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RT @MattRosoff: Running Oracle is like Hurd n Catz.
Smartglasses? Pah! Scientists Successfully Transmit World's First Brain-to-Brain Message
Another prediction: Comcast CEO won’t be able to stop flow of ice water dumped on his head once he starts it:
Just got a startup conference pitch to "Meet the next Zuckerberg." I read it first as "Zoidberg." Disappointed.
Cool new Gif-building tool. Just add these 3 letters to a Youtube URL...
Prediction: Über will steal Lyft’s ice bucket.
Mourn, laugh, repeat: 14 Robin Williams Movies to Stream This Weekend, some of them free:
Nothing quite as sad as seeing a crying kid in a bumper car.
Why is there a commercial for KY lube during a broadcast of The Last Airbender that I’m watching w my kid? Thank goodness for TiVo…
SexFit: Because We Don’t Have Enough Things to Measure
Yahoo Tech new guy @DanielHowley has a hilarious video review of the Galaxy S5 Active:
It’s all fun and games until the interactive toilet starts taking pictures of your behind.
Did British Golfer Ian Poulter Just Send the Most Tone-Deaf Tweet of All Time?
Companies that send review units of drones to journalists with return shipping labels have delusions about writers' piloting skills.
Also: A Brief History of Photography by Monkeys
Today in monkey photography:
My home phone has become like my AOL email inbox. It only gets spam now.
Our new writer @DanielHowley has 10 Tips for Galaxy S5 users:
Coming soon: Heads-up display for almost any car:
Scientists Discover a New Way to Eavesdrop: Using a Bag of Chips
Why am I clicking on this? Lifehacker: Use This Flowchart to Identify What Type of Procrastinator You Are
Don’t Want Your Phone to Blow Up? Follow These 6 Pieces of Expert Advice
RT @Pogue: Hilarious. Sad Tweets shows you the loneliest, least-retweeted tweets you’ve ever typed.
Please Do Not Call the Police Department When Facebook Is Down
How to Customer Service, by @FrankEliason
RT @Pogue: Not sure which is more fascinating: This story (“Customer pulls gun on Comcast technician”) or the comments!
I’m getting a lot of failures to connect on outbound calls on my AT&T iPhone. Both in NYC and SF. What’s going on?
A Visual Reminder That Everyone on the Internet Is an Actual Person from @LaughingSquid
10 Ways Rich People Are Using Drones for Their Rich People Enjoyment
This is good news: 1Password logins may be coming to iOS apps. (Engadget)
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