flight doesn’t know the rule: if you being garlicky/stinky food to eat on a plane, you have to share.
We Need a National Change Your Passwords Day via @YahooTech
10 Great Ways to Fail at Twitter! by @DebAmlen
Here's what happens when a committee builds a smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S5:
Outlook 11 for Mac: Where the heck is the "send" button on the new meeting screen? Why does it grey out "save" when you enter anything?
Pro PR Tip 214: When PR Stunts Go Wrong. Or, The Story of The Skittles-Pooping Robot.
4 Anti-Tinders: Tech for couples. by @alyssabereznak
Do you know people who are sticking with Windows XP? Here's things they (or you) can do to stay safe(r).
Giving the old, unused Thinkpad T42 one last update while I still can. Yeah, it's been a while.
There are about 8,000 random AC adapters in my office, so of course I cannot find the one I need right now.
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